Book 9 Chapter 36 - Asking the Way

This extremely exquisite and unknown sword he brought out from Great Desolate Swamp, under Lin Xi’s perception, began to shake, wishing to fly out like a living being. However, when he willed this flying sword to fly with his powerful desire, he sensed that this sword was heavy like a great mountain, the formless pressure becoming greater and greater. As such, in just a few breaths of time, all of the clothes on his body were soaked in sweat, even the area he was sitting on drenched.

The sword controlling force wasn’t fake, this was true sword sense.

Only when State Master level cultivators had this type of sword sense, could they truly order a flying sword to fly when they reached Sacred Expert level, grasping this world’s most powerful strength.

Lin Xi knew that it had something to do with his ‘two bowls of water’ within him, because this meant that the amount of soul force he had was twice that of normal cultivators, able to fight longer, have more patience, able to endure greater consumption. However, his body and soul force’s power, compared to cultivators of the same level, wasn’t any different.

As for his perception, Lin Xi knew that his own crazy and cruel cultivation, after cultivating the Glorious King Destroys Restraints, these academy secrets, was much stronger than that of cultivators at the same level as himself. However, he had met Chi Xiaoye, Fire King and the red-clothed zither master, cultivators at this level, so he could tell that in terms of speed of attack and reaction speed, his own perception was still far from that of a State Master level cultivator.

Lin Xi began to think, his mind filled with shock and pleasant surprise, momentarily unable to think things through. At this time, this carriage he was in that was calmly moving through the intoxicating Sparrow Lord City already stopped.

“Who will I end up encountering here?”

Lin Xi opened up the carriage door and moved aside the curtains, seeing a grand and elegant tavern named Chaste and Undefiled. His heart’s beating thus began to speed up slightly, his mind also becoming a bit hotter.

Time could change many things, but the only thing that couldn’t be changed was a true longing.

Lin Xi, Meng Bai and the others entered this rendezvous point they had already arranged for two weeks ago. Under a courtyard’s lights, there were two merchants who were currently exchanging goods, the people inside bustling with activity. However, among this group of people, just like that day in Summer Spirit Lakeside, Lin Xi immediately saw that tall, slender and quiet beautiful young lady.

She was standing under a pomegranate tree, her face reflecting the lights’ red radiance, also looking towards Lin Xi at this time.

“Teacher didn’t lie to me after all.”

Lin Xi chuckled in an immature manner. Jiang Xiaoyi and Meng Bai at his side both secretly gave him a jab at his waist with their fists.

Bian Linghan frowned, because she discovered that in this type of situation, she actually felt a bit of jealousy. What was she jealous of? Jealous of Lin Xi or Gao Yanan? Regardless, Bian Linghan knew that these weren’t the emotions she should be feeling. While looking at Lin Xi and Gao Yanan who were quietly facing each other, looking at Lin Xi’s firm and unswerving figure, as well as Gao Yanan’s beautiful and pure face, she began to think that in this world, only a man like Lin Xi could match a girl like Gao Yanan, and only a girl like Gao Yanan could match a man like Lin Xi.

It wasn’t because the two’s cultivation and their identities as Green Luan Academy’s heaven’s choice, but because Lin Xi and Gao Yanan were like a pool of fresh water, their friends able to immediately see the depths of their heart, people who others could trust and believe in.

For these two people to meet and be together, this made Bian Linghan feel happiness, feeling happiness in these two’s place.

When was she going to meet someone like this too, someone who would be waiting to see her and then be able to meet under this type of waning light, smiling while walking towards her?

Under the tipsy dark of night, Bian Linghan felt a bit of jealousy, thinking this to herself. A sincere smile of happiness appeared on the corners of her lips.

In life, there were many instances of separations and meetings.

Because of this person, right now, for Lin Xi, this moment already became a beautiful scene he would never forget.

In the previous world, how could he have possibly encountered so many friends who would truly be willing to go through life and death with him, how could he have encountered this type of girl with such pure eyes?

‘Black Tiger Slayer’ and the others could all tell that there were some ‘matters’ between Lin Xi and this tall and slender young lady under the tree branches. However, Lin Xi was their leader, in the previous battle, Lin Xi already fully won their absolute trust and respect. Moreover, they could also tell that Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi, Bian Linghan and Meng Bai were all acquaintances, so they already vaguely guessed that Lin Xi and these young cultivators were definitely elites that came from one of the empire’s three great academies.

Right now, when they saw this kind of young lady, they felt a bit more calm, knowing that regardless of which academy Lin Xi and the others came from, it at least meant that this academy invested greatly, so their group’s safety became a bit greater.

There was a shopkeeper-like elder who walked over. As if he was greeting an old friend, he invited Lin Xi and the others into a courtyard, arranging places for them to rest.

Gao Yanan also walked up to Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others, the first one to speak. She quietly said to the four of them, “All of you, follow me.”

Meng Bai immediately followed, but his sleeves were tugged on by Jiang Xiaoyi. Then, Jiang Xiaoyi forcefully pressed down on his shoulder. Only when he saw Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan’s expression, did Meng Bai react. He scratched his head in embarrassment, slowing down a bit, purposely remaining a bit further back with Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan.

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan walked side by side.

