Book 9 Chapter 81 - Vulture, Return Home, And Goodbye

Wenren Cangyue quickly moved through the meadow.

Because his speed was fast beyond a normal cultivator’s imagination, when his body brushed by the grass and leaves, they were like sharp blades, leaving behind countless cuts on his cloth clothes. His skin that was steady like steel had many fine red marks left behind as well.

Apart from these red marks, the blue spots on his skin also continuously appeared, disappeared and then reappeared.

Behind him, in the meadow’s distance, only cultivators of his level could sense that there was always a biting cold sword intent chasing after him.

He already continuously fled for two days and two nights, the price of these two days and two nights was that his injuries became even worse, there were also many dead areas left behind in his body because of the poison’s corrosion. However, he still couldn’t completely break free from that black-robed cultivator from the academy who was chasing after him, the cultivator named Nangong Mo.

Ever since he reached the Sacred Expert level, he had never been in such a sorry state before, never this miserable.

However, there was still no expression of defeat visible from his face. His entire body was still as if cast from iron, still incredibly callous… the feeling he gave off still powerful.

In the depths of the grassland without any human inhabitation, where even livestock and wild horses were completely extinct, in front of a crescent moon puddle, this great general whose military management and individual strength both shocked the world stopped. He first drank a few sips of clear water and then produced a bone whistle from his waist.

He didn’t place this bone whistle by his lips, only shaking his fingers, sending in some wind.

This bone whistle seemed to still be silent, but in reality, it already released sound, just that this unique frequency couldn’t be picked up by the human ear.

Human ears couldn’t hear it, but there were some things that could.

Some specks of black descended from the sky.

At first, they looked extremely small, but when they landed, they were actually massive fierce vultures whose claws were covered in cowhide ropes.

These vicious birds seemed incredibly arrogant when in the air, but when they descended before Wenren Cangyue, they instead seemed extremely fearful and cowardly.

Wenren Changyue reached out a hand, grabbing onto the fine cowhide rope bound to these vicious vultures’ feet. When he was brought into the air under the joint force of these vicious birds, he gave the biting cold sword intent in the distance behind him a look.

He knew that the other party might be able to see that he escaped through this type of method. Even if he couldn’t, after catching up to here, his opponent had a high chance of noticing him. However, whether or not the other party knew already made no difference to him.

It was because what he wanted was just the last two days of time.

After failing to kill Gu Xinyin and failing to assassinate the crown prince, then being wounded by Blue Apricot, in Green Luan Academy and Nangong Mo’s eyes, he already reached the end of his road.

However, what no one knew was that he raised many vultures like these, still having this type of secret.

No one knew that the death of Cheng Yu who was incredibly loyal to him was merely a chess piece used by him to deceive the opponent. With just this, all of his opponents already felt that he already reached the end of his road.

He only fled Nangong Mo’s pursuit because he wanted Nangong Mo to remain a bit further from some of the places he wanted to go to.

After arriving here, even if Nangong Mo noticed his methods, immediately turning back, there was already no way he could catch up… It was because in the end, Nangong Mo was still only a Sacred Expert, only able to control a sword for several hundred steps, unable to fly through the air.

He also understood extremely clearly that after two days, Green Luan Academy and Yunqin’s royal court would send powerful experts that could pose a threat to him and they would already be in Jadefall City while he himself would still be injured. As long as he made a move again and revealed his whereabouts, then there would be no way for him to walk out of Jadefall City alive.

Before, he could have similarly used this type of method to get closer to the crown prince’s side, carry out an assassination like this, but he risked taking on so many more injuries and saved this secret until now, obtaining these last two days of time… Moreover, his body was still a bit tougher than what everyone anticipated, still able to attack once.

Even though he had countless troops that were deathly loyal to him, what Wenren Cangyue had the greatest faith and confidence in was still himself.

This was especially the case with some things where he wanted to complete himself.

Right now, in Jadefall City and all of Yunqin Empire, it was unknown just how many people were speculating where he would throw the remaining half of his Sky Wolf Guards and cultivator followers. However, the answer to this question was actually extremely simple. The final place where he was going to send his forces was where the last of his power would appear. These people would only appear where he would appear.

These specially trained vicious birds whose bodies were entirely different from normal vultures flew higher and higher. In the end, his iron cast like body also became a black speck, disappearing into the white clouds above the green grassland.

Nangong Mo moved along the boundless long grass. He didn’t immediately see Wenren Cangyue fly into the air like a vulture. However, when he approached that crescent shaped pool and distant land, after Wenren Cangyue disappeared into the white clouds, he raised his head, vaguely sensing that quickly disappearing aura.

His breathing stopped for a moment. After confirming that his perception wasn’t mistaken, he released a deep exhale.

Then, he continued forward, walking up to that crescent shaped pool. After a bit of hesitation, he shook his head, starting to return home, starting to continuously head west.

