Book 9 Chapter 32 - A Bit More Demonic

“If we jump off from here and risk our lives, there’s at least a fifty percent chance that we’ll turn into a meat pancake right? Yet you still want us to trust you that there’s definitely not going to be anything wrong.” Jiang Xiaoyi swallowed a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty. He looked at Lin Xi and said, “Don’t tell me your cultivation increased so quickly precisely because of this type of cultivation.”

“This isn’t everything.” Lin Xi shook his head. “However, I jumped off a ravine even steeper than this one at Three Reeds Peak.”

“It is still too crazy.” Jiang Xiaoyi revealed a forced smile. “But what is even crazier… is that I actually convinced myself to trust you.”

Bian Linghan’s fist clenched tightly, her palm covered in cold sweat. Every last bit of her rationality reminded her that this was an extremely absurd thing, but she remembered what she promised Lin Xi. As such, she nodded, her complexion a bit pale, but replied simply, “I will jump with you.”

Lin Xi was extremely happy.

This type of happiness didn’t only come from him being able to help Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan become stronger, it also came from this type of absolute confidence.

Perhaps only in this type of world filled with antiquity, would he feel this type of happiness, have these types of friends.

“Meng Bai, what about you?” Lin Xi turned around, looking at Meng Bai in an encouraging manner.

At this time, Meng Bai’s lips even turned white, his silk clothes and hair completely drenched.

“I…” Only after using great strength, could he reply with some unclear words, “I never wanted to become a hero… nor did I ever want any so-called glory… I am only an Internal Study Department student, all I wanted was to stay well in the academy’s Internal Study Department…”

“I understand.” Lin Xi nodded. “However, if you didn’t act fast enough today, I might have been hit by that person’s crossbow bolts.”

“There are some people who are naturally daring and there are also some people who are naturally more cowardly.” Lin Xi looked at Meng Bai. Because he didn’t know how to phrase himself well, he said with a bit of a distressed tone, “Actually, the rough meaning of what I want to say is that… even if it is a rabbit, when there is a truly dire situation, it will also choose to bite. Even if they never thought about biting someone before, having some extra strength to bite will never be a bad thing.”

Meng Bai thought for a long time, but still felt like he couldn’t do it. “I cannot, I definitely won’t be able to reach that place, I don’t have the courage to jump.”

“Okay.” Lin Xi didn’t force him either. He thought about how perhaps if Meng Bai saw that himself, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan all reached the other side safe and sound, he would become a bit braver, so he nodded towards Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi, and then pointed towards a comparatively further pine tree. “I can jump a bit further than you all, so I choose that pine tree.”

“It really is more frightening the longer I look…” Jiang Xiaoyi wiped the sweat off his hands, saying this in self mockery before reaching out his hand. “I choose that one.”

“We have to make it a bit more clear to avoid bumping into each other later.” Bian Linghan took a deep breath and said, “I choose the seventh one from the left, you are the eighth one.”

“Lin Xi, you all are forcing me…” The moment Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan chose the tree they were going to try and land on, about to leave, Meng Bai suddenly cried out in grief.

Lin Xi was stunned. “We are forcing you?”

Meng Bai powerlessly stood up. He looked at Lin Xi and at the similarly confused Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan, saying, “If you all end up accidentally jumping to your deaths… if I am the only one left, what am I supposed to do… also, if Lucky feels that you three died, but I am still alive, wouldn’t it think that I harmed you all to death, end up eating me?!”

A cool and refreshing mountain breeze blew against the bodies of these four youngsters.

Lin Xi suddenly really wanted to laugh.

Even though he had the experience of jumping off a cliff that was even higher, jumping off a cliff, this type of thing wasn’t something one would not be scared off after doing it just once. Towards anything that had danger of harming one’s life, one would naturally feel a type of mysterious fearful feeling. Even though Lin Xi always remained extremely calm, the center of his palm still continuously produced cold sweat. When he thought about how he had to jump such a far distance, only having about a dozen or so meters on the tall pine tree to ensure his survival, he was also nervous and scared to the point where his heart continuously pounded. Some hormones that normally wouldn’t be secreted were starting to be released in large amounts.

However, Meng Bai’s appearance made even him release some of his nervousness, his body somehow no longer as tense as before.

“Let’s jump!”

He revealed a smile towards Jiagn Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan, not saying anything again to Meng Bai. Then, he took a few dozen steps forward, charging towards that pine tree.


As he accelerated, Lin Xi only felt as if all of his body’s blood seemed to have unknowingly gathered at his feet. In his line of sight, that ravine’s pine trees became more and more clear. At the same time, as he got closer and closer to the cliff, his speed accelerated. That type of pressure and fear that was about to swallow him whole made Lin Xi unable to restrain a roar.



Jaing Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan seemed to have also been affected. Before crazily sprinting to the cliff, when they were about to jump out, they also screamed out.

Their three ‘miserable screams’, just like falling birds, descended the cliff, falling towards the valley below.

Lucky looked at the cliff, widening its swirling black eyes, not knowing what Lin Xi and the others were doing.

Meng Bai’s body began to tremble, every single chunk of his flesh seemingly trembling, the corners of his lips even starting to twitch a bit.


