Book 9 Chapter 48 - The One Expelled From the Academy

When the sword scabbard in Dao Ruosu’s hands released weng weng vibration noises, the originally silent and peaceful forest suddenly seemed like it was experiencing a storm, becoming numerous and disorderly.

Clear River Academy experts dressed in all different colored clothes silently appeared from within.

That handsome and outstanding academy professor who examined his own silver star embroidered clothes raised his head. He first looked at the trembling sword scabbard in Dao Ruosu’s hands and then at the Clear River Academy experts, nodding in greeting towards Jadefall Great Consecrator Xu Buyi who carried Ghost Advisor on his back and said, “Twenty breaths… within twenty breaths of time, you have to rely on yourself.”

These words weren’t all that polite for Xu Buyi, and this sentence also carried a type of indescribable pride, but Xu Buyi didn’t feel the slightest bit of unhappiness. It was because all of Green Luan Academy’s powerful individuals were similarly wild and untamed. When a Green Luan Academy expert could say these words in front of Dao Ruosu and so many Clear River Academy experts, the only thing one needed to think about was just how powerful he was.

Dao Ruosu’s long and slender brows were slowly raised. Under his rushed sword and sword scabbard’s fine grinding noises, his flying sword finally flew out, floating three feet in front of his face.

His flying sword and sword hilt were the same, both made of blue jadestone material, their surface covered in white snowflake runes.

Right now, it was floating in front of him. Even though it was still and not moving, a powerful wave of formless pressure was already released from his flying sword. It was because no one knew just what kind of terrifying speed this flying sword would accelerate with in the next instant.

“What a nice Snowflake Divine Sword.”

The handsome professor raised his head. He looked at this flying sword that floated calmly in front of Dao Ruosu’s body, as if its material was cut from a snowy winter sky, releasing this light exclaim of admiration.

However, when he faced Jadefall City number two’s flying sword, he only admired the fine quality of this flying sword and its color, his face not revealing the slightest bit of worry regarding this flying sword’s power.

After releasing a light exclaim of admiration, he already moved, walking towards Dao Ruosu.

His feet stepped on grass, stepped on shrubbery, stepped on wild flowers… when the bottom of his feet stepped on these grass, shrubbery and wildflowers, the grass, shrubbery, and windflowers didn’t bend in the slightest, as if his body lacked all weight. However, when he walked past, behind him, the grass, shrubbery and wildflowers all silently turned into scattered ashes.

While looking at this unknown Green Luan Academy expert, the eyes of these Clear River Academy cultivators who were normally always arrogant only had fear left.

It was because this seemingly idle walk of that handsome black-robed professor clearly still hadn’t pushed his soul force to the limit, but his speed, in their eyes, already reached the limit, a long trail of afterimages appearing on the mountain slope. Right now, Dao Ruosu’s flying sword still didn’t move, but this unknown Green Luan Academy professor’s body already seemed to have become a flying sword.

“Why is there a need for twenty breaths?”

When facing this handsome black-robed professor who was descending from the sky, Dao Ruosu didn’t choose to temporarily avoid him, instead coldly and pridely speaking these words.

As these words sounded, the flying sword that was quietly waiting in front of him finally released a weng sound again. The entire flying sword shot through the sky in an extremely domineering manner, shooting towards the space between the handsome black-robed professor’s brows.

The instant it left the area in front of his body, all of the snowflake shaped runes on this flying sword also began to release powerful white light, making this flying sword become dazzling like a scorching sun, difficult to look straight at.

At the same time, his body also followed with a speed even faster than the black robed professor’s, moving behind the flying sword, actually always maintaining thirty steps of distance behind the flying sword.

In this world, almost all sword controlling Sacred Experts would do their best to increase the distance between their enemies and themselves.

It was because compared to soul weapons, the bodies of cultivators were still extremely weak, Sacred Experts were no exception to this. In order to deliver thunderous and swift flying sword strikes, Sacred Experts who could control swords didn’t need to get close at all, able to ensure their own safety.

However, Dao Ruosu was different. Ever since six years ago when he wanted to use the defeat of a Grand Court Great Consecrator to replace him and become one himself, but ended up suffering his life’s darkest defeat in front of dozens of Central Continent big names, he began to conceal his identity, leaving Central Continent Imperial City. He sought out great cultivators all over Yunqin in search of a breakthrough. In the end, when he saw Wenren Cangyue’s sword dao, he decided to settle down in Jadefall City, believing that Wenren Cangyue’s close distance sword dao suited him best, that it was also the sword dao that could best increase his strength.

Normal Sacred Experts feared close range battle, so they usually remained at a distance, but his close distance sword dao didn’t fear close distance… the closer he got, the greater the power he could pour into his flying sword.

The shorter the distance between his flying sword and himself, the greater the power his flying sword had.

In just a few breaths of time, Dao Ruosu’s purely tyrannical style flying sword already arrived in front of the handsome black-robed professor. His body was also less than thirty steps from this black-robed professor.

The moment his flying sword arrived in front of the handsome black-robed professor’s face, the sky behind the black-robed professor suddenly released a light cry. It was as if there was suddenly an opening that was torn open. A deep red arrow descended with even faster speed than the flying sword, flying towards the middle of the handsome black-robed professor’s back.

This was a powerful archer who waited until the opportunity to strike. He coordinated with Dao Ruosu’s flying sword, working together to bring down this handsome black-robed professor.

