Book 9 Chapter 63 - Wenren’s Penetration

The moment he saw the Mountain Piercing Crossbolt fly out from the enemy formation, the pupils of the middle-aged cloth clothed man who stood behind Chen Mu contracted, the ground beneath him already produced countless spider web like cracks. A blast of unimaginable energy erupted from his body.

This wave of explosive energy pressured Chen Mu to the point where he couldn’t move at all.

His hands grabbed Chen Mu’s collar and back. “Retreat!” An overcast and unquestionable shout sounded, and then Chen Mu’s entire body was already thrown out behind him.

At the same time, in the armies that were quietly waiting in the back, there were three figures who already shot out with fierce screams.

The amount of individuals who rushed out was extremely numerous, but these three individuals’ speeds far exceeded everyone else’s. The aura on their bodies surged, to the extent where streaks of surging flames formed behind them.

“We’re going!”

At the same moment, Lin Xi who was still completely overwhelmed by a powerful feeling of shock heard An Keyi’s low shout.

An Keyi’s voice that was always like that of a reading tone was now shaking slightly.

“Meng Su! You will temporarily take over command.”

When he looked at An Keyi who already abandoned her horse, shooting out like an arrow that left a bowstring as soon as she spoke, Lin Xi immediately took a deep breath, releasing this order. His feet pressed against the horse, instantly rushing out as well.

No one else dared act recklessly without Lin Xi’s orders, but Gao Yanan, Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi naturally didn’t feel much misgivings, also following without any hesitation.

Meng Bai, after a bit of hesitation, also urged on his horse, following with a miserable expression on his face.

The middle-aged cloth clothed man stood in the meadow. After he directly threw Chen Mu backwards, he didn’t retreat, only standing in place. The aura on his body erupted step by step. With him at the center, the ground began to shake endlessly. Waves after waves of impact crushed the grassland into green powder, scattering them outwards.


Many muffled impact noises continuously sounded.

Mountain Piercing Crossbolts that were the thickness of infant arms grinded against the air, producing heat as they shot towards him. It was as if giant hammers smashed into the ground one after another, producing ring after ring of earth waves.

However, this middle-aged cloth clothed man didn’t seem to have seen these giant crossbow arrows at all. His eyes were locked rigidly on Wenren Cangyue’s body the entire time.

Even before these crossbow bolts landed on the ground, Wenren Cangyue’s hand already let go of the steel rope. Waves of soul force that surged to the limit continued to rush out from his hand, continuously battering the air in front of him like a great wave. His rapidly descending body, under the recoil of the air streams, was forcefully slowed down, landing on the ground with a boom noise.

The middle-aged cloth clothed man was always waiting. When facing this terrifying opponent, he didn’t reveal the slightest bit of cowardice or alarm, only waiting for a chance to make his move.

The moment Wenren Cangyue landed, his entire body enduring a terrifying impact, this moment when he was weakest, he finally made his move.

The tremendous aura that was surging crazily around his body suddenly disappeared, making everything within a dozen or so meters around him instantly become a vacuum, sucking in the endless grass fragments. Meanwhile, the power within his body was completely concentrated into a single stream, pouring into the small gray handleless sword in his hands.


The small gray sword shot out like a streak of lightning, directly stabbing Wenren Cangyue’s underbelly.

Sword controlling Sacred Experts represented power at the absolute peak of this world to begin with.

However, not all sword controlling Sacred Experts had the qualifications to become Grand Court Consecrators.

That was why this sword, regardless of whether it was speed, power or ferocious might, they were all even above that of Nangong Weiyang who rescued Nanshan Mu deep in the alley that night.

All of the cultivators in Yunqin’s Grand Court knew that Wenren Cangyue was also a sword controlling Sacred Expert, moreover the sword controlling Sacred Expert who was known to be unrivalled among Sacred Experts.

When this Grand Court Consecrator’s sword shot out, it was already waiting to meet Wenren Cangyue’s flying sword, waiting to witness his world renown domineering and tyrannical close distance sword dao.

However, the moment Wenren Cangyue’s feet landed on the ground, digging deep into the earth, what flew out from Wenren Cangyue’s sleeves wasn’t that crimson sunset-like flying sword, but rather a blood-colored long banner.

The middle-aged cloth clothed man’s face that was steady like iron instantly became snow-white. His fingertips released chi chi air ripping noises. However, when his flying sword quickly evaded to the side, Wenren Cangyue’s blood-colored long banner already trapped his flying sword within.

Because of Xiyi people’s cultivation methods and constitutions, they rarely produced sword controlling Sacred Experts. However, their specialty were their banner type soul weapons that could restrain flying swords.


The middle-aged cloth clothed man who knew he made a critical mistake released all of the soul force he accumulated within his body, wishing to struggle free of the long blood-colored banner in Wenren Cangyue’s hands.

However, the soul force surging from within Wenren Cangyue’s body was even more powerful than his. This was especially when his legs bent slightly, his figure standing still, even more power within his body pouring into the blood-colored long banner in his hands.

The gray flying sword was like a bug trapped in a spider web, continuously buzzing and shaking.

Wenren Cangyue’s body didn’t stop in the slightest.

The moment the blood-colored long banner and this Grand Court Consecrator’s flying sword entered a deadlocked state, his feet were pulled out from the earth. With a single leap, he already arrived in front of this middle-aged cloth clothed man.

“Song Siyuan?”

His lips that were red like blood released this type of sound, as if verifying this middle-aged cloth clothed man’s identity.

