Book 9 Chapter 62 - General Arrives

On the opposite side of where Cheng Yu’s dozen or so armies gathered were several other armies.

It was because if any troop was too close to the other side, they would be easily devoured by the enemy. That was why right now, both sides already formed a confrontation stance.

Under the near midday sunshine, Cheng Yu didn’t even need a Brass Hawkeye to see the decorative designs on the banners fluttering about the armies on the other side, able to clearly see the reflective light of the densely packed soldiers’ armors and weapons.

He knew that the other side could also definitely see him clearly.

In the enemy troops where several armies with golden dragon banners fluttering above gathered, Chen Mu and ten or so other commanders were standing on a temporary command platform, looking at the armies that were standing solemnly in wait. They saw Cheng Yu walk out from a golden carriage, able to boost the enemy’s morale just by standing there.

“So this is the Flying Tiger General Cheng Yu?”

Chen Mu looked at the majestic and indomitably heroic Cheng Yu whose golden cloak fluttered like a flag, saying with a light sigh of admiration, “My Yunqin truly is a place where geniuses emerge in large numbers, General Cheng’s presence is actually this awe-inspiring. Only, it’s a pity…”

When he spoke up to ‘it’s a pity’, Chen Mu didn’t continue speaking. However, all of the generals behind him inwardly understood the meaning behind these three words clearly.

The faint rumbling of thunder could be heard from above.

A military officer quickly approached the command platform, quickly reporting, “Iron Core Army is currently approaching from the rear side. Rear Heaven’s Lens Army is currently chasing from the right.”

“Rear Heaven’s Lens Army? He has also arrived…”

Chen Mu revealed a faint smile. He gave Du Zhanye at his side a look, quietly saying this.

Apart from Du Zhanye, all of the surrounding commanders and cultivators were confused, not knowing who the ‘he’ Chen Mu spoke of referred to.

“It is about time.” Chen Mu didn’t waste much time, only calmly looking straight at the enemy army that covered the high slopes and meadows like a black tide, starting to take steps forward.

All of these high ranking military officers understood extremely clearly that with Cheng Yu’s appearance, the enemy’s morale had been raised to the peak, that the other side might launch an attack at any time. Right now was indeed the moment when they had to begin their offensive. However, they all understood clearly that this was the decisive moment where victory and defeat were going to be decided, so all of their hearts were naturally beating intensely.


Loud military orders immediately sounded throughout the army. In an instant, even the air above the meadow seemed to have become incredibly sticky, filled with bloodiness.

Chen Mu got onto his horse, starting to run forward.

Du Zhanye who always followed at his side didn’t follow him this time, because it would be completely useless even if she did follow him. Right now, because of nervousness and worry, her complexion was abnormally pale, the corners of her lips continuously trembling slightly.

Instead of her, an ordinary gray clad middle-aged man who was originally waiting below the platform, his appearance not all that remarkable, followed Chen Mu with a calm expression.

Only, the moment this extremely ordinary looking middle-aged man followed Chen Mu out, his horseback figure seemed to have become exceptionally tall and straight, releasing a type of indescribable great expert, great master feeling.

No one knew this ordinary looking middle-aged man’s surname or identity, but right now, everyone could tell that he was extraordinary.

Chen Mu was also dressed in ordinary cloth clothes. When these two lonely riders broke away from their formation, they seemed exceptionally conspicuous between the two armies. The eyes of tens of thousands of soldiers were concentrated on Chen Mu and the middle-aged man behind him, but apart from the few at Chen Mu’s side and Cheng Yu, no one knew just what these two’s lonely walk between heaven and earth represented.

“It’s starting.”

Cheng Yu indifferently said these three words inwardly.

He didn’t give any orders, only turning his head ever so slightly, sweeping his eyes over the golden war chariot behind him.

The troops both in front and behind him were like two black tides.

Two black specks were moving towards the center of these two black tides.

Right now, even Iron Core Army who lost their main leader, rapidly hurrying over from the side, could also vaguely make out the two clashing black tides and two black specks.

No one in Iron Core Army knew that these two black specks were the key to deciding the fate of all of Jadefall City. When this great battle’s curtains were pulled aside, the breathing of everyone in Iron Core Army already became a bit rushed.

Right now, behind Iron Core Army, a thousand or so steps out, Lin Xi and all of Rear Heaven’s Lens Army could see the arrangement of several friendly armies clearly. However, they still couldn’t see the two black specks.

In the golden war chariot behind Chen Yu, the dark ink browed, blood red lipped Wenren Cangyue was sitting calmly. Across from him sat a beautiful female musician who was dressed extremely luxuriously, in her hands a jade lute.

In this sealed golden war chariot, there were only a few glimmers of light that seeped in between the cracks like thin blades, impossible to make out the external scenery, yet Wenren Cangyue knew that everything already began. He suddenly said to the beautiful musician next to him, “Play The General Arrives for me.”

The beautiful female musician gave a gentle bow and then her pure white jade-like fingers began to pluck the strings.

