Book 9 Chapter 64 - Golden Lightning

The four cultivators who stood in Wenren Cangyue’s path were all influential figures who could leave one side greatly shaken, especially when there were even two Sacred Experts among them.

What kind of existences were Sacred Experts?

In the entire white mountains black waters Dragon Snake Army, the valiant Great General Gu Yunjing was the only one with Sacred Expert level cultivation. East Forest Province’s number one sword master Ye Wangqing had always been only a step away from Sacred Expert level cultivation.

Throughout the glorious Tangcang, the Imperial Uncle Xiao Xiang only had a few Sacred Expert followers, yet he could already become Tangcang’s most influential figure, leaving Tangcang’s holy mother, the empress dowager with no choice but to borrow Sanskrit Temple and Green Luan Academy’s strength to sweep clean Emperor Feng Xuan’s path in throne ascension.

In Central Continent Imperial City where most of the world’s cultivators were gathered, when those at the Sacred Expert level or near this level fought, there would definitely be countless cultivators or influential figures who study and watch those fights as reference.

In the eyes of this world’s cultivators, Sacred Experts who possessed strength that was hard for a thousand cavalry to match were already inhuman divine existences.

The four cultivators who were even made up of two Sacred Experts were still destroyed by Wenren Cangyue, but even after using their lives as the price, these two Sacred Experts who dared try to stop Wenren Cangyue under close distance still finally bought Chen Mu a bit of precious time. They also made the extremely powerful Wenren Cangyue suffer quite a considerable amount of internal injuries.

The instant that silver spear holding, long bearded cultivator was killed, Wenren Cangyue himself could also sense the strong bloodiness surging from his body in his mouth.

The soul force within his body, while resisting the Mountain Piercing Crossbow’s tremendous force and fending off the four experts, was already exhausted to the point where he only had a small half left. However, at this moment, he looked forward expressionlessly, saying to himself ‘this is already enough’.

Without any powerful opponents to face him for quite some time, no longer having to separate a large amount of his strength to take care of anything else, he grabbed the scarlet sunset-like sword radiance that flew back, focusing all of his strength on his feet. Two waves of terrifying auras shot out of the bottom of his feet. His feet that were standing on the ground instantly caved in, forming a circular depression that was a zhang in width. Meanwhile, the instant the ground caved in, his entire body already separated from the ground and flew into the sky.

Originally, there was already several hundred steps of distance between him and Chen Mu, but in that instant, with a terrifying air shattering noise, he was already less than fifty steps from Chen Mu.

The scarlet sunset-like sword radiance began to flicker about again, shooting towards Chen Mu’s back like a streak of lightning!

More than ten officers who already rushed behind Chen Mu knew that they definitely couldn’t withstand Wenren Cangyue’s power, but they still released a great roar, forming layers of human webs, duty-bound as they stood in this scarlet sunset-like sword radiance’s path.

This scarlet sunset-like sword radiance passed through the frantically waving blades and intensely surging vital energy. In just a breath of time, broken limbs and flesh scattered through the world.

The old white-haired Heye Army officer Guo Shiqin who knew about Chen Mu’s identity for quite some time didn’t charge into the dozen or so generals.

It was because he was in charge of controlling the armies that were gathered here.

When he saw those five officers turn into crushed flesh and broken limbs in a breath of time under Wenren Cangyue’s sword, his eyelids immediately jumped fiercely, lips also shaking. However, his hand still moved straight down. “Fire!”

During these dozen or so years of accumulating power, the amount of military equipment their Heye Army had at their disposal seemed extravagant compared to other armies. His side also had quite a few Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts.

Right now, Wenren Cangyue already appeared within the range of their Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts.

Jadefall Border Army’s orders were always carried out. No matter what kind of dangerous situation one was in, loyally carrying out military orders already became a type of instinct. However, right now, the one they were firing at was the Great General Wenren they revered, furthermore, also within the same region as Great General Wenren were many other officers on their side, even more people still rushing up.

That was why in that instant, several officers that were controlling the Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts displayed a bit of sluggishness.


However, the white-haired old general Guo Shiqin released a fierce order voice that was even more decisive, sounding without stopping at all.


The dozens of Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts that had previously been adjusted under Guo Shiqin’s orders aimed at Great General Wenren, under this second fierce and decisive military order, they finally released scalp numbing vibrating noises.

Chi chi chi… pu pu pu pu… air ripping and ground impact noises were completely linked together.

Under the concentrated barrage of dozens of Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts, five or six of the seven or eight cultivators who were encircling Wenren Cangyue and wishing to attack him suffered disaster.

The terrifying crossbolts that were the thickness of an infant’s arm, both their speed and power similarly terrifying, easily tore through the flesh of these cultivators who couldn’t evade at all, crushing their inner organs and nailing them to the ground.

A Sacred Expert like Wenren Cangyue could dodge several Mountain Piercing Crossbolts, but he couldn’t dodge this terrifying rain of steel formed by over a hundred Mountain Piercing Crossbow Bolts.

