Book 9 Chapter 66 - Can Wenren Cangyue Be Killed?

The white-haired old general Guo Shiqin might not have earned as many perfect victories as Cheng Yu, but his age was double that of Cheng Yu’s. The amount of large scale battles he had participated in was much greater than Cheng Yu.

In this life of his, he had never commanded a battle that was this simple, a battle where he didn’t need to consider the result of victory or defeat.

He only sent all troops he could transfer over forward in the most simple manner, only saving the cultivators and fastest cavalry army to rush towards Du Zhanye.

He actually only needed to do a single thing, which was to use the entire military might at his disposal to stop Cheng Yu and Wenren Cangyue, and then use the light cavalry to rescue the crown prince, helping him escape from this place.

Was the crown prince dead or alive?

Right now, this entirely armor clad old general who was already spurring on his horse, charging forward with a spear in hand didn’t know either. He only knew that right now, he already did everything he could. 

“Is he still alive?!”

A pale white faced officer charged up to the crazily retreating Du Zhanye’s side, immediately asking this with a trembling voice. Since he was too worked up, he didn’t even realize how disrespectful his words were at all.

The instant he spoke these words, his entire figure leapt off the warhorse, not worrying about whether Chen Mu was still alive or dead, instead treating his injuries first. However, what left him stunned was that unknowingly when, Du Zhanye already applied medicine over the crown prince’s wound that almost completely went through his body. Right now, that injury looked like it was sealed by a layer of slightly red wax, no blood flowing out. In addition, while Du Zhanye ran with everything she had, her hand was still holding a golden needle, quickly sealing up the wound.

This commander was momentarily stunned, realizing whose descendant this slightly larger female cultivator was. He looked at the crown prince who was pretty much not breathing, yet his body was still not completely ice-cold, his eyes suddenly surging with some flames of hope.


He didn’t ask anything else, only returning to his warhorse, brandishing the long blade in his hand. He released a sky shaking roar and then decisively charged crazily towards the great army Cheng Yu personally led.

Because everyone understood what happened, a large portion of the army led by Commander-in-Chief Cheng Yu entered chaos, some military equipment and mounted archers that could release long distance attacks also completely losing their effects. Meanwhile, Guo Shiqin’s military instead suddenly obtained endless courage, decisively facing the army and commanders they normally greatly respected.

In that instant, Guo Shiqin’s military strength instead became many times greater than Cheng Yu’s Green Mountain Army.

However, this several times difference in strength still couldn’t stop Cheng Yu and the Sky Wolf Guards’ advance at all.

A white jade flying sword flew out from the golden sword scabbard at Cheng Yu’s waist.

Including Dao Ruosu who wasn’t recorded in military records, only serving as Wenren Cangyue’s follower, there were only three Sacred Experts in all of Jadefall City.

Cheng Yu was precisely one of them.

His cultivation was far below Wenren Cangyue’s, even less than Dao Ruosu’s. In Wenren Cangyue’s opinion, it was even lower than that of Nangong Weiyang who slaughtered out a bloody path deep in the alley that day, rescued Nanshan Mu.

However, in the end, he was still a Sacred Expert revered by the cultivators of this world.

His flying sword wasn’t one of the domineering close body sword dao, but rather Green Luan Academy’s quick and agile sword dao.

The white jade-like flying sword quickly moved through the air with a rapid speed, difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, always leaving behind several dozen streaks of white-colored flowing light in the sky.

All soldiers who rushed within a hundred steps of him had their throats cut through one after another, even the hooves of their warhorses were hacked through. Several dozen silent and cold Sky Wolf Guards charged along with his flying sword, while half of them remained near him, protecting him within.

All of the soldiers that Cheng Yu didn’t have time to kill, the ones who rushed up to these Sky Wolf Guards, were all cut down by these Sky Wolf Guards guarding in front of him.

Cheng Yu and these dozens of Sky Wolf Guards were like a giant drill, mowing down everything in their way without stopping in the slightest.

In that instant, the great army that surged like a great sea had a large half cut through, unable to stop the enemy at all.

When Lin Xi, Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others saw this scene, they were all incredibly shocked.

When their light cavalry charged through Iron Core Army’s light armored troops, it was also with irresistible force like right now. At this moment, Guo Shiqin’s troops numbered over ten thousand, so when this type of great army charged, it was even more shocking to the eye.

While looking at the white jade flying sword that was slicing through soldiers like vegetables, Lin Xi experienced even more directly why Sacred Experts had the word ‘sacred’ in their titles.

“Teacher, what should we do?”

