Book 9 Chapter 53 - Charge Towards The Top

In Jadefall City’s eastern border, Hua Gujun, who failed to ambush Lin Xi and the others three times, led his troops towards Wulasha, which was also the region Jadefall Border Army marked as Jadefall Treasure Bowl Mountain Region.

Five hundred light armored cavalry quickly advanced at a steady speed at the sides of the army.

At the center were a hundred heavy armored cavalry, both their bodies and horses covered in well-tempered heavy armor, only the riders and mounts’ eyes exposed outside. Their entire bodies looked like riders cast entirely in steel.

Between these movable steel fort-like heavy armors and light cavalry were several dozen war chariots. These war chariots were all covered in thick black ox blankets, but between the ice-cold aura and bulging shaped objects the blankets couldn’t cover, as well as the dozens of military personnel in the carriages whose reputations were entirely differently, they could easily deduce that what was carried in these war chariots were all movable steel fortresses even more powerful than heavy armor, soul weapon heavy armors!

Two riders rushed out from who knew where, heading towards this invincible army led by Hua Gujun.

Only, when they saw the faces of one of the riders clearly, the scouting troops at the very front didn’t stop them at all, allowing these two riders to rush up to the central army.

These two riders both used tall and strong wild horses, no saddles on them. However, even as these two powerful wild horses charged crazily, the two riders still remained rigidly on their backs like nails, not the slightest chance of falling off. One of them was slender and tall, his beard and facial hair covered in traces of wind and dust. He was dressed in rough hemp clothes full of patches, looking just like a regular hunter. The only difference was that resting on his back was a long rectangular parcel, from the shape likely a bladed weapon.

The other rider was dressed in skintight black leather armor, his figure not all that large and tall, but his arms looked exceptionally thick and strong. It was as if all of his entire muscles were shifted to these two arms. He looked like a descendant of the local area, eyes a bit sunken in, hair a bit ash yellow. What was most alarming were the dark red giant bow and the thick and heavy leather arrow quiver on his back.

The entire dark red giant bow, together with the bowstring, was made of several types of interwoven metal. The bow and bowstring were covered in rose flower runes. Because it was twice the size of standard bows, it seemed especially shocking and terrifying.

The moment all of the soldiers behind Hua Gujun clearly saw this rider, their eyes immediately produced expressions of respect and admiration.

It was because from just seeing that dark red giant bow, all of them knew that the one who came was Xu Qiubai, the most powerful archer under Great General Wenren.

For Jadefall Border Army, this archery master with a dark red longbow on his back was a legendary figure. During the past dozen or so years of bitter war, this archery master’s figure could almost always be seen. This number one archery master in Jadefall Border Army was most likely the war general who participated in the most battles in the last decade.

“General Xu.”

Hua Gujun took the initiative to show this powerful archer a bow of respect.

He naturally understood the use and strength of an archery master better than any normal soldier. He also knew that in the past, in that battle where they surrounded Nanshan Mu, this archery master was there. He was also present in the battle of intercepting Xu Buyi.

“There is no need for excessive formalities.”

Xu Qiubai gave Hua Gujun a look, his face expressionless as he asked, “How is the military situation.”

While speaking, his eyes flickered, reflecting the dark red color of the longbow he carried, as if his sunken eyes continuously flickered with blood radiance. Together with his expression being too cold, his entire being looked like a bloodthirsty soul weapon who didn’t feel the slightest trace of emotion.

Hua Gujun calmly replied, “The rebel army shows signs of breaking towards Treasure Bowl and East Outskirts Mountain Sun Path. My army’s objective is to cut in tomorrow midday, intercept some of the rebel army.”

“We received orders to follow the army.” Xu Qiubai nodded, his words incredibly concise as he said this.

Hua Gujun turned around to look at the hemp clothed rider next to Xu QIubai. “This one is?”

Xu Qiubai said expressionlessly, “Zhen Kuai, East Forest Province’s secret agent leader. His blade is also extremely fast, you might not be able to stop it.”

When he heard this type of introduction, Zhen Kuai showed Hua Gujun an apologetic smile. Hua Gujun didn’t feel any annoyance towards Xu Qiubai’s direct and almost rude introduction, only his mood becoming a bit heavier. He nodded his head, returning the greeting, and then asked with a serious voice, “The troop I was previously trying to intercept is rumored to have come from East Forest Province?”

Zhen Kuai’s expression was cold as he looked at Hua Gujun, his forced smile put away, seriously replying, “It was I who continuously followed them, moreover reported to Sir Gongsun Quan. However, I never expected that not even Sir Gongsun Quan could stop this troop.”

“I set up three ambushes, each time feeling like it’ll definitely succeed, but in the end, the enemy managed to get away, as if assisted by the heavens. According to the most recent military intelligence, the other party already killed Sir Ding and assumed command over Rear Heaven’s Lens army.” Hua Gujun looked at Zhen Kuai, slowly asking, “I heard that the one who commands this troop is a youngster, the one who killed Sir Gongsun Quan is also this youngster. Just who exactly is this youngster?”

“The current intelligence has already been verified without mistake.” Zhen Kuai looked at this exceptionally cold and overcast expressioned Coordination Generalcentral policy general, saying with a suppressed voice, “It is Lin Xi who was transferred over from Dragon Snake Border Army, his previous identity Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army Officer.”

Hua Gujun’s eyes immediately became cold. “The one who captured a giant lizard mount, forced Di Choufei into demotion, that Green Luan Academy new generation Windstalker?”

Zhen Kuai nodded. “Precisely.”

