Book 9 Chapter 46 - True Miss Perfect

“Apart from Vice Principal Xia, who else knows?”

On a pitch-black and lightless slope, An Keyi was looking at the bonfires on the distant barren slope, asking Lin Xi at her side.

Gongsun Quan already died.

Because they still had to cooperate with the remaining troops who were heading west, they didn’t have too much time, which was why they had to quickly advance to make up for lost time. They were currently resting.

Right now, those people by the distant bonfires were all extremely tired. If they were to suddenly encounter an ambush in this type of state, then it would be extremely unfavorable.

However, An Keyi and and Lin Xi left this troop, starting to truly talk one on one. An Keyi didn’t ask Lin Xi why he would continue marching in this type of way, to the extent where she didn’t even ask Lin Xi about what happened before, she only directly asked him this question.

Lin Xi looked at An Keyi in the darkness, quietly saying, “Teacher… what are you talking about?”

After a bit of hesitation, she still simply said, “Divine General talent.”

“I don’t know.” Lin Xi shook his head without the slightest hesitation. “Teacher, how many people in the academy know the three words ‘Divine General talent?”

An Keyi thought for a bit. “Not many, maybe ten or so at most.”

“Apart from the four of them, there shouldn’t be anyone else who had truly discovered that I have some traits that are difficult for ordinary people to understand.” Lin Xi nodded. He looked at An Keyi and said, “It is because no one else can be as close to me as them and your respected self, no way they can truly understand me. Just like the others in this troop, they definitely think that being able to find Gongsun Quan is a hidden strength of the academy.”

“After the battle of Meteor Lake, many people felt that Principal Zhang had some unimaginable judgment ability, sensing that he had some talents that were different from normal people.” An Keyi turned around to look at the nodding Lin Xi. She actually felt a bit of flusteredness not even she herself understood… She was standing extremely close to Lin Xi, able to hear his breathing. In the past, she never felt any strange feelings, even when Lin Xi was helping her in the medicine room before, extremely close to him, she didn’t feel the slightest bit of inappropriateness. It was because in her perception, he was his own student self, a child, while she was his teacher. However, now, Lin Xi was already no longer underripe and inexperienced. This was especially the case after confirming his Divine General talent,  in her eyes, Lin Xi became even more different.

 Right now, she seemed to suddenly discover that Lin Xi standing together with her was half a head taller. Right now, while chatting shoulder to shoulder with each other, in the eyes of many people in the troop, they definitely seemed extremely intimate.

This type of feeling made her words become even slower, even more sluggish than normal. “However, Principal Zhang was different from how you are now… in Principal Zhang’s era, all experts under the sky were already beaten into submission, fully convinced, all of them feeling fear towards him. Moreover, Vice Principal Xia and the others were extremely strong… at that time, Green Luan Academy was powerful to the point of being above any other cultivation holy lands in this world. Now, Principal Zhang had gone who knew where, many seniors in the academy already passed on, it is already an age where many cultivation holy lands and our academy’s talents are rising up… Vice Principal Xia and the others are definitely waiting until you can beat the entire word into submission once again, just like the past Principal Zhang did. However, before you can convince the entire world, if you let others discover your talent, there will still be countless people who will dare take you on as their enemy, and they will do everything they can to kill you.”

“Beat into submission… this phrase is quite overbearing.” Lin Xi produced a bitter smile. He looked at An Keyi and said, “However, teacher, I don’t have this type of lofty aspiration.”

“You can choose what kind of path you wish to take, no one will force you.”

An Keyi lowered her head, looking down at her own shoes, quietly saying, “Since Vice Principal Xia knows about your talent, in front of others, you can naturally use the illusion of the academy helping you.”

“I understand.” Lin Xi revealed another forced smile, inwardly thinking that he likely knew better than anyone that he definitely couldn’t let anyone know his true secrets.

“Divine General talent… just what kind of talent is it exactly?” An Keyi remained silent for a moment. She raised her head to look at Lin Xi, quietly asking, “Just what kind of feeling is it? Is it a natural intuition when facing danger?”

After a bit of hesitation, he quietly said, “Teacher, your respected self can understand it as being able to foresee some danger that is about to happen.”

“It truly is an unusual talent…” An Keyi muttered. For some reason, she suddenly felt a bit of sympathy for Lin Xi.

It was because she understood clearly that in this world, the more powerful a cultivator’s abilities, as long as there was anything they cared about, the harder it was for them to choose how to continue down their paths sometimes.

Because she could sense Lin Xi’s sincerity and because she could feel that Lin Xi’s sincerity was still a bit childish, in her eyes, Lin Xi became a bit younger again, and she felt a bit more at ease, warmly feeling like she was like his older sister.

“For you.”

She reached out a hand towards Lin Xi.

“Teacher, what is this?” Lin Xi saw that what An Keyi placed in his hands was a seemingly extremely sturdy black metal case.

