Book 9 Chapter 65 - Regret, Pity, Anger, and Self Mockery

Right now, it was already close to noon.

Jadefall City’s sunshine was blinding, but the golden thunder radiance gushing out from Chen Mu’s body was far more dazzling, making the entire world seemingly lose color. 

The blazing thunder radiance completely submerged Chen Mu and Wenren Cangyue’s bodies.

At this moment, the two troops that were quickly approaching both became a bit sluggish. Most of the officers and soldiers immediately felt that this was inconceivable, in disbelief. Why did the soul force and blood gushing out of a person’s body suddenly become like endless golden thunder radiance? However, in that instant, they all thought of Central Continent Imperial City’s True Dragon Mountain, remembering Yunqin’s emperor.

Changsun Jinse, rightful True Dragon Emperor, his innate talent lightning… these words gradually appeared in their minds as they watched the flashing lightning and roaring thunder.

In that instant, regardless of whether it was the armies led by the white-haired old general Guo Shiqin or the Jadefall Army led by Cheng Yu, many soldiers and officers’ bodies began to shake intensely, to the point where they couldn’t even hold onto the blades in their hands anymore. Because of the shock and freezing of the people in front of them, countless horses and soldiers ran into each other. Before the two great armies even truly fought, there were already countless people who were crushed into blood and broken bones from the collision.

An Keyi was rushing towards the battlefield as quickly as she could.

Lin Xi, Gao Yanan and the others were rushing quickly as well.

However, the moment Wenren Cangyue smashed into the ground like a raging meteorite, the longsword in his hand already stabbed into Chen Mu’s body. The amount of time all of this took to happen was too short.

As Lin Xi followed behind An Keyi, when he just leapt over a meadow’s tall peak, the moment he saw the battlefield clearly, he saw Wenren Cangyue’s sword stab into Chen Mu’s body. Then, he saw Chen Mu’s blood that seemed to begin burning, producing streak after streak of divine king thunder whip-like golden lightning, completely submerging both Chen Mu and Wenren Cangyue within the dazzling thunder radiance.

In that instant that passed too quickly, he didn’t realize that this was Chen Mu who previously met him in front of the Self Defense Freshman Dormitory. He was only incredibly speechless, momentarily unable to react either. It was instead Meng Bai at the very back who suddenly released a scream of alarm, “Crown prince…!”

When Meng Bai’s cry of alarm sounded, it was immediately as if a pair of doors were opened in Lin Xi’s head.

Lin Xi shivered, immediately understanding just what kind of event was taking place right now.

No one’s eyes could penetrate the blazing thunder radiance. Wenren Cangyue’s eyes were still open, just that they were narrowed into slits.

The golden thunder radiance that filled the air around him and battered his body wasn’t burning hot and flexible like others imagined, it was instead like solid soul weapons that stabbed at his body.

In that instant, his body protecting powerful vital energy had countless cuts produced. The golden lightning radiance hacked down on his skin, not leaving behind any scorched black traces, only cutting out streaks of deep injuries, blood was flowing out from these openings.

The longsword in his hand steadily advanced a few more inches, all the way until his and Chen Mu’s body separated under the clash of tremendous vital energy.

His body still tenaciously stood in place, while Chen Mu’s body was sent flying backwards under the blinding thunder radiance.

This flashing lightning and roaring thunder that made the entire battlefield enter chaos only took place in a single breath of time.

“Your majesty!”

The instant Chen Mu’s body flew backwards, many fine wounds also hacked open by the crazy lightning, Du Zhanye released a cry of anguish, jumping high into the air and hugging Chen Mu’s body.


She fell into the distance with Chen Mu, using herself as a cushion so that Chen Mu could fall on her body.

Endless metal rumbling noises and sounds of the great earth being smashed began to rush at Wenren Cangyue.

Several dozen sets of steel giant-like soul weapon heavy armors and several hundred sets of ordinary heavy armors broke out of the army behind him, immediately forming a steel stream and crushing towards Wenren Cangyue.

After receiving Guo Shiqin’s military orders, when they knew that the enemy they had to face was the Great General Wenren they normally respected and revered the most, these heavy armored cultivators and soldiers all felt inward hesitation. However, when they saw the dazzling thunder radiance that shot out from Chen Mu’s body, most of these cultivators and warriors ran even more decisively than normal, with even greater ferocity.

The ground was shaking. The large numbers of soul weapon heavy armors released dazzling radiance, their massive bodies and weight carrying roaring wind sounds. The meadow and grass were completely ruined, swept into the air.

“It was actually the crown prince who personally led us into this battle!”

The heavy armored troops charged. This was a true stream of steel, as well as a scene Lin Xi had never seen before, something he truly couldn’t imagine. However, at this time, Lin Xi’s attention instead wasn’t focused on the concentrated iron men like heavy armors, but instead straight at Du Zhanye who was crawling up from the ground, holding the crown prince’s body, frantically moving backwards.

The thunder radiance had already completely vanished. He suddenly felt like Du Zhanye seemed a bit familiar.

However, right now, he still didn’t have time to consider where he had seen Du Zhanye before, he couldn’t help but think to himself… was the crown prince already dead or was he still alive.

He saw that from the moment he flew backwards until now, when he was being held in Du Zhanye’s embrace, Chen Mu didn’t move at all.

