Book 9 Chapter 78 - Cultivation Idiot, This World’s Powerful Fiend Beast

Raindrops landed on the frozen umbrella above everyone’s heads. Apart from Lucky, everyone gradually understood why Gao Yanan did this.

Jiang Xiaoyi immediately lowered the large umbrella in his hands, producing two spear poles from his back, connecting them into the black long spear he was most proficient at using.




The moment the cold black spear had just joined together, three shattering noises already sounded on the frozen umbrella. Three drops of rain passed through the ice layer normal rain couldn’t pass through at all, falling down.

The long spear in Jiang Xiaoyi’s hands thrusted out, the speartip instantly forming a black flower, directly sending the three drops of water flying with incredible accuracy.

However, his grave face also changed expressions, because at this moment, another drop already broke through the ice umbrella, carrying ice fragments as it fell. When it seemed like there was no way he could block it, with a dang noise, a long blade hacked out like lightning, shattering this raindrop.

From the corners of his eyes, Jiang Xiaoyi saw that the one who struck out was Meng Bai. He knew that even though Meng Bai was cowardly, his cultivation was higher than his, his attacks were also incredibly quick. As such, he released a breath of relief, but his mind didn’t dare slacken in the slightest.

Lucky now also finally understood Gao Yanan’s intentions. Its claw also reached out, fine icicles extending out from in front of it, supporting this frozen umbrella. When the cold air reached the ice umbrella surface, the ice umbrella immediately became a few inches thicker.

The rain seemed to have suddenly slowed, as if it was going to completely stop. However, after this slowing down, the raindrops in the sky instead suddenly became even more concentrated!

In just a single breath of time, concentrated dang dang dang noises sounded against Lin Xi’s heavy soul weapon heavy armor, the raindrops that carried great power suddenly increased in quantity, descending like countless small arrows. Even though the power wasn’t enough to penetrate the thick armor, the power of their impact still prevented Lin Xi from standing still, his waist even bending downwards.

There were immediately countless holes that were produced in the frozen umbrella above Gao Yanan and the others’ heads. Countless sharp arrow-like raindrops fell down.

They were completely impossible to evade, because what was outside this frozen umbrella were also countless water droplets. This was clearly just like an enemy army with at least six to seven hundred archers who fired endlessly.

Even though the power of cultivators far exceeded the arrows shot by normal troops, the bodies of cultivators were frail. When they were fired at by these types of arrows, it was still deadly.

Lucky wasn’t like other fiend beasts with powerful skin and flesh. When the rain slowed down a bit, it sensed great danger. The moment countless holes appeared on the frozen umbrella above it, it immediately began to panic a bit, releasing a light yi cry of anger. Its two little claws already reached out, its three fluffy black tails also standing up behind it.

A wave of powerful white frost poured out like a waterfall. The raindrops that fell down all became beads of ice, flying outwards.

The countless holes on the frozen umbrella that was originally about to shatter immediately disappeared. The frost that was rising upwards even formed sky reaching icicles from these holes.

Lin Xi’s knees bent down at the waist. He didn’t use any soul force, only using the tough armor to block the sharp arrow-like raindrops.

In this disorderly great rain, he did everything he could to sense where this unknown enemy was.

The rain was extremely chaotic, but there was still wind blowing within. At this moment, he finally understood that this rain came from the lakeside.

He narrowed his eyes, looking in that direction.

Looking through the thick mist and forest leaves crushed by raindrops, he vaguely made out a shining giant fish tail.

Heaven’s Lens Mermaid!

In that instant, he knew that his suspicions were correct. That faint dangerous aura from before came precisely from this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid whose appearance still couldn’t be clearly made out, only the light flickering off the scales of its lower half visible.

It seemed like Heaven’s Lens Mermaid possessed extremely high intellect, already noticing their arrival, but also withdrawing after noticing the arrival of twelve sets of soul weapon heavy armors. When the twelve sets of soul weapon heavy armors were completely cut down, they then made their move.

As if by conditioned reflex, Lin Xi’s hand reached behind his back, wishing to remove a bow and directly fire a shot at this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid. However, only when he made this movement did Lin Xi realize that he had a set of soul weapon heavy armor covering him right now. The bow that was originally at his back was placed at Gao Yanan’s side.

His figure stopped slightly, moreover starting to silently observe the situation.

The endless arrow-like rain continued.

Because raindrops that could truly penetrate the flesh were mixed within ordinary rain, this rain was even harder to defend against than the true rain of arrows fired by a border army archer army.

Lin Xi understood clearly that this type of rain was just like Gao Yanan and Lucky’s cold streams, requiring the support of powerful soul force.

