Book 9 Chapter 54 - Impending Clash

Meng Bai rushed up the slope with his head lowered in shame.

His entire body was covered in sweat, half of it cold sweat from when they were first attacked by arrows, half from shame.

When he rushed up the slope, the battle had already ended. All of the soldiers that ambushed them were already completely killed.

He moved up to the sides of Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan who were standing at the top of the slope, a bit confused as to why Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan were stopped here. However, the moment he raised his head, his entire body went slightly rigid, his entire body producing even more sweat.

Blood and flames filled his line of sight.

Lin Xi who was riding a warhorse also quickly appeared on this mound.

After hearing Bian Linghan’s three arrow sounds that represented breaking through with full speed, the entire Rear Heaven’s Lens Army he commanded also became an extremely fast powerful current.

Because what he was riding was the most outstanding warhorse in Rear Heaven’s Lens Army, he was fifty or sixty steps ahead of the cavalry behind him, the first to rush up this high slope.

The instant he saw the scene before him, Lin Xi’s brows also deeply furrowed, a bit of fine sweat appearing between his palm and fingers.

In front of this mound, in a vacant meadow only two or three li away, was a corpse covered battlefield.

On the plains originally covered in dense grass, countless gorges were carved out, battered and crushed. In a region of only a few li away, there were at least a thousand corpses. Most likely because they needed to distinguish friend from foe when fighting, there were torches and other burning objects scattered about this place. Underneath the fiery light, the blood and corpses covered in arrows and weapons looked even more shocking.

Right now, both sides of the battlefield had several hundred individuals on each side. One side was stopped right over the battlefield filled with corpses, while the other was directly facing Lin Xi’s group, located beneath a slope roughly eight hundred steps from that battlefield.

These two should have just separated and entered a temporary deadlocked situation, which was why Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan didn’t notice any close quarters fighting noises. Only when they rushed up this slope, did they see this scene of iron and flames.

Lin Xi became extremely nervous.

There was no way for him to not feel nervous, because even though he experienced many battles in Dragon Snake Border Army, even though there was a great army of over a hundred cave barbarians on the other side, in reality, it was he who mainly fought alone, still mainly battles between cultivators. This type of massacre between armies with casualties numbering over a thousand was something he truly experienced here for the first time.

This type of battle between two armies, ground covered in corpses, blood flowing like rivers scene, still left a huge impact on his mind.

“They are friendly forces.”

Gao Yanan also arrived at Lin Xi’s side, quickly saying these words to him.

Lin Xi nodded, starting to quickly calm himself down. With the help of a Brass Hawkeye, even though he couldn’t see the exact faces of the armies under the darkness of night, he could see a golden dragon banner on the side of the troops still standing on the battlefield covered in corpses, as well as the the other side’s dozen or so green army banners that represented Jadefall Border Army.

Right now, the military banner the Rear Heaven’s Lens Army carried was also the golden dragon banner representing Central Continent Imperial City.

Right at this time, Lin Xi’s eyes suddenly became cold again.

Right on that mound where the green army flag fluttered about, a black tide carrying green banners rushed out, metal noises endless. A light armored cavalry army numbering at least five hundred began to flood this meadow.

At the same time, a vague, bitter military order sounded within that Jadefall Border Army who was waiting. They were waiting for this light armored cavalry troop to group up with them and then carry out a joint full force assault.

“Why aren’t the friendly troops withdrawing towards us?” While looking at the light armored cavalry that covered everything, Bian Linghan’s brows jumped, saying with a sunken voice, “They should have already noticed that we came, so they should retreat to our side. If we rely on the terrain, there is a higher chance of victory.”

“Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts… they don’t want to give up on these Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts.” Lin Xi already became completely calm, quietly explaining this to Bian Linghan.

Immediately afterwards, an extremely stern and fierce military order sounded from his mouth. “Seven hundred light cavalry, Hou!”

Bian Linghan turned around to look at Lin Xi who gave the order. Under the reminder of Lin Xi’s words just now, she also already noticed there were close to twenty sets of Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts on the friendly army’s side.

Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts were the most powerful crossbow machines in Yunqin’s military, of identical composition to City Guarding Crossbows, able to fire three crossbolts in one round, every single crossbolt the thickness of a small child’s arm. The range could reach a shocking thousand five hundred steps, even impaling the bodies of more than ten soldiers an easy feat for its terrifying power.

Only, this type of powerful military equipment that relied on the hinges and springs was also over a thousand jin, a giant steel monster. Even when moving them with warhorses, there was no way they could be moved quickly.

This type of Mountain Piercing Crossbow Cart was extremely strenuous to make and also quite costly, so the military didn’t have too many sets of them. Twenty sets was already how many a city’s local army had. When they were fired together, not only did they possess powerful destructive force, their intimidation effects on the enemy army was even greater, because it was something not even normal cultivators could stop.

Right now, the entire Rear Heaven’s Lens Army was only equipped with two sets of Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts and two Revolving Blade Carts, so these twenty sets of Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts naturally possessed extraordinary significance for their Rear Heaven’s Lens Army. However, at this time, Lin Xi only gave the order for their light cavalry to prepare an assault, and not the entire army or at least the light and heavy armored cavalry to attack together, leaving Bian Linghan extremely confused.

