Book 9 Chapter 58 - That Different Viewpoint

The light armored troops who were retreating were now only a few dozen steps from where Lin Xi killed Qin Qinghuang. The general who represented victory and valor in their eyes was killed by a single sword slice, the amount of shock this type of scene brought them wouldn’t be much less than those officers.

These courageous soldiers whose wills were like iron saw Lin Xi who was charging straight down, starting to feel a bit of coldness from their innermost depths. In that moment, normally, there would definitely be many people who wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives to intercept Lin Xi, but these light armored troops who were supposed to bait a counter attack from the rear troops were actually just like a second rate army at this time, moving to the side on their own, as if making a path for the descending Lin Xi.

This division of Jadefall Border Army’s renown Iron Core Army was actually directly slaughtered until they were completely terrified, lost all morale by Lin Xi!

“This lunatic!”

Jiang Xiaoyi and the others originally already decreased their speed, following at the very back of the withdrawing light cavalry. From the moment they reacted to Lin Xi’s intentions to Lin Xi’s single blade assassination, only a few dozen breaths passed, these people not even left with much time to think more. Only now did this thought pass through all of their heads at the same time.

They knew that Lin Xi was extraordinary, but they also understood extremely clearly that under the suppression of the enemy’s great army, even if Lin Xi’s cultivation reached State Master level, it would still be extremely dangerous.

This type of thing really was crazy, rarely seen.

“A single sword’s radiance to make Jadefall City shiver… is this the so-called Braveslayer who hasn’t fully matured yet…”

Gao Yanan who was holding a giant cheval de frise spear reached out her hand to wipe at the few drops of blood that splashed over her white face. She looked at the charging Lin Xi, thought about how that year, Principal Zhang’s sword cut down all of Xiyi’s leaders. When she thought about how Lin Xi also had Braveslayer talent, her bit of worry and anger already completely dissolved, replaced only with a bit of pride.

It was because this completely unreasonable person who instantly took the head of the enemy leader, made Jadefall Border Army whose wills were normally like iron even shiver inwardly, losing all morale, even moving aside for him liked her, and she liked him. One day, she would dress up in red clothes and become his wife.

Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others, regardless of how much military strength they had right now, they were still kids who had just left their academy.

Right now, the others naturally didn’t think as much as Gao Yanan, think as far as her.

Right now, the feeling Lin Xi’s calm and valiant assassination gave everyone else, other than shock, was more shock.

In the meadow, on the corpse strewn battlefield, many people released exceptionally heavy breathing noises. The middle-aged cultivator who held the golden longsword’s back was drenched in cold sweat. It was because he understood extremely clearly that Qin Qinghuang’s cultivation was definitely above his own, even if it was he who could charge up to Qin Qinghuang, he would definitely be cut down.

However, Qin Qinghuang who already had the achievement of overwhelming enemy troops seven times during the previous clash between Jadefall Border Army and Tangcang’s soldiers, surviving even after being hit by more than ten arrows, known as the Yunqin’s Undying General, was actually killed by a single strike in front of his own troops?

On the tall slope where most of Rear Heaven’s Lens Army was guarding, because the distance was extremely far, under the rather hazy fiery light, no one could clearly see Qin Qinghuang’s curved blade, so they didn’t know that Lin Xi cut down such a brilliant general with a single strike. That was why even though they were similarly shocked at what happened, their shock was comparatively less.

That was why after a moment of deathly stillness, all of Rear Heaven’s Lens Army released indescribable sky shaking great roars and cheers!


When these sky shaking cheers sounded, only then did those on the meadow ahead and the currently withdrawing light cavalry react, once again erupting with even more ferocious cheers and shouts.

This was especially the case for those in the meadow below who originally thought that they were going to be killed in battle for sure, right now, these cheers carried even more indescribable hot-bloodedness.

Under the sky shaking cheers and shouts that overwhelmed all else, Lin Xi rushed past the light armored troops like a streak of lightning.

When the first wave of sky shaking cheer sounded, one of the officers on the mound wanted to give an order.

However, as soon as he was just about to raise his arm, it was forcibly pressed down by an officer at his side.

While the two were in a slightly deadlocked state, the armor covering their bodies released slight rustling sounds.

The sides of their bodies that faced Lin Xi were covered in a layer of first, only now did it fall off.

“It’s useless!”

The one who pressed down on the officer’s arm was a middle-aged officer whose temple hairs were white. This officer found it hard to get rid of the expression of fear on his face, but his voice was extremely cold and resolute. After shouting this, with an extremely low voice, he quickly said, “The other side’s light cavalry has already withdrawn… right now, if the whole army attacks, it would only exhaust their stamina for nothing… and morale has dropped to a freezing point, we are basically moving on thin ice.”

This heavy armored middle-aged commander’s final words of ‘walking on thin ice’ were extremely ambiguous, but even the youngest officer on this slope understood the meaning extremely clearly… under this type of situation, if they rushed out, there might be some more unpredictable changes, the entire army might face the risk of a great defeat or even complete annihilation.

