Book 9 Chapter 79 - Lucky, Spear, Arrow, Lance

Inside the black fish heavy armor, blood flowed out from many injuries on Lin Xi’s body. However, this time, he didn’t do his best to protect his vital areas like before, instead concentrating all of his power into the heavy spear in his right hand. He thrusted it fiercely towards the water pillar in front of him like a streak of black lightning, sending it flying towards the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid behind the water pillar!

His previous strike also used all of his strength, but even now, the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s soul force still didn’t decline, this water pillar’s strength just as domineering as before. That was why according to normal reasoning, this water pillar should send him flying out, making his body suffer even more serious injuries.

However, Lin Xi had Lucky.

Because she was focused on dealing with Bian Linghan’s three arrows, the great scholar-like Heaven’s Lens Mermaid didn’t notice that when Lin Xi fell, the small Lucky already ran out crazily, jumping onto Lin Xi’s back.

The moment this water pillar that carried heaven overflowing might smashed over, its claw already reached out from Lin Xi’s shoulder.


It smelled the strong bloodiness from Lin Xi’s body, knew that Lin Xi was currently bleeding. This made it release a furious cry that wasn’t all that loud. Then, it completely sent out all of the power left in its body, pouring it out of its claw.

Its three tails immediately became white-colored, flickering with radiance, as if three long white flames were burning behind it.

A wave of snow-white stream of power immediately surged in front of Lin Xi and its body. It looked like it was going to be scattered by the crazily incoming water vapor, but it instead remained sturdy and strong in the crazy winds and water, forcibly cutting through the water pillar that followed.

The instant the water pillar was cut through, Lucky spat out a mouthful of blood.

Right now, the extravasated blood it spat out was black-colored. However, the fluffy black fur on its body was instead releasing white light, producing white frost.

Lin Xi could sense the blood Lucky spat out. His expression inside the heavy armor became even more grave, the heavy spear in his hands becoming even more resolute.


The moment the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid sensed danger, the heavy spear in his hands already pierced through the final barrier of water. While carrying this entire soul weapon heavy armor’s momentum, he fiercely thrusted into her chest.

The sharp spear instantly pierced through this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s smooth stomach. Lin Xi could clearly feel the sensation of the tip penetrating flesh. At the same time, he also felt a powerful resistance force.


Without any hesitation, Lin Xi pressed his own chest forward, smashing into the back of his lance. His chest’s heavy armor pressed against the lance, releasing a muffled noise.

The somewhat stuck sharp tip immediately dug deeper, entering this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s body. Some unique green and blue blood splashed out along the heavy spear’s blood grooves.

The Heaven’s Lens Mermaid released a miserable shrill scream like that of a boiling kettle. A wave of tangible power instantly moved along the heavy lance, smashing into Lin Xi’s body.

A great boom sounded.

Between Lin Xi and this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid, it was first as if there was a great dust explosion. All of the grass stalks and tree branches were blasted in all directions, sent flying. Then, there was a huge surge of water.

The moment water splashed in all directions, the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid and heavy armored Lin Xi both flew out backwards.

The heavy armored Lin Xi didn’t have more injuries added to his body, but this heavy hammer-like force made everything before his eyes darken. He could no longer control his center of gravity. With a wah noise, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Drawing the bow and controlling the bowstring with speed exceeding one’s normal limit would make one’s arms become incredibly sore. The arms of Bian Linghan who immediately fired three arrows in succession felt as sore as if acidic water was injected into them. However, she still didn’t stop drawing her bow. She controlled the bowstring and took aim at the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid, but she didn’t immediately release it.

She was a true Windstalker.

She understood the importance of grasping timing.

She was always waiting.

Always waiting until the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid and Lin Xi both separated, until the moment Lin Xi spat out a mouthful of blood. Only then did the silver arrow in her hands truly leave her hands, flying out with a pu noise.

Chi! Chi!

After the first air shattering noise, there were two more air shattering noises that sounded at the same time.

The three fingers bowstring control method Lin Xi and herself learned prioritized stability, it was not an archery technique that focused on speed. However, from the very start where her accuracy was always behind Lin Xi’s to now where apart from being inferior to Lin Xi in the Falling Moon method, this type of normal archery was one hundred shots one hundred hits, one could imagine just how much bitter training this outwardly soft and gentle girl made herself go through.

Under this type of training, the speed at which she fired these three arrows was the same as an ordinary archer firing a single arrow.

The black fish soul weapon heavy armor’s heavy spear was linked to the unique grooves of the armor’s palm and fingers. Unless there was power that could directly shatter steel, it wasn’t easy to make him let go.

