Book 9 Chapter 82 - Praise and Pride

Even though he didn’t recognize that old-fashioned middle-aged man, Lin Xi could see similar compassion and admiration from his eyes as in Professor Lan and Li Wu, this was completely the expression in which teachers looked at their students with. Actually, even Professor Lan and Li Wu only met Lin Xi once. However, when they saw these people and saw the expression in their eyes, Lin Xi felt a mysterious feeling of warmth.

“It was Professor An who told us you all were here.” He pondered over this type of comfortable feeling, but didn’t waste any time. He pointed towards the unconscious Changsun Wujiang on the stretcher, directly saying, “He is the crown prince… he was attacked by Wenren Cangyue. Professor An said that in Jadefall City, you all are the only ones who can rescue him in time.”

The academy’s professors were all individuals who had experienced endless life and death storms. However, when they heard Lin Xi’s words, regardless of whether it was Li Wu, the old-fashioned middle-aged man or Professor Lan, their expressions all completely changed, their bodies unable to help but tremble slightly.

Without saying anything more, Professor Lan was the first to rush to the stretcher, between her fingers was an extremely fine silver needle, currently pricking the center of Changsun Wujiang’s palm.

The moment she saw the bit of color from the needle tip, her jaw was immediately tightly clenched. She nodded towards Li Wu and the old-fashioned middle-aged man behind her.

The old-fashioned middle-aged man only walked up, giving Changsun Wujiang a look, not even checking his pulse. His right hand’s forefinger directly reached out like lightning. In only a few breaths of time, he already pressed on Changsun Wujiang’s chest several dozen times.

Li Wu wasn’t someone from Medicine Department and Jiang Yu’er was only a student who entered Jadefall City to gain some experience. The ones who were prepared to treat the injuries of Gu Xinyin were actually only Professor Lan Qifeng and this old-fashioned middle-aged Professor Tang Yuren.

All Green Luan Academy personnel who knew about Gu Xinyin knew that if there were any injuries his type of figure couldn’t suppress, then they were definitely extremely terrifying injuries… that was why Gu Xinyin either didn’t suffer much injuries, appearing perfectly intact here, or his injuries were beyond what a normal person could imagine, only managing to make it here because he was Green Luan Academy’s most powerful Internal Study Department student.

On this matter, Vice Principal Xia and many individuals from Ailao Rear Mountain had shockingly unanimous opinion, which was that the chances of Gu Xinyin appearing here without any injuries were extremely small.

That was why Professor Lan and this Professor Tang were naturally people who were best suited for rescuing people.

That was why without even needing any movements, with just a scan of his eyes, this old-fashioned middle-aged Medicine Department professor that Lin Xi and the others didn’t recognize already saw that despite experiencing Du Zhanye and An Keyi’s treatment, Changsun Wujiang already reached a critical state.In this type of situation, he could only borrow the use of medicine by first powerfully stimulating a bit of potential , or else even if the medicinal strength entered the body, the declining qi and blood wouldn’t be able to utilize the medicinal strength at all. After those dozens of jabs, Changsun Wujiang’s waxen yellow pale complexion suddenly flushed with a bit of redness.

Following Tang Yuren’s finger jabs, Lan Qifeng already produced a small red bottle made of an unknown type of gemstone. However, precisely because of the value of the medicines in this small bottle, her hand that held this bottle was shaking slightly, as if the weight of this medicine bottle was something difficult for even her cultivation to support.

Lin Xi didn’t know what kind of medication was in Professor Lan’s hands, but when he saw how she was a bit hesitant even when treating Yunqin’s crown prince, he knew that this type of medicine was definitely extremely rare, and it might be precious to the extreme.

Lan Qifeng’s mind was struggling intensely.

Normally, regardless of how many precious medicines were used, she wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest to use them in rescuing Changsun Wujiang, even if he only had the identity of Green Luan Academy’s outstanding student Chen Mu. However, this medication was originally prepared for Gu Xinyin. Moreover, the academy only had a single dose. Even if Gu Xinyin could make it here, holding on, without this medicine, even if all of the academy’s strength was invested, Gu Xinyin’s recovery process would still definitely be extremely difficult.

“Tend to the matter before us first!”

Tang Yuren knew that what he did right now was only to extract the last of Changsun Wujiang’s energy, also knowing what Lan Qifeng was hesitating over. That was why he immediately released this low and resolute shout.

This voice ended Lan Qifeng’s hesitation. She clenched her teeth, opening the tightly sealed red bottle and bringing the opening of the bottle up to Changsun Wujiang’s mouth.

A drop of extremely viscous, faint medicinal liquid that didn’t have much of a special smell entered Changsun Wujiang’s lips. It looked ordinary, but Changsun Wujiang’s face immediately produced a bit of redness.

Tang Yuren released a breath of relief. He first nodded towards Du Zhanye and then nodded towards Lin Xi, Gao Yanan and the others. “You’ve all done well.”

Du Zhanye understood the meaning behind this sentence. She felt pride, but then immediately burst into tears with a wa noise.

