Book 9 Chapter 52 - I Won’t Overthrow Reverence

Jadefall City, behind Heaven’s Lens Lake.

In the surroundings of Lost Forest, in the great camp that originally belonged to Nanshan Mu, a dark clad man whose temperament was heavy like deep and cold waters, age impossible to deduce, was currently standing in front of a sand table that modeled Jadefall City’s entire territory.

This dark clothed man whose entire figure, from inside out all gave off an exceptionally deep and cold feeling was Cheng Yu, Jadefall Border Army’s second-in-command. After Ghost Advisor was captured, he became the number two figure in Jadefall Border Army.

Right now, resting on the sand table in front of him, in Jadefall City’s east, were more than thirty small flags. Most of them were black, but seven of them were red, their existences rather striking and disharmonious among the black flags.

As Wenren Cangyue’s absolute trusted aide, someone who Wenren Cangyue personally rescued from a pile of corpses, moreover someone who always followed Great General Wenren to battle, ultimately becoming Jadefall City’s second-in-command, Cheng Yu naturally understood the things that were happening in the massive Yunqin Empire and Jadefall City better than anyone else, as well as why these things were happening.

From the day Great General Wenren was given the post of west guarding great general, unable to return to Central Continent Imperial City’s military, he already clearly understood that this Great General Wenren he respected and was willing to use his life to defend could not become one of the nine figures behind the layers of curtains, knowing that this kind of battle would happen sooner or later.

Starting from that day, all of these people who would choose to remain on Great General Wenren’s side in this struggle against the emperor, unconditionally loyal to him, already began to crazily amass power, starting to prepare for this battle.

All of Xiyi Fifteen Divisions’ territory belonged to them, these fertile lands whose produce was equivalent to many provinces in Yunqin was also all theirs, the large amounts of livestock and border trade also made it so that Jadefall City didn’t need to rely on Yunqin’s military at all, instead becoming completely self-sufficient.

However, during all these years, Yunqin’s military still continued to provide funds and provisions. Moreover, because Jadefall Border’s military achievements continuously increased, the funding was even greater than that of normal armies.

They occupied Xiyi Fifteen Divisions’ land. Within this land, half of it was actually used by them to raise dogs.

Great General Wenren raised these Xiyi people just like raising dogs.

They were already about to starve to death, only a few bones were thrown to them. Normally, the things these Xiyi people stole from Tangcang’s people or caravans were also mostly returned to Jadefall Army.

Wenren Cangyue completely subdued Xiyi. By relying on the produce of Xiyi’s land, raising these Xiyi people like livestock, Jadefall Border Army already accumulated true power.

Even someone like Cheng Yu, before this battle reached its current climax, had a bit of confidence, feeling like after Jadefall Border Army displayed enough power, Central Continent Imperial City, or even the entire world under the sky, had no choice but to make some compromises.

However, he never expected Jadefall Border Army would suffer so many defeats, to the extent where without Ghost Advisor at his side, he even found it a bit hard to retain control over everything, feeling less capable than desired.

A group of Sky Wolf Guards entered deeply into Sanskrit Passage, but even up until now, Nanshan Mu’s several thousand member army still hadn’t been wiped out, they still had a chance of slaughtering their way back to Jadefall City at any time and thus delivering them a heavy blow.

The sword idiot Dao Ruosu, this type of expert even already made his move, accompanying so many Clear River Academy experts to eliminate Xu Buyi who was fleeing with Ghost Advisor on his back. All of the experts from Green Luan Academy who might have a chance of threatening Dao Ruosu were under their careful observation, so there was no way they could affect that battle. However, they didn’t know that Green Luan Academy still had Nangong Mo, this type of powerful hidden expert who was so strong, even Tangcang was left with no choice but to exchange for his life with Gu Xinyin’s. Nangong Mo always hid his strength in Green Luan Academy, so not even Green Luan Academy’s people knew how powerful he was. However, he appeared, in the end still loyal to the black robes he wore while returning home, making Dao Ruosu and all of those Clear River Academy experts perish in that mountain forest.

Tangcang’s most influential imperial uncle already reached an agreement with them, planning to lock up Tangcang’s borders together. Moreover, as long as Wenren Cangyue killed Gu Xinyin, they would grant Wenren Cangyue large amounts of military equipment and even an army in support. It was to the extent where even if the battle situation was unfavorable, they would even open up Tangcang’s Sanskrit Passage, allowing Jadefall Army to freely move through.

Right now, Cheng Yu still didn’t know that Wenren Cangyue didn’t kill Gu Xinyin, but he knew extremely clearly that on Tangcang’s side, there was still no large transfer of military goods or troops.

Previously, when they were stopping the troops from Yunqin that came out from various places in secret, they also already used up all of their strength, not even hesitating to expose some hidden powers that had already been assigned there for a long time. However, despite this being the case, during these few days of time, there were already seven troops that were nibbled away by the other side. Even though right now, Jadefall Border Army still occupied the absolute advantage, already encircling and annihilating these areas, this type of speed and situation was still enough to make one’s heart tremble.