He could smell Gao Yanan’s natural young lady fragrance, saw some strands of Gao Yanan’s hair floating in the wind, a bit of it about to touch his cheek.

In that instant, he felt incredibly warm and happy inside, his brain actually a bit sluggish, momentarily actually not knowing what to say, just following at Gao Yanan’s side like a mute.

“Did you meet any of Wenren Cangyue’s people along the way?”

Gao Yanan could sense Meng Bai and the others’ deliberate actions, a bit embarrassed. However, she was still the first one to speak out, quietly asking this.

“We didn’t.” Only now did Lin Xi wake up from his brain’s sluggishness, his palms a bit clammy as he replied, “We only had to play the role of robbers once, we brought down a corrupt official. After that, everything was extremely calm, not encountering any battles. What about you all?”

Gao Yanan lightly nodded. “We didn’t either.”

“Did you receive all of the letters I sent you?” Lin Xi calmed down a bit. After releasing two dry coughs, he said, “Sorry… I wasn’t able to do some of the things I promised you.”

“If apologies were useful… why would a small Judicial Sector official like you still be needed?” Goa Yanan said something she already said a while ago, her words seemingly a bit strict, but her tone instead didn’t have the slightest bit of anger. Moreover, when she thought about how the other party was now already a high ranking military officer in the military, no longer a small Judicial Sector official, yet he actually said such childish words to Military Prison, that the document slipped out of his fingers into the river, the corners of her lips tilted up slightly.

Lin Xi could hear that there wasn’t the slightest bit of criticism coming from her tone. He thus became a bit more daring as well, unable to help but quietly say, “Then… how should this little Judicial Sector official make up for my mistake?”


The three individuals in the back who were all straining their ears, secretly listening in, immediately released a light splitting noise. When they saw Lin Xi’s previous appearance and heard his first few sentences, they felt like he was in a bit of a sorry state, who would have thought that he would actually directly utter these words that sounded extremely sickening and flirty.

Gao Yanan became a bit embarrassed and annoyed.

Lucky secretly looked at Gao Yanan through Lin Xi’s sleeves. For some reason, it always felt like Gao Yanan’s aura was especially attractive for itself. That was why when it got a bit closer now, it felt more and more intimate with Gao Yanan. Thus, it couldn’t help but begin to move, wishing to see her a bit clearer.

Lin Xi sensed Lucky’s movements. He immediately reacted, realizing that he still hadn’t introduced Lucky to Gao Yanan. However, when he opened his mouth, he was immediately stunned, his opened mouth momentarily not even closing.

“Teacher… you… you are even going to leave together with us?”

Only after staring blankly for a long time, did Lin Xi look at the one who appeared before his eyes with a happy but also strange expression, asking with pleasant surprise.

When Jiang Xiaoyi, Bian Linghan and Meng Bai saw the appearance of the woman under the veranda eaves, they also immediately recognized that this was the Medicine Department female professor who rushed into the scene of the fire back then. The three of them immediately revealed respectful expressions, feeling like the cool night breeze became a bit colder. They immediately all bowed slightly in respect. “Teacher.”

An Keyi’s eyes remained on Lin Xi’s body for a moment, but then stopped over Jiang Xiaoyi and the others. It was unknown what she was thinking of, her brows slightly furrowed. However, her voice was still calm as she said, “Follow me inside.”

Lin Xi who was familiar with An Keyi gave Jiang Xiaoyi and the others a look, indicating that they can relax a bit, and then quickly walked into An Keyi’s room.

“Have you all encountered continuous battles recently?” When Meng Bai who entered last closed the door, An Keyi directly asked this with her trademark calm voice.

Lin Xi was a bit stunned, shaking his head and saying, “No.”

“Then it is because your cultivation for training your willpower has been too strict… and only then will your complexions look a bit off…” An Keyi’s brows loosened, slowly and carefully explaining, “The body can become weary, the will can also become weary, only, the pressure of the mind isn’t as easy to feel as physical exhaustion, and it is also more dangerous than physical exhaustion… When it is serious, it will cause one’s nature to change, or if it is even more serious, to put it simply, it will make the mind abnormal… I don’t know what kind of methods you all are using to cultivate, but since you were able to arrive here safely, and that safety can be maintained during this type of cultivation, then it’s fine… Only, I advise for you all to make some suitable adjustments, to add in a bit more pure meditation cultivation time, this will help alleviate this type of accumulated pressure… it will be even more beneficial to your cultivation and rise in cultivation level.”

Lin Xi interacted with An Keyi the most, the one who was most used to this type of calm tone, which was why it was even easier for him to understand. He became silent for a moment and then quietly said, “Thank you teacher for your pointers. From here on out, we will spend more time on meditation cultivation.”


When he heard the cultivation advice An Keyi gave himself, he then recalled that she was someone with exceptionally profound cultivation knowledge. Lin Xi thus felt a sudden urge, no longer worrying about other matters, instead directly asking, “Teacher An, I mysteriously felt sword sense today. Why is that?”

“Sword sense?”

Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others naturally knew what this signified, all of them immediately exchanging looks of disbelief.

An Keyi’s brows also furrowed deeply once more, clearly also unable to immediately figure this out, right now thinking through all possibilities.

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