Book 9 Chapter 67 - Where Do We Go

“Not even this type of formidable poison can poison him to death?”

Lin Xi couldn’t help but say this quietly with a complicated expression.

This powerful army that could even cut through a great army of ten thousand completely collapsed in a few breaths of time, becoming a blue sea of corpses, yet Wenren Cangyue was still standing… As long as Wenren Cangyue didn’t die, this war wouldn’t end, more people in Jadefall City would still die.

“The damage Blue Apricot leaves in Sacred Expert level cultivators’ internal organs will continue for many years… but soul force can still suppress it. It cannot directly kill Sacred Experts.” With Lin Xi at her side, An Keyi felt strangely at ease. When she saw the two Sacred Experts who stood in the sea of corpses, she no longer felt as much fear either, only using a voice several times faster than normal to explain.

Lin Xi’s complexion became a bit better. “So it’s just like striking a few nails into his body? It will always have an effect on his body and cultivation?”

An Keyi nodded. “Correct.”

Lin Xi quietly said. “Then me and teacher… together with Lucky, if we went all out together, do we have a chance of killing him?”

An Keyi decisively shook her head. “There is no chance… Cheng Yu and himself are both Sacred Experts. Even right now when his soul force has pretty much been completely exhausted, unable to do much while suppressing Blue Apricot, Cheng Yu will fight in his place. Before a Sacred Expert, having a second me or you won’t make that much of a difference unless I can enter within ten steps of them… however, Cheng Yu definitely has the power to kill all of us when we enter a hundred steps.”

“We need to immediately leave, we don’t have much time. Right now, Wenren Cangyue’s soul force is almost completely consumed. If his soul force recovers even a bit, with his nature, he should be able to suppress the poison’s strength… even if his body will take on a few more injuries, he will immediately catch up to us and kill us.” An Keyi turned her horse around, saying this while looking at Lin Xi, preparing to charge towards the crown prince whose condition was still unknown with full speed .

“This isn’t enough. Teacher, your respected self needs to say some more things.” However, Lin Xi reached out a hand to pull her reins. He looked at her and said, “This way, much less people will die…”

Because Chen Mu revealed his identity as the crown prince, Wenren Cangyue’s great army completely entered disorder. However, there were still quite a few troops who were like Cheng Yu’s Fierce Tiger Army, absolutely loyal to Wenren Cangyue… These troops were originally fighting against the crown prince’s side with unshakable wills, but because An Keyi’s moves were too terrifying, the sea of corpses too shocking, all of these troops also became a bit uneasy.

After all, these soldiers didn’t know that An Keyi and Lin Yi weren’t Wenren Cangyue’s match either, they didn’t know that ‘Blue Apricot’, this type of thing was like a nuclear bomb in Lin Xi’s world, extremely rare, An Keyi only having a single one on her. They could only react to the things they saw directly, and in these soldiers’ eyes, right now, compared to Cheng Yu and Wenren Cangyue, An Keyi seemed even a bit more powerful.

“What should I say?” An Keyi asked quietly, her voice a bit worried and uneasy.

“Let me talk.”

Lin Xi knew that An Keyi was an expert in using medicine, but wasn’t particularly eloquent. Right now, when he saw An Keyi’s current appearance, he quietly said this and then surged with soul force, using his most powerful strength to loudly shout out, “Wenren Cangyue has colluded with Xiyi and rebelled! Out of respect for Wenren Cangyue’s celebrated battle achievements, his majesty only ordered for him to hand over his authority of command and step down! However, Wenren Cangyue has the ambition of wild wolves, repeatedly slaughtering the emperor’s emissaries! Today, the crown prince personally came to lead the army, yet he publicly assassinated the crown prince! My Green Luan Academy is in full support of assisting the crown prince in calming chaos! Those who take on my Green Luan Academy as the enemy will end up just like this army!”

“All those who help the traitors will die!”

“Those who renounce the dark and seek the light! Your service can lower your crimes!”

“All of you are my Yunqin’s people. Could it be that you wish to betray the empire, kill Yunqin’s people?!”

“Hurry and turn your blades, kill the traitor Wenren Cangyue!”


Thunderous roars sounded from Lin Xi’s mouth one after another. Borrowing An Keyi’s show of might, his roars surged through this world.

Lin Xi possessed far more knowledge than the people of this world. If all of Yunqin’s people were in the mountains, then he was looking at this mountain from the outside. That was why he understood better than anyone that the people in this mountain possessed a natural sense of belonging towards the empire, possessing reverence and respect for imperial power that far surpassed everything else. This type of reverence, after years of proclamation, already became a type of belief, a type of reverence that even surpassed other great power.

He also understood extremely clearly that in the eyes of all of the soldiers in Jadefall Border Army, Wenren Cangyue was a war god, his contributions unquestionable. That was why Lin Xi directly revealed Wenren Cangyue colluding with Xiyi, moreover directly shouted out Green Luan Academy… It was because he knew that Green Luan Academy also represented glory in the hearts of Yunqin’s people, to the extent where it was even more worthy of the people’s trust than Central Continent Imperial City.

Would they believe Wenren Cangyue or Principal Zhang, believe Green Luan Academy? Lin Xi felt like this was the voice that truly possessed destructive power.

Wenren Cangyue and Cheng Yu stood in the sea of corpses.

The two individuals’ faces were covered in many blue-colored spots, the amount on Cheng Yu a bit less and the amount on Wenren Cangyue’s face a bit more. Just like rising and falling waves, some blue spots slowly faded, while some quickly appeared again. It was precisely because of this that these two’s faces seemed even more terrifying.

When the blue rain descended and this great army completely turned into corpses, the two didn’t move at all, only looking at An Keyi and Lin Xi from the distance.