When faced with this attack, the handsome black-robed professor whose entire body was still moving extremely quickly was just about to run into the flying sword. All of a sudden, his hand flashed with golden light, a golden short staff appearing. This golden short staff was brandished with inconceivable speed, who knew how many times faster than his movements that produced afterimages. With an explosive dang noise, this golden short staff first sent the flying sword that already made contact with his body flying, and then struck the dark red arrow behind him with incomparable precision.

In the eyes of the bystanders, the dark red arrow and flying sword descended at the same time, basically impossible to determine which arrived sooner than the other. However, in that instant, he could recognize which came first, moreover, with just a single wave of his staff, he first sent the flying sword flying and then the dark red arrow was swatted out of the air.

In just half a breath of time, before that hidden powerful archer could lock onto his next position and release another arrow, he was only five steps away from the incoming Dao Ruosu.

When facing this opponent who was only five steps away from him, his black hair flying about, Dao Ruosu’s expression was still cold and dignified.

Even though his flying sword was smashed backwards, it moved straight back. Right now, it was already two steps in front of him.

His hand reached outwards, power pouring out of his palm and fingers. In that instant, his body increased speed again. His hand clenched the sword hilt, a sword thrusting between the handsome black-robed professor’s brows.

He indeed didn’t need twenty breaths of time.

Even though Dao Ruosu suffered a miserable defeat under the hands of a Grand Court Great Consecrator, at the very least, he had the qualifications to challenge one, worthy of several dozen big names in Central Continent Imperial City watching that battle. After giving up his past reputation, roaming the world purely as a cultivator seeking the dao, and then changing to close distance sword dao, his strength and conviction returned to the peak once more. That was why right now, he naturally had his own powerful pride as well.

Victory or defeat only needed this instant, why did he need twenty breaths of time.

This was the most powerful thrust he had released in his entire life, the most perfect sword strike.

His entire body seemed to have become one with this sword, the terrifying power simultaneously flowing through his body and sword surface, instantly turning all of the plants around him into scattered ashes.

“What powerful sword skill… However, Wenren Cangyue’s sword skill is still not unmatched under the sky. It is still but a single way among ten thousand forms.”

However, the handsome black-robed professor only calmly said this.

When this type of sword was approaching him, he could still calmly speak like this.

Only, the moment the first word’s syllable sounded, his left hand already reached out.

His left hand held a strange long black stinger. The instant it thrusted out, a pillar of light that condensed into material substance shot out from this long black stinger, striking against the tip of Dao Ruosu’s flying sword.

In that instant, a formless air mass continuously spread outside his and Dao Ruosu’s bodies.

The coldness and pride present in Dao Ruosu’s eyes suddenly turned into shock.

That small pillar of light was like a great mountain, impossible for him to contend against.

However, he still didn’t back up. He released a muffled groan. The power that was originally already crazily pouring out of his body like an unending stream, under his activation, became a bit faster. From his right rib to his right arm, all of his skin began to split open, the dazzling radiance on his sword once again becoming a bit brighter!


The sky behind the handsome black-robed professor once again had a hole ripped open. A dark red arrow descended again, the air around the tip of the arrow even igniting, displaying blue-colored flames.

Right now, the handsome black-robed professor only spoke up to his second word. He saw Dao Ruosu’s expression that carried a powerful resoluteness, as if he was willing to sacrifice anything. However, his eyes were instead filled with pity. He continued forward, the slight deadlocked situation between Dao Ruosu and himself was immediately shattered. 


Dao Ruosu opened his mouth, spitting out blood. The longsword in his hand, starting from the sword tip, began to break apart bit by bit. It was just like a long icicle that was crushed into powder from the front to its end. When the sword hilt was reached, it still didn’t stop. Dao Ruosu could no longer withstand the pressure, his entire arm began to break apart, starting from his palm.

Dao Ruosu’s body began to fly backwards.

While flying backwards, even though he lost a precious arm, his eyes were still tenaciously widened, staring at this handsome black-robed professor.

It was because in that instant, it didn’t seem like this handsome black-robed professor could block the incoming dark red arrow.

However, what made his body suddenly turn ice-cold was that he saw a streak of golden light fly out from this handsome black-robed professor’s mouth.

This streak of golden light was a small, handleless little sword that could be held under the tongue and even swallowed into the stomach.

ding noise sounded. This handleless little sword only made a turn, and then it made contact with the dark red arrow, directly sending this dark red arrow into the ground. Moreover, without any hesitation, the golden sword radiance shot out, slicing through the throat of a Clear River Academy expert who was currently charging over.

This handsome black-robed professor was actually also a sword controlling Sacred Expert!

The falling Dao Ruosu didn’t hear what this handsome black-robed professor was saying right now clearly . The moment the handleless small sword flew out, his body already became completely ice-cold. He couldn’t help but scream out, “How can this be possible… how could you be even stronger than Madman Qin… how could Green Luan Academy possibly have hid a monster like you?”

The handsome black-robed professor heard what Dao Ruosu said.

He lowered his head.

His flying sword was still dancing about this place, reaping the lives of Clear River Academy’s cultivators one after another.

His eyes then landed on the silver star embroidery on his black robes’ sleeves again.

“I was never someone from Green Luan Academy to begin with… someone from Tangcang… someone banished from Green Luan Academy.” He said quietly to himself, replying to Dao Ruosu.[1]

He was never someone from Green Luan Academy… However, at the very least, before, Vice Principal Xia and Green Luan Academy always treated him as someone from the academy. Even when sending him back, they didn’t have him remove these black robes, so he knew that these black robes were something Vice Principal Xia and the academy left for him as a type of commemoration.

1. Nangong Mo, Tangcang Country’s Spy B2C12

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