Book 9 Chapter 44 - Rainbow From Within the Carriage

“Why do you dare do something like this? Why does Green Luan Academy dare do this?!”

Gongsun Quan was always an extremely cautious and cool-headed person. However, while sitting within a sea of corpses and looking at the still extremely calm Lin Xi, he just couldn’t control his emotions at all, no different from a little child who first had his candy stolen and was then even beaten up. “Who exactly are you?!”

“If it wasn’t for foiling your plans last night, the corpses all around Chaste and Undefiled Inn would be much greater than those here right now. Why is it that you dare do something like this, yet I do not? Is it because you are certain that Green Luan Academy doesn’t dare act without any restraint like you and Wenren Cangyue?” LIn Xi looked at this powerful subordinate of Wenren Cangyue, saying with cold mockery. “Your mistake was in using those methods, letting me think of this type of method in finding you.”

Gongsun Quan stopped his vomiting. He straightened his waist, looking at Lin Xi with an ice-cold and resentful expression. An Keyi didn’t even seem to exist in his mind, only Lin Xi. “For the sake of dealing with me, you killed so many people, does your Green Luan Academy not only wish to deal with Great General Wenren, but also the entire world? Since you all feel like you are willing to take on this type of price to deal with me, then if you want to kill me, you need to pay an even greater price.”

Lin Xi gave Gongsun Quan a calm look. “I obviously cannot let a deranged person like you live… what are you preparing to do now?”

“I might be inferior to her in the field of making and neutralizing poisons, but I know how to kill as well.” Gongsun Quan began to roar with laughter. He turned around to look at the crowd behind him. “I can kill a few hundred more people.”

“What a pity, I won’t give you this chance.” Lin Xi shook his head.

“There is no way you can prevent me from doing so, that is unless you all have a Sacred Expert level Windstalker who can instantly kill me!” Gongsun Quan released a sinister laugh. With a clap of his hands, two golden bottles exploded in his hands, becoming two blasts of yellow mist. They were instantly scattered by the soul force in his body, forming a streak of yellow mist, scattering towards the crowd that was screaming in horror behind him.

“My Tarsus Bone and Quicksand are what I feel most proud of in this life. The medicinal effects will also take a long time before they scatter!” Gongsun Quan turned around, saying this while looking at Lin Xi and An Keyi.

“I won’t give you this type of chance.”

Lin Xi repeated this again. Then, he said ‘return’ to himself, pushing that ‘green roulette’ in his head that had just recovered not too long ago.

Time returned to before Lin Xi and An Keyi walked out of the carriage.

The waxen yellow light silk clothed Gongsun Quan was currently within that long queue. Just like many people, he was currently looking at the troop not far from the city walls.

Inside this troop, Black Tiger Slayer and the others were nervously waiting, not understanding what exactly Lin Xi wanted to do.

“Teacher, do you have the type of poison that can make even Gongsun Quan quickly lose the ability to move, but doesn’t affect anyone else?” Inside the carriage, Lin Xi looked at An Keyi, seriously asking, “Also, it must be the type that not even State Masters can resist.”

An Keyi still didn’t understand the meaning behind Lin Xi’s words, but she immediately nodded. “I do.”

“What is he trying to do?”

Gao Yanan, Bian Linghan, Jiang Xiaoyi and Meng Bai all didn’t understand what he wanted to do, as they looked at Lin Xi with a confused expression on their faces.

Right now, Meng Bai was even a bit jealous of Lucky in the corner of the carriage. It was because only Lucky remained completely indifferent to everything, sleeping happily.

Lin Xi didn’t say too much, instead quickly and gently opening the wooden chest he was sitting on, fetching the black longbow from within, at the same time extracting an arrow.

There were a total of eight arrows in the chest Meng Bai brought, there were seven within them that were mostly gray, a bit black, dull and lightless. The last one was entirely black with slightly silver runes.

Right now, what Lin Xi removed was precisely this ‘Void Carving’ Arrow that was different from the other seven ‘Wind Exceed’ arrows.

This ‘Void Carving’ Arrow was the most powerful one out of the eight arrows.

According to the recordings Lin Xi read when he received Windstalker training in Green Luan Academy, in the hands of a powerful cultivator, this arrow might even produce a type of spatial leaping feeling, as if it suddenly passed through a warp hole, and then appear directly in front of the enemy.

Right now, with ‘Little Black’, this type of soul weapon longbow that seemed to have a monster sleeping within, he had even more confidence than before. Moreover, he had already seen Gongsun Quan’s strength. That was why for the sake of insurance, he chose to use the most powerful strike he could currently release.

“It cannot make contact with skin… if you want to test out an arrow, you must complete it within twenty breaths of time, or else the medicinal strength will change under exposure to air and sunlight, unable to effectively make Gongsun Quan instantly lose the ability to move.” Lin Xi handed the ‘Void Carving’ Arrow to An Keyi. An Keyi didn’t ask too many questions, only saying this to Lin Xi with her reading voice.

