Book 9 Chapter 35 - Sword Sense

“Great master!”

In the yellow sand, everyone from Tangcang’s troops rushed over, extremely moved and full of devoted admiration as they arrived at Zhen Pilu’s bleeding body.

Most of them had never even seen Zhen Pilu make an appearance before, nor did they know that this mysterious figure in that carriage was actually a cultivator from Sanskrit Temple. It was because Sanskrit Temple, in this entire Tangcang, was a holy land that represented power and mercy, a holy land that received the reverence of all people. That was why the instant they realized who this monk was from Wenren Cangyue and Zhen Pilu’s short conversation, most of these Tangcang troops were already extremely moved.

Then, Wenren Cangyue’s heroic and unfeeling nature left all of them frightened. Even Tangcang’s most loyal and unyielding golden-armored warriors developed a type of feeling that they couldn’t make this individual their enemy.

However, they also saw Sanskrit Temple’s buddha light, saw this Yunqin war god withdraw in defeat. Right now, these Tangcang people’s moods were something bystanders couldn’t understand at all.

When he saw these Tangcang people who kneeled down at his side out of sincerity and reverence, Zhen Pilu’s face still didn’t produce even a hint of pain, only revealing a somewhat weary expression.

His injuries were much more serious than Wenren Cangyue’s to begin with, and when facing an opponent like Wenren Cangyue, the degree of mental concentration would even more so leave one exhausted.

“There is no need for excessive formality.”

However, he still didn’t show any sign of relaxing, only holding up a palm to return the greeting. These Tangcang people who were kneeling on the scorching hot yellow sand stood back up.

His eyes gazed into the distance behind him.

Behind an extremely distant burning gold-like sand dune, an ordinary dressed, somewhat dirty and messy young lady walked out.

In addition, this young lady walked faster and faster. When they followed Zhen Pilu’s gaze, all of these Tangcang people were incredibly stunned, only feeling like this young lady who was walking over alone was definitely not an ordinary cultivator. However, this judgment they made that didn’t seem to make sense instead filled them with disbelief.

Zhen Pilu left the group again, facing this rather slender young lady who had her hair in two pigtails.

The two individuals’ figures slowly got closer. With even greater shock, all of these Tangcang people discovered that the two figures instead became more and more harmonious in the yellow sand.

This Sanskrit Temple’s cultivator who entered the secular world and this lonely young lady both seemed to be the same type of person, the type who transcended above this world.

“What is your name?”

The young lady who seemed like a ghost who left a sand covered ancient city stopped when she was still several steps from Zhen Pilu. Zhen Pilu also stopped. Then, this young lady first looked at him and then seriously asked this.

“Zhen Pilu.” Zhen Pilu replied. Then, he looked at her and asked, “Yours?”

“Nangong Weiyang.”

“You’ve already followed me for many days. What do you wish to tell me by making an appearance now?”

“You are a bit more formidable than I imagined… however, Wenren Cangyue will remember you even more, so you all cannot head into Jadefall City to replenish your water and food, or else he will kill everyone.”

“Nangong Weiyang… then what do you want me to do?”

“I have enough water and food for them to return. However, you also have to help us return home, help me kill some people.”

“What kind of people?”

“Some Sky Wolf Guards and a few Xiyi people… they have some special methods of restraining flying swords, if I run into them… I alone cannot defeat them.”


Zhen Pilu had never truly interacted with Nangong Weiyang, to the extent where he never even heard of her name or knew anything about her background. However, neither of them were people attached to the secular world, their tone and way of doing things quite different from the people of the secular world. In this situation that was a bit hard for outsiders to understand, to the extent where they didn’t even ask each other about their identities, Yunqin’s tender faced genius cultivator and Sanskrit Temple’s monk actually found each other more and more to each other’s liking.

Sparrow Lord City was the largest city with the most level terrain in Noble Cloud Province, as well as a key path to Noble Cloud Province’s east.

With its special choke point positioning, as well as it once serving as the imperial city of a small country before Yunqin Empire was established, Sparrow Lord City naturally became one of Noble Cloud Province’s most flourishing and bustling places, as well as the only city in the desolate, remote and hilly Noble Cloud Province that exceeded a population of seven hundred thousands. This was a city that had the atmosphere of a great city, its title being ‘Little Western Capital’.

Even though according to the habits of the local people, it was already two hours after dinnertime, quite late into the night, the lights that surrounded the streets still lit up Sparrow Lord City’s slightly damp limestone paths.

The streets were still filled with an endless stream of horses and carriages. The clothing of Sparrow Lord City’s natives was simple and ordinary, the black earth dyed cloud cotton tight clothing appearing rather nimble. However, regardless of whether it was the wide stone streets covered in carriage marks or the vaguely red lit deep alleys, they were mostly outsiders.

These outsiders’ clothing were of all different types, some dressed in luxurious embroidered merchant clothing, some tight fitted swordsmen or warriors. Moreover, it wasn’t only the locals, even all of the outsiders, towards these warriors who carried weapons out in the open, they didn’t find it strange at all, their eyes not carrying the slightest bit of alarm or vigilance.

