Book 9 Chapter 51 - Bow Holding Priest

These officials were all standing not far from this young military officer whose helmet was red like blood, so they immediately saw what this young officer wanted to do. As such, they immediately shouted out.

Those who could serve as the officers of a hundred men in Jadefall Border Army were naturally veterans of a hundred battles, understanding clearly just how grave of a matter going against a higher ranking military officer was. However, they had no choice but to do this.

It was because this was Sir Iris.

He was a trusted advisor who had previously held a position in Jadefall East Outskirts’ Rear Heaven’s Lens Army. After being transferred to East Forest Province, he then became an Imperial Censor of Trade Sector!

Even though they were far off in Jadefall Border Army, they still often heard about the achievements of Sir Iris. Moreover, in the eyes of anyone in Yunqin, the Imperial Censors of the various sectors were the backbones of Yunqin, they were upright and honorable, those who truly represented the voice of the people!

The Imperial Censors from the various sectors were all just like Jiang Rui who stopped Wei Xianwu’s troops in East Port Town.

These officers could still doubt the imperial order and military command in Bai Yulou’s hands, but they weren’t willing to doubt Sir Iris who didn’t possess the slightest bit of strength compared to them. It was because they understood extremely clearly that if they killed this type of officer, their names might be forever recorded in Yunqin’s history, forever bearing the title of traitors.

The young military officer in the blood red helmet naturally understood this extremely clearly. However, when facing these military officers’ shouting, his hand that was raised upwards only stopped for a split second. With an extremely cold voice, he said, “Kill all those who defy orders!”

“Let me see who dares to kill!”

A fierce shout sounded from within the amp.

A middle-aged high ranking military officer with two terrifying wounds on his face ran over with crazy steps. Because he came in too much of a hurry, this middle-aged officer didn’t even have time to put on his armor, only wearing simple cotton clothing on his body, his hair also messy. However, behind him followed at least a hundred light armored soldiers.

When he saw the appearance of this middle-aged officer and then heard his berating, the blood red helmet clad young military officer’s pupils contracted. His raised hand momentarily froze, not continuing upwards.

It wasn’t that he feared this middle-aged officer’s cultivation or the soldiers behind him, but rather that the appearance of this middle-aged commander already made the archers under his command completely enter a state of hesitation and panic. Even if he gave the order right now, it might not be of any use.

“Chou Zhenghu, could it be that you want to start a mutiny in this camp?”

Right at this time, a voice of suppressed anger sounded. The light golden non-standard armored Rear Heaven’s Lens Army Commander Ding Ding slowly walked out from the center of the camp. At this time, a fully equipped light cavalry army rushed out from the rear camp region, forming a stream of iron, blocking the front of the camp.

“I am committing mutiny?”

Chou Zhenghu suddenly roared with laughter, shouting furiously, “Sir Ding, you dare claim that Sir Lin Zhuhe in front of our camp is fake? Could it be that you don’t know what killing him signifies?”

Under this officer’s thunderous roar, many lower level officers, old petty officers and even ordinary soldiers’ eyes became thoroughly red as they looked at Ding Ding, wanting an explanation from him.

One side was a commander whom they normally respected, one was Yunqin’s Imperial Censor. However, when the two were compared, Yunqin’s Imperial Censor carried more weight in their hearts.

“He is obviously not fake.”

The tall and sturdy, square faced Ding Ding coldly looked at Chou Zhenghu and said with an ice-cold voice, “But right now, it isn’t an issue of whether he is real or fake, but rather if you all are loyal to Great General Wenren or not, whether or not you doubt Great General Wenren.”

Chou Zhenghu’s expression suddenly changed, staring straight at Ding Ding. “Sir Ding, what are you trying to say?”

“Are my intentions still not clear enough?” Ding Ding narrowed his eyes. He gave a military salute to the west. “Everyone in our Jadefall Army is under Great General Wenren, we all obey Great General Wenren’s orders. Even if the royal court wishes to remove me from my position, they must go through Great General Wenren’s evaluation. The document that strips me of my position should come from Great General Wenren’s military documents.”

After a slight pause, Ding Ding who completed the military salute swept his eyes over Chou Zhenghu and the officers who first interrupted his military command, saying with a slower and even colder voice, “All orders that directly go above Great General Wenren and don’t pass through Great General Wenren’s hands, who these orders are really trying to deal with, could it be that you all still don’t understand? I will give all of you a chance. If you do not go against my military orders, I can still leave you all with your lives. However, if you still wish to stand against my orders, I will completely cut all of you down without any hesitation.”

“If you want to kill Sir Iris, then you have to do so over my dead body.”

Chou Zhenghu understood Ding Ding’s intentions, but he didn’t change his decision at all. Instead, he restrained his anger and looked at Ding Ding with an ice-cold and austere expression, drawing the long blade in his hands.

As the copper-colored long blade was drawn, all those who agreed with his thinking also drew their weapons. In that instant, the two sides in this camp seemed extremely clear.

There were roughly two hundred or more soldiers whose faces were either red or pale, officers and soldiers who chose to stand at Chou Zhenghu’s side. However, in this great camp whose numbers exceeded a thousand five hundred, this number seemed rather frail.

“I already gave you all a chance.”

While looking at these former colleagues who raised their blades, there wasn’t any sympathy or pity to be seen in Ding Ding’s eyes, only saying this with an exceptionally ice-cold and decisive voice.