The instant the Mountain Piercing Crossbow Bolts were released, his brows frowned. He raised his head slightly, giving the elevated platform of the enemy a look, seeing Guo Shiqin who gave the order.

A hint of suppressed anger flashed past his eyes, but there was also a bit of admiration, as if he was in admiration that this old general could still give such a decisive order at this type of time.

When facing the terrifying rain of steel descending upon him, he stood in place without moving, his scarlet sunset-like flying sword returned to around three feet in front of him.

Under the continuous pu pu pu pu noises of crossbow bolts entering earth and flesh, more than ten dazzling sparks appeared in front of him. Every single crossbow bolt that possessed true threat against him was deflected by his flying sword with terrifying speed. As for those crossbolts that brushed past his body or his head, he didn’t even give them a look.

Not a single crossbolt could land on his body.

The two rapidly approaching great armies could both see the infant arm thick crossbow bolts flying all around him, impaling the bodies of powerful cultivators, yet he was still standing perfectly fine.

Wenren Cangyue began to continue forward again.

When his first step was taken, there was still an iron ringing noise that sounded everywhere, the topsoil on the ground around him starting to tremble like boiling water.

For someone like Wenren Cangyue, Intercepting a single Mountain Piercing Crossbow Bolt was extremely easy.

However, to intercept more than ten Mountain Piercing Crossbow Bolts that posed fatal threat, it forced his flying sword to use power and speed exceeding his normal limit, and in this way forcefully break through this iron curtain.

Under this situation where his inner organs were already damaged, Wenren Cangyue’s throat surged with the first mouthful of blood since he advanced into Sacred Expert level cultivation.

“Still enough.”

However, after he gave the distance between Chen Mu and himself a look, he instead coldly said this to himself.

His feet released a terrifying aura again and then his entire figure once again rushed into the sky.

Meanwhile, unlike before, when he reached the highest point, he raised his right hand, a light ringing noise also released from within his right arm’s sleeve. Under his soul force’s infusion, a small crossbow bolt instantly arrived not far from Chen Mu’s back.

This small crossbow bolt nailed itself deeply into the ground. The tail of the arrow was also connected to a fine thread that flickered with metallic brilliance.

Right now, Chen Mu already withdrew to the front of the surging tide-like great army, there were already several officers crazily charging up to him. When they saw this crossbow bolt, one general immediately reacted, quickly roaring out ‘cut the thread’. At the same time, the long blade in his hand already gathered all of his strength, hacking down on that fine thread.

A slight ding noise that was extremely quiet sounded. After realizing that this Wenren Cangyue who arrived from the other side by holding onto a Mountain Piercing Crossbow definitely did it on purpose, this officer’s expression instantly became snow-white. That fine thread was actually unimaginably sturdy, not breaking under his foul force hacking at all!

Wenren Cangyue who already completely became like Spiderman in Lin Xi’s eyes, leapt into the sky again. Even before his feet landed on the ground, the scarlet sunset-like sword radiance already descended from his hand like a shooting star, seemingly wishing to stab Chen Mu in the middle of his back!

In this situation where there was no way of blocking this sword, a cultivator released a decisive roar, all of the soul force rushing out from his hands, forming crazy winds, and then he threw himself at this flying sword, using his body as a shield. Wenren Cangyue’s flying sword stabbed through his two hands’ palms, and then through his chest. However, under his decisive soul force eruption, it was momentarily stuck in his body, embedded within him, unable to immediately break out through his back.

Wenren Cangyue advanced forward. With just a single step, he already gripped the sword hilt embedded in this cultivator’s body, and then he coldly brandished his sword.

This cultivator’s body was suddenly split in half.

Wenren Cangyue passed by these two halves, arriving next  to Chen Mu with a single step.

Countless cries of alarm sounded at this moment.

Chen Mu could feel the terrifying aura descending upon him from behind.

At this moment, he turned around, instead stopping Du Zhanye who was always waiting, already prepared to use her body to stop Wenren Cangyue.

“Your highness!”

Du Zhanye released a heart splitting lung tearing scream.

Amidst her screaming sound, Wenren Cangyue’s sword stabbed into Chen Mu’s body.

The expressions on the faces of everyone who knew Chen Mu’s identity changed.

Even Cheng Yu’s body trembled. The impact this sword had on his mind was simply as if it hacked down on his own body.

A mouthful of blood instantly shot out of Chen Mu’s mouth.

After this sword penetrated his body, he couldn’t even breathe, but his hand still reached out.

In his hand, was a golden short sword.

Endless blood also sprayed out from his chest.

Continuously Flickering within the countless streaks of blood was some golden radiance.

In that instant, the streaks of gold became streaks of lightning.

Chen Mu opened his chest. Spraying out from the golden short sword in his hands were two waves of lightning-like golden streams.

Time seemed to be forever frozen in this instant.

Everyone could see that Chen Mu’s body seemed to have turned into a world of lightning. Two waves of golden lightning interweaved, pouring down on Wenren Cangyue’s body like a waterfall.

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