When Lin Xi fell backwards, his heavy spear’s tip also separated from this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s stomach. However, those three arrows perfectly entered where the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s flesh was inverted, digging all the way inside!

The Heaven’s Lens Mermaid released another mournful screech. These three arrows looked like they were fired into almost the same location, but their trajectories actually had great differences. The three arrows were like three different paths, instantly piercing many important inner organs within her body.

The wound that was originally opened from Lin Xi’s heavy spear was already the size of a bowl, moreover digging deep into the body, stabbing some of her inner organs rotten. This type of injury was already extremely difficult to recover from. Now that these three arrows entered the body once again, she knew that there was no chance for her to live. The moment she released a miserable scream, her tail slammed into the ground, her entire figure leaping out. She then sent her tail fiercely at Lin Xi who had just fallen to the ground.

However, right at this time, Gao Yanan already arrived by Lin Xi’s side.

In her hand was Jiang Xiaoyi’s black soul weapon spear.


She used it like a staff, brandishing this soul weapon spear. It carried wind roaring sounds, smashing into the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s fish tail that struck down.

An explosive pa noise sounded.

This soul weapon spear that flickered with radiance under the infusion of her soul force instantly grew dim. Because the soul force that surged was too intense, there was also a streak of blood that flowed out from the corners of Gao Yanan’s lips.

The mind of the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid in the air immediately became suffused with thoughts of disbelief. Her figure was forcibly stopped, falling to the ground only two steps away from Lin Xi.

When she fired the third arrow, Bian Linghan’s entire right arm was already shaking. When she saw the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid being struck down by Gao Yanan’s spear, she understood extremely clearly that now was the best time to kill this creature who was already entirely spent. However, when she picked up another arrow, her hand was shaking to the point where she couldn’t guarantee that she would hit her target.

With this slight pause, she already couldn’t shoot again.

It was because someone already rushed into her arrow path.

This person was Meng Bai.

In his hand was a Green Luan Academy Windbreaker blade.

Even though before leaving the academy, Meng Bai also picked up this type of soul weapon long blade, he never truly used it. Until now, it had still never tasted blood. That was why this blade looked extremely new, exceptionally bright.

Meng Bai was extremely scared.

However, when he saw Lin Xi collapse in front of this powerful Heaven’s Lens Mermaid, saw that Gao Yanan’s soul force had already been almost completely consumed, his body that was so scared that it was entirely shaking still charged over, hacking at the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid.

His body was still extremely fat, his clothes still seeming extremely tight. However, his speed was indeed extremely quick.

When she saw the blade that descended upon her head, the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid released another miserable scream. She wanted to kill this incoming fatty with a single blow, but the instant her soul force surged, the intense pain caused by her injuries resulted in a slight delay in her soul force eruption.


A wave of moisture smashed into Meng Bai’s blade, but it wasn’t strong enough to stop this blade’s momentum. This blade descended. Following a subconscious twist of her head, it stabbed into her neck.

Strange colored blood shuttered along the blade’s surface with chi chi noises.

The Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s shrill scream was interrupted, but the soul force that was interrupted still erupted once more.


The long blade flew out of Meng Bai’s hands, his body also tumbling outwards. His mouth also continuously coughed out blood.

The Heaven’s Lens Mermaid wanted to use soul force again, but she discovered that she couldn’t release another ounce of strength.

She released a final cry of despair, a sphere of light surging like a flame was released from her mouth.

At the same time, Bian Linghan whose teeth were always clenched released the arrow between her fingers.

This silver arrow shot towards the wound on the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s neck. However, because her fingers were shaking slightly, it deviated slightly, instead landing on her shoulder.

Even though it landed on her shoulder, this arrow was still the last straw that broke the camel’s back. The Heaven’s Lens Mermaid fell backwards, the radiance aimed at the opponent whose final strike brought her down shooting towards Bian Linghan with extreme speed .

At this time, Jiang Xiaoyi already rushed up to Gao Yanan’s side as well while Du Zhanye was still blocking in front of Changsun Wujiang’s body, doing her best to prevent Changsun Wujiang from suffering greater harm. That was why no one could help Bian Linghan block this sphere of light.

She almost subconsciously threw aside the longbow in her hands, her hands blocking in front of her face. All of the soul force in her body crazily surged towards her two hands.

This sphere of sparkling crystal luster immediately smashed into her hands.

Her body staggered, her complexion immediately turning deathly pale.

This crystal-like radiance was destroyed between her palms and fingers.

Her palms and fingers were fine, her entire body not even taking a step back. However, immediately afterwards, her body felt as if she was struck by lightning, greatly shaken. With a wa noise, blood gushed out from her mouth and nose.

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