Many street corners had sideshows and peddlers selling all types of goods, many people drinking in restaurants and enjoying the scenery outside. In this city that had the atmosphere of a true great city, the way women dressed was also much nicer than that of girls in ordinary towns. In this summertime season, even if they were surrounded by groups of mountains, the valleys filled with rain still rather cool, most of the girls were brazenly wearing light gauze clothing and feminine garments, their snow-white arms and chests drawing much attention.

Pipa and stringed instruments could be heard, melodic and beautiful. All of Noble Cloud Province’s flourishing and clamoring seemed to be concentrated in this city, this place extremely lively, the atmosphere even a bit infectious.

Lin Xi who sat inside of the carriage entered Sparrow Lord City through the cover of night and then woke up under this slightly intoxicating aura of Sparrow Lord City.

Unknown as whether it was because their disguise as the ten wolves was something Wenren Cangyue’s people really believed, or if Wenren Cangyue’s people weren’t in a rush to act against them, while so much blood was flowing in the yellow sands behind Sanskrit Passage and Jadefall City, the journey of Lin Xi’s group instead experienced a short period of peace.

Lin Xi, who was roused awake from his meditation by some loud noises and the soul force surging off cultivators, quickly opened his curtains. He saw a green-clothed swordsman and a group of porter-like men were currently arguing fiercely about something. This green-clothed swordman’s face was filled with anger, his aura surging. Meanwhile, among the porter-like individuals on the other side, the aura of the one with the biggest build was also rippling outwards.

When Lin Xi saw these two and then saw the bustling night scene in Sparrow Lord City, seeing the distant tall Sparrow Lord City’s gates, he couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

It had only been a few decades since the empire was founded. Even if Yunqin’s military and inner ruling wasn’t all that outstanding, because the people’s customs were simple and honest, laws and decrees strict and impartial, the land peaceful, Yunqin’s various lands were mostly peaceful and flourishing. However, in this type of true great city that was like a fortified choke point, experts were as common as dogs, cultivators everywhere. Right now, even those ordinary marketplaces had two cultivators who made an appearance, this truly making one sense Yunqin’s power. Only, when he saw that even though these two were both furious,their words didn’t show any signs of truly taking action, how this city had who knew how many Yunqin troops, royal court’s experts and warriors who existed, Lin Xi didn’t pay them any more attention, quickly closing the curtains and sensing his own body’s soul force changes.

Just like his previous plans, he was extremely strict on himself, as well as Jiang Xiaoyi and the others. Whenever their group stopped at cities and towns along the way, he would arrange for completely nonsensical cultivation that made it seem like they were treating their lives as games.

In this world, apart from that Principal Zhang who changed this world and created this flourishing Yunqin, there was no second cultivator who could cultivate like this.

Under his forcing, regardless of whether it was him, Jiang Xiaoyi, Bian Linghan or Meng Bai, the benefits they obtained to their cultivation were naturally also shocking.

Right at this moment, after many hours of cultivation, he clearly sensed that his own body’s warmth became another chunk greater.

This type of cultivation feeling was extremely mysterious and unique.

During the summer day, the inside of the carriage was hot and stuffy, the skin on his body also a bit uncomfortably stuffy, but the inside of his body was cool, so he actually craved this type of warmth from the flow of soul force.

The carriage continued forward, already gradually leaving those bickering individuals. However, because of the soul force surging from the cultivators’ bodies, he could still sense them extremely clearly. Suddenly, his breathing stopped, an expression of disbelief appearing within his eyes.

He subconsciously sensed these two cultivators’ positions, but right at this time, there was a longsword that appeared in his perception.

It was the longsword that was inside this carriage, inside of the wooden chest behind him.

When he found this longsword back then in Great Desolate Swamp, he was already sure that this was a flying sword that could be controlled. When he previously sensed the ‘Daybreak’ flying sword, it was also like he could see through different things, in his mind, he could see Daybreak’s appearance clearly. However, now, the appearance of this flying sword in his mind was who knew how many times clearer than that of Daybreak.

He knew that this was related to the increase in his cultivation. However, what left him shocked was that right now, in his mind, this flying sword he brought out from Great Desolate Swamp, actually gave off a type of feeling like it was going to move according to his will!

He felt like there was no way this was real. As such, he took a deep breath, doing his best to calm his mood. Then, he began to carefully sense this sword again.

However, what made his breathing stop again was that this type of feeling wasn’t fake, but rather even more clear!

He couldn’t control his mood anymore. As such, he couldn’t help but release a light ah cry.

Sword sense!

Sensing that a flying sword is about to move, this was the sword sense recorded in cultivation records!

It was written extremely clearly, moreover verified by countless cultivators themselves, stating that only cultivators who reached State Master level could have this type of feeling. He was only at the Soul Master level, so why was he already able to have this type of sword sense?

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