After chatting with Gao Yanan, he already learned that the bodies of cultivators with special aptitudes were like soul weapons with runes. Meanwhile, all of these so-called fiend beasts who could display similarly powerful power were the same.

Even though every single raindrop’s power wasn’t particularly great, roughly able to penetrate the body of a Soul Master level cultivator, in order to produce this type of rain, the consumption of soul force was definitely extremely great… However, right now, the rain continued. He saw that Lucky was already about to exhaust his strength, its three tails behind it started to tremble as well.

It was clear that the strength of this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid who he still couldn’t see clearly was even above Lucky’s.

After realizing this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s strength, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest. The soul force within his body surged, following his hands, instantly suffusing the soul weapon heavy armor, pouring into every single rune groove within this soul weapon heavy armor.


The soul weapon heavy armor covering his body began to rumble again, as if its power supply was switched on. The endless water droplets continued to smash against the thick metal armor covering him, but they could no longer make his body bend down. He instantly turned into a stream of metal, cutting through the curtain of rain, directly charging crazily towards that Heaven’s Lens Mermaid.

The violent rain suddenly stopped.

The moment Lin Xi spurred on the soul weapon heavy armor and charged out at full strength, Gao Yanan and the others still didn’t see that Heaven’s Lens Mermaid. However, everyone saw Lin Xi’s movements, and together with the stopping of the violent rain, everyone immediately deduced that it had something to do with Lin Xi’s charge. Meanwhile, this violent rain already riddled this forest with holes, so the moment this rain stopped, everyone saw the legendary Heaven’s Lens Mermaid.

Large breasts and full bottom… apart from the lower half of her body being a fish tail, the upper half of this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid was completely the appearance of a naked young lady at the prime of youth.

When the curtain of rain suddenly disappeared, the moment he saw the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid clearly, Lin Xi who turned into a steel stream also couldn’t help but become a bit stunned. He had previously read some records regarding Heaven’s Lens Mermaids, but he never expected this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid to be that similar to a person. The upper half of the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid actually didn’t have any scales, only three long red tassels extending from the left and right side of her waist. Her entire lower half looked extremely soft, as if it was a fish scaled long dress, her hair green. If one had to point out which part was the most different from a human’s, then it was only the eyes.

This Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s long, narrow and beautiful eyes lacked any human warmth, completely filled with the murderous intent of facing a different species.

The instant he released a sigh of amazement, he sensed that all of the winds in the sky seemed to suddenly gather towards this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid. In his perception, it was as if all of the raindrops in the sky instantly gathered in front of this Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s body.

A wave of utterly terrifying aura of death instantly filled Lin Xi’s mind. His heart began to contract intensely. As if by instinct, he released a low roar from his throat, the shield in his left hand blocking in front of his head, his entire body curling up into a ball, protecting this armor’s weakest areas.


As soon as a giant pillar of water had just formed, it charged towards him with terrifying momentum like a speeding chariot.

Lin Xi flew backwards.

Every single piece of armor on his body released sharp grinding and vibrating noises.

Even though he instantly sensed danger, making protective movements, he also sensed at least ten sharp blade-like water splashes that cut into the cracks of the armor, cutting into his body. The intense pain and surging blood made Lin Xi understand that his injuries weren’t light. However, his eyes behind his shield were still widened, carefully judging his falling stance, preparing to land on the ground.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Three rapid air tearing noises sounded. The instant Lin Xi was sent flying by the water pillar condensed from the tremendous aura released by the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s body, the pale faced Bian Linghan continuously fired three arrows. The three silver arrows formed a straight line in the air, instantly flying towards the space between the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s brows.

As if she was chanting some type of incantation, the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s scarlet and slightly thick lips moved slightly. Several waves of transparent streams condensed out of thin air like rope, binding the three silver arrows.

Water was originally an extremely soft substance in this world, yet these waves of water seemed to possess terrifying power, actually forcibly holding these three silver arrows in place, not allowing them to advance an inch.

With a crash sound, water splashed everywhere, looking like a basin of water spilling on the ground. Meanwhile, the three arrows Bian Linghan fired with all her strength in an instant also fell to the ground powerlessly.

With a ringing weng noise, Lin Xi also just happened to have landed on the ground.

His body was a bit slanted while falling down, looking like there was no way he could land steadily. However, by relying on the heavy spear in his hands, he instead forcibly stabilized his figure.

Blood flowed out from the dozen or so cracks on his armor, but he didn’t stop at all. The runes on his armor rumbled again, yet again, his figure charged towards the water vapor shrouded Heaven’s Lens Mermaid.

The Heaven’s Lens Mermaid gave the tenaciously charging Lin Xi a look, remaining completely calm and indifferent. With a wave of her hands, her boundless aura immediately formed a massive water pillar and she sent it smashing towards Lin Xi.

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