Book 9 Chapter 56 - Summit’s Black Cloak

In the world under the sky, regardless of whether it was Tangcang’s army that previously fought against Jadefall Border Army or even Great Mang’s army beyond Thousand Sunset Mountain who had never faced Jadefall Border Army, they all knew how meticulous and detailed Great General Wenren was, that he was someone who separated reward and punishment the most clearly, the one who supervised with the most precision.

That was why those who could become high ranking military officers in Jadefall Border Army definitely did so by crawling out of mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

Every single Jadefall Border Army commander had courage that didn’t fear death, even when facing enemy formations, they would retain absolute cool-headed judgment ability. They definitely wouldn’t throw their lives away for absolutely no reason.

The moment this commander rushed at Gao Yanan, he already accurately deduced that he could definitely break through the side wing of Lin Xi’s troop. However, what he didn’t expect was that Gao Yanan wasn’t an ordinary cultivator, her body itself was like a special soul weapon. Not only could she control ice-cold vital energy, she herself also possessed strength far exceeding a normal person’s.

A mistake in judgment, on the battlefield, could only mean death.

Bian Linghan followed closely behind Lin Xi, because almost all of the enemies in front of them were almost instantly killed by Lin Xi. Moreover, right at her side was Jiang Xiaoyi who was quite adept at using a spear, charging straight through while relying on practically his own strength, no one able to stop him. That was why even though she was also charging at the very forefront of the troop, the pressure she experienced wasn’t actually that great.

Moreover, after undergoing Windstalker training, it allowed her to observe the entire battlefield’s situation more quickly and more keenly.

She saw that the giant poleaxe wielding commander was directly smashed flying by Gao Yanan’s bold and powerful thrust. While the enemy troops became a bit chaotic, a light armored soldier released a shout, wanting to take over that officer’s authority of command.

Without any hesitation, the silver longbow that was always held in her left hand was completely drawn again. A silver arrow roared, entering and exiting through that light armored rider’s eye socket with incomparable precision. That light armored rider’s shout came to a sudden stop, falling off his horse.

Two officers were instantly killed in succession, so even the most experienced light armored army would enter a momentary state of shock and panic. The entire enemy formation was directly cut through by Lin Xi, cleaved in half.

Several experienced officers released fierce shouts at the same time, commanding their surrounding soldiers, wishing to instead cut through the middle of the enemy’s light cavalry ranks. However, what they never expected was that the moment their light armored troops gathered towards the center, wishing to pierce through the enemy light cavalry like a spear, Lin Xi and the others who were sweeping through their formation already slaughtered their way back.

Meng Su[1] always held the military banner, following closely behind Bian Linghan and the others, naturally pointing the banner in the direction of the fast light cavalry assault. That was why when Lin Xi and the others turned around, the light cavalry at the front of their group all attacked in the direction Lin Xi and the others were, instead forming a type of crushing might, heading towards this spear formation light armored army.

In that instant, the two cavalry armies that were moving at high speed smashed together. Countless ear splitting, incomparably terrifying muffled noises immediately sounded.

Under the clash of the war horses, countless riders fell off their horses. According to normal reasoning, armored horsemen’s weight and defensive abilities should be higher than those of light cavalry, even if they were being rammed into, they shouldn’t completely lose their footing. However, even though ordinary light cavalry might be stopped by fallen horses and crazily hacking blades, Lin Xi wouldn’t be.

Even though these Jadefall Border Army elite soldiers were valiant, in terms of power and speed, they were still far inferior to cave barbarian soldiers. This was especially the case when large horses could help him evade some incoming arrows, so he, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others behind him were like burning blades, easily cutting through this light armored troop.

In that instant, this light armored army became completely chaotic, completely cut up by light cavalry. Countless black spears surrounded them and some were even thrusted at them.

At the top of the mountain, a black-armored, black cloaked officer coldly watched the fighting taking place in the plains below.

Lin Xi was quickly charging through the enemy formation by himself, as if he was training in the Direct Spear Strikes Trial, so he didn’t have too much of a direct observation over the current battle formation. However, when looking down from above, the light armored army was continuously being cut through, already not having much strength to retaliate, practically completely defeated, white the light cavalry only suffered minimal casualties.

Two great armies clashed, yet the light armored army was still so quickly defeated. Just how shocking and chilling of a sight was this?

However, regardless of whether it was the black cloaked officer who was standing in front of a hill, looking down on everything like an eagle, or the other officers who were standing respectfully behind him, while watching the light armored troops fall one after another, their blood scattering about, their expressions still remained cold and fierce, as if what flowed wasn’t their side’s blood, but rather the enemy’s.


A clear cold shout sounded from the mount of the black cloaked officer standing at the very front, roaring out like mountain winds.

The light armored soldiers and previous leftover soldiers seemed like they had finally been granted amnesty, starting to retreat towards the top of the hill at full speed.