The officer who had his arm held down calmed down, the strength he was using also waning. However, when he saw Qin Qinghuang’s corpse that tumbled down the slope, rolling all the way to the heavy armored troops’ feet, he couldn’t help but want to release a sky shaking howl. However, his rationality told him he couldn’t do this right now, so his body could only shake intensely uncontrollably.

Under the starry knight, a Yunqin general died in a simple and quick manner, withdrawing from the empire’s stage.

The middle-aged cultivator with the golden longsword in hand continuously took deep breaths, and only then did he accept this type of reality. He also used all of his body’s strength to shout out “Withdraw!”

Those who were still alive on the meadow began to drag the seventeen sets of Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts towards the higher slope Rear Heaven’s Lens Army was guarding.

All of the light cavalry welcomed Lin Xi’s return. When they saw the warhorse Lin Xi seized from the back part of the light armored cavalry, once against using his sword to remove the warhorse’s cumbersome armor, under Lin Xi’s rapid charge up to the military banner, return to the troop, this light cavalry immediately erupted into another round of sky shaking cheers.

These light cavalry knew that the one who was cut down was Qin Qinghuang. They knew that regardless of whether this battle ended in victory or defeat, Lin Xi and their light cavalry were already destined to be recorded in some of Yunqin’s history books.

This was unparalleled glory!

Under their feverish eyes of respect and adoration, Lin Xi and the others rushed to the very front. While moving with the withdrawing troops on the meadow, Lin Xi reached out a hand, indicating for them to reduce their speed and hold up the leftover troops’ rear.

Right now, Lin Xi still didn’t know that he unknowingly killed a general under Wenren Cangyue. He gave the place where he had just charged up a look, saw that the pitch-black hilltop didn’t have any abnormal movements, so he calmed down, starting to breathe heavily. At this time, Jiang Xiaoyi who was right at his side knew that his soul force and stamina’s consumption was definitely extremely great, that he needed a set amount of time to rest. Now, in the eyes of many people, his face was also already exceptionally resolute and stern, no longer the young and tender Green Luan Academy student who held the black spear. He rushed a few steps forward, rushing up to the golden longsword holding middle-aged cultivator who was clearly the commander, starting to quickly ask about military matters in Lin Xi’s place.

“We are Rear Heaven’s Lens Army, currently marching through this place.”

“Jadefall East Outskirts Deer Chasing Army. We are acting under orders to advance into Mountain Sun Path, but we encountered enemy troops here. Apart from this Iron Core Army, the enemy might have more troops in reinforcements.”

The golden longsword wielding middle-aged man was clearly a seasoned commander, clearly explaining the military situation with just a few sentences. After a quick conversation, this middle-aged commander clearly saw that Jiang Xiaoyi, Lin Xi, Gao Yanan, Bian Linghan, and the others were all extremely young. He immediately trembled inwardly, roughly guessing these youngsters’ backgrounds.

Lin Xi’s heavy breathing gradually became even. He looked at the clear thunder patterns on the golden longsword, immediately guessing that this middle-aged commander should be a cultivator from Thunder Academy.

Jadefall East Outskirts Deer Chasing Army was in the center of Jadefall East, the path they had to go through was a bit further than even them.

“Your respected self is? Do you know how many armies like us who have replaced command are heading here?” Even though he had interacted with Thunder Academy before in Ten Fingers Ridge, Lin Xi didn’t have much prejudice against experts who emerged from Thunder Academy. That was why he nodded his head in greeting towards this middle-aged cultivator, immediately asking this.

“Qiu Hanshan, temporarily taking over command over Deer Seeking Army, from Central Continent.” Even though Lin Xi was young, his performance just now was too stunning. That was why under Lin Xi’s respectful attitude, this middle-aged cultivator who already displayed his power on his route to Jadefall City, completely convincing all of his companions unconsciously bowed in response to Lin Xi’s greeting. Then, he shook his head. “I only know that a total of fifteen troops entered and took over control of troops, but I don’t know how many of them succeeded.”

Lin Xi revealed a bitter smile inwardly, nodding. He knew that just the number recorded in Jadefall Border Army’s army registry exceeded a hundred thousand. There were a total of fifty something regular armies scattered throughout Jadefall City. Even if the fifteen troops all successfully entered Jadefall City, they would still be at an absolute disadvantage. Moreover, everyone knew that where Great General Wenren was most frightening were his followers and private army.

Yunqin law restricted officials from establishing private armies, but because the Sky Wolf Guards were only treated as Great General Wenren’s followers, and that no one knew just how many Great General Wenren privately trained… towards someone of his level, some prohibitions couldn’t help but have some two-sided natures.

Lin Xi continued to do his best to adjust his breathing. He began to size up Deer Chasing Army Qiu Hanshan commanded that only had three hundred or so members left.

This Deer Chasing Army’s eyes were filled with respect and gratitude when they looked at him, but there was a single pair of eyes that was completely different, to the extent where Lin Xi immediately sensed it.

He looked at that person, but his eyes widened with a bit of shock. He couldn’t help but quietly say this person’s name. 

“Xu Zhenyan?”

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