Book 9 Chapter 33 - Defeat Isn’t Impossible, Just Never Been Defeated Yet

Jadefall Border Army’s Great Consecrator Xu Buyi carried Ghost Advisor on his back as he walked through Jadefall City’s mountain forest.

The dispirited faced Ghost Advisor who didn’t look like he had the strength to raise a single finger coldly said, “Even Nanshan Mu knows that you are someone under Grand Secretary Zhou… yet we actually didn’t.”

“There are too many formidable figures in this world. Not even the most formidable people could know about everything.” The yellow and dry-haired Xu Buyi whose head was covered in wrinkles said with a bit of mockery, “Even though Wenren Cangyue is the most formidable, ambitious and ruthless figure I’ve seen in my entire life, there is no way he can know about everything in this world… even if it is Principal Zhang, he cannot reach that level.”

“You finally spoke, it seems like you also want to understand… regardless of whether you are willing or not, we have already gotten to this point. For better or for worse, speaking a bit can make this journey not as senseless.” After a slight pause, Xu Buyi’s expression of mockery became stronger. “I’ve stayed here even longer than Nanshan Mu and Wenren Cangyue, but I didn’t know you were actually someone from Xiyi either.”

“This was our Xiyi’s land to begin with.” Ghost Advisor remained silent for a moment and then replied.

“This isn’t hard to understand.” Xu Buyi nodded, his muddled eyes narrowing slightly. “Someone like you who has ambition and strength, there is no way you would offer up your life for Wenren Cangyue purely out of friendship. I reckon Wenren Cangyue has given all of you some promises… perhaps it could be said that you believe Wenren Cangyue will help your Xiyi people return to Jadefall City. This means that this time, he doesn’t only have troops loyal to him, your formidable figures from Xiyi might also have no choice but to stand on his side.”

Ghost Advisor slowly said, “We could survive even in the desert. If we continue living, one day, we will return to Jadefall City.”

Xu Buyi sneered. “This is something in the future. However, this time, I fear that you all will make another serious mistake. You still looked down on Wenren Cangyue’s ambitions. Wenren Cangyue can provoke the emperor, he can even provoke those nine elders, but no matter what, he cannot provoke Green Luan Academy.”

“Returning to Jadefall City is what your Xiyi people have yearned for even in your dreams, your only desire. However, for Wenren Cangyue, it is merely a small splash in his path to becoming the world’s most powerful figure. There is no need for you to doubt my words.” Xu Buyi turned his head to the side to give Ghost Advisor a look. “If his ambitions were only restricted to cut Jadefall City from Yunqin, becoming its king, he definitely wouldn’t try to kill Gu Xinyin.”

Ghost Advisor’s body suddenly trembled. “Gu Xinyin has returned?”

Xu Buyi said with a bit of mockery, “The reason why I chose to set off at this time isn’t only because the longer I delayed the time, the more he will think that you have already died, or you were already sent out, it is also because I was waiting for him to head to Sanskrit Passage… I understand how much of a grasp you all have over Jadefall City, but at the very least, if he doesn’t personally come to kill me, the chances of me bringing you out of Jadefall City will be much greater.”

“No, you still don’t understand him well enough.” Ghost Advisor remained silent for a long time, but instead calmed down again. “He is much more powerful and terrifying than you imagine. Even me, when I interact with him, I still always feel like I underestimated him. He isn’t someone who will completely lose his head because of his apprehension towards someone. Once he sets his resolution on fighting a great battle, he would already think through all possibilities, he will only win, he won’t lose. He will use the methods needed to pay a set price, at the very least, he will complete the lowest levels of his plans.”

Xu Buyi also entered a state of silence.

A long time afterwards, Xu Buyi coldly said, “Fine… in that case, then we only need to watch and see whether the people under heaven will defeat him, or if he is strong enough to the point where he can defeat all under heaven.”

A man dressed in ordinary green clothes stopped in the yellow sand, sitting in the shade of a sand dune.

In the shadow of this sand dune, there would be many poisonous sand scorpions. Normal cultivators didn’t dare sit in this type of place. The back of this sand dune was no exception, several sand scorpions would make their way out from who knew where every second. However, this man whose brows were black like ink, lips red like a brocade, didn’t seem to mind it in the slightest.

It was because in this world, there wasn’t a single sand scorpion who could kill a Sacred Expert level cultivator.

Meanwhile, he was Great General Wenren, unrivalled among Sacred Experts.

All of the sand scorpions who smelled the scent of his flesh crawled towards him, when they reached several feet from his body, they were crushed by the aura naturally released from his body until they couldn’t budge. Then, within half a breath of time, with a light crack sound, the outer shell would shatter, a blast of yellow liquid bursting out from within.

Wenren Cangyue, this individual whose bravery, unyielding nature and ability to command, someone who obtained the worship and adoration of who knew how many in Yunqin, was slowly adjusting his breath, adjusting every part of his body to the most powerful and highest state of his life.

Because of Emperor Feng Xuan’s arrangements and because of some discrepancies in time, he didn’t know that some things already happened in Tangcang, he didn’t know that Tangcang Imperial Uncle who reached a deal with him already turned into a pile of mincemeat under a flying sword that left even Sacred Experts in fear. The reason why he came here alone was still because he had to kill that person.

