Book 9 Chapter 76 - Trying Heavy Armor For the First Time

Lin Xi stood there with a sword in hand. He turned around to look at the seven soul weapon heavy armors he severely wounded, unable to stand back up again on the slippery ice. He inwardly thought that the training from that chest Xu Shengmo gave him now displayed its use.

“Even though your face really is too ugly, the things you taught are indeed quite useful… Only, I wonder if by always talking about you like this, if you will sneeze.”

When he thought of Xu Shengmo whose face always looked like black water would trickle out, Lin Xi couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile.

However, his smile instantly disappeared again.

It was because all of the miserable cries immediately disappeared in a single breath of time.

The soul force of cultivators had many uses. It could grant cultivators tremendous strength and it could also make one’s blood spray out even faster… When these seven soul weapon heavy armors all collapsed, discovering that there was already no chance for them to obtain victory, these soul weapon heavy armor cultivators did this, using their soul force to completely send out all of their blood through their wounds.

Gao Yanan looked at the soul weapon heavy armors that were still struggling just now, but now already completely stopped moving. She couldn’t help but shake her head. “Just what kind of demonic power does someone like Wenren Cangyue have, to have so many people who are willing to throw away their lives for him?”


Lin Xi walked up to Gao Yanan’s side and then faced Meng Bai and the others. With a quiet voice, he said, “No matter how much the outside world feels that Wenren Cangyue is too ambitious, that he is a horrible person, at the very least, he separated reward and punishment extremely fairly, equal for the higher ups and below. This will give people faith.”

Gao Yanan looked at Lin Xi, not approving of this and saying with a quiet voice, “According to what you are saying… if the entire world ends up in his hands, this world will instead become an absolutely fair world? One even better than how it is right now?”

“This is not what I believe.” Lin Xi shook his head. He gave the distant early morning mountains, hills and meadows a look. “Even though Jadefall City is large, compared to all of Yunqin Empire, it is but a tiny piece… One’s energy is not endless. Ruling over a small area like this in such a manner is possible, but ruling over all of Yunqin Empire, who could truly attend to everyone personally? Who could truly rule over all of it?”

“Relying on the power of a single man, this isn’t enough.”

Lin Xi looked at Gao Yanan and said, “Only through rules and law, can it be comparatively more fair. However, someone like Wenren Cangyue who doesn’t respect rules or laws much, even he himself views laws as fleeting, how can he truly pacify the country?”

Gao Yanan shook her head again. “Principal Zhang and Yunqin’s late emperor established laws… but those corrupted Yunqin officials, despite many of them being executed for so many years, instead became more and more numerous.”

“This is an extremely complicated matter, not something we need to consider either… However, I know you loathe war, the type of person who would much rather plant chrysanthemums and leisurely wander the southern mountains, this type of person who prefers peace and quiet. After seeing so many people die, it makes you feel extremely uncomfortable.” Lin Xi looked at Gao Yanan and quietly said, “Considering some of these things might make your mind feel a bit more at ease, there’s no harm in telling you some of my opinions… I feel like the true reason is because the current Yunqin doesn’t have someone who is powerful to Principal Zhang’s level.”

“It seems like you are indeed quite suitable to becoming a priest.” Gao Yanan gave Lin Xi a look and said, “But the reason you gave me, that Yunqin’s lack of someone as powerful as Principal Zhang is the reason for the chaos, this is something I cannot understand.”

“When the sovereign king breaks the law, he must be trialed just like the people… Ultimately, only Principal Zhang and Yunqin’s late emperor would establish this opening line of the law.” Lin Xi said in self mockery. In his world, perhaps most people would be able to easily understand this simple reasoning, but in this world, it was something even Gao Yanan, this type of Green Luan Academy heaven’s choice couldn’t immediately understand.

He smiled in self-mockery, looked at Gao Yanan and quietly continued, “Obviously, these are words anyone can accept… However, if there is only a true sovereign king, not just someone like Wenren Cangyue, Yunqin’s late emperor or those nine senators, who could discipline him? No one could hold jurisdiction over that person, no one could enforce the law. Even the best principles would only become empty words.”

Gao Yanan frowned, momentarily becoming silent.

Meng Bai, Jiang Xiaoyi, Du Zhanye, as well as Bian Linghan who already got down from the tree heard these words. In that instant, they were all inwardly shaken as well, unable to help but think over the deeper meaning behind these words.

“The reasoning you have spoken is correct, I understand Principal Zhang’s past intentions.” After just a few breaths of time, the quiet Gao Yanan nodded. She released a light exhale. “Back then, Principal Zhang already established quite an excellent Yunqin… Green Luan Academy was set up independent from Yunqin, not getting involved in Yunqin’s government affairs, but instead served more as intimidation and supervising use, vaguely situated above the royal court. However, we do not know where Principal Zhang is, the current emperor cannot understand this type of use either, only feeling like he is being pressured instead, being managed… if Green Luan Academy had someone like Principal Zhang, a single sword able to penetrate Imperial City and remove anyone’s head, there wouldn’t be a single person ignorant to reverence. For example, now… if Principal Zhang was here, Wenren Cangyue could only quietly serve as a west guarding great general, where would he have the chance to make so many people perish?”

