Book 9 Chapter 39 - White Snow, Black Snow, You’ve Allowed Me to Witness Ruthlessness

Within a deep courtyard inside Chaste and Undefiled Inn, Lin Xi was still bitterly thinking inside An Keyi’s room.

An Keyi suddenly raised her head.

At this time,her face that was normally always calm and carried a bookworm feel, rarely showing changes in expression, suddenly showed clear emotional fluctuations. It was extremely abrupt.


This type of sudden change disrupted Lin Xi’s thinking. He cried out in shock. However, An Keyi immediately waved her hand towards him, cutting him off. After her body rocked back and forth a few times, she already arrived at the door of the room, opening it.

She walked down the varanda’s eaves, quickly raising her head towards the sky. Her nose wrinkled a bit, as if an autumn wind stirred the water surface of a calm lake.

Lin Xi followed behind An Keyi without any hesitation. The moment both him and An Keyi raised their heads, he saw that an expanse of dark green fiery light floated into the skies above Chaste and Undefiled Inn.

These were rectangular covered sky lanterns he had once released in his previous world. When he was bored in Deerwood Town, he had also released them with his younger sister Lin Qian. However, in Yunqin, green-colored material was rarely seen, green-colored oil paper almost nonexistent on the market. That was why normal families definitely wouldn’t make green-colored sky lanterns.

“It’s Jade Seed Poison.”

An Keyi spoke again.

Right now, the night winds were blowing a bit stronger, coming from the east. They blew her clothes behind her, making them stick close to her body, producing an enchanting waistline. However, Lin Xi who was standing behind her saw the slight trembling of her waist, saw that her fair face and neck both became a bit more pale.

Gao Yanan who was standing next to Lin Xi’s hand became slightly cold. Lin Xi and the others weren’t from Medicine Department, so they didn’t know too much about this Jade Seed Poison, but she was the most outstanding student from Medicine Department. She understood extremely clearly that this was a toxin extracted from a type of flower’s stem.

Right now, even she could smell the unique sweet and unctuous scent that was vaguely spreading through the night wind… the amount of Jade Seed Poison in these green lanterns that were flying through the air was definitely extremely shocking, this was definitely Gongsun Quan’s work.

However, Jade Seed Poison could be barely suppressed through the use of soul force and the antidote preparation, for An Keyi, wasn’t all that difficult. Gongsun Quan actually put on such a grandiose display… what exactly was he trying to do?

Only, in the night wind, Gao Yanan’s hands became a bit cold. When her expression flickered greatly in confusion, shouts of alarm sounded far and near. All of the flying green color began to burn fiercely, turning into blasts of basket-sized green balls of flame. Then, the flames immediately went out, all of the lamps becoming black ashes that scattered down.

A black snow of dust began to descend from the sky.

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan both watched this black snow descend, neither of them moving. Bian Linghan, Jiang Xiaoyi and Meng Bai didn’t move either. Meng Bai even took a step forward, getting a bit closer to An Keyi.

It was because he understood clearly that under the attack of someone like Gongsun Quan, staying at An Keyi’s side would forever be the safest place.

A black dust snow scattered down, still a bit of distance away from the courtyard Gao Yanan and Lin Xi’s group were at. It all landed on the front half of Chaste and Undefiled Inn.

Chast and Undefiled’s business was always good, eighty percent of the courtyards had guests in them.

Within some outdoor stables, there were horses eating and people feeding horses. These horse feeders also saw the green flames in the sky and the black snow that descended from above.

A horse feeder looked at the gray ashes that landed on the back of his hand in curiosity. When the goose feather-sized light gray dust landed on the back of his hand, it became even finer dust. The back of his hand didn’t produce any changes, but he mysteriously felt his nose and throat become a bit itchy. As such, he couldn’t help but cough a few times, coughing out a mouthful of spittle.

Under the illumination of lights, this horse feeder’s eyes immediately widened in horror. It was because he discovered that the spittle he coughed out was actually a strange miserable green color, while that itchiness was quickly spreading through his body.

Before he even had time to release a cry of alarm, the strong horses within the outdoor stable immediately collapsed one after the other, their mouths and noses releasing white foam. Then, in a single breath of time, the white foam turned into a deadly green.

This horse feeder, under the feeling of fear, lost his consciousness, collapsing.

Inside of a courtyard, there were several people who were currently under a pomegranate tree. When the black snow descended, many wine cups and bamboo chopsticks fell on the table and ground, and then they all fell backwards.

There were people who were crying out in alarm within this courtyard, quickly running, but immediately afterwards, these people who rushed out also became sluggish, and then they also fell.

When the goose feather-like black snow scattered down, the sounds of laughter and liveliness that rose and fell in the front half of Chaste and Undefiled Inn ended. However, when the black snow descended, in just a moment of time, it instead turned to a deathly stillness, even the sounds of bugs and dogs completely disappearing without a trace.

Right now, it was already deep into the night, there was already no one coming to stay for the night. However, occasionally, there would be one or two travelers who would walk towards Chaste and Undefiled Inn. When they saw the people who were collapsed inside and sensed the abnormal deathly stillness, these people released a cry of alarm, entering the courtyard to find out what happened. However, once they entered the area where the black snow scattered, even these people quickly fell, becoming deathly still.

The dozen or more courtyards in the front half of Chaste and Undefiled Inn became a land of death.

Apart from Lin Xi and the others from Green Luan Academy, Black Tiger Slayer and the others also noticed the abnormalities. The vigilance of cultivators while carrying out missions made it so that even without Lin Xi giving the orders, they already maintained a set distance from where the black snow descended. However, when they personally saw the distant liveliness directly turn into a ghost town, these individuals still immediately produced a powerful feeling of fear.