Regarding their discussion, Xu Qiubai at these two’s side didn’t seem interested in the slightest. Only at the moment he heard Hua Gujun say the word Windstalker, did his eyes narrow slightly, the corners of his lips producing a bit of an exceptionally cold expression. Then, he didn’t say anything else, leaping off his horse and heading into a carriage in the back on his own, moving aside the heavy curtains that covered the heavy armor and military equipment, making his way in.

Hua Gujun didn’t pay this powerful archer’s movement much attention. He entered a state of silence, and then as the troop advanced another few hundred steps, only then did he say to Zhen Kuai with a light sigh, “Even someone like you was transferred back to assist the army in battle… this battle will be much harder than any great battle in the past.”

Zhen Kuai nodded, saying quietly after a light sigh, “Indeed, I might not even be able to see my son who is about to be born.”

Hua Gujun stared blankly for a moment. Unknown as to what emotions it was because of, after a slight pause, he said, “Congrats.”

Zhen Kuai chuckled, sincerely saying, “Thank you.”

It was a starry night.

Lin Xi and the entire Jadefall Rear Heaven’s Lens Army were in Treasure Bowl’s hills and meadows, advancing in Mountain Sun Path’s direction.

After continuously shooting down Ding Ding and other officers with Bian Linghan, as well as the intimidation of the Spiritual Sacrifice Priest robes representing glory and radiance, under the assistance of Brave Mount General Chou Zhenghu, Lin Xi’s group assumed control over the general situation.

Apart from a few dozen individuals who were unconditionally loyal to Wenren Cangyue, committing suicide after seeing that there was no way of reversing the situation, the entire process wasn’t all that messy, not bringing about too many casualties.

This was undoubtedly the best result Lin Xi and the others wanted to see, because in the end, every single person who died was still a Yunqin citizen.

The Mountain Sun Path to the north of Treasure Bowl Mountain Region was the most level field region in all of Jadefall City East, as well as the only strategic main path between Jadefall City and Yunqin. The other side mountain forest paths were only suitable for small troops and merchants. Moreover, most of those mountain forest regions’ horse paths went through even more choke points because of the terrain. Only a troop like Lin Xi’s that was made entirely of cultivators had a chance of breaking through Jadefall Border Army’s blockade and entering the depths of Jadefall City.

Jadefall City East Border to the depths of Jadefall City were mostly low hills and level meadows. Large scale battles here were much different from Dragon Snake Border Army and Thousand Sunset Mountain.

Normally, Yunqin’s funds, army provisions and new recruits would all enter Jadefall City through Mountain Sun Path. Meanwhile, right now, if Yunqin’s troops wanted to break into Jadefall City, the only choice was to attack Mountain Sun Path’s area.

However, right now, even though Lin Xi was commanding the entire Rear Heaven’s Lens Army towards Mountain Sun Path, whether or not the higher ups wanted them to attack Mountain Sun Path was something Lin Xi didn’t bother thinking about in the slightest. It was because he knew extremely well that there were many troops that were tossing about within Jadefall City’s borders, that there were many ‘fish’ like him. In Yunqin, this great river, he was after all just a small fish.

There were five scout riders who maintained steady and fast speed, wandering a few li in front of Rear Heaven’s Lens Army.

Under this moonless, star-filled night sky, the ordinary soldiers in Rear Heaven’s Lens Army already couldn’t see the five riders in front of them.

Suddenly, on a tall slope in front of these five riders, several dozen bowstring noises sounded at the same time. Several dozen black arrows were released from the waist length underbrush, carrying mournful air tearing sounds as they converged on these five riders with incredible precision.

Even if it were the most elite scouting riders from Jadefall Border Army, under this type of sudden rain of arrows, they would still definitely have heavy casualties. However, when the arrow noises sounded, the weapons in the hands of the five riders flickered with radiance. In a breath of time, these five riders actually completely hacked down all arrows that possessed true threat against them, not a single one of them suffering serious damage.

It was because this was an extremely extravagant small scouting troop made entirely of cultivators.

Apart from Jiang Xiaoyi, Bian Linghai and Meng Bai, the other two were Black Tiger Slayer and the peasant farmer-like Earth Wolf Deng Shoucheng.

Meng Bai was extremely timid, but his hands were extremely fast.

In that instant, with a single long blade, he smacked several arrows that were aimed towards him flying, moreover couldn’t help but pull on the reins, making his horse’s speed slow a bit.

Only, with this slowing speed, Bian Linghan and the other four horses far exceeded him, moreover charging towards the dozens of ambushing soldiers.

The dozens of ambushing soldiers didn’t release any sound, not asking where these scouting troops came from. A black-armored military officer clenched his fist again, wanting to give the order to shoot down the one at the very front. However, when his fist was just raised, Bian Linghan who was already charging at crazy speed already completed her draw and fired, a silver arrow shooting this officer between the brows with incredible precision.

Another round of arrows still descended. However, because of this officer’s death, they became less precise and more chaotic.

Jiang Xiaoyi took the lead. After a sky shaking roar, he charged into enemy lines first. With a wave of an arm, the black spear in his hands impaled the abdomen of a black-armored soldier who charged at his horse, throwing him into the air.

He didn’t stop in the slightest, continuing forward, directly charging through the center. His spear thrusts always produced results, actually sending five individuals flying in just a few meters of distance.

Bian Linghan and the others didn’t follow behind Jiang Xiaoyi, instead scattering through their lines like arrows. In just a few breaths of time, this group of thirty something archers and swordsmen only had a few individuals left.


The remaining black-armored soldiers still charged as if they didn’t care about their lives. However, Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t bother with these individuals, immediately leading his horse towards the high point in front of him.

Only, when he reached the highest point of this slope and saw the scene before him, the pupils of this youngster who already became an outstanding and cool-headed young war general after continuous battles contracted slightly.

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