With the eyesight of someone like him, at the very least, in the first half of this great battle, Jadefall Border Army already suffered small defeats one after another, the situation extremely unfavorable.

In his opinion, the only thing he could still rely on was the number of dogs they have been raising all these years, those Xiyi Tribes.

Those Xiyi Tribes at least had many strong warriors, many powerful cultivators. Just the bit of hope that they could return to Jadefall City was already enough to make them go crazy, completely forget everything else.

Only, Cheng Yu didn’t know that this chess piece in his plans would never come either.

It was because there was also a tender faced true genius, a Sacred Expert who was quite good at fighting.

There was also a monk who came from Sanskrit Temple, his strength alone enough to fend off Great General Wenren, someone unmatched at the Sacred Expert level.

Wenren Cangyue knew that his loyal subordinates and the dogs he raised wouldn’t come.

He stood on a cliff cave between Sanskrit Passage and Jadefall City.

In the dark cliff cave behind him stood terrifying steel figures.

These steel figures were all some heavy armors. Most of them were non soul weapon armors that could be worn as long as the individual wearing them was a strong warrior, while a small portion were soul weapon heavy armors with runes carved on them.

When all of these armors were added up, there were a thousand and several hundred individuals.

These heavy armors’ metal release a unique cold aura, making this cave hole seem extremely icy cold and stifling.

When all of these sets of heavy armor were equipped, they would definitely form a terrifying iron stream. However, the Xiyi Tribesmen who were originally supposed to use these sets of heavy armor didn’t come.

Without people who could equip and make use of these heavy armors, these heavy armors that were shockingly valuable for Yunqin became useless dead objects.

No one dared purposely waste Great General Wenren’s time unless they dared hand over their own heads as the price. Once the deadline was missed, it meant that they would never come. Wenren Cangyue wouldn’t waste any time, so he only silently prepared to leave.

Right at this time, a red lipped white teethed commander slowly climbed the stairs. He respectfully walked up to Wenren Cangyue, giving him a bow of respect.

“You hid yourself well.”

Wenren Cangyue gave this officer a look and said this.

Originally, this officer shouldn’t have walked up, nor did he have the qualifications to do so. However, the reason he dared walk up could only mean that he had a different identity, that he wasn’t someone from Jadefall Border Army.

This officer once again bowed in respect, apologetically saying, “I still have my duty and my responsibilities, I must ask general to forgive me.”

Wenren Cangyue gave this officer an indifferent look and said, “At the very least, you’ve served under me for many years, so you should understand that I don’t like wasting time.”

This officer straightened his body. With a nod, he still retained respect towards Wenren Cangyue, but no fear could be seen from his face. “I wish for general to come to Great Mang.”

Wenren Cangyue’s brows that were thick like ink jumped slightly. With cold mockery, he said, “Why do I need to go to Great Mang?”

This red lipped white teethed officer respectfully said, “Our emperor will grant sir a position that is high enough, even greater than that of the nine senators in that Central Continent.”

“One person above all, all people beneath, just like that Roadside Li Ku?” Wenren Cangyue began to laugh.

The red lipped white teethed officer nodded respectfully. “Precisely.”

“You thought I would accept Great Mang Old Emperor’s suggestion because this is a rather safe way out. Even if I am completely defeated here, I can still head to Great Mang.” Wenren Cangyue’s smile was gradually put away. He looked at this officer and said, “But I will kill you first.”

The red lipped white teethed officer revealed a bitter smile and said, “I know general wouldn’t tolerate anyone’s betrayal, I have also already prepared to sacrifice myself for my country. However, I must ask general to please let me live until I bring general into Great Mang’s territory.”

“There is no need. Even if I do head for Great Mang, I don’t need your help.” Wenren Cangyue shook his head. He looked at this officer and coldly said, “Seeing as how you’ve done much for me during these years, I can tell you some of my true thoughts right now… You should also understand the current situation in Great Mang’s borders, so why must I choose to join the Old Emperor’s side? To overthrow the reverence this world originally already has?”

“You…” This red lipped white teethed officer could remain calm even when facing death, but after hearing Wenren Cangyue’s words, his expression instead suddenly turned snow-white. He quickly thought of some things, and then he realized that the degree of terror of these matters and Wenren Cangyue’s true ambition immediately made his body begin to shake fiercely.

“Li Ku is also an opponent I need to defeat in this world.”

Wenren Cangyue placed his hands behind him, coldly saying this.

There were only five steps of distance between him and this red lipped white teethed officer.

Under this type of distance, under this entire sky, the number of people who could take on a close distance strike from Great General Wenren was extremely small.

That was why the moment this red lipped white teethed officer heard Wenren Cangyue’s first sentence, he already died.

He didn’t even see the sword radiance, yet his head already flew out. His body was blown away by the crazy winds of Wenren Cangyue’s sword, falling down the cliff.

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