“According to Vice Principal Xia’s intentions, after we rendezvous, you are the leader of this mission.” An Keyi was normally only obsessed with medicinal theory, which was why she seemed a bit slow. However, for her to become Medicine Department’s youngest female professor, moreover be regarded so highly by Vice Principal Xia, she naturally wasn’t truly slow. At this time, she already thought through some possibilities, her expression becoming a bit more pale, but her voice was still extremely calm. She looked at Lin Xi and said, “You have to give them their orders.”

Normally, Lin Xi might say some useless words, but right now, he naturally wouldn’t waste any words. When he heard An Keyi’s voice, he immediately quickly said, “I need teacher’s guidance right now.”

An Keyi nodded. “Have them assemble in the original area, prepare to break out.”


With Black Tiger Slayer and the others who already developed tacit understanding towards each other here, as well as Lin Xi not having to worry about Gao Yanan’s group not having people who didn’t understand military orders, he released an extremely simple and biting cold shout.

Reality proved that Lin Xi didn’t underestimate these people’s ability.

The moment this order was given, only a few people didn’t react. However, when they saw the remaining people’s bodies immediately go taut, preparing for battle, these people also immediately reacted.

When Lin Xi issued this military order, he also thought of a certain possibility. He became more and more nervous.

Right at this time, his waist and back became a bit rigid. He turned around.

The moment he turned around, An Keyi, Gao Yanan and the others already turned around as well.

In the distant skies, sounds of winds stirring could be heard. A group of pigeons arrived from who knew where.

In many parts of Yunqin, flying pigeons were always an important communication method, so groups of pigeons weren’t rarely seen occurrences. However, these pigeons were all entirely white, their feathers covered in thick autumn frost. This was definitely extremely strange.

When they weren’t far from Lin Xi and the others’ group, all of these entirely snow-white pigeons began to die one by one, dropping from the sky like rocks.

When they fell from the sky, their feathers that were dyed in autumn frost already completely left their bodies, their fluttering white feathers filling the sky, becoming an expanse of white snow.

This white snow, even for those who didn’t have any idea of what was going on right now, still didn’t possess the slightest trace of beauty.

It was because those completely bare bird corpses that were dropping from the sky above already became pitch-black and then began to rot, starting to release a foul stench.

“Corpse Decay Poison… White Mallow Poison…” An Keyi looked at the snow-white feathers dyed in autumn frost, the bird corpses that already became rotten black ooze while in the sky, her voice that was always calm also starting to shake a bit.

Outside Chaste and Undefiled Inn’s back door was a group of wine shops. Because the price was inexpensive, it was a popular place for Sparrow Lord City’s natives to meet and drink during the night. Right now, the night market’s business had just reached its most lively period, this two hundred meters long street filled with red faced hot eared people. When the large groups of white pigeons flew past and then turned into white snow, these normal people clearly couldn’t see the white feathers and the bird corpses that were quickly turning pitch-black, rotting in the sky, but they all smelled the rotting stink that was spreading through the air.

This block’s wine shops quickly became quiet. Apart from a few drunkards who were so drunk they already couldn’t think straight and were still shouting, everyone else stopped. They didn’t know what happened, but they heard quite a few people suddenly go quiet in Chaste and Undefiled Inn, becoming deathly silent, even the noises of bugs vanishing.

Some braver tipsy individuals began to move towards Chaste and Undefiled Inn, wishing to see what was going on.

When they were still five or six steps from the white frost feathers, the throats of the two people walking at the very front released huh huh sounds, their bodies as if so drunk they couldn’t control themselves anymore, falling down face first.

The people in the back revealed horrified expressions. One of them subconsciously rushed up to provide aid, but when he reached where these two were, this person also immediately released similar sounds, falling down. All of the others began to shake all over, crazily moving backwards, screams of horror and alarm continuously sounded.

Half white, half black, Chaste and Undefiled Inn immediately became a land of death.

Gao Yanan’s hands became more and more ice-cold.

Because she was the most outstanding students in Medicine Department, she was able to figure out what Gongsun Quan wanted to do even faster than Lin Xi.

Currently, all of the poisons that appeared weren’t difficult for An Keyi to deal with, but she wouldn’t carry the antidotes to these poisons on her all the time… Moreover, even if she did, the amount definitely wouldn’t be that great, there was no way she could rescue so many poisoned individuals.

Regardless of whether it was to deal with An Keyi, Lin Xi or some other opponent in their group that was deemed important by Wenren Cangyue’s side, Gongsun Quan definitely already prepared for an extremely long amount of time to launch this attack.

He was going to use large amounts and all different types of poisons to break down their group!

The first few poisons were only used to stall them for a certain amount of time. From here on out, Gongsun Quan would definitely release many more types of poisons to directly attack them!

Detoxification needed time, especially if one suffered from several types of poison, the situation even harder to deal with.

No matter how formidable An Keyi was, there was no way she would be able to deal with all of it in time.

This was a battle that was impossible to win from the moment Gongsun Quan took action! It was because none of them expected Gongsun Quan to actually be this unrestrained!

Gongsun Quan began this battle in this type of aggressive manner. Not only were many people in their group going to die, it was unknown how many innocent people in Sparrow Lord City would die as a result as well.

In the peaceful provinces that didn’t belong to the border pass, if several hundred or more ordinary people died in a single event, this would definitely produce huge waves in Yunqin.

However, Gongsun Quan actually didn’t care.

Wenren Cangyue… this name appeared in Gao Yanan’s mind once again.

She felt even more clearly that Wenren Cangyue and his battle against the world…  it already became completely unrestrained… Only when Wenren Cangyue was absolutely unrestrained, would his subordinate Gongsun Quan act so cruelly without the slightest scruple.

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