“Our academy has many experts, but we don’t have anyone who can easily cut down Wenren Cangyue. If we had someone who could continuously cut down seventeen or eighteen Wenren Cangyues in a single night, forget about the peace of a mere Jadefall City, how many disputes could there be even in the other border frontiers?” Lin Xi nodded.

“You want to become this type of expert?” Gao Yanan heard the meaning behind these words, looking at Lin Xi and asking.

Lin Xi chuckled. “Becoming stronger is an enticement difficult for cultivators to resist, but for me, it is still a distant daydream… Gu Xinyin who we are expectedly waiting on to return is a bit more suitable. When he went to Tangcang back then, he was already stronger than Wenren Cangyue and the others. Even if he was locked up in a prison for so many years, truly becoming a bit inferior to Wenren Cangyue and the others, I believe… Since he was able to walk ahead of them before, even if he is a bit behind now, he could naturally catch up and then walk ahead of them again.”

Jiang Xiaoyi and the others didn’t say anything, only listening to Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s conversation.

While looking at the twelve sets of soul weapon heavy armors that were in disorder and then hearing Lin Xi’s words, Jiang Xiaoyi who had walked together with Lin Xi even back in Green Luan Academy’s training valley, moreover understood his growth in strength better than anyone couldn’t help but laugh. He inwardly thought, we are going to wait for Gu Xinyin first and then we are going to wait for Lin Xi to surpass all of them, right?

“How should we deal with these twelve sets of soul weapon heavy armor?” Bian Linghan removed her silver arrow, cleaned off the blood by some grass and then asked Lin Xi this.

When he heard Bian Linghan’s question, Lin Xi suddenly thought of something. His eyes stopped over the soul weapon heavy armor that was frozen solid.

The plating and sequence of every single piece of the soul weapon heavy armor were extremely strict. For those who were familiar with the structure of armors, equipping and disassembling the armor was as simple as putting them on one piece after another, but for those who didn’t understand the armor’s structure, equipping and dismantling the soul weapon heavy armor was instead quite difficult.

However, Lin Xi and the others had eleven other sets of soul weapon heavy armors as experimental subjects, and all twelve of these soul armors were fully assembled, not a pile of scattered armor parts, so they didn’t have to try to figure out where each piece went. That was why after doing their best to dissemble four sets of armor, Lin Xi and the others noticed that the first piece to remove should be the left shoulder piece.

This piece of armor had to first be pushed with a certain degree of strength to rotate into a set groove position, and only then could it be removed. Meanwhile, after this piece was removed, the rest of the armor could be quickly removed.

This type of black fish soul weapon heavy armor had a total of close to eighty different sized armor pieces. When he disassembled it, Lin Xi and the others made notations of the order. However, when they tried to put them on again, they still used quite a bit of time before finally finding out that they should start from the two pieces of armor by their knees. Meanwhile, while playing with these armors, Lin Xi and the others discovered that all of the small pieces of armor could be stored into the larger pieces of armor, and then turned into a bucket-like object. In other words, most of Yunqin’s standard armors, when not used, could be transformed into an almost rectangular-shaped chest convenient for being carried. Meanwhile, this type of non-standard armor could be changed into a black, irregular metal long barrel.

After using quite a bit of energy to research these soul weapon heavy armors, Lin Xi naturally wasn’t trying to figure out where these soul weapon heavy armors were created, neither did he wish to research the profound mysteries of the runes, but rather wished to use it for himself.

This type of soul weapon heavy armor, despite unavoidably having some flaws, they could at least increase their fighting strength by a level.

Just now, these soul weapon heavy armors looked like they couldn’t even withstand a single blow, but that was only because they encountered Lucky and Gao Yanan, this pair of extraordinary fiend beast and cultivator.

Meanwhile, another important reason that moved his mind was… he was a cultivator with ‘two bowls of water’.

The soul force in his body was double that of a similar level Soul Master level cultivator. This meant that the amount of time he could use this type of soul weapon heavy armor was also twice as long as cultivators of the same level!

Lin Xi put on a complete set of black fish soul weapon heavy armor.

While looking at the orderly equipped Lin Xi, Meng Bai couldn’t help but take a few steps back. It was because at this time, when looking at him under close distance, only then did he see that the edges of the metal war boots were all extremely sharp, equipped with thorns.

If he was accidentally stepped on by Lin Xi, his foot would not only become a pancake, the pancake would even be filled with a few bloody holes.

After putting on the entire suit of soul weapon heavy armor, Lin Xi felt that even though this soul weapon heavy armor’s plates were extremely thick, it was unknown what kind of alloy it was made of. The entire set of soul weapon heavy armor didn’t exceed a hundred and fifty jin, making it much lighter than Yunqin’s main battle armor, the Green King Heavy Armor. This also fully explained that this type of non-standard armor’s price should be even greater than the Green King Heavy Armor’s.

The feeling of putting on this set of soul weapon heavy armor was extremely strange at first. Lin Xi only felt a bit stuffy and heavy, his breathing not natural, hard to even take a step. It was as if every single part of his body had kung fu balls hanging from them. However, when he tried to pour his own soul force into this set of soul weapon heavy armor’s runes, he immediately felt strange, as if the heavy armor around his body began to roar, starting to tightly press against his body. There was fresh air that quickly flowed about his face, instead providing him with even more oxygen. The heavy armor’s weight seemed to have suddenly decreased considerably, a wave of power wrapping around his body, as if his body became one with the soul weapon heavy armor.

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