It was because light armored cavalry and light cavalry were two completely different concepts.

Yunqin’s light armored troops were completely equipped with scaled metal armor. Those who could wear this type of heavy weight metal armor whose quality was between leather armor and heavy armor usually underwent much stricter training. The defensive force of the metal armor they wore and their own strength and endurance would far exceed light cavalry who only wore leather armor.

That was why right now, even though the seven hundred light cavalry seemed to exceed the enemy numbers, their strength was still beneath the enemy.

“Why aren’t you sending out the entire army to attack?” Gao Yanan clearly thought of this as well, quietly asking Lin Xi this.

“Even though the ones that were previously lying in ambush should be a small scouting troop, the enemy army definitely already noticed our arrival. Since the enemy noticed us, but still dared charge, it means that they might not only have this bit of military strength… that is why I feel like planting most of our strength in an advantageous position is safer, I only need high mobility forces to test the waters.” Lin Xi said quietly, “If we want more people from our side to live, then we need to charge with great ferocity soon… our advantage lies in that our side has many cultivators.”

“Left squadron! Hou!”

When he saw the light armored cavalry and the remaining troops of the original Jadefall Border Army finally converge together, a military order sounded from Lin Xi’s mouth again.

Lin Xi’s group that came to assume control over Rear Heaven’s Lens Army had a total of twenty-three cultivators. Together with Rear Heaven’s Lens Army’s three cultivators, Chou Zhenghu included among them, they had a total of twenty-six cultivators.

Because Black Tiger Slayer and the others already reached a certain degree of tacit understanding, Lin Xi divided the ones from his original ten wolves group into the left squadron, while the remaining individuals who were in Gao Yanan’s troops were called the right squadron. Only, due to Gao Yanan’s insistance, Gao Yanan was also added to their left squadron.

Right now, the right squadron had Bai Yulou, this type of seasoned commander overseeing it, as well as An Keyi inside, so Lin Xi knew that in the following assault, regardless of how many more trump cards the enemy troops were hiding, this high slope will become a sturdy shield for him.

“Black Tiger Slayer, you are in charge of guarding the banner.” Lin Xi turned around and gave Black Tiger Slayer the order.

When a mountain army fought, military banners were extremely important. Only by seeing where the military banner ahead was pointed at could the troops behind immediately recognize which direction to follow in pursuit.

Black Tiger Slayer was always by Bian Linghan’s side, so he heard Lin Xi, Bian Linghan and the others’ conversation clearly. Previously, he didn’t say anything, but at this time, when he understood that Lin Xi was going to lead their troops in assault, while nodding and accepting the order, he quietly said, “Sir Lin can call me Meng Su.”

Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment. Immediately afterwards, he knew that this was his subordinate’s real name.

“Pu Dongshan will serve sir.” That peasant farmer-like earth wolf Deng Shoucheng gave Lin Xi a bow of respect.

“Liu Zhangqing will serve sir.” The short footed wolf Hu Guipu gave Lin Xi a bow of respect.

“Sun Cuixiu will serve sir.” The white-haired older woman gave Lin Xi a bow of respect.

“For Yunqin.”

It was rather strange. Unknown if it was for the sake of boosting morale, or because of the heavy atmosphere from these individuals' serious bows, when Lin Xi solemnly returned their greetings, he blurted this out.

“For Yunqin!”

However, the moment these words left his mouth, these four cultivators, as well as Jiang Xiaoyi, Bian Linghan and others also immediately released a sky shaking great shout.

The seven hundred mounted army viewed war as an instinct to begin with, they were the Jadefall Border Army most adept at battles under the sky. Right now, when they understood that their commander was going to lead the charge himself, these soldiers also immediately released a sky shaking roar.


Lin Xi’s fist was raised high into the air. Then, with a heavy wave, the war horse beneath him released a neigh, charging out forward first like an arrow.


Countless iron hooves rapidly struck the ground, stirring up countless grass fragments and earth.

Heaven’s Lens Army’s remaining troops firmly respected Lin Xi’s commands, remaining on the tall slope without moving. All of these people, apart from An Keyi, had complicated expressions on their faces.

This was especially the case for those ordinary soldiers, their expressions even more complicated.

Spiritual Sacrifice Priests were all cultivators who brought peace to the army and boosted morale, their power originating from their reformed fiend beasts. When had they ever seen a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest with such a terrifying longbow on his back, a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest who charged at the very front of an army?

“That is Rear Heaven’s Lens Army, the one leading this army, I do not know who he is… but he is a good opponent.”

The moment Lin Xi led these seven hundred soldiers, charging out like a crazy current, on the hilltop the opposing side’s light armored cavalry originally passed by, a commander with a Brass Hawkeye in hand, clad in black armor, but wearing a cloak quietly said this to himself.

This roman nosed, cold and fierce faced Jadefall Border Army commander examined the battle situation below with eagle-like eyes. Behind him were a few military officers who stood respectfully. On the hill behind him was a densely packed great army.

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