Bian Linghan knew that with Tang Yuren’s words, Changsun Wujiang’s life was ensured. She also understood Du Zhanye’s emotions well, so she reached out a hand, wishing to lightly touch Du Zhanye’s shoulder to comfort her a bit. However, when her hand just reached out, that wave of unsuppressable power surged again, his entire body thus shaking fiercely. With a muffled groan, once more, blood shot out from her mouth and nose.

Tang Yuren gave Bian Linghan a look. He could see through Changsun Wujiang’s condition with a single look, but he couldn’t understand Bian Linghan’s injuries. As such, he took a step up to Bian Linghan, reaching out two fingers and tapping them against her wrist.

“Forced soul merging?”

The moment he made contact, he understood what was happening to Bian Linghan. The old-fashioned middle-aged man revealed a shocked expression again, the corners of his eyes producing many wrinkles. “You all encountered a Heaven’s Lens Mermaid at the peak of State Knight level?”

Lin Xi bowed slightly in respect once again. “Precisely… could teacher help her?”

Lan Qifeng sized up these youngsters again.

Li Wu also looked at these youngsters with a complicated expression.

Tang Yuren didnt’ immediately reply to Lin Xi’s question, only saying with a deeply moved voice. “You all arrived here by following Heaven’s Lens Lake?”

This time, he had something else to say: “There was only you all… how did you all have the courage to do this?” However, out of fear of these youngsters misunderstanding him, he didn’t truly utter these words.

“You all did extremely well.” While looking at Lin Xi and the others who nodded, at these figures who seemed a bit frail in his eyes, but dared take on this type of responsibility, this Green Luan Academy Medicine Department professor whose nature was normally extremely inflexible and almost never praised any students, once again said this seriously.

“This type of power will erupt roughly once or twice each day.” Only after seriously saying this in praise, did Tang Yuren look at Bian Linghan, continuing, “I do not know if you all understand this, but in order to truly break free from the injuries inflicted by this wave of power, the only way is to raise your soul force cultivation to State Knight level.”

Lin Xi couldn’t help but say, “This is as we expected… but are there any medicines that can help her?”

Tang Yuren gave Lin Xi a look. Right now, Lin Xi’s words seemed a bit too impatient, but he didn’t get angry. He nodded, producing two pill bottles and placing them in Bian Linghan’s hands.

“The larger pill bottle has a Red Crow Pill, one pill a day should at least be able to resist the outbreaks… preventing the injuries from worsening to the point where even medicines have a hard time treating them. The small bottle’s pill medicine should allow you to break through into initial stage Soul Master level… apart from this, we do not have anything else on us that can help you further.”

“Initial stage Soul Master?”

Lin Xi and the others stared blankly, but immediately afterwards, they were all overjoyed at the unexpected good news. They all expressed their thanks to Tang Yuren.

When they saw Lin Xi and the others’ happiness that didn’t carry the slightest bit of jealousy or envy, Tang Yuren, Lan Qifeng and Li Wu exchanged a look, all seeing the intentions in each others’ eyes.

Every few years, the academy would produce some genius cultivators, but a group of outstanding cultivators who went through life and death together were far more powerful than a single cultivator. Moreover, these youngsters before their eyes were already this type of small team.

“You are Lin Xi?”

Tang Yuren began to examine the others’ conditions. When his eyes swept over Lin Xi’s body, he sensed the aura of Lucky in Lin Xi’s backpack, immediately reacting. He looked at Lin Xi, unable to help but release a sigh of admiration.

Lin Xi nodded. He didn’t know what this sigh from Tang Yuren meant.

“Give this to your Three-Tailed Black Foxcat, it should be of some use to its injuries.”

Tang Yuren produced a wooden pill bottle from his sleeves, handing it to Lin Xi. Then, he looked at Lin Xi, saying, “I’ve heard about the things you’ve done, I know your cultivation level before you left the academy… Now, your cultivation has already reached mid stage Soul Master level, your cultivation… it seems like it already does not need the academy’s pill medicines.”

Lin Xi stared blankly, instantly understanding the true meanings behind the words Tang Yuren spoke. He immediately couldn’t help but produce a bit of a proud expression, nodding and saying with a faint smile, “Yes.”

Inside Lost Forest’s valley, Jadefall’s famous general Song Xuku was currently listening to the reports of several scouts.

The scouts were all cultivators most adept at concealing their auras. Their bodies were covered in wild sheepskin. Even though they didn’t approach Xu Buyi’s dilapidated straw hut, they saw Lin Xi, Bian Linghan and the others’ appearances.

After hearing these scouts’ careful reports, when he heard the descriptions of their appearances and conditions, moreover matching them with the military reports he received these past two days, this famous Jadefall general immediately linked up many things in a few breaths of time. He knew what kind of small troop this was. In that instant, the hands of this Jadefall famous general who had experienced countless battles, unshaken even when faced with the deaths of over a thousand men, began to tremble.

He knew that this army that had waited bitterly for so long already reached the moment where it had to act. Moreover, in his opinion, the entire Jadefall City situation might change because of his army’s actions.

However, right at this time, a tender faced green clothed woman with her hair in two pigtails suddenly appeared in his line of sight.

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