He felt an ice-cold chill running through his heart, cold because of Wenren Cangyue’s boldness and power, cold because of the consequences of this event.

Yunqin Imperial Changsun Clan were naturally blessed lightning users. However, this unique soul force talent only appeared in the men of the Changsun Clan. That was why even though Yunqin’s imperial princess was also a powerful individual, in the eyes of Yunqin’s people who revered the imperial throne, her status couldn’t compare to that of Yunqin Emperor or Yunqin Crown Prince.

It was because even though her blood was also True Dragon emperor blood, she couldn’t produce golden lightning.

If there were many heirs, the death of one or two might not mean much, but Yunqin’s late emperor only left behind a son and daughter. When it reached Changsun Jinse’s generation, there was only a single son.

The crown prince was precisely the current Yunqin Emperor Changsun Jinse’s only son!

Lin Xi couldn’t help but imagine what kind of power Wenren Cangyue’s sword possessed. When the rippling soul force entered the body...just how great would the destructive force be then?

The rumbling noises of clashing steel sounded wave upon wave, extremely concentrated. The clamoring was like giant waves, flooding Wenren Cangyue’s ears, leaving his entire body’s bones shaken until they became a bit numb.

However, when he faced the terrifying rumbling sounds, Wenren Cangyue still stood in place without moving.

He only calmly turned his head, sweeping his eyes towards the direction Du Zhanye ran towards, looking at the chaotic army behind him, revealing a sneer carrying a hint of regret, pity, anger and even self mockery.

He wasn’t sure if his sword completely killed the crown prince Changsun Wujiang. He was sure that if it was a cultivator of the same level as the crown prince, that sword just now would undoubtedly end their life. However, the other party was the crown prince, so he had no idea if there were any powerful medicines that could preserve his life.

He was also sure that just now, if that sword moved even an inch in the other party’s body, or if the strength he exerted was a bit stronger, even if Green Luan Academy’s Medicine Department Professor immediately arrived at the crown prince’s side, the crown prince would still undoubtedly die.

However, his injuries were also at the limit, his soul force already consumed to the limit. He already couldn’t use even a bit more soul force in that thrust just now.

Unable to ensure the kill, in his eyes, this was a bit of a failure, so he felt a bit of regret and pity.

Meanwhile, the amount of troops and officials who entered chaos and even rebelled was even more than he had imagined. Of the army behind him, at least two-thirds became a disorderly black hot congee, making him feel anger and a bit of mockery in his head. He thought to himself that even though he was already powerful to this degree, even though his prestige was already so great… just because of someone whose cultivation talent was a bit different, the crown prince who could display a bit of thunder power actually made those troops that were originally absolutely loyal to him instantly betray him… even more so many of them that it was beyond his expectations.

Yunqin Emperor and the nine elders seated behind the layers of curtains didn’t make a mistake in their judgment after all. If the crown prince appeared, even if Wenren Cangyue personally led his army, this battle would still end in a complete defeat. Wenren Cangyue carried his hands behind his back, facing the crazy winds, coldly thinking… even though he helped this empire with so much, in these stupid people’s hearts, he still couldn’t compare to that mediocre talent on the golden throne, Yunqin’s greatest golden spoon.

Densely packed soul weapon heavy armors and ordinary heavy weapons already charged up to him.

However, he still didn’t move.

He noticed that his own prestige wasn’t as great as he imagined compared to the reverence the people of this world felt towards the imperial throne… However, Jadefall Border Army still had many men and troops that were loyal to him.

Golden-armored giant tigers already passed him like a tide before the heavy armored army reached him, clashing into the stream of iron with a rumbling noise.

As if heaven and earth split apart, steel and flesh fragments erupted several dozen steps in front of him. There were heavy armored soldiers who fell, as well as fierce tigers clad in golden armor and spear holding golden-armored cultivators, all of them perishing before his eyes.

Cheng Yu wasn’t in this Fierce Tiger Army.

He was at the very front of a green cavalry army.

Cheng Yu who had always followed Wenren Cangyue and even became Jadefall Border Army’s commander-in-chief, at this time, naturally understood what Wenren Cangyue wanted to do the most.

He only wanted to make sure that the crown prince was dead.

He was still dressed in golden armor, the long golden cloak like a small golden boat, floating behind him. Also behind him were several dozen Sky Wolf Guards who were clad entirely in Sky Wolf Armor, the deep cold radiance from their armor making others couldn’t help but shiver. On top of this, there were over a thousand heavy armored riders clad in dark green armor!

The most powerful army under the sky, Wenren Cangyue possessed a cultivation army that was enough to intimidate the world. The Sky Wolf Guards also finally officially appeared before everyone’s line of sight.

At this time, several Sky Wolf Guards rushed up to Wenren Cangyue’s body. Wenren Cangyue leapt out, landing on an unused horse. The instant he sat on this warhorse, Wenren Cangyue already closed his eyes.

Then, he directly entered meditation cultivation… even in this incredibly chaotic battlefield, he actually carried out meditation cultivation on the spot, wishing to recover soul force!

These Sky Wolf Guards pulled his horse along, running crazily with the fastest speed, following the army Cheng Yu commanded, fiercely rushing into the other side’s army.

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