It was because he understood clearly that the mission he still carried because of the black robes he wore already disappeared…  There was already no way for him to hinder Wenren Cangyue’s movements in the slightest. From now on, he was someone from Tangcang, someone who was starting to return to his homeland.

Jadefall City, Heaven’s Lens lakeside, Lost Forest border. There was a dilapidated straw hut here.

The straw hut had a military iron cooking pot supported in front of its entrance, floating within it were many dried yellow leaves.

This was the residence of the past Jadefall Border Army Great Consecrator Xu Buyi when he oversaw this place and cultivated here… Xu Buyi didn’t leave this place for that long, yet this straw hut was already ruined to the point where it couldn’t be lived in anymore.

When human inhabitation vanished, bugs would immediately grow and houses would easily decline, this was common knowledge. Only, no one thought deeply about exactly why that was. Mankind, in the eyes of bugs, might be the most terrifying things in this world.

In the forest behind the straw hut, there were a few people patiently waiting, waiting for Gu Xinyin to return from Tangcang.

Only, these patiently waiting people didn’t know that in a mountain valley not far from them, there was an army exceeding four thousand that was also waiting.

Jadefall City West Outskirts and Heaven’s Lens Lake’s eastern side were still Wenren Cangyue’s domain. The high ranking military officer who ruled this great army was Song Xuku, a Jadefall officer who was just as famous as Qin Qinghuang, similarly deathly loyal to Wenren Cangyue. He only discovered these individuals’ existence through some scouts. Because he didn’t know why these people were here, he had the great army stop, reporting this military intelligence up the chain of command.

The order Cheng Yu gave back was to wait in place.

Cheng Yu already died, but Jadefall Border Army still didn’t enter a state of chaos. Military intelligence was still passed in a regular and thorough manner, many secrets still quickly reaching the armies still loyal to Wenren Cangyue through fire beacons, carrier pigeons and eagles. When Song Xuku who had previously served as Cheng Yu’s bodyguard heard of Cheng Yu’s death, he felt incredible grief inside, but he still resolutely carried out his orders.

The orders he received in the past two days was still to hold his position, to watch for opportunities to act.

A group of mentally exhausted and beaten youngsters walked out from the mist shrouded Heaven’s Lens lakeside forest, walking towards Xu Buyi’s straw hut.

The individuals who were waiting in the forest couldn’t receive the fastest and most precise military intelligence like Wenren Cangyue’s troops, not knowing about the many things that were enough to shock all of Yunqin, not even knowing about the events that took place during these two days. When they saw Lin Xi and the others’ appearances, one of these individuals immediately couldn’t help but release a light cry of alarm.

Several individuals began to greet that travel-worn youngster.

When they noticed the activity in the forest behind the straw hut, Lin Xi and the others immediately became vigilant. However, as soon as they saw the face of the first person that appeared before them, Lin Xi and the others completely relaxed. Only the pale faced Meng Bai began to break out into cold sweat again.

The first one to appear was a middle-aged larger woman, her expression extremely amiable.

Right now, she was only dressed in ordinary sackcloth clothes, but all of them knew that this was Professor Lan… it was because this Professor Lan was precisely the professor in charge of Medicine Department’s examination by Summer Spirit Lake that day.

“Professor Lan.”

As a Medicine Department student, Gao Yanan was naturally more familiar with this amiable looking middle-aged larger woman than Lin Xi and the others. She immediately bowed slightly with respect. “Jiang Yu’er?” Meanwhile, when she saw the second person who walked out from the forest, both her and Lin Xi couldn’t help but lightly cry out.

The one who followed behind Professor Lan was a bashful and delicate female student, precisely the girl who Lin Xi got to know in the self reflection room, Medicine Department’s female student Jiang Yu’er who broke out into tears because of a bit of criticism from a professor.

She was precisely the one who released a cry of alarm when she saw Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s appearances.

Right now, she followed behind Professor Lan. When she saw Lin Xi, Gao Yanan and the others, she wanted to greet them, but the professor in front of her didn’t say anything, her nature also timid and shy, so her head couldn’t help but lower a bit, her face becoming red.

The two people behind her also appeared before Lin Xi, Gao Yanan and the others’ line of sight.

Lin Xi immediately discovered there was someone else he recognized, Lecturer Li Wu who he had met before while cultivating in the training valley. There was also an old-fashioned faced middle-aged man he had never met before.

While he was bowing slightly in respect, sizing up these people, Professor Lan, Li Wu and the old-fashioned middle-aged man were also examining these students.

Even though right now, Professor Lan and the others still didn’t know the status of ‘Chen Mu’ on the stretcher, judging from Lin Xi’s exhaustion and his body’s condition, they could imagine just how many difficulties these youngsters braved to rush here.

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