Book 9 Chapter 77 - Raindrops That Penetrate the Parasol

Lin Xi breathed forcefully, feeling as if he really became a true giant.

He couldn’t help but grip the heavy spear with his armor fingers layered with grooves, thrusting forward.

A sharp wind noise sounded. The black heavy spear formed a streak of extremely shocking black lightning, the air in front of the speartip releasing a light bo noise.

Lin Xi could feel that the power of this strike was far above what he could display normally, but at the same time, his body felt a bit rigid. When he made a few more movements, he understood that this type of soul weapon heavy armor’s most rigid part was by the waist. Leaning backwards and twisting the body, these types of movements would be restricted by the armor. This way, charging in and charging out weren’t issues, but there was no way for the body to make greater twisting motions.

After remaining silent for a bit, Lin Xi turned around, running towards the frozen surface that was just starting to melt.

As soon as he ran up to that frozen path, Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others saw Lin Xi slip, and then his entire body flew outwards, falling heavily. However, the instant he fell to the ground, Lin Xi’s left arm supported himself with the shield, steadily standing back up.

Then, Lin Xi was just like a drunkard on the frozen carpet, staggering along with all types of strange stances as he advanced.

“What is he doing?”

Meng Bai didn’t understand, unable to help but ask this.

“What else is he doing? Isn’t it just getting used to this set of soul weapon heavy armor?” Bian Linghan looked at the black heavy armor that was in an extremely sorry state, yet its movements were still extremely coherent. With a frown, she turned around to ask Jiang Xiaoyi at her side, “Do you feel like you can still preserve your center of balance while making his movements?”

Jiang Xiaoyi shook his head with a bitter smile. “I would have long fallen all over the place.”

Bian Linghan also shook her head, unable to help but say with a sigh. “Just how did he train to this level?”

All warriors and cultivators understood extremely clearly that regardless of whether it was ordinary heavy armor or soul weapon heavy armor, no matter how stunning the craftsmen who made them, these types of heavy armors made of linked pieces definitely couldn’t be like lightweight clothes, always more or less having great restrictions on them.

The more nimble one could be while wearing heavy armor, the more their martial skill can be displayed, thus naturally, the more powerful they will be.

By now, Bian Linghan and the others could also tell that the abdomen region of this soul weapon heavy armor had the greatest restriction on movement. It was as if Lin Xi was making movements that required the twisting or turning of the waist with a rigid waist. In this type of situation, the center of gravity will naturally be lost, yet Lin Xi’s next movement would forcibly adjust himself, similarly practicing Green Luan’s Twenty-Four Forms. This type of balance ability far exceeding theirs was completely impossible for Jiang Xiaoyi, Bian Linghan and the others to understand.

They didn’t know that as early as in Green Luan Academy, Lin Xi already began a battle against someone named Xu Shengmo… Before he began cultivation for anything else, he was already tormented to the point of exhaustion by Xu Shengmo. After leaving the academy, Lin Xi never stopped the cultivation Xu Shengmo taught him either.

Lin Xi always cultivated extremely bitterly… Only, at this time, perhaps not even Lin Xi himself noticed that the objective of his cultivation, from the beginning where it was just purely enjoyment and the joy of becoming stronger, already unknowingly changed greatly.

The eyes with which Lin Xi looked at this world were different from Gao Yanan, Bian Linghan and everyone else.

In this world, the most common things and scenes for the people of this world, in his eyes, had a chance of being extremely novel. That was why when Uncle Liu brought him out of that little town, when they traveled through Four Seasons Plains, passed through Apricot Blossom Village, that ordinary village girl who held an oil paper umbrella under the rain, as well as the shepherd boy on the back of a cow in the distance, in his eyes, became the most beautiful scene.

It was because the previous world completely lacked true cultivation, so after learning of the existence of flying swords in this world, his interest regarding swords and cultivation naturally surpassed that of ordinary cultivators.

This was the most basic motivation. Together with his unique talent and characteristics being noticed by Vice Principal Xia and the others, Green Luan Academy’s deliberate pressure, as well as the series of events that took place afterwards in East Port Town and his own unique life preserving special ability, in the aspect of cultivation, he naturally already became a ‘cultivation idiot’ far exceeding Helan Yuexi that day on Half Snow Gray Plains.

Apart from Li Ku who viewed cultivation as the only meaning of existence and viewed strength as the most fundamental thing, Lin Xi who dared use true threat of death to cultivate, already didn’t have many who could compare to him in this world.

Lin Xi tested out this set of black fish heavy armor, making all types of strange evasive, blocking and assassination movements while carefully sensing the speed of his soul force consumption.

