Book 9 Chapter 57 - Sword Come, Head Tumbles

Book 9 Chapter 57 - Sword Comes, Head Tumbles

Many times, one had powerful urges, but didn’t dare actually act on them.

Otherwise, this wouldn’t wouldn’t have the concept of secretly being in love.

It was just like how at this moment, in another part of Jadefall City, when Zhang Ping looked at the perfect silhouette of a woman not far in front of him, the emotions he concealed definitely wouldn’t leave his mouth.

There weren’t many youngsters who could resist Qin Xiyue’s beautiful appearance to begin with.

Previously, when they were in Green Luan Academy, Zhang Ping didn’t have many thoughts regarding Qin Xiyue apart from the fact that he was a bumpkin from Xiaoxiang Province’s Water Dragon City, while Qin Xiyue was born as a golden spoon under a prestigious house. Green Luan Academy’s people all thought that Qin Xiyue and Lin Xi had some secret affair going on, but after the fire that was set under Medicine Department Freshman Dormitory, the emotions shared between Lin Xi and Gao Yanan were publicly declared, so Zhang Ping’s fondness of Qin Xiyue began to grow like vines on a grassland after the rain, silently extending.

This was a type of feeling that was difficult to state clearly.

Many times, when Zhang Ping closed his eyes, Qin Xiyue’s appearance would appear. However, because he could tell that Qin Xiyue only viewed him as a normal friend, to the extent where without Lin Xi, Qin Xiyue wouldn’t even have the type of relationship she currently had with him, whenever Qin Xiyue’s appearance appeared in his head, Zhang Ping knew that this was a one-sided love. As such, he felt as if he received a cup of ice-cold water in a parched winter… this type of feeling, was the taste of a hidden love that was difficult to confess.

It was because he inwardly understood extremely clearly that even though the academy just happened to place the two of them in the same troop, the relationship between them couldn’t improve by much because of this. As such, right now, he could only silently admire Qin Xiyue’s beautiful figure.

Even if he didn’t have that ‘green roulette’ in his head, many of Lin Xi’s thoughts were a bit more daring than those of the people of this world.

After experiencing a life that was short and full of regrets in a different world, he didn’t want to leave behind any regrets in this world. He began to do many of the things he wanted to do with everything he had.

Right now, this insufferably arrogant officer whose black cloak fluttered about in the wind looked too arrogant. More importantly, the expression of this officer was just too cold, even more callous than Xu Shengmo.

Towards this type of person who remained extremely indifferent even towards the lives and deaths of his own troops, Lin Xi always strongly disliked them.

That was why Lin Xi decided he was going to try and kill this officer.

The instant he made this type of decision, he took a deep breath and then carefully examined his remaining soul force. When he sensed that he only exhausted a small half of his soul force, he began to carefully adjust his own breathing, starting to prepare himself.

A hundred steps were instantly crossed.


This military order was released from Lin Xi's mouth since he knew that the banner holding Meng Su understood what was a safe distance for light cavalry to retreat from far better than himself. As such, Lin Xi didn’t make too many hand gestures, only simply pricking the bottom of his horse with his longsword.

The sword tip didn’t enter deeply into its flesh, but the intense pain immediately filled this fine horse’s brain.

This horse that was already completely sprinting upwards immediately released a crazy cry. It instantly exceeded its normal limit, its entire horse body completely breaking free from the light armored army’s frontlines, rushing a few zhang[1] out.

The moment Lin Xi’s military orders sounded, regardless of whether it was the black cloaked general or the officers behind him, their eyes all sunk slightly, knowing that the other party was definitely also a troublesome opponent who had fought many battles, that there weren’t many opportunities to take advantage of. At the same time, the banner holding Meng Su also immediately took over Lin Xi’s command, loudly shouting ‘withdraw’!

All of these light cavalry who were trained extremely strictly immediately slowed down their horse speed in a unified manner to avoid running into each other. Then, with a perfect horse turning maneuver, they turned around and then rushed down the slope.

However, right at this moment, regardless of whether it was the enemy troops or the light armored cavalry, they discovered that Lin Xi was already far ahead, a single horse rushing up the slope like a streak of lightning!

This scene left who knew how many people stupefied. They were completely shocked by this type of ferocious grandeur and killing intent.

Even more people were in disbelief.

Even the golden longsword wielding middle-aged cultivator who was watching the battle in the meadow, feeling like the clash between the two mounted armies was coming to a close, felt his eyes suddenly turn cold.

Even in his eyes, this type of charging at the enemy general with a single horse was extremely risky, the chances of success almost non-existent.

The figure of that young general charging straight up the cliff was reflected in his eyes, but his heart felt shock and a bit of anger.

There was actually someone who dared break free from the formation and try to assassinate General Qin alone?

In that instant, the officers behind the black cloaked officers all revealed expressions of cold mockery.

Previously, that young officer who humbly asked for guidance was about to turn around and give orders to those behind him.

Among the densely packed great army behind him, thirty especially massive and dignified steel figures were silently waiting. They released a heart shaking killing intent, the runes on their bodies flickering with faint radiance.

