Book 9 Chapter 68 - Everyone Has Their Persistence

“You did well.” While Lin Xi was thinking quietly to himself, An Keyi lowered her body, carefully examining Chen Mu’s condition again. Looking at the fine pink wax-like medicinal ointment, she gave Du Zhanye a heartfelt praise and then quietly said, “You are a descendant of Central Continent’s Divine Doctor Du?”

Ever since the moment Chen Mu suffered a sword strike to his body, and then when she began to crazily run while carrying the unconscious Chen Mu, Du Zhanye was always in a state where she was completely unaware of what was going on around her, to the extent where she was in a daze even when An Keyi and the others approached her body. Only now, when she heard An Keyi’s words, did she seem to have come back to life, recognizing An Keyi. She cried out, “Professor An!”

An Keyi’s brows furrowed slightly.

She didn’t pay much attention to things outside of the research of medicine. If it was any other professor, they might have known Du Zhanye’s status and background a long time ago, but she only recognized that Du Zhanye was the descendant of Yunqin’s number one famous doctor, the author of ‘Organ Exchange Scripture’, this medical book, after treating Chen Mu’s injuries. She was completely unaware that Du Zhanye was a Green Luan Academy student, only when she called out ‘Professor An’, did she react.

When they heard the words Professor An, Bai Yulou and the others who didn’t know An Keyi’s identity previously all shivered inwardly, inwardly thinking no wonder her actions were so terrifying. Turns out this young woman was already a Green Luan Academy professor.

When Du Zhanye cried out, Lin Xi’s gaze returned to her and Chen Mu’s bodies… Because it was already confirmed that the crown prince wouldn’t die, he became a bit more relaxed. As such, he had a bit more time to observe and think. Right now, when he looked at Du Zhanye and Chen Mu, he first recalled that he should have seen them before in Green Luan Academy.

“It was actually him?”

Immediately afterwards, Lin Xi was stunned. He completely remembered that he met them before during the academy club recruitment in front of Self Defense Freshman Dormitory. “Du Zhanye, Chen Mu?” He couldn’t help but blurt out these two names.

“You already knew them?” Gao Yanan looked at the sobbing Du Zhanye and unconscious Chen Mu with an extremely complicated expression, quietly asking this by Lin Xi’s ears.

She never met Chen Mu, never met the legendary Yunqin crown prince… However, as early as several years ago, she knew that the emperor already made plans to pair her with the crown prince.

Even though her father already changed his opinion, she still understood clearly that as long as the crown prince was alive, the emperor’s intentions would always become the greatest hindrance towards her and Lin Xi being together. It was to the extent where it could even be said that this was the sole obstruction to her putting on a bridal dress in front of Lin Xi. If the crown prince died now, this obstruction would no longer exist, but she also knew that if the crown prince really were to die, it was unknown just what kind of huge controversy would erupt. That was why she couldn’t hope that the crown prince would die because of her thoughts.

It was because she still hadn’t told Lin Xi about the emperor’s thinking and arrangements, so Lin Xi didn’t know how complicated her current thoughts were. He only quietly replied with a bitter smile on his face, “We met before at the academy club recruitment… from Sword Club, quite a good person… but he only told me that he was a bumpkin too…”

The more Lin Xi spoke, the weirder the bitter smile on his face became.

He said that this was a bumpkin without any background, but this person was actually Yunqin’s greatest golden spoon… what Chen Mu… turns out it was Changsun Wujiang!

Turns out the crown prince all of Yunqin was wondering about was always studying in Green Luan Academy.

Wenren Cangyue and Cheng Yu moved quickly.

The two were moving through a region where the grass was extremely tall, where they could easily hide their bodies.

It was because these two both understood clearly that Green Luan Academy, which no longer looked as powerful and influential in the outside world, was actually still this world’s most powerful existence, always making terrifying calculations and plans. While remaining calm and quiet in calm confrontations, they instead delivered heavy blows again and again, pushing Great General Wenren who even seized the absolute advantage against Central Continent Imperial City and the nine senators closer and closer to the edge of the cliff.

Wenren Cangyue even vaguely felt like even appearing here and retreating like this in defeat was within Green Luan Academy’s calculations.

Only if he was killed or captured would this battle between him and this world truly come to an end.

Since Green Luan Academy already went this far, there was naturally no way they would quit just like this, freely allow him to choose his next path.

Thus, after walking a short distance, Wenren Cangyue and Cheng Yu stopped.

“Formidable… admirable.” Wenren Cangyue looked at the one who gradually walked out from the underbrush, sincerely and coldly saying these two words.

The one who walked out from the underbrush was a handsome young man whose age was impossible to determine from his appearance. He wore the academy’s black robes, on his sleeves were the embroidered silver stars only the academy professors enjoyed.

His head of black hair wasn’t tied up, allowed to freely flutter behind his head. Right now, it was just like the long grass in the meadow, slowly fluttering with the wind blowing from the east.

Since he could tell Wenren Cangyue’s words of praise weren’t directed at him, but rather towards Green Luan Academy, this handsome scattered haired man bowed slightly, this motion could be considered a greeting.

Wenren Cangyue didn’t return the greeting, coldly looking at him and saying, “It seems like you are precisely the one who killed Dao Ruosu… Who would have thought that in all these years, Green Luan Academy actually still produced someone like you. What is your name?”

The handsome young man nodded. “Nangong Mo.”

“I will kill you and everyone you care about.” Wenren Cangyue nodded, saying this as if he was just talking about another ordinary thing.

“Regardless of whether it is the present or the future, these are extremely egotistical words.” Nangong Mo calmly shook his head. “The ones you truly wish to kill are often the people you cannot kill… This way, even if you don’t kill them, only the people at your side will die.”

Wenren Cangyue felt it beneath him to argue back. He didn’t say anything else either, turning around and leaving.

From start to finish, Cheng Yu didn’t say a word. He only looked at Nangong Mo, the spots on his face unknowingly increasing, growing like age spots. Only, age spots were black, while his spots were blue.

“No matter how well he has treated you all before, in the end, you all are only his tools, his weapons. He is only a man who continuously fights. Letting this type of person live doesn’t bring this world any benefits.” Nangong Mo looked at Cheng Yu whose face was about to be completely covered in spots, at the grass around his body that was crushed by his aura. He shook his head and said, “Why is there a need to go so far?”

“At this type of time, it isn’t that complicated for me. My life was saved by him, so I am just returning it to him.” Cheng Yu looked at Nangong Mo, saying this.

Nangong Mo knew that everyone had things they persisted with, so he didn’t say anything else, only bowing slightly towards this opponent who was deserving of his respect, giving him a greeting, as well as the final goodbye.

Cheng Yu also returned a serious bow of respect.

The white jade-like sword radiance flew out from his hand, shooting towards Nangong Mo.

When facing Cheng Yu’s flying sword, Nangong Mo didn’t use anything else, only releasing his golden handleless small sword.

The golden sword radiance only spun about his side, blocking every thrust of the white sword radiance.

The white flying sword formed a white ring of light outside Nangong Mo’s body, the surging sword energy still revealing this world’s greatest power. However, the blue color on Cheng Yu’s face became stronger and stronger. Two streaks of blue-colored blood slowly flowed out from his nose.

His breathing stopped.

The flying white jade-like sword radiance disappeared. With a chi sound, the flying sword that lost control flew who knew where, dropping into the green grass.

Nangong Mo once again gave this Jadefall Commander-In-Chief an act of respect, and then his figure disappeared into this grassland.

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