The moment he said this, this tall and sturdy military officer whose entire body released a cold and dignified aura raised his hand and then lowered it.

As long as his hand rose and fell, the curtains to a scene of bloody massacre would be pulled back.

However, what he didn’t know was that on an extremely distant archery tower, Lin Xi also shook his head, inwardly saying with a light sigh, “I also already gave you a chance.”

After inwardly saying this, a light trembling sound could be heard in his hands. A Wind Exceed Arrow left his Little Black’s bowstring, flying through the air in front of him.

Ding Ding was just about to raise his hand, but when his shoulder moved just slightly, everyone only felt a strange wind blow over, and then Ding Ding already released a miserable howl, falling down.

Right now, only Ding Ding knew what happened.

The moment he was about to give an order, a gray arrow suddenly flew out from the sky, shooting at the space between his brows.

This arrow’s speed was extremely fast, only barely giving him enough time to subconsciously grab at it and turn his head.

After many years of bitter cultivation and the potential that was unearthed from the true threat of death, his right hand actually gripped the tail of this arrow. However, before his right hand had enough time to exert force, his soul force still unable to completely enter the runes of the helmet he wore, the arrow already pierced through his flesh.

Under the slight twisting of his head, this arrow couldn’t hit him between his brows, only entering through his right eye socket. However, the arrowtip’s force of impact directly pushed it into his skull, immediately making him lose the ability to move, losing all perception.

In that instant, apart from him, no one knew just what exactly happened.

Only after he released a cry of alarm, falling heavily onto the ground, did those around him clearly see that an entirely metal gray arrow was planted in his eye socket.

“Little Black… is extremely black after all… Wind Exceed… is extremely fast as expected.”

While looking at this perfect arrow assassination, Lin Xi who was hidden in the archery tower rubbed his right arm that already became incredibly sore just from the extreme consumption of soul force, inwardly unable to help but release a sigh of praise.

Wind Exceed arrows weren’t especially strong, but Little Black was a terrifying weapon normal soul weapon longbows couldn’t compare to.

In Lin Xi’s perspective, even if it was himself, even if his reaction speed was twice as fast, he might not be able to avoid the arrow he released himself.

The speed of this arrow was something not even State Master level cultivators could avoid if they weren’t on guard, only able to face it directly head-on.

Cries of alarm sounded continuously in the camp.

Because the speed of this arrow was too fast, there was simply no way of telling which direction this arrow came from.

This was especially the case for soldiers who were loyal to Commander Ding Ding. They only saw that their commander was just about to give the order, and then an arrow immediately arrived. In that instant, they were all shouting furiously in alarm, blindly searching about.

Yunqin’s border army discipline was strict, and those who swore loyalty to Great General Wenren definitely weren't limited to Ding Ding alone. At this time, Jadefall Border Army’s power was fully displayed. Ding Ding directly fell, but his side didn’t become a scattered mess because their leader was cut down. That red helmet young military officer released a fierce shout, wishing to calm down his troops. At the same time, his hand was raised, wishing to take over Ding Ding’s command.

“Your helmet’s red color is too flashy… you are also too flashy…”

Lin Xi who already switched to his right hand holding the bow, left hand holding the bowstring, inwardly sighed. However, his expression was still completely calm, his entire body also extremely steady.

Another rapid wind noise sounded.

The soldiers around this red helmet clad young military officer couldn’t even release a sound before he fell forward.

Only when this young military officer smashed into the level earth, did these soldiers see an arrow planted in this young officer’s neck, only then did they feel the wind that brought about this arrow blow against their faces.

An officer under Ding Ding finally determined where the arrow came from, that this archer should be in the archery tower less than three hundred steps from them. However, his fear towards this powerful archer momentarily suppressed his normal iron-blooded and calm will, making his body become momentarily rigid.

This rigidness allowed him to keep his life.

It was because next to him, there was another officer who deduced the arrow path, about to raise his hand to give out an order. A silver arrow already flew through the air, planting itself in his opened mouth.

The slightly rigid officer reacted, his body quickly curling up.

Lin Xi stood up from the archery tower.

Even though not even an existence like an Imperial Censor could allow them to smoothly take over this camp, it was clear that the appearance of Sir Iris inflicted tremendous pressure on the minds of everyone in this army. It was also precisely because of the divide in the army, many people frozen as to what to do because of Wenren Cangyue’s might, that his arrows could possess such great intimidation effects.

Meanwhile, in his eyes, his goal wasn’t to try and kill these Jadefall soldiers, but rather to do everything he could to subdue them, convert them to facing Wenren Cangyue instead.

That was why he was going to use all methods possible to make the pressure every single person in this army endured a bit greater, to change the minds of all those who were merely restrained by the situation or hesitating over what to do to fully change their opinion.

As such, when he stood up, he already removed the green clothes he wore on the outside.

Within his green clothes were his light golden priest long robes, his Spiritual Sacrifice Priest gown.

The sentries who were standing rigidly on the watchtower all wore standard black leather armor. At this time, when Lin Xi stood up with his light golden priest robes, he was especially eye-catching.

Meanwhile, in the eyes of everyone in this camp, the most alarming thing was that this priest also had a black bow on his back.

A bow holding priest!

The graceful and radiant priest robes and the glossy black, rough longbow that possessed shocking killing intent immediately formed a stark contrast, making most of the soldiers’ breathing momentarily stop.

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