Inside the carriage, under the command of a military officer, several Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts were arranged in designated spots and equipped with terrifying crossbolts that were the thickness of an infant’s arm. However, what was hard for this golden-armored officer who was carrying out Cheng Yu’s orders and the dozen other soldiers who were loading the crossbows to understand, was why these dozen or so crossbolts all had thin and tough high grade steel threads connected to them, the threads twisted into ropes and placed in front of the golden carriage.

While they were filled with bewilderment, the carriage was suffused with tough and unyielding warlike pipa sounds.

The warhorse below Chen Mu began to slow down.

He and the middle-aged cloth clothed man were right between the two armies.

“Wenren Cangyue… I do not know if you are here right now.”

Chen Mu who stopped slowly raised his head. He looked at the cliff where Cheng Yu was, calmly saying this to himself inwardly.

No one dared look down on Wenren Cangyue’s power.

He naturally definitely wouldn’t look down on Wenren Cangyue either.

However, in his opinion, right now, even if Wenren Cangyue was here, he already couldn’t change much.

This was, unless Wenren Cangyue could kill him before he exposed his true identity, but right now, he was already over a thousand five hundred steps from the enemy troops. Not a single military weapon in this world could threaten his life in the slightest, at least now while he was under the protection of this middle-aged cloth clothed man.

It was because even though this middle-aged cloth clothed man wasn’t all that famous, he was just like Ni Henian, a true Grand Court Consecrator from Central Continent Imperial City’s True Dragon Mountain.

Under the eyes of tens of thousands of soldiers, Chen Mu who stopped reached out his hand.

His palm reached out forward, facing Jadefall’s great army, as if he was greeting his own family. He released a light muffled grunt, but the expression on his face was still extremely calm. The soul force in his body surged towards his palm. Under his calm exterior, he let his soul force surge powerfully, to the extent where he instantly ripped apart some of his arm’s blood vessels. The moment soul force rushed out from his fingernails, wisps of blood also scattered out.

Within his blood were wisps of golden luster. In an instant, his soul force also produced some type of natural rumbling. In this heaven and earth before him, there was faint golden color that seeped out, as if they were about to instantly create thunder, form golden streaks of lightning.

The middle-aged cloth clothed man waited gloomily. He knew that immediately afterwards, an indescribably shocking scene was going to appear on the dark green meadow.

However, right at this time, Cheng Yu who was calm like water, only standing there, revealed a vicious glint that was previously hidden within his eyes. He forcefully waved his hand.


Several golden-armored military officers next to Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts released vicious shouts.

Under terrifying metal striking and grinding noises, the golden carriage behind Cheng Yu suddenly opened. A figure that was as steady as a mountain walked out, his hands gripping the steel rope connected to the crossbow bolts.


The air immediately trembled.

His body also shook.

The noise released by the Mountain Piercing Crossbow Cart instantly drew everyone’s attention.

However, this instant of time was too short. This figure that was as steady as a mountain’s movements was just too fast. The moment everyone’s eyes gathered towards the golden war chariot, more than ten giant crossbolts already shot out with terrifying speed and crazy winds, shooting towards where Chen Mu was. Meanwhile, the one who walked out from the golden carriage held the steel rope in hand, his entire body releasing light. Just like the dozen giant crossbow bolts, he began to fly through the air!

He flew through the air with terrifying speed!

No one could see this person’s face clearly, but this type of aura, this steel-like body, instantly made all Jadefall Border Army soldiers release a ringing noise. Almost all of them released a cry of alarm at the same time. “Great General Wenren!”

The pupils of the middle-aged cloth cloth clothed man behind Chen Mu rapidly contracted.

Previously, because the terrain was level, his line of sight couldn’t see past some areas of higher elevation, he couldn’t see where precisely Cheng Yu and the others were.

However, it was precisely because he could see the scorching sun in the sky clearly that he could see what was flying in the sky.

Meanwhile, right now, the entirely shining Wenren Cangyue was flying through the sky like a falling star!

Right at this time, Lin Xi also raised his head, looking at the scene in the sky in awe.

“Wenren Cangyue!”

These two words couldn’t help but instantly appear in his head.

Before this, Lin Xi had never seen Wenren Cangyue before. However, at this moment, he was confident that the one who was flying through the sky like a meteor was precisely Wenren Cangyue!

It was because the feeling that figure gave him was incredibly valiant, like an iron cast mountain.

The reasoning behind using the Mountain Piercing Crossbow to move the body like a kite was extremely simple, but the instant the Mountain Piercing Crossbow erupts, what kind of force of impact would the body have to endure?

Lin Xi was sure that even if he used his soul force without holding back in the slightest, if he really did this, his arms would still definitely be instantly ripped off, directly separate from his body.

Only Wenren Cangyue had this type of power, had this type of strength! Only he could do this type of thing!

“Just what is happening right now?”

A wave of powerful uneasiness and feeling of inauspiciousness instantly flooded his body.

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