Book 9 Chapter 55 - Instant Slaughter

The friendly army had twenty sets of Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts between the meadow with countless gorges dug open within and the battlefield with corpses scattered everywhere, but there were actually only seventeen that were still intact. The leader of this friendly army was a golden longsword wielding middle-aged cultivator.

When he heard the great rumbling ‘for Yunqin’ shouts from the slope behind him, as well as saw the light cavalry that poured down like a flood, this middle-aged cultivator whose hair was already completely drenched in sweat, soul force clearly severely exhausted, felt his mind tremble. This was especially the case when he saw that while approaching the battle, this troop’s momentum didn’t decrease at all, the further they charged, the faster they seemed, this scene making the middle-aged cultivator’s eyes become even more bright.

Lin Xi didn’t stay with the remaining three hundred or so army. His warhorse covered in leather armor took the lead, charging right past the left side of this army.

The moment Lin XI’s light cavalry troops stirred about crazy winds, rushing past them, this golden longsword wielding middle-aged cultivator silently made a hand signal. Several dozen soldiers began to quickly adjust the angles of the already loaded Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts, aiming in front of Lin Xi’s mounted troops.

The five hundred light armored cavalry and the remaining four hundred individuals at the bottom of the slope already gathered together. There was a commander dressed in ordinary black leather armor among them, holding a massive snow-white poleaxe that was almost the same size as himself. He looked at the incoming power of Lin Xi’s troops, his brows furrowing slightly.

Following the straightening of his palm, torches, as well as clumps of dried grass and wood the light cavalry carried on their horses were thrown out. The entire light armored troop stopped. Only a single row arrived at the front of the entire army, blocking the very front like a steep wall.

Raging flames began to burn in front of their formation. The brows of this commander who held the long heavy poleaxe with a single hand suddenly furrowed even more deeply.

It was because he suddenly discovered that he unknowingly made some errors due to experience… Xiyi and Tangcang’s warhorses and war camels feared flames, so flames alone were enough to make the enemy’s battle formation become a bit disordered. However, right now, his opponents weren’t Xiyi or Tangcang’s people, but rather similarly the Jadefall Border Army. Jadefall Border Army’s warhorses, under year-long training, already didn’t have much fear towards these types of flames.

The reason why he would make this type of insignificant small mistake was because this general had commanded too many battles, some battle experiences already ingrained deep into his bones.

Without waiting for him to make a second hand gesture, the first row of light armored troops already got off their horses, half leaning against their war horses’ bodies, raising the spears in their hands diagonally upwards.

In the rear formation, several dozen groups of soldiers quickly rushed out. These soldiers were all made up of two people per group. They raised up heavy long spears that were even longer than that poleaxe.

In that instant, the front of the formation was made up of cold spear tips that faced the crazily charging light cavalry.

When faced with this type of defensive formation, Lin Xi who charged at the very front didn’t decrease his speed in the slightest. When facing the enemy troops that were mainly made up of light armored soldiers who wouldn’t suffer much damage from normal arrows, he didn’t even give the order for the men behind him to fire arrows.

In a flash, both sides already only had fifty steps between them.

Right at this time, the longsword in the middle-aged cultivator’s hands hacked down fiercely.

Following his longsword’s descent, seventeen soldiers carrying iron hammers struck the release bolts of their Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts at the same time.

Dang… dang… dang…

Seventeen perfectly intact Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts immediately released muffled heavy striking noises, as well as the rotating sounds of hinges that even made one’s breathing stop. The air in front of the seventeen sets of Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts released an explosive noise. Crossbolts the thickness of a small child’s arm were rapidly shot out. Before the dozens of enemy light armored cavalry even had time to raise their heads, giant crossbolts already impaled their bodies, nailing them directly to the ground.

Many openings immediately appeared in the spear formation in front of them.

However, the commander in the formation whose brows were furrowed, in his hands a giant hatchet, seemed to have long anticipated this type of unforeseen event. Even while looking at the areas where several dozen soldiers were impaled together with their warhorses, in this situation where blood and inner organs were strewn across the ground, his face was still extremely calm. His four fingers closed and his hand pointed forward.

The light armored cavalry and remaining soldiers quickly filled in the opening. Right now, there were only a dozen or so steps left between Lin Xi who charged at the very front and the front line of this army. From the looks of it, the spear formation in front of Lin Xi was going to become complete once more.

