Book 9 Chapter 83 - Return

This extremely tender faced green clothed woman was just like a pretty little village girl who got lost in the forest.

However, no village girl in this world would ever accidentally enter Lost Forest and appear silently in front of this hidden great army like this.

In that instant, Song Xuku reacted, knowing where he saw this tender faced girl’s portrait before, realizing what kind of person she was.

Before he could make any movements, a biting cold frost already surged from his heart, flooding his entire body.

There was wind that passed through the forest, the sound it carried like the whimpering of ghosts. A flying sword that released true coldness seemed to arrive from the heavens beyond, directly stabbing towards Song Xuku, this great general!

A light chi noise sounded.

An attendant with many scars on his face immediately reacted, brandishing his blade towards this flying sword. However, the sword glow suddenly accelerated, passing by his shining blade. As if tearing through wet paper, it passed under his helmet, cutting his neck’s main artery.


Song Xuku drew his sword and then thrusted out. The sword tip continuously hacked at the incoming flying sword. The biting cold killing intent released by this flying sword didn’t give him any breathing room to issue military orders, but a deputy general who similarly already recognized who this tender faced woman was still decisively gave out an order in his place. “Fire the arrows!”

Countless vibrating bowstring noises and the unique wind tearing noises of arrows being released immediately filled this entire valley.

This serious, tender-faced woman was naturally Nangong Weiyang who even Gu Xinyin praised as a true genius.

When these sounds filled the training valley, she only made the most simple motion, shifting behind a large tree at her side.

Thud… thud… thud… thud…

A burst of concentrated arrow striking noises that was enough to make one’s teeth sore sounded. This large tree was nailed densely with black arrows, countless fragments of bark and wood flying everywhere.

Nangong Weiyang didn’t reveal herself from behind this large tree again, but her flying sword still quickly traveled back and forth around Song Xuku. Whenever this sword descended, the countless fragments of bark and wood on the ground would shoot back up from the ground, cutting through the throat of another attendant guarding Song Xuku.

The valley hidden under countless sky reaching giant trees was still quite far from Lin Xi and the others. However, the moment countless arrows tore through the skies, the three academy lecturers and Lin Xi still immediately sensed it.

“You all stay here, I’m going to take a look.”

Li Wu who didn’t say much all this time immediately released a low shout, his entire body disappearing like a shadow under the sunlight, vanishing into the trees, heading in the direction of the sounds.

“How did Teacher Li do this?” Lin Xi looked at the direction Li Wu disappeared in, wondering how not even the slightest bit of sound was released despite moving at such speed. He couldn’t help but think to himself that the academy’s lecturers and professors were indeed existences ordinary cultivators of this world couldn’t comprehend. Only after saying this, did he feel that Tang Yuren and Lan Qifeng might misunderstand his intentions, so he added, “I am saying… how is he able to leave so quickly and not release any sounds.”

“All of the abilities of cultivators that defy ordinary people’s reasonings originate from the techniques in using soul force.” Tang Yuren gave Lin Xi a look and said, “By controlling the release of soul force to a certain degree, he can make it as if he is always wrapped within a layer of fluffy feathers… but of course, this is something that can only be done after exhausting a lot of time in training.”

“This student has benefited from teacher’s instructions.” Lin Xi expressed his thanks. He looked in the direction where countless arrows tore through the air. He thought to himself and then didn’t say anything else, sitting down and closing his eyes, starting to try to enter meditation cultivation, wishing to replenish a bit of soul force to face a possible intense battle.

When they saw this scene, Lan Qifeng and Tang Yuren’s eyes flashed with a hint of admiration again.

The throat of an attendant at Song Xuku’s side erupted with blood, collapsing.

However, four other attendants quickly filled in the holes. Several dozen heavy armored soldiers carrying heavy shields quickly ran over. When they were a few steps from Song Xuku, they squatted down, using their bodies and shields to form a steel wall, protecting the few feet of distance beneath Song Xuku.

After he saw this, the deputy general who previously gave the order to fire the arrows in Song Xuku’s place didn’t feel any more hesitation. He reached out two fingers and then clenched his fist, forcefully waving downwards.


Several officers released fierce shouts at the same time. A five hundred manned light armored troop quickly left the formation, charging at Nangong Weiyang like a flood.

Jadefall Army was Yunqin’s army which was best at fighting. Even before a Sacred Expert level existence, they still didn’t panic in the slightest, immediately relatiating.

Everyone knew that these deep green light armored soldiers were just like the previous arrows, unable to pose any threat to a Sacred Expert level cultivator, but they could at least distract them a bit, able to exhaust a bit of their soul force. In the eyes of these iron-blooded soldiers who often fought against cultivators, even though every streak of sword radiance could cut open the throat of a soldier and take away their life… using the lives of each soldier in exchange for a bit of a Sacred Expert’s soul force consumption was still worth it.

After all, the flying swords of Sacred Experts required large amounts of soul force for each breath they traveled through the air. Moreover, right now, Nangong Weiyang was less than two hundred steps from them.

Under this type of distance, every single member of this army Song Xuku led had confidence in killing Nangong Weiyang. As for whether or not they would die themselves, or if their comrades would die, this was something they forcefully rejected from their minds, deliberately ignoring. It was precisely because this was how all of Jadefall Army’s soldiers were, from the higher ranks to the lower ranks, all iron blood and tough wills, that was why in the past few decades, the number of cultivators they produced was far greater than any other border army.