An Keyi used her reading voice to explain quietly, “The yellow porcelain bottle inside is Gongsun Quan’s ‘Quicksand’, the white-colored jade bottle has three antidote pills.”

Lin Xi was a bit stunned and then immediately reacted. “Teacher, your respected self is giving me ‘Quicksand’ to use as self-protection?”

“Gongsun Quan has died, so no one else can concoct ‘Quicksand’. If they can’t obtain Quicksand, then there is no way for them to make any antidotes like me. That is why this Quicksand has already become an extinct poison in this world.” An Keyi nodded. “Only, even though Quicksand is stable, its adherence strength isn’t especially strong. If it is smeared on your arrows, when the arrow and the airflow experience great friction, together with the surging of the other party’s soul force, it might scatter, so the best for you is still to set the poison in secret… directly let it make contact with the other party’s skin, or mix it into food and drink, have the other party ingest it. Unless it is someone like me who has obtained Quicksand before, the color and taste of Quicksand in food and drinks can’t be detected at all.”

Because Quicksand was an extreme poison not even An Keyi could treat if she got infected herself, she spoke about these things in extreme detail, this conversation she and Lin Xi were having all by themselves also continuing for quite some time.

When they returned to the troops’ campsite, the already extremely weary Lin Xi wasn’t in a rush to immediately rest, instead quietly arriving at Gao Yanan’s side, quietly saying by her ears, “Beautiful girl… if you have time, could you spare a bit for my humble self, chat with me for a bit?”

He understood extremely clearly that it was Gao Yanan who had some questions she wanted to ask him alone, but because their relationship was different from that of others, he felt like he had to be a bit more proactive.

However, because the words ‘beautiful girl’ seemed a bit too frivolous, Gao Yanan gave Lin Xi a glare. She stood up without saying anything, walking towards where Lin Xi and An Keyi just were.

Lin Xi followed behind Gao Yanan, watching as Gao Yanan’s ponytail danced about in the wind, revealing her fine white neck. This scene alone made his heart feel more gentle, more sweet.


He quickly took two steps forward, quietly saying a word of apology by Gao Yanan’s ears.

“I really wasn’t purposely trying to hide things from you… it is just that some things really are hard to explain.” Lin Xi thought that Gao Yanan was sulking on purpose, so he then said this with a bitter smile. When he thought about how he had to explain what televisions were, what trains were, he really might not be able to explain clearly, instead making her feel that things were even more absurd. Perhaps people from his and Principal Zhang’s word might believe it if someone claimed to be from this type of ancient world, because in his previous word, there were similar cold weapons like these that existed. However, in the brains of the people of this world, they completely lacked the slightest concept of his world. Who can possibly even picture a steam engine, or something like an industrial revolution?

“I understand… Divine General student.” However, what left him a bit stunned, and made him widen his eyes was that he heard Gao Yanan quietly say these words.

“You…” Lin Xi stared blankly in disbelief, looking at Gao Yanan who stopped.

What made him feel even more disbelief was that there was a hint of a blush on Gao Yanan’s face.

He immediately became stunned.

Gao Yanan faced him, gathering some courage, and then said seriously, “Actually, I should say sorry to you as well, because previously, in Green Luan Academy, I told you that I also have my secrets… My original surname should have been Zhou, but I took on my mother’s surname.”

“Surnamed Zhou?” Lin Xi stared blankly. He immediately reacted, realizing that the things Gao Yanan knew should be much more than a Green Luan Academy student like him, especially when she uttered the two words ‘Divine General’. He immediately thought of how he met that great golden spoon Zhou Yongxian before. He immediately cried out in alarm, “You and that Trade Sector Zhou Family…”

Gao Yanan shook her head. “Not that Zhou Family.”

“Not that Zhou Family?” Lin Xi frowned. However, immediately afterwards, the expression on his face became brilliant. He opened his mouth in disbelief, stuttering a bit as he said, “Zhou… Grand Secretary Zhou…”

Gao Yanan nodded. “Yeah, he is my father.”

“....” Only after a long time did Lin Xi finally release an exhale. “My future father-in-law is actually Yunqin’s grand secretary who rules tens of thousands of people?”

He looked at Gao Yanan’s perfect appearance… unable to help but mutter to himself with a bitter smile on his face, “A Deerwood Town bumpkin actually became the boyfriend of Yunqin’s greatest miss perfect?”[1]

Gao Yanan who spoke her secrets felt inwardly relaxed. While standing together with Lin Xi, she felt incredibly happy inside. She asked with a bit of curiosity, “What is Miss Perfect?”

“White skinned… rich, and beautiful…”

“Lin Xi, why do you always say such frivolous things?”

“I am only speaking the truth!” Lin Xi suddenly felt like he had a headache, becoming a bit annoyed. However, he decided he might as well not think too much about it. He reached out a hand towards Gao Yanan, quietly saying, “You’re not allowed to hit me.”

1. Ms Perfect is internet slang for fair-skinned, rich and beautiful

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