Those were thirty cultivators clad in soul weapon heavy armors.

Within the densely packed army, not only were there thirty especially massive steel figures, there were also sixty sets of steel figures who were only a size smaller.

However, the moment he wanted to give out orders for these cultivators clad in thirty sets of soul weapon heavy armors to attack, turn into a steel stream and face this assassin whose previous performance was quite exceptional, but who completely overestimated his own abilities, the other three officers beside him all shot him a cold look of disapproval.

This young officer immediately understood that he was wrong.

The army he was currently in wasn’t the ordinary Jadefall Border Army, but rather Jadefall Border Army’s iron army, the Iron Core Army. The commander he followed also wasn’t an ordinary commander, but rather Jadefall Border Army’s brilliant and outstanding ‘Undying General’ Qin!

Even though he was rather outstanding himself, in these past two weeks of being transferred over, he understood that he couldn’t compare to this Jadefall Border Army’s iron general at all.

With General Qin’s cultivation, as well as their own people here, facing a single charging assassin, why would there be a need to use additional military power?

The black cloaked general didn’t even take a single step back.

He didn’t show the slightest bit of arrogance on the battlefield, but as a general with a set amount of prestige in Yunqin, he understood the effects of loftiness on the battlefield well enough.

The decisive charge of the enemy young general already made the enemy army’s loftiness instantly shoot to the peak.

However, if this young general was easily killed by him, their side’s loftiness would immediately seize the advantage, completely winning, recovering from their previous defeat.

“Merely a Soul Master who has just reached mid stage… I’ve already reached late stage Soul Master many years ago.”

While looking at this speeding horse that got closer and closer, his eyes narrowed slightly, saying this inwardly with an ice-cold voice.

No one could stop this battle between him and Lin Xi.

When he was still a few meters from this general, Lin Xi’s feet stomped heavily on the saddle, and then his entire figure already pounced over like a wolf.

At this time, the black cloaked general only drew the blade at his waist, steadily slicing towards the incoming Lin Xi.

His blade was slightly curved. At this moment, it released brilliance, the blade surface as if blossoming with pink lotus flowers, sinister and wild.

The officers behind him only took a step forward, maintaining half a step of distance from this black cloaked officer, not taking action, only on guard against the unexpected.

“It’s Qin Qinghuang!”

When they saw the slightly curved and dazzling blade appear in front of the cloaked officer, the light cavalry and many people standing on the meadow’s battlefield immediately recognized the identity of this black cloaked commander. Their expressions immediately changed.

However, right at this time, this well-known Jadefall Border Army General Qin Qinghuang whose cloak was blown back perfectly straight by his blade’s aura could hear the nonsensical word that sounded from Lin Xi’s mouth: “Lucky!”

“What is lucky?”

This Jadefall general was confused, but his blade stance naturally wouldn’t display the slightest bit of sluggishness.

In his perception, his blade would land on the other party’s body first, this was, unless the other party evaded or blocked.

However, right at this time, what he didn’t notice was that a chubby little claw reached out from Lin Xi’s sleeve.

A wave of unique soul force gushed out from this little claw, immediately producing crazy power, turning into a frozen stream that was hard to see in the dark night.

Ka ka ka…

The pink lotus flower blooming curved blade suddenly released countless freezing sounds, layers of crystals forming irregularly on its surface. This Jadefall Border Army general only felt as if he rushed into iced water that was hard to scatter, his originally calm and cold eyes flickering with an expression of extreme shock and disbelief.

The officers beside him only felt as if winter suddenly descended. Several officers’ soul force immediately surged, unknowingly drawing their soul weapons. However, this biting cold aura even made themselves feel as if their movements were a bit more sluggish than usual.

This scene instantly froze.

Qin Qinghuang’s blade seemed to be continuously breaking ice as it advanced, his body rigid. Lin Xi’s cascading waterfall-like sword radiance instead descended after the cold energy erupted, instantly descending, passing by Qin Qinghuang’s neck.

Qin Qinghuang’s head flew.

Even the blood on his neck was momentarily frozen, no blood rushing out.

Lin Xi’s legs fiercely kicked out, kicking against this already headless Jadefall Border Army general’s chest.

The blade of this Jadefall Border Army general was still in his hand, but it already lost the support of soul force, unable to change its direction, posing no threat to him.

With a muffled thud noise that made the hearts of many officers on this hilltop contract, Qin Qinghuang’s headless corpse fell backwards. Meanwhile, Lin Xi borrowed this force to tumble backwards, steadily landing on the ground, and then he crazily ran down the slope!

The horse he was originally riding on also rushed up the slope. Those entirely rigid officers couldn’t even produce any thinking ability, subconsciously evading to the side.

Meanwhile, this scene, in the eyes of everyone under the slope, carried even more indescribable horror and shock!

One rider charged up the slope, removing Qin Qinghuang’s head with a single blade, and then kicked his corpse down, turning around to leave!

1. Zhang = 3.3meters

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