The moment this voice just sounded, his fist already smashed towards the middle-aged cloth clothed man.


The middle-aged man similarly released a fist, facing Wenren Cangyue head-on.

His body immediately continuously slid back six or seven meters of distance, blood pouring out from his mouth and nose.

Without any gaps or intervals, before his sliding body even stopped on the ground, Wenren Cangyue’s second fist already arrived in front of him.

Right now, everyone could see that even though he was valiant, he still wasn’t Wenren Cangyue’s match. However, this middle-aged cloth clothed man understood extremely clearly that if he evaded right now and ran, and didn't buy some time, Chen Mu would immediately die under Wenren Cangyue’s hands. That was why when he faced Wenren Cangyue’s second fist, this middle-aged cloth clothed man revealed a bit of bitterness inside, but his eyes also revealed an exceptionally decisive light. Boom! His second fist clashed with Wenren Cangyue’s once again.

A mouthful of blood gushed out from his mouth, spraying across the two deep grooves carved into the ground in front of him.

He could feel that many bone fractures already appeared in his arm, all of his inner organs also producing many fine injuries from the impact, continuously bleeding.

Wenren Cangyue still didn’t change in the slightest.

His fist still didn’t tremble at all, appearing in front of him once again.

The corners of this middle-aged cloth clothed man’s lips revealed a bitter smile. He released another fist, sending all of his remaining power smashing outwards.


An explosive noise erupted between heaven and earth yet again.

This middle-aged cloth clothed man couldn’t stand firmly in place any longer, blood crazily gushing out. His entire body flew outwards in ruin, into the ravaged grass, landing heavily on the ground.

His handleless gray flying sword ceased its struggles, as if dying in a decrepit manner, sliding out from the blood-colored long banner.

Wenren Cangyue only gave him an indifferent look and then his body already leapt out, continuing forward.

Chen Mu flew backwards in retreat.

When he saw the middle-aged cloth clothed man collapse, his teeth were clenched to the point where blood even trickled out. However, he knew that if he died, then this middle-aged cloth clothed man’s sacrifice wouldn’t have any meaning.

That was why he ran with everything he had, moreover wishing to release a great roar. However, at this time, under the rain-like pipa sounds, Cheng Yu in front of the golden carriage once again waved his hand, giving a military order. “Attack!”




In that instant, the ferocious roars of countless generals and soldiers, vehicle sounds, armor and weapon noises all mixed together, filling up the entire world just like that. It was as if endless lightning crashed upon this great earth.

The black tide that originally stopped moving instantly turned into countless black streams, crazily surging, covering the world before their eyes!

The three figures who rushed out from behind Chen Mu passed over his body, decisively facing Wenren Cangyue.

A silver long spear first tore through the air, stabbing fiercely towards Wenren Cangyue’s chest, continuously producing the noise of a landslide in the air.

Wenren Cangyue’s blood red long banner seemed to suddenly lose power, falling weakly to the ground. However, at the same time, a crimson sunset sword radiance appeared in his hands.

The crimson sunset-like burning sword still didn’t fly out from his hand, but many people knew that Wenren Cangyue’s close distance sword dao was more powerful the closer he got.

The crimson multicolored sword radiance hacked straight into the silver long spear.

Just this sword alone already sent the extremely domineering silver spear flying. The hands of the long bearded cultivator who originally held this silver spear were bloody, the space between his thumb and index fingers completely cracked.

One on the left and one on the right, a black-armored officer and an elderly scholar simultaneously attacked Wenren Cangyue.

The black-armored officer held a black longsword in his hands, but right at this time, when it reached less than a few feet from Wenren Cangyue, this black longsword actually flew as well!

This black-armored officer was actually a sword controlling Sacred Expert!

All of Yunqin wanted to defeat Wenren Cangyue. In this type of place where victory and defeat were going to be decided, how could there only be a single Sacred Expert?

This black-armored officer concealed himself extremely well, his appearance not like that of a Sacred Expert at all. Now that he suddenly acted, it seemed like not even Wenren Cangyue could evade.

Wenren Cangyue’s brows furrowed slightly.

He didn’t expect this seemingly ordinary black-armored officer to be this powerful. When he frowned, he released a low muffled groan. More than half of his soul force was instantly forced out from his chest.

The reason why normal cultivators poured their soul force into their soul weapons through their hands was because this would avoid most of their important internal organs, thus minimizing the damage soul force inflicted towards the internal organs.

A Sacred Exert’s soul force was extremely terrifying. Now that it was instantly forced out from his chest, Wenren Cangyue’s inner organs immediately shifted out of position, producing many wounds.

However, he only released a muffled groan, his face and body that was steady like iron not changing at all.

The air in front of him seemed to have instantly turned into an iron wall. The flying sword that flew out from the black-armored general’s hand flew out in an extremely strained manner, while the long stingers in the hands of the elderly scholar were even more so instantly frozen in the air.

The flying sword in Wenren Cangyue’s hands flew out again.

Right now, he didn’t have much more disposable power, his scarlet sunset-like flying sword’s power less than normal. However, flying swords were flying swords, and right now, it was supported by the power crazily surging from his body. The black-armored general and old scholar saw the scarlet sunset-like sword radiance instantly sweep past, yet couldn’t block it at all.

Sword radiance flew past and two heads immediately flew.

Wenren Cangyue once again pressed forward. That long bearded cultivator who originally held a silver spear only took a step backwards in horror, and then the scarlet multicolored sword light already accelerated, passing through his body, the explosive impact even making his body fly outwards.

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