Bian Linghan couldn’t help but cry out. She understood clearly that an excellent Windstalker had to be able to remain absolutely calm and cool-headed at all times, but right now, her fingertips still couldn’t help but shake slightly.

Powerful cultivators had to be stopped using cultivators, this was the publicly acknowledged truth in this world. Bian Linghan understood extremely clearly that in this type of situation where all of the formidable cultivators on their side had already been slaughtered by Wenren Cangyue, Guo Shiqin’s army definitely couldn’t stop the advance of Cheng Yu’s mounted army.

“We are going to provide support for the crown prince.”

An Keyi now clearly witnessed the sky shaking shouts of killing, the battlefield of countless arrows and flying blood. She only simply said these simple words and then she leapt off her horse, rushing towards that light cavalry group that was quickly retreating under the cover of the great army.

After another dozen meters, the great black army was completely penetrated by Cheng Yu’s troops.

During this period of time, Wenren Cangyue who was charging in the frontlines always had his eyes shut in meditation cultivation.

He was precisely the type of cultivator Tong Wei spoke of, someone whose mind was so powerful he could directly enter meditation cultivation on the battlefield at any time.

Under the encirclement and attacks of several Sky Wolf Guards, Wenren Cangyue who was at the center of the troops didn’t experience the slightest bit of danger. However, right at this time, he opened his eyes.

It was because he sensed the aura of the one he wanted to kill.

The spear holding white-haired old general Guo Shiqin decisively led his troops from the side. Wenren Cangyue knew that even if he didn’t take action, this old general would still be killed by Cheng Yu and the Sky Wolf Guards. Moreover, normally, this old general didn’t draw much interest from him. However, it was precisely because of this old general’s orders, ordering all of the Mountain Piercing Crossbows to aim at him and fire without any regard for their own side’s troops that he couldn’t confirm the crown prince’s death.

That was why he produced a bit of killing intent towards this old general. Meanwhile, in his opinion, being able to die under his own hands was this old general’s glory, a type of approval towards this old general’s battlefield command.

The instant his eyes opened, a streak of scarlet sunset-like flying sword radiance shot out of his cloth clothes’ sleeves. It flew out two hundred steps, passing through Guo Shiqin’s body.

Guo Shiqin’s body immediately flew off his horse’s back. He could feel that his life force was quickly being seized by this flying sword. In his life’s final moments, he didn’t feel any fear towards his life ending, instead begging inwardly, pleading for the crown prince’s survival. It was because he couldn’t imagine just what kind of fate the death of the crown prince would bring to Yunqin.

When this white-haired old general faced his own death, Lin Xi was already only a hundred steps away from the retreating cavalry. Right at this time, he saw that An Keyi didn’t directly face the cavalry troops, instead turning slightly, facing the great green army who had just completely cut through the great black army.

Suddenly, Lin Xi understood what An Keyi wanted to do. His heart began to pound heavily.

“Do not continue forward!”

“I do not want to kill you all… but if you all do not stop now, I will kill all of you!”

An Keyi stopped, looking at the quickly arriving green army, releasing this voice.

Her voice was calm, but in Lin Xi’s ears, it carried the most severe warning and helplessness.

However, the green army didn’t decrease speed in the slightest.

Cheng Yu and Wenren Cangyue only frowned slightly. They intuitively sensed the aura of danger. However, ambitious and ruthless characters like them naturally wouldn’t stop the army because of An Keyi’s words.

When most of the soldiers in the army saw this village girl-like woman speak these words, they only felt like it was laughable.

When she saw that the other side definitely wouldn’t stop, An Keyi’s face instantly became snow-white. She bit down on her lips and then reached out her hands.

The sole ‘Blue Apricot’ in her hands flew out, sent high into the sky by the great power that poured out unendingly from her hands.

Lin Xi’s breathing stopped. While looking at this Blue Apricot Flower that quickly melt for the second time, thinking about the scene that would follow, he did everything he could to control the intense pounding of his heart.

This Blue Apricot Flower whose surface looked like a layer of thin ice, the inside completely blue-colored, instantly melted in the sky, forming a strange expanse of blue-colored rainy clouds.

The entire world before An Keyi suddenly became peaceful.

In just a breath of time, this green-colored army completely lost their strength, all of them falling down.

The men who were standing and the horses that charged all fell to the ground. Only Cheng Yu and Wenren Cangyue could remain standing.

“Will this… be able to kill Wenren Cangyue?”

Lin Xi looked at this army that seemed to have suddenly experienced the plague. He took a deep breath and then quickly approached An Keyi, asking this.

“It can gradually inflict harm… but Sacred Expert level soul force can slowly expel the effects… we need to leave, there is no way of using this opportunity to kill them.”

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