However, right at this time, Bian Linghan who was following tightly behind Lin Xi quickly drew her bow, controlled the bowstring, and then chi chi noises continuously sounded. She fired six arrows in a flash, every single arrow striking at the light armored soldiers directly in front of Lin Xi, hitting the space between their brows.

The giant poleaxe holding high-ranking military commander’s calm and handsome face finally flickered with a bit of shock.

The giant Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts’ intimidation and destructive force couldn’t make him the slightest bit shocked, his calm and grave exterior also boosting the morale of all the soldiers on his side. However, Bian Linghan’s rapid and accurate archery instead made him feel a bit of shock.

Only, this shock was only just starting.

Apart from Lin Xi who was charging at the very front, a longsword in hand, Jiang Xiaoyi, Gao Yanan and the others all threw out the black spears in their hands.

Every single spear carried tremendous power, directly piercing through the armor of a light armored soldier, nailing him to the ground.

Lin Xi charged directly into the enemy formation.

However, because of Bian Linghan and the others’ precise assassinations, an opening appeared in front of him.

The instant his warhorse charged through this opening, Lin Xi already jumped off of his warhorse.

He wasn’t an expert at fighting on a mount, and with his current cultivation, his speed within a hundred steps was definitely above that of a charging horse.

The instant Lin Xi charged into the opening like a streak of lightning, many enemies’ crossbolts and spears already aimed at him. However, because his speed was too fast, these individuals all froze up, their eyes losing track of his whereabouts.

Two waves of blood splashed out from Lin Xi’s sides. In that instant, five people continuously fell at Lin Xi’s two sides.

Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan almost immediately charged up to the spears they thrusted out. They pulled out their spears and then sent the nearest light armored soldier flying. This type of thrust, pull, stab and fishing movement, because of the speed, actually looked extremely connected, not having any gaps. The powerful Jadefall light armored soldiers were actually like a paper mache, a large opening easily torn open.

The commander who was wielding a giant poleaxe released an overcast roar.

The shield bearing and spear holding light armored soldiers all tacitly moved to the side.

These guard soldiers only needed to protect this commander from being hit by a Mountain Piercing Crossbolt. Now that both sides already faced each other, in a situation where there was no chance of Mountain Piercing Crossbolts being fired, they didn’t need to protect this commander at all.

The poleaxe wielding general didn’t head straight for Lin Xi, instead directly charging at Lin Xi’s side.

A war commander like him who had ample experience understood extremely clearly that those charging at the very front were usually a more powerful cultivator. Right now, this type of battle wasn’t a battle between cultivators, so he didn’t have to put on some type of bravado. As long as he broke through the side and completely surrounded these cultivators at the front, he could easily obtain victory in this battle.

A tall and slender female figure appeared in his line of sight.

This tall and slender girl seemed to have seen through his intentions, also deliberately slowing her charge, waiting for him to arrive.

This giant poleaxe wielding stern commander didn’t hesitate in the slightest. After releasing another low roar, his soul force surged, pouring towards the giant poleaxe in his hand.

His hands released dazzling yellow light in the darkness, the massive poleaxe that was just as tall as his body was even more so covered in blinding white brilliance as it hacked towards that tall and slender young lady’s waist.

When this tall and slender young lady faced this type of heavy weapon under such narrow space, she didn’t have much room to evade at all. Moreover, she didn’t seem like she had any intention of evading, actually directly grabbing a heavy cheval de frise spear that needed two people to lift it up, sending the end smashing against that giant axe.

The grave and stern commander’s eyes flickered with a bit of contempt and mockery. He could tell that the other party was a cultivator with roughly the same cultivation level as himself, but under his charge and the weight of the giant axe itself, there was no way the other party could withstand his power.

However, his contempt and ridicule instantly became shock and puzzlement.

He felt the giant axe in his hands cut into a steel wall.

A great boom sound rang out. That tall and slender young lady’s warhorse released a wail, leaning to the side, but this grave faced commander was directly sent flying, half his body instantly losing feeling.

In the instant he couldn’t move, the tall and slender young lady didn’t seem to be affected in the slightest. The giant cheval de frise spear was flung out, smashing into this commander’s body with incomparable accuracy. The giant spear tip, under a great cry of horror, passed through this commander’s back.

This commander’s breathing suddenly stopped, his final thought still one of confusion… how could a cultivator with similar cultivation level as himself have strength that exceeded his own so greatly?

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