Book 9 Chapter 30 - Soul Weapon With a Monster Living Inside

The flat long chest was opened in Lin Xi’s hands.

Fasted within one side’s leather openings were eight gray arrows that were dull and lightless. At the bottom of the chest rested a black longbow.

This was a black bow all four of them had seen before in the academy.

It was because even the Internal Study Department Meng Bai and the Natural Arts Department Jiang Xiaoyi had used this bow before, though they didn’t know that this bow could be used to test whether or not one had Windstalker talent.

“Teacher, after beating around the bush for so long, in the end, the bow that ended up in my hands was actually this one…”

Lin Xi muttered this to himself. He exchanged a look with Bian Linghan, and then slowly picked up this bow.

This pitch-black bow was also wooden, but the patterns on the bow were exceptionally fine and clear, as if there were streaks of iron threads embedded within.

Two flood dragon-like heads held the non-reflective bowstring covered in similar runes in place.

On the bowstring made of a certain type of beast tendon, there were also vein-like fine runes that couldn’t be made out unless one examined it closely.

This was ‘Little Black’.

This bow was a special soul weapon that could even draw out the soul force of those with cultivation levels under Soul Master level.

During that Green Luan Academy cultivation course, Lin Xi used all of his strength, yet could only pull this bowstring less than two fingers of distance.

This pitch-black longbow that lacked all light was the weapon that world shocking and world changing expert used fifty years ago.

“What kind of background does this bow have?”

Jiang Xiaoyi who didn’t know too much about this bow, feeling like Lin Xi and Bian Linghan’s expressions were a bit strange, couldn’t help but quietly ask this.

Bian Linghan looked at him and said, “This is a weapon Principal Zhang left behind.”

Jiang Xiaoyi’s eyes widened, Meng Bai also widening his eyes.

With just this sentence, they already understood that the glory this bow represented in itself already exceeded the power of this bow.

Lucky was also looking at this black bow through the gap in his sleeves.

When Lin Xi picked up this ‘Little Black’, it suddenly felt a type of indescribable heart shaking aura coming from this black bow’s bowstring.

This type of aura was like the innate fear snakes and mice felt towards falcons in the sky.

It somewhat understood that this black bow’s bowstring might have come from the body of some type of natural predator even more formidable than itself. As such, it lowered its head, released a light yi sound and then reached out its head from inside Lin Xi’s sleeves, wishing to move forward and get a better look.

Meng Bai was also stupefied as he looked at this black bow, but then he suddenly saw a furry head with two black and shiny eyes.


His hair immediately stood on end, screaming out miserably, his back smashing against the carriage, making the entire carriage release a thump sound. The wooden materials released groaning sounds, as if they were about to snap.

“What happened?!”

Black Tiger Slayer driving the carriage outside immediately released a nervous shout.

“Nothing.” Lin Xi looked helplessly at this timid Internal Study Department good friend, immediately replying.

“Even this already scared you to this extent?” Bian Linghan couldn’t help but become a bit angry, looking at the sorry Meng Bai and saying with a low voice, “Do you think it’s some kind of monster? Were you not aware that he is a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest?”

When Meng Bai saw Lucky’s head clearly, seeing that it wasn’t all that scary of a thing, he immediately calmed down, trying to justify everything, feeling as if he was wronged, “After following this troop, no one has told me anything… how could I have possibly heard about outside news… Spiritual Sacrifice Priest? What did you say, he became a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest?”

“You are already almost delirious.” Bian Linghan still looked at him with a bit of an annoyed look. “Your cultivation is even a bit higher than mine and Jiang Xiaoyi’s, we never expected you to be able to run that fast either, to take action that fast… what are you so easily scared for?”

Meng Bai’s entire face flushed red. “I don’t want to be like this either, but what can I do if I’m scared? I am merely someone from Internal Study Department.”

Bian Linghan was left completely helpless.

It was because when she saw how Meng Bai was acting now, she could only admit that naturally cowardly people really did exist.

“In the future, you’ll slowly not become as scared anymore.”

Lin Xi comforted Meng Bai.

Meng Bai gave Lin Xi a grateful look, only, even he himself was doubting himself inside… fighting continuously, weapons flickering with cold glints, blood scattering over bodies, this type of terrifying thing, would he really not be scared of it anymore?

However, Lucky’s cute appearance and naive eyes immediately made him relax a bit, instead feeling a bit of happiness inside. As such, he couldn’t help but reach out his meat bun-like hand, wishing to rub Lucky’s head, at the same time asking, “Lin Xi, what is the name of your kitty here? It’s a fiend beast?”

Bian Linghan thought about the hilarious scene that might happen and as such purposely put on a face and said, “Kitty? When have you ever seen a kitty that could kill a Metal Splitting Black Vulture with just a blast of air?”

“Metal… Metal Splitting Black Vulture?”

Meng Bai’s hand immediately went rigid, his face becoming miserably pale.

In his eyes, that cute Lucky immediately became a massive fiend beast that could swallow him in one gulp.

“Linghan, why are you purposely scaring him.”