He also began to scream, his fat body starting to bounce on the ground like a ball again. “Wait for me!” He seemed to be screaming this, and then, just like a fat bird who didn’t know how to fly, his entire face was twitching as he jumped off the cliff, leaping towards the pine tree closest to the cliff.

His mouth was wide open, but because of the powerful feeling of weightlessness, he didn’t dare release any noise. Wind flooded his mouth, blowing his mouth and cheeks’ flesh until they released flapping noises.

The verdant green treetop quickly approached in Lin Xi’s eyes.

With a crash sound, he already smashed into this pine tree’s tree trunk like a rock.

In that instant, smashed leaves and branches rushed about everywhere around him. The world around him seemed to have become extremely chaotic, Lin Xi’s breathing completely stopping. However, the moment his heart contracted intensely, his body’s functions and reactions exceeding his usual limits, his hand frantically tore at everything that he could reach.

After breaking several branches, the moment his falling stance slowed a bit, his eyes immediately locked onto a thicker branch. Nothing else existed in his sight, only feeling like this branch could save him. His hand frantically grabbed towards this branch. With a kacha noise, he grabbed this branch, but this branch still couldn’t resist his falling momentum, instantly snapping.

However, because of this pull, his body became a bit slower. Another thick branch that he could reach appeared in his line of sight.

He once again grabbed this branch with great precision. Under heart alarming ka ka sounds, half of this branch snapped, but it forcibly caught him. His body, by borrowing this half snapped branch that was the thickness of a child’s arm, hung in the air twenty or so meters above the ground.

Lin Xi didn’t immediately make any other movements, instead quickly turning his head around to look at the others.

He saw that Bian Linghan was already stopped on a fork a bit higher than himself, Jiang Xiaoyi currently crushing a branch, but then he successfully tore off a few fine branches, using this to successfully stop his falling momentum.

The only one remaining was  Meng Bai whose weight really was a bit too heavy. Moreover, he seemed to have used a bit too much force as well, his jumping position a bit off, not landing in the middle of the pine tree that could best support him. With continuous ka ka ka noises, after crushing countless branches, he landed on the ground with a pa sound.

Lin Xi’s mind tensed slightly. His hands loosened, his body falling down, continuously grabbing the pine branches below him, landing in the ravine without any difficulty.


The moment he approached the ravine, Meng Bai released a miserable scream.

Right now, Lin Xi’s perception and reaction speed were still at the absolute peak. He could tell that Meng Bai’s scream was full of power and that the fear was far above his pain, so his expression immediately relaxed, shouting, “Meng Bai, are you alright?”

“The pit of my stomach hurts so much… I don’t know if I broke any bones.”

When Meng Bai replied, Lin Xi landed on the ground. He quickly sprinted a few steps, arriving beside him.

When he saw Meng Bai who already sat back up, Lin Xi quickly pressed a few times around Meng Bai’s body and then couldn’t help but laugh.

Meng Bai’s bones were all fine. It was instead the pine needle covered ground that had a faint depression smashed out.

Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan also landed on the ground, staggering a bit as they ran over.

When they saw the shallow fat human shape Meng Bai smashed out and the laughing Lin Xi, realizing that all four of them were a mess from tangling about tree branches, that their heads that still had quite a few broken branches and leaves stuck within, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan both immediately laughed, laughing extremely loudly.

Meng Bai rubbed his body, feeling like he didn’t seem to have broken anything. However, he still couldn’t help but tremble all over, not knowing why Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan were laughing like this.

“Who would have thought that we actually did it…” Jiang Xiaoyi gradually stopped his laughter, his body also shaking slightly, his expression also already a bit complicated. He raised his head towards the place he had just jumped off of. “Actually, when I jumped off, I didn’t even have much confidence.”

Bian Linghan’s laughter also gradually stopped. Both her and Jiagn Xiaoyi had a similar feeling. It was only because of the trust she promised Lin Xi that she jumped.

“My cultivation aptitude is extremely normal, to the extent where whether or not I could have entered Geren Luan Academy was something I didn’t have much confidence in.”

Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t stop, it was as if he was saying this for others to hear, but also as if it was for himself. “In the past, I’ve always wondered, thinking that no matter how I tried, I will always be extremely ordinary. However, teacher told me not to undervalue myself… Lin Xi, thank you. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to understand teacher’s words, I most likely wouldn’t have ever dared to do such a thing.”

“Sometimes, you all don’t even know yourselves… there are some things on your and Li Kaiyun that are difficult for me to even hope to strive for.” Lin Xi thought this inwardly, but he knew that right now, there was no need for him to say this out loud. As such, he only laughed, tapping Jiang Xiaoyi’s shoulder.

“I’m really fine?”

Meng Bai rubbed the bones under his thick layers of flesh, realizing that there really didn’t seem to be much pain. He raised his head in disbelief, looking at the hole that was smashed open in the branches above him, saying this to himself in disbelief.

“Yunqin cultivators are used to calling Great Mang’s Thousand Devil Nest and Purgatory Mountain cultivators devils.” Bian Linghan looked at her own palm that had some skin ripped off, quietly saying to Lin Xi, “However, sometimes, I feel like you are even more demonic than them.”

“In that case, let’s be a bit more demonic then. I already said that I would be a bit more strict with you all.” Lin Xi chuckled and said, “Do you all still have strength left? If so, let’s go again.”

“What, we are doing it again?!”

Meng Bai almost fainted on the spot.

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