Lin Xi nodded seriously. “I understand, teacher.”

An Keyi didn’t say too much either, only carefully producing a small iron case from her sleeves.

The small iron case had a small crystal bottle within.

An Keyi produced this small crystal bottle and then looked at Lin Xi.

Lin Xi undid the curtains, reached out his hand and then saw Gongsun Quan dressed in waxen yellow light silk clothes.

“Help me move aside some of the curtains so I can always see that middle-aged scholar dressed in waxen yellow silk clothes… precisely the one with the carriages of drug ingredients next to him.” Lin Xi quietly said to Gao Yanan next to him.

Gao Yanan’s eyes widened a bit, but she still quickly saw the one Lin Xi spoke of. Her hand still steadily moved aside the carriage’s curtains.

“We can start now, teacher.” Lin Xi directly assumed an arrow firing stance, quickly adjusting his breathing. He held the black longbow in hand, his arrow’s trajectory starting to appear in his head.

An Keyi didn’t hesitate even for a moment. The small crystal bottle procured out a drop of purple medicinal liquid. Under the transport of her soul force, it was uniformly applied across the arrowtip.

The instant she returned the arrow into Lin Xi’s hands, Lin Xi’s expression didn’t have the slightest fluctuations. With a light weng noise, the entire carriage trembled slightly. Before the recoil of the carriage was applied to Lin Xi’s body, Lin Xi already let go of the bowstring.

Lucky, the target of Meng Bai’s jealousy, was suddenly woken up by the powerful energy. The instant it widened its eyes, it only saw that the entire carriage was flooded by black light, only seeing that the bamboo carriage curtains Gao Yanan was holding open were completely smashed to pieces by the arrow’s wind.

Bamboo flowers blossomed from the carriage window. However, almost no one saw this flower, because this flower was instantly blown apart by the arrow.

Even this arrow couldn’t be seen clearly at all.

Everyone could only see a shocking black rainbow.

Gongsun Quan was currently looking at the carriage Lin Xi and An Keyi were in. According to his judgment, this fleet’s important figures should be precisely in this carriage. However, he never expected that a shocking black rainbow would suddenly appear from within the carriage, instantly arriving in front of him.

Gongsun Quan and some people who were unrelated to him were incredibly shocked, only feeling a wave of terrifying wind rushing over. There were several people who were directly blown to the ground by this gust of wind.

Meanwhile, the instant they fell, Gongsun Quan who didn’t have enough time to react at all felt all of his fine hairs stand on end. He only had enough time to reach out his hands, concentrating all of the soul force he could transfer into his hands to block this shocking black arrow.

However, he discovered that his almost transparent hands only touched the tail of the arrow!

This shocking black arrow was like an iron rod carrying out heavenly punishment, smashing into his chest, sending his entire body flying backwards.

When his body flew out, no one was able to even release a cry of alarm.

Gongsun Quan’s soul force cultivation was something not many people in the city could compare with. Moreover, he was always extremely careful, within his silk clothes, there was always a set of inner armor with excellent defensive properties.

Lin Xi’s arrow smashed him to the point of near suffocation, only entering a few inches into his body. However, Gongsun Quan who was flying in reverse through the air felt even more horror and fear than from his chest being directly smashed into by an arrow.

It was because the instant this arrow entered his body, it was as if there was a ripple spreading through his body. All of his soul force completely separated from his perception, his body instantly entering an endless state of twitching. Every single muscle fiber in his body was beyond his control.

He could feel that the poison applied to that arrow wasn’t even as strong as his Tarsus Bone, but it instantly robbed his body of mobility strength. This made him widen his eyes in horror, because he could only watch as he died without any chance to save himself. This was even stronger than the poison itself, making it hard for him to control his own fear.


The instant Gongsun Quan’s entire body twitched, cries of alarm sounded. The people in Gongsun Quan’s surroundings all backed up in alarm.

“Do not let anyone get close to his body’s surroundings!”

Lin Xi’s voice sounded, already putting away the bow and rushing out along with An Keyi and the others from the carriage.

His voice carried an exceptionally cold and heavy iron-blooded aura, right now carrying endless demonic force, making the troops that were always waiting in the vacant area immediately carry out his orders, rushing towards the area where Gongsun Quan fell, quickly forming an encirclement, isolating Gongsun Quan within.

When he saw Gongsun Quan who could instantly kill many, many people lying on the ground without moving at all, surrounded by troops, Lin Xi finally released a long breath of relief.

Black Tiger Slayer and others, including the guards, as well as the officers leading the soldiers, were completely shocked and speechless, their eyes full of respect as they looked at Lin Xi.

Judging from the remaining soul force that surged from Lin Xi’s body, they knew that Lin Xi was the one who released that unimaginable black rainbow just now. In that instant, they could tell that Gongsun Quan was also a powerful cultivator.

This arrow didn’t only possess horrifying power, it was also accurate to the extreme, hitting this person without any mistake in such a large crowd. What kind of archery skill and confidence did this represent?

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