Lin Xi gave Bian Linghan a helpless bitter smile and then looked at Meng Bai who was frightened quite badly, inwardly having a different idea. He chuckled, and then without saying anything else, his eyes once again returned to the black bow and arrows in the chest.

The carriage once again became quiet.

The four youngsters and little beast were all looking at Lin Xi and the black longbow.

The gray arrows in the wooden chest were made of an unknown metal material, their surface also carved with fine runes.

These were arrows that could hold soul force.

Apart from those at the Sacred Expert level who could make soul force move between the world’s vital energy, remain in the runes of flying swords for a long time, make flying swords become an extension of their own bodies, all other cultivators couldn’t make their soul force remain in the runes of soul weapons for a long time.

The soul force would be like a stream that stopped, flowing into the runes, but then quickly scattering. That was why in order to preserve the power of soul weapons and release some powerful vital force power, cultivators had to always hold onto these soul weapons, continuously pour soul force into them.

Windstalkers were those whose soul force could remain in runes for a bit longer, which was also the reason why their soul force scattered a bit slower than that of ordinary cultivators.

The moment the arrows left their fingers, the runes on the arrows would have additive effects on the arrows. The soul force of Windstalkers would remain on the arrows for a set amount of time even after they were released, this was precisely the reason why the power of Windstalker’s arrows was more powerful than that of a normal person’s. It was because the amount of time the arrows of soul weapon longbows spent in the air was extremely short to begin with.

Under the original powerful propulsion force, combined together with the increased acceleration while flying out and the eruption of force, that was why Tong Wei’s attack back then was so terrifying.

Lin Xi didn’t start examining these arrows’ runes, because unless he truly tested them out, there was no way he could tell where the difference between these arrows and ordinary arrows lied. He only carefully began to try to draw Little Black’s bowstring again.

The black bowstring began to flicker with a faint yellow radiance.

The release of this type of radiance, for Bian Linghan and the others, it was extremely gentle and peaceful, but for Lin Xi, it was alarming. Even he who did this who knew how many times, able to remain calm even while drawing the bowstring while in battle, couldn’t help but feel his breathing stop slightly, his heart pounding fiercely.

The moment his fingers made contact with the bowstring, starting to truly exert force, the soul force within his body almost uncontrollably poured out from within his body, entering the bowstring.

Because the soul force within his body was already who knew how much stronger and more vigorous than when he first became a cultivator back at Green Luan Academy, at this moment, this true blood surging like feeling was extremely clear. In addition, the speed at which soul force flowed exceeded his normal limit, thus making the area from his lower abdomen to his arms feel swollen, experiencing tearing-like pain.

This black bow’s bowstring already became an exceptionally sinister giant beast, greedily sucking in his soul force. As such, he suppressed the fear he felt, allowing his soul force to surge out, drawing the bowstring inch by inch.

The bowstring and bow themselves didn’t release any powerful auras.

However, judging from Lin Xi’s furrowed brows and his entirely shining right arm, Bian Linghan, Meng Bai and Jiang Xiaoyi could sense how tremendous Lin Xi’s current soul force consumption was.

Their breathing couldn’t help but stop as well.

In their eyes, this giant also slowly became a monster, a monster that sucked soul force dry and didn’t waste the slightest bit of aura.

Under their nervous gazes, Lin Xi completely drew the bow with great difficulty.

The instant the bow was drawn, the runes on the bowstring and bow body completely lit up, but all of the radiance turned black, even the original faint yellow radiance on the bowstring becoming black-colored.

Lin Xi felt a bit of hesitation, but he still couldn’t endure some type of desire deep within himself. He turned the bow around, aimed at the very front of the carriage and then loosened the fingers holding the bowstring.


The four youngsters and the little beast saw a clear black energy surge in front of the black longbow. It fired into the carriage’s wall just like an invisible arrow, 


The wooden boards of that carriage wall completely exploded, the steel board inside caving in, the entire carriage shaking fiercely.

“What happened?”

Black Tiger Slayer’s shout sounded again.

“It’s nothing… I was just testing out a soul weapon.” Lin Xi quietly replied. At the same time, he couldn’t help but take in deep breaths,and then exhale. He then turned towards Bian Linghan, a bitter smile appearing on his face.

Bian Linghan, Jiang Xiaoyi and Meng Bai were left completely speechless by the power and destruction created.

It was just an empty bow… if just the air stream of rippling power was already this great… then if there was an arrow added, just what kind of speed and power would it have then?

Lin Xi couldn’t remain calm either.

He felt that with his soul force power, it was only just enough to draw this longbow. This meant that only when one reached Soul Master level, could this longbow be used.

He had two bowls of water within him… but now, a larger half of one of these bowls was consumed, exhausted from the release of this arrow. 

Moreover, his right arm, because of the speed at which soul force was released, was already shaking slightly, to the point where he could no longer guarantee that the next arrow would be accurate.

“This means… that even if it is me, I can only fire two arrows at most.”

Lin Xi said with a bitter smile on his face.

For his current self, this was simply a longbow with a monster residing inside.

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