Book 9 Chapter 34 - Heart a Bit Colder

Zhen Pilu who chose to step into the world of mortals, leaving Sanskrit Temple, didn’t feel worry or joy, remaining calm and peaceful.

When facing Cangyue’s ‘interesting’, he only quietly said, “General, please lower your butcher’s knife, let the common people go.”

Following this sound, it was as if there was a great bell that formed in the yellow sand, every single syllable a ringing from this bell, carrying great power as it battered Wenren Cangyue’s scarlet red flying sword.

Endless sand grinded against the sword, producing countless rose red sparks.

“Let the common people go?”

The corners of Wenren Cangyue’s lips curled slightly upwards, knowing that if a cultivator who walked out of Sanskrit Temple could say these words, it meant that Sanskrit Temple already gave him the highest evaluation. He carried a bit of arrogance, but his eyes instead became more resolute, saying with a bit of mockery as he asked in return, “If I don’t take on the world as my enemy, for someone like me, what other meaning is there in living in this world?”

While speaking, his flying sword’s scarlet multicolored brilliance erupted. All of the yellow sand and the formless great bell were completely scattered, the world seemingly coming to a standstill, everything floating in the air.

Sacred Experts who had the character ‘sacred’ in their titles, in the eyes of normal cultivators, were already unimaginable and incomprehensible existences. The clash between them was something normal cultivators even more so completely couldn’t understand.

Only, right now, everything came to a standstill. All of Tangcang’s troops in the back could tell that Zhen Pilu and Wenren Cangyue were in a momentary deadlocked state.

However, Wenren Cangyue’s iron-like body continued to press forward.

He walked towards Zhen Pilu step by step. With each step, his presence became a bit more powerful.

After walking just three steps, the frozen space was already shattered.

All of the yellow sand and formless power was completely swept out in reverse, blowing against Zhen Pilu’s body.

In that instant, Zhen Pilu’s entire body was covered in sand, becoming a sand person. Even the giant staff in his hands was covered in a thick layer of sand, the granules as if about to dig their way inside.

Wenren Cangyue continued forward.

The green clothes on his body had already been blown perfectly straight by invisible vital energy, pressed until the edges and wrinkles of his clothes looked like sharp blades.

The expressions of all of the Tangcang troops in the distance completely changed.

There were already terrifying streaks of flowing light that could be seen with the naked eye flowing out from Wenren Cangyue’s scarlet red flying sword’s runes. The entire flying sword was already completely unlike a weapon of this world. Right now, it didn’t rely on swiftness and nimbleness at all, instead purely relying on its terrifying power that could pierce through everything, stabbing towards the pit of Zhen Pilu’s stomach.

This Tangcang troop didn’t lack cultivators either, some of them witnessed the flying swords of Sacred Experts before as well. However, not a single one of them had seen or even imagined that a Sacred Expert could pour this much power into a flying sword, able to make the power of a flying sword powerful to this degree. Most of them previously only heard about Wenren Cangyue’s power. Previously, in Tangcang’s people’s hearts, the most powerful were naturally those from Sanskrit Temple. However, only when they encountered Wenren Cangyue today, did they realize that the previous thoughts in their minds were all completely mistaken.

They watched as Zhen Pilu’s body and the monk staff in his hand became completely covered under yellow sand, watched as the flying sword almost stabbed into Zhen Pilu’s chest with terrifying power.

Right at this moment, the golden buddha beads on Zhen Pilu’s chest floated upwards, starting to spin around his body.

A muffled crack sounded.

In that instant, that sword tip carried terrifying power, in just an inch of space, it clashed with one of the golden buddha beads who knew how many times.

This child fist-sized buddha bead shook greatly, smashing into Zhen Pilu’s chest.

The thick yellow sand shell covering Zhen Pilu’s body shattered, coming off chunk after chunk.

Every single piece of this yellow sand shell had already been crushed even finer than ceramics, starting to even flicker with crystalline and gold luster.


The golden monk staff in Zhen Pilu’s hands struck out, once again striking against Wenren Cangyue’s flying sword with incredible precision.

Wenren Cangyue’s brows shook slightly, but his body was still as firm as an iron cast, his steps not stopping in the slightest.

His body seemed to have suddenly become several hundred times heavier. When a foot descended, his body crossing another dozen or so meters of distance, the sand between him and Zhen Pilu began to pulse intensely. Moreover, his flying sword’s power increased once more.


A streak of blood erupted from Zhen Pilu’s body.

Right now, in the eyes of all of the Tangcang troops in the distance, Wenren Cangyue’s flying sword moved around Zhen Pilu’s giant buddha bead, cutting in and producing a wound on Zhen Pilu’s left shoulder. However, in reality, the battle that erupted in that instant already exceeded the limit of these people’s reactions, the buddha bead and sword already clashed who knew how many times. Only, in the end, the flying sword wasn’t sent flying, instead forcibly cutting its way in.

Blood flew outwards, but there was still no sadness or happiness to be seen on Zhen Pilu’s face. He also began to walk forward step by step, heading towards Wenren Cangyue.

All of the yellow sand that approached him was swept flying by the power rippling out from his body, a giant yellow sand lotus forming around him.