The moment that deputy general gave the military order, commanding all of the light armored troops closest to Nangong Weiyang to charge, Nangong Weiyang’s sword radiance cut through his body.

He avoided having his neck and head cut, but the sword radiance moved along his shoulder, his arm that just issued the order was sliced off at the shoulder. The power of the flying sword seemed to be a bit greater than when it killed the two other attendants. When the biting cold air entered his body, it immediately made half his body lose feeling, the wounds on his shoulder lacking the slightest bit of blood flowing out.

Song Xuku gripped the fine Sepal longsword in his hands, in his eyes only Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

The five hundred light armored soldiers all charged forward. However, at this time, a burst of terrifying bowstring vibrating noises sounded again.

These sounds immediately made Song Xuku and several other officers’ eyes rapidly contract.

It was because these sounds didn’t come from their army!

Concentrated black arrows carried vicious air tearing sounds as they shot out of the forest behind Nangong Weiyang, completely surrounding the light armored army charging towards Nangong Weiyang.

Countless broken black arrows and blood formed a great black and red wave, spraying through the forest.

They were similarly Yunqin’s excellent quality standard arrows. In this instant, they displayed terrifying destructive power, at least half of these light armored troops having their faces and other weak areas penetrated, falling heavily to the ground.

However, what was strange was that these arrows carried a strange desert wind. The instant they landed, many bits of fine yellow sand also swept into the sky.


The instant the yellow sand fluttered about in the air, Song Xuku understood that he was facing Nanshan Mu’s rebel army. A fierce voice was already released from his mouth.

Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword didn’t take advantage of his moment of distraction to attack him, instead instantly entering the archers at the very front.

Streaks of blood continuously rushed into the sky, as if several dozen people continuously poured buckets of scorching hot blood towards the sky. Right now, Nangong Weiyang wasn’t stingy with the remaining soul force in her body. As she quickly exhausted her soul force, her flying sword also became a reaper’s scythe, elite soldiers who couldn’t even see her flying sword clearly at all were mowed down like grass.


The face of Song Xuku who knew that they would definitely suffer severe losses if they couldn’t deal with this Sacred Expert paled slightly. He clenched his fist and waved forward, giving the order for his army to attack.

At the same time, there were similar things happening in the forest behind Nangong Weiyang. There was also a cold and heavy order that was released.

A rain of arrows continuously fell.

The light armored cavalry who just withdrew several dozen steps stopped, but they were finished the moment they wanted to retaliate. Ruthless arrows impaled their bodies, nailing them to the ground.

Black-armored soldiers whose bodies seemed to even carry sand rushed out from the forest, slaughtering towards Song Xuku’s army.

In the past, Nanshan Mu’s army in Jadefall Border Army wasn’t as domineering as Song Xuku’s Forest Seal Army. Right now, these black-armored soldiers’ black armors all seemed to have been worn by sand until they were dull and lightless, a bit worn down. However, every single soldier’s body seemed to radiate with the brilliance of sand.

As a rebel army, most people in Nanshan Mu’s army believed they would spend the rest of their days in the desert like bandits, their bones buried in ten thousand li of yellow sand, difficult for them to ever return home, to the extent where they would forever carry on the shame of being traitors. However, they now already returned to Jadefall Army, so how could these soldiers who had gone through unimaginable torment not be excited, how could their bodies not display brilliance?

Meanwhile, they even had a Sacred Expert like Nangong Weiyang  in their formation.

Their archery army was still perfectly intact, while the enemy’s archers were completely destroyed.

A wave of intense weapon clashing noises immediately sounded in the valley. Both sides had people who fell amidst the roars and chaos, broken limbs flying, blood gushing out from their armor, dyeing the withered leaves on the ground red.

In this instant, the battle reached its most intense phase. However, Nanshan Mu’s army instantly seized the absolute advantage, slaughtering Song Xuku’s powerful army into chaos.

Sog Xuku’s hair was already soaked under his own sweat. He knew that he already didn’t have much time left. As long as the enemy’s soldiers scattered the guards and attendants at his side, that flying sword would come from who knew where and immediately reap his life.

The moment Song Xuku helplessly watched as his own troops were defeated, waiting for his final moment to display utter loyalty to Great General Wenren, the academy’s black-robed lecturer Li Wu also already deduced the identities of these two armies.

Right at this time, above this chaotic battlefield, Nangong Weiyang keenly seized his aura. Her feet moved, her small figure leaping backwards. Her flying sword that was originally flying towards the enemy also moved backwards, passing over her own body and entering the forest like a shooting star, heading towards Li Wu.

The academy’s lecturers and professors weren’t ordinary people, all having pride the outside world found unreasonable. When facing this flying sword, Li Wu didn’t immediately shout that he was not the enemy, instead reaching out his hands.

The soul force in his body rumbled, gathering between his palm and fingers.

Dang! Dang!

His hands seemed like they were cast from iron, continuously striking against the biting cold flying sword surface, directly sending this flying sword more than ten feet out.

Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed slightly. The flying sword in the sky immediately froze, about to hack out again. However, right at this time,a somewhat helpless voice sounded in the forest distance. “Li Wu… you are being mischievous again.”

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