The flow of soul force was extremely strange. It was as if there was a small pool in his body that completely trickled out water. Normal cultivators could only roughly determine when the small pool’s water would dry up, but Lin Xi’s grasp of time was more precise than anyone else’s. He was sure that under these continuous movements, his soul force could continue for five halts at most, which was five minutes of time.

This meant that Soul Master level cultivators who were of the same level as him could only control this set of soul weapon heavy armor for two and a half minutes.

Looking at it from this point, this type of black fish soul weapon heavy armor’s soul force consumption was indeed quite outstanding. It was because two and a half minutes seemed extremely short, but in a true battle, more than two minutes of time was already extremely long, already enough to decide many instances of life and death.

Lucky watched with great interest as Lin Xi staggered along the ice carpet. It squatted by Gao Yanan’s feet, more amused the longer it watched Lin Xi stumble about in this set of heavy armor. It rubbed its stomach that seemed to be a bit hungry, unable to help but open its mouth. However, right at this time, its four claws instead suddenly became a bit rigid, because that wave of faint aura that made it feel strange danger appeared again!

Its ears and three tails all straightened slightly, its dark round eyes starting to look around. However, it still couldn’t find out where that dangerous aura came from, only feeling like it was closing in. As such, it couldn’t help but release a strange yi cry towards Lin Xi.

Lin Xi had just moved over the ice carpet, stopping, so his ears were still filled with the rumbling noises of this soul weapon heavy armor. However, he still heard Lucky’s strange cry, feeling its nervousness.

He immediately stopped, completely stabilizing his body, vigilantly observing his surroundings.

Soon afterwards, he sensed that faint dangerous aura from the very beginning. Meanwhile, this time, he also mysteriously sensed a strange wind flowing through the sky.

He immediately raised his head towards the skies.

The sky was already starting to brighten a bit. Without the dark lead-like clouds of Great Desolate Swamp that completely blocked one’s line of sight, he could see high into the air. The sky was completely clear, nothing flying about. However, there was a strange dampness that was spreading.

After Lin Xi raised his head, Gao Yanan, Bian Linghan and the others also sensed the moisture that began to spread over, raising their heads as well.

There were no rain clouds in the sky, but it was as if there was a gust of wind that blew over, the water vapor quickly growing thicker, drops of rainwater starting to scatter down.

Right now, Changsun Wujiang’s wounds definitely couldn’t bear getting water inside. When they saw that rain was going to pour down, Jiang Xiaoyi immediately propped up a large leather umbrella that was enough to block this entire stretcher.

While looking at the rain that poured down, Lin Xi recalled East Port Town’s rain. He knew that Jadefall City had many rainy areas, rain being an extremely common occurrence in places like East Port and Swallow Descent Town, an extremely normal thing. However, this rain gave him a bit of an abnormal feeling. That was why he subconsciously made his way around the ice carpet, quickly returning to the stretcher.

The fine rain gradually became more dense, the water droplets also becoming much larger. The large umbrella in Jiang Xiaoyi’s hands was extremely sturdy, but the leather was quite soft. There were no sounds made when the raindrops landed on its surface.

However, the moment Lin Xi was a dozen or so steps from them, with a pu noise, the umbrella surface released a clear raindrop smashing sound.

The umbrella in Jiang Xiaoyi’s hands shook, his entire body also trembling.

The sturdy and soft umbrella surface produced a hole. That bean-sized raindrop directly penetrated the sturdy leather umbrella surface, gradually falling. Before they could even react, this water drop landed on the stretcher with a pu noise.

This stretcher was also made from sturdy leather and ordinary cloth ropes. However, when this drop of rain landed on the stretcher Changsun Wujiang was lying on, there was no water droplet that scattered. This drop of water actually directly passed through the sturdy leather, leaving behind a hole on the stretcher.

Everyone’s expressions suddenly turned pale.

This drop of water that fell from above was completely like a small arrow. It also just didn’t happen to land on Changsun Wujiang’s body. If it landed on his body, there would definitely be a bloody hole left behind.

“What is going on?”

Meng Bai clenched his fists tightly, his eyes filled with fear as he looked towards the sky.

There were countless raindrops currently falling, already a huge rain. No one knew which drop within these countless water droplets possessed power like that special raindrop.


Right at this time, a sharp noise sounded from Lin Xi’s body.

A water droplet smashed into his helmet, it was as if a sharp small hammer struck into him.

Gao Yanan raised her head.

Because dealing with those seven sets of soul weapon heavy armors exhausted a large amount of her soul force, her expression became a bit pale. However, at this time, she didn’t feel any hesitation. The moment she raised her head, her hands began to reach above her.

The soul force within her body poured out through her palm and fingers in a steady stream, every single strand flowing through the air immediately turning into wave after wave of biting cold energy. Layers of frost were quickly formed above the umbrella Jiang Xiaoyi held, forming an even larger umbrella made of ice.

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