Once he killed that person, he would thus truly become unrivaled among Yunqin’s Sacred Experts.

Of course, he was confident that right now… he was already unrivaled among Yunqin’s Sacred Experts. It was because even if Gu Xinyin obtained some unique Sanskrit Temple cultivation methods, even if after spending so many years in that water prison lacking all daylight, his soul force cultivation speed was still above his own, Gu Xinyin’s body was definitely inferior to his.

The reason he wanted to kill Gu Xinyin was because if he completely returned to his peak after a few years, then his strength might instead overwhelm him.

He knew that right now, Vice Principal Xia and some other elders’ cultivation and strength were still above his own, but after all, those people were already old. In another decade or two, those people might no longer be in this world, while both him and the similarly young Gu Xinyin would remain.

This was something he felt apprehension towards.

However, the reason why he had to kill Gu Xinyin in this situation where he took the world on as his enemy wasn’t because this situation was too chaotic, neither was it because he lost his reasoning out of his fear towards Gu Xinyin. Even though Great Consecrator Xu Buyi already inwardly acknowledged that Wenren Changyue was an existence more powerful and terrifying than he originally thought, he still underestimated him. In reality, the way Wenren Cangyue looked at this world was entirely different from what they imagined.

Yunqin’s western situation was already extremely complicated and messy, but for this man whose brows were black like ink, lips red like a brocade’s eyes, it was actually extremely simple.

His ever-victorious commanding already hid his true sight.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t be defeated. He could use a temporary defeat to reach his final objective. Only, because he was too strong, he never even suffered a temporary defeat before.

His objective has always been just one thing. If one were to say that this entire world was an extremely tall and great mountain, his objective would be to stand at the very top of this mountain, looking down on all people, all of the wind and clouds below.

That was why what he had to do was only pull out flags, wander about this mountain, pull out these flags that might become obstacles for him now or in the future. As for whether he had to first fall into the valley below, or if he had to make his way around a certain part of the foot of the mountain first, he didn’t actually mind.

No matter how much he had to give up, as long as it completed a certain stage of his objective, then it was fine.

In one’s lifetime, there would always be many instances of waiting. However, his time was extremely precious and he also calculated everything extremely carefully. That was why before long, a fleet appeared in the distant sand dunes.

A fleet covered in dust, escorted by several hundred golden-armored soldiers mounted on Tangcang’s unique tall white camels’ backs.

The water carried by this fleet should have been more or less consumed. With Wenren Cangyue’s sight, he could already tell that all of these golden-armored soldiers’ lips were dried and cracked, but this wasn’t what Wenren Cangyue needed to consider. The moment this fleet appeared in his line of sight, he already stood up and then began to walk towards this fleet.

His steps were extremely stable, a single step taking him the distance covered by an ordinary person’s several dozen steps. Even though every step’s movements looked extremely slow, because of the distance crossed by each step, it instead gave off an extremely alarming feeling.

The further he walked, the more powerful his presence became, the colder and heavier it became, the more his body seemed like steel.

He was only a single person, but when facing that fleet that flickered with golden radiance, it was as if an army of thousands followed behind him.

The Tangcang fleet flickering with golden light seemed to have already noticed his existence from the moment he stepped on the first mound. After a momentary panic, this entire Tangcang fleet completely stopped.

Then, unknown as to who issued the order, all of the golden-armored soldiers and attendants began to withdraw like a tide. Only a camel carriage with a white imperial canopy and layers of tassel curtains remained at the very front.

Scorching hot sunlight shone upon the yellow sand, hot air rising like flames. Wenren Cangyue crossed over like a demonic god.

Because he didn’t want to waste any time, when there were only three hundred steps from this carriage, a streak of scarlet sword radiance already hacked out from within his sleeves.

The flying swords of Sacred Experts normally gave one an exceptionally nimble and fierce aura, like a streak of cold lightning descending from above. However, this streak of sword light was domineering and unrivaled. When it descended upon this white imperial canopy, it already turned into an expanse of scarlet red multicolored light.

It was like a sunset glow that engulfed the nine heavens.

An expanse of scarlet multicolored light enveloped the white canopy and the curtain of tassels.

Under the scarlet multicolored radiance, the white canopy and curtain of tassels instantly turned to ashes, revealing the one seated within.

Seated inside wasn’t Gu Xinyin who Wenren Cangyue was waiting for, but rather a bald monk dressed in bronze meditation clothes. In his hands was a staff with nine golden rings, hanging down from his chest was a string of golden buddha beads, every single bead the side of a small child’s fist, making him look extremely large.

His figure wasn’t all that tall, but every chunk of flesh on his body instead swelled like rocks, their surface flowing with a layer of holy golden radiance.

With a muffled thunk sound, the staff in his hands smashed into Wenren Cangyue’s flying sword. A golden and scarlet red blast of light was produced between his monk staff and the flying sword, looking just like something out of a dream or illusion.

All of the yellow sand several meters around him was completely shaken until it swept upwards, becoming like a rain of sand that descended from above.

Wenren Cangyue’s brows that were thick like ink frowned slightly. This was already something completely outside of his plans and calculations, but there was no disappointment or shock that appeared on his face. Instead, he said with a faint voice, “Sanskrit Temple’s cultivators are… interesting.”

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