These Jadefall Border Army soldiers didn’t fear death, but they didn’t want to fight in such a gloomy situation, be killed by the enemy without much strength to retaliate.

“Sir Qin, why are we retreating? Why aren’t you giving the order to kill them all?”

Among the officers behind this black cloaked officer, the youngest officer respectfully asked quietly with a tone of requesting guidance.

“He Qing, you need to always keep one thing in mind. Battles are not as simple as using a thousand to crush five hundred and then having five hundred men left, but rather paying the smallest price, preserving strength and disposing of enemy troops this way.” The black cloaked officer replied calmly, “Have you noticed? The other party only used light cavalry, so if we launch a full assault, our army will naturally seize the advantage, but  with the enemy’s speed, they can quickly break free from the enemy formation… our army would only be wasting our stamina then, making it extremely unfavorable for the following battles.”

The young officer’s expression became respectful. “Sir, when you previously said that the other side’s commander is a good opponent, was it precisely because they only sent out light cavalry?”

The black cloaked commander nodded and coldly said, “As long as the other party dares chase after us and reaches two hundred steps from where we are, then we can lead the army in a counterattack. At that time, at least two thirds of their troops will become corpses.”

“Many thanks for sir’s guidance.” The young officer knew that this was all rare experience and wisdom. While giving a slight bow of respect, his cold eyes suddenly began to burn with a bit of passion. “The other party has begun the pursuit and attack!”

Lin Xi long sensed that the enemy troops were definitely not as simple as a light armored army. The scouting troops who ambushed Bian Linghan before already made him feel like the enemy even already sent troops out to flank the friendly troops below, completely cutting off all hopes of friendly forces providing aid.

Doing this even when they had an absolute advantage in military strength could only prove that the enemy commander was a crafty and treacherous fox-like individual.

Right now, under a military order from the mountaintop, the light armored cavalry began to retreat at full force. He naturally felt some hesitation inside… after all, he didn’t have much experience commanding this type of great army, didn’t have much clear and direct knowledge over what was favorable within what distance, what kind of situations or what kind of possible developments could take place. He only felt like chasing after the enemy in this type of situation would at least allow them to kill a few more light armored soldiers from the other side. However, he was also scared that the other party’s retaliation would make his light cavalry suffer serious damage as well.

“Sir, the slope is seven hundred steps in height, we can charge at least four hundred steps!”

At this time, a voice transmitted into Lin Xi’s ears.

This was the voice of Meng Su who held the banner.

When this voice entered his ears, Lin Xi no longer hesitated. With a jump, he got onto a light armored warhorse whose original rider already fell off. His longsword moved, instantly cutting off all of the armor hanging from the warhorse and throwing it away.

This type of scaled armor on the light armored horses’ bodies weighed at least a hundred jin. After removing it, this warhorse immediately felt its body become lighter. Under a strike of Lin Xi’s sword, it immediately released a neigh cry. Lin Xi shot out like an arrow, cutting through the light armored cavalry that were retreating like a tide, instantly passing through the entire light armored army and arriving at its very front.

The black cloaked general and the officers behind him all concentrated their attention on Lin Xi.

In this battle, Lin Xi who seemed almost invincible and untouchable was naturally the most stunning figure. When he charged to the very front of the light armored troops, it would inevitably bring these retreating light armored troops huge problems, resulting in even greater casualties. However, regardless of whether it was the black cloaked general or the officers behind him, their expressions were still calm and fierce, because they were all cultivators themselves as well. They had seen many fierce generals like this in Jadefall Border Army as well. For them, the battle’s greater situation was the most important, before a great army, this type of fierce general couldn’t change much. As long as an absolute advantage was maintained under outstanding command, this type of fierce general would still be instantly killed.

It was only because he wanted to see the appearance and cultivation of the cultivator charging at the very front a bit clearer, that the black cloaked commander took a few steps forward. His figure completely appeared at the top of the hill. The black cloak behind him was blown about by the winds, making his figure seem like it was about to take flight, giving off an even greater feeling of confidence.

At this moment, Lin Xi noticed this black cloaked commander.

Right now, he was already less than a hundred steps from the four hundred steps safety region Meng Su spoke of. He was halfway up the cliff, already not far from this black cloaked commander.

He knew that even though nothing behind this black cloaked individual could be seen, there was definitely a powerful army on this slope. Previously he was also carefully calculating the distance, preparing to charge up a bit more and then give the shout to retreat. However, for some reason, when he saw this individual who was standing at the very top, clearly the other side’s commander, his black cloak completely fluttering in the wind behind him, this commander that gave off a type of insufferably arrogant feeling, a powerful feeling surged within him, even a type of unsuppressable urge.

He couldn’t help but want to charge up, wishing to kill that insufferably arrogant black cloaked general who was coldly watching this battle situation!

This urge even made his breathing become a bit hurried… moreover, he didn’t try to suppress this urge at all. In that instant, he decided to give it a try!

1. Black Tiger Slayer

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