Wenren Cangyue was actually an extremely callous, extremely unfeeling person.

Even towards these dozen or so armies that were extremely loyal to him, twenty to thirty thousand soldiers loyal to him perishing at the same time, his mood still remained calm and cold, because in his eyes, this was fair. He gave these soldiers everything they ought to receive, so it should be expected for these soldiers to give their lives for him in battle. However, the Sky Wolf Guards were indeed something he invested endless care into.

Every member of the Sky Wolf Guards was a cultivator selected for their combat skills, moreover, they were all deathsworn knights that would do anything for him. Every single Sky Wolf Guard, in his eyes, was even more important than a hundred or even a thousand ordinary soldiers. However, in this instant, close to half of the Sky Wolf Guards died pitifully before his eyes, so even his hard and callous heart, at this moment, couldn’t help but feel an aching that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Green Luan Academy!”

These three words, sounding in his mind right now, were incredibly cold.

Ever since the Rudong chaos when he wasn’t willing to bow his head because of that set of soul weapon heavy armor, starting a conflict with the emperor and those nine senators, he always occupied the absolute advantage. It was to the extent where he always occupied the advantage even in the battle against Tangcang Ancient Country. Using Gu Xinyin as a bargaining chip, his hands might even be able to reach into Tangcang Ancient Country.

He also accurately assessed that the emperor and the nine senators would focus all of their power here, investing into the crown prince. Everything was within his grasp and calculations. However, in his clash against Green Luan Academy, he couldn’t even obtain a single victory, every single instance a defeat!

When he tried to kill Gu Xinyin, he encountered Sanskrit Temple’s powerful monk.

Without Green Luan Academy, Sanskrit Temple’s monk wouldn’t have replaced Gu Xinyin there.

Dao Ruosu headed out in his place to kill Xu Buyi who carried Ghost Advisor. There already weren’t many people who could stop Dao Ruosu in this world. Even if it was Madman Qin or Tong Wei, these types of people, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to stop Dao Ruosu and Clear River Academy’s experts. However, Nangong Mo who had never displayed glory in Yunqin, or even in Green Luan Academy, made him realize that apart from Gu Xinyin and that Sanskrit Temple powerful monk, there was another cultivator who might be able to threaten him in the future.

In this place, he believed that no one could stop his and Cheng Yu’s cooperation. However, what he never expected was that Green Luan Academy only used this type of young female professor who didn’t even have Sacred Expert level cultivation, yet his steps were forcibly stopped.

“Who is this person? Why is every single word he speaks so sharp?”

When he heard Lin Xi’s thunderous voice, Wenren Cangyue began to speak, asking Cheng Yu at his side.

“He should be Lin Xi… a Windstalker transferred over from Dragon Snake Border Army. Gongsun Quan died precisely under his hands.” Cheng Yu took a deep breath, replying.

“Lin Xi… very good.”

Wenren Cangyue immediately repeated Lin Xi’s name, also truly sizing up that distant young cultivator for the first time. “We lost.” He said this indifferently to Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu nodded. In that instant, the amount of blue specks on his face increased.

“Green Luan Academy definitely won’t drop things like this.” Wenren Cangyue looked at Cheng Yu and slowly said, “Since we cannot advance, then there is only retreat… we now need to start fleeing for our lives.”

“Then what about these people?”

Cheng Yu naturally knew that people like Wenren Cangyue and himself had more choices and ways out, but he also knew that these ordinary soldiers who were currently fighting for Wenren Cangyue and himself didn’t.

“We must be able to ensure that we can kill the crown prince and these two academy individuals. The crown prince must die. This female professor and this Lin Xi, must also die.” Wenren Cangyue gave Cheng Yu a cold look. “That is why they still cannot leave the stage this early.”

Cheng Yu revealed a bitter smile, nodding.


He raised his hand, giving this military order.

Some troops who were still loyal to Wenren Cangyue even after Lin Xi’s thunderous roars began to quickly retreat.

Meanwhile, Wenren Cangyue and Cheng Yu began to leave the sea of blue corpses. In that instant, no one knew where they they were headed.

“Is he going to die?”

Meanwhile, Lin Xi and An Keyi already arrived at Du Zhanye’s side. Lin Xi only felt like Chen Mu was also extremely familiar, but he didn’t have time to think about where he saw Chen Mu before, only quietly asking An Keyi.

“There is temporarily no danger, he can be saved.” An Keyi replied to Lin Xi with a low voice . “I can prevent his injuries from worsening and then provide him with medical care once we leave. However…”

She didn’t continue, but Lin Xi understood her intentions clearly. He could be treated with medicine once they left… but this was under the situation where they weren’t killed by Wenren Cangyue. They had to be able to leave Jadefall City and then wait for Green Luan Academy or Central Continent Imperial City to bring some medicines.

After receiving this reply, Lin XI silently thought to himself for a minute, and then in the end, he still shook his head.

No one knew that what he was thinking about right now was… if he used the ten minute rewind ability, if he could make the current situation even better.

However, he still gave up on this thought… because even if he returned to ten minutes ago, able to rush a bit faster, arrive at the crown prince’s side a bit earlier… the crown prince wasn’t Bian Linghan, wasn’t Jiang Xiaoyi, not Gao Yanan. This person and those at his side, why would they trust him?

This was unless he explained that he had the same ability as Principal Zhang. However, the status of ‘Divine General’ was the highest level secret of Green Luan Academy, something he definitely couldn’t talk about, something others couldn’t discover.

Seriously wounding Wenren Cangyue to this decree, the crown prince still alive… keeping his ability in reserve seemed to be the best choice for him right now.

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