Wenren Cangyue’s sword brows furrowed slightly. His steps stopped. From the moment he walked out from behind that sand dune until now, this Great General Wenren who looked like he was arriving with a great army behind him stopped for the first time.

However, his flying sword didn’t stop in the slightest.

The battle against Zhen Pilu, a clash of this level, was so intense it almost seemed like time seemed to have been stretched longer. Every single breath of time seemed to become much slower and longer than normal.

This was a scene that was unimaginable for anyone who didn’t personally witness it.

The scarlet flying sword completely became thousands and tens of thousands of streaks of flowing light, stabbing into Zhen Pilu’s body. The sword edge, sword body and even the hilt continuously smashed against the clumsy but sturdy monk beads and staff. Countless golden sparks continuously rushed about outside Zhen Pilu’s body, looking like lotus stamens within a giant sand lotus.

In that instant, the bronze monk clothes on Zhen Pilu’s body produced countless openings, blood continuously seeping out from these wounds, turning him into a blood person.

However, the expression on Zhen Pilu’s face still remained extremely peaceful and auspicious, still without any sadness or happiness, as if he turned into a stone buddha, continuing to press towards Wenren Cangyue.

Wenren Cangyue’s brows furrowed deeply. He moved, yet it was not forwards, but instead starting to back up.

For some reason, just because he began to take steps backwards, all of Tangcang’s troops suddenly felt fired up, all of them unable to hold back the urge to release loud cheers.

Wenren Cangyue started to back up, but Zhen Pilu continued to advance forward.

Wenren Cangyue’s eyes narrowed slightly. Only now did he realize this that Sanskrit Temple’s cultivator always held back some of his strength before. The other party’s advance was actually even a bit faster than his retreat.

In just another instant, Zhen Pilu already arrived before his face.

The giant golden yellow sand lotus also wrapped around him.


Zhen Pilu’s golden monk staff struck towards his head.

In this instant, the golden staff in Zhen Pilu’s hands released endless buddha light.

The faint golden radiance suffused heaven and earth.

All of the elders in the distant Tangcang troops felt their entire bodies tremble, unable to help but kneel down. It was because several decades ago, when that Sanskrit Temple holy lady pleaded the heavens for rain, this type of radiance appeared in Quicksand City. This type of radiance brought all of Tangcang’s people brilliance and hope, a type of true selfless sacrifice.

Wenren Cangyue’s eyes furrowed even tighter, even his lips that were red like a brocade were tightly pursed into a red line.

Right now, his body was still steady, as if cast from iron. After a low shout, his hands pressed together. With just the closing of his palms, it was as if he was worshipping the buddha, actually forcibly clasping the staff between his hands.

The pure buddha light was like a fire. The skin on his palms immediately released zi zi sounds, the flesh on his palms was already scorched black and shedding, badly mangled.


It was as if there was an invisible hammer that struck down between his and Zhen Pilu’s bodies. A wave of sand rushed into the heavens, actually forming a yellow tornado between the two.

Wenren Cangyue’s expression paled slightly. It was because the sand underneath his feet was completely scattered. Right now, both he and Zhen Pilu were floating in the air. Chi la! His arms and back were in intense pain, the clothes on his back also completely exploding under the fierce bulging of his muscles.

“Sanskrit Temple’s people truly are powerful beyond even my expectations. However, you are still not my match..”

Wenren Cangyue’s badly mangled hands still supported the monk staff that released endless buddha light. The expression on his face was still extremely unswerving and cold, an ice-cold voice clearly released from his mouth.

“You can kill me, but I can also injure you to the point where you cannot walk out of Jadefall City.”

Zhen Pilu looked at Wenren Cangyue, directly and simply stating this.

Wenren Cangyue became quiet.

In this type of battle situation, in this type of deadlocked situation, he actually really could remain this calm and then make his decision.

He loosened his hands. The flying sword no longer tangled with Zhen Pilu’s buddha beads, flying back into his hands.

A blast of yellow sand scattered from his body. His entire figure moved backwards. After returning to the yellow sand, his body turned around in the air, releasing all of his strength from his legs. Just like a meteorite, his body shot out from the ground again and again, leaving this place.

Zhen Pilu didn’t chase after him.

Following his withdrawal, this great battle between Sanskrit Temple’s cultivator and Wenren Cangyue thus ended.

His injuries were much fewer than Zhen Pilu’s, but he couldn't kill Zhen Pilu, nor could he kill Gu Xinyin… In addition, right now, even though his injuries were much fewer than Zhen Pilu’s, it was enough to affect his strength to a certain degree, so this might affect some of his following plans.

That was why this battle, even though it was still extremely interesting for him, even a bit amusing, he actually lost.

He calculated countless possibilities, originally feeling like even if this troop didn’t have Gu Xinyin, it couldn’t be considered his defeat as he still had many following methods. However, he never expected such a powerful Sanskrit Temple cultivator to appear, leaving him with injuries that he couldn’t immediately recover from that quickly.

Even though his figure was as tyrannical as a mountain when he left and even though he didn’t feel discouraged in the slightest, his battle against the world already showed shadows of inauspiciousness right from the start. As such, even though he was powerful to the point where he still felt like this battle was interesting and amusing, at the same time, his heart also became a bit colder.

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