Book 9 Chapter 28 - Eyes Beneath the Carriage, Dying Daoist

Black Tiger Slayer’s broadsword thrust fiercely into the driver’s chest. Right at this time, an arrow flickering with silver radiance rushed by his ears. He quickly sensed hot blood spray across his neck.

He turned around in alarm, only seeing that unknowingly when, a warrior was quietly closing in on him, yet he now had a silver arrow planted on his forehead and then fell to the ground.

This cold and tall bald man knew where the arrow came from, looking around from the corners of his eyes, he saw that every member of his side was still standing perfectly fine. At this moment, he immediately felt more sincere respect for Bian Linghan, Lin Xi and the others. Right now, he was only a bit confused, thinking that even if these youngsters were the disciples of the empire’s aloof and powerful academies, there was no way they would possess this type of loftiness and controlling ability at such a young age.

A white shadow quickly moved along the bottom of the carriage.

This was the remaining brother of the twin brother cultivators. After he was pressured behind the carriage by Bian Linghan’s arrows, because Bian Linghan’s arrows still roared through the air like a death god, he decided to use the carriages as a cover, to quickly move underneath the carriages and approach the battle situation this way.

In this type of battle situation these people were most adept at, when that middle-aged silk clothed scholar who was best at adapting to different situations was killed and their most powerful yellow-robed daoist collapsed, this cultivator knew that there was already no way for them to win this battle.

He and his twin brother only had two areas where they were most terrifying.

The first was their tacit coordination when working together, the two of them together could often kill cultivators whose cultivation levels were higher than their own.

The other point was that the two of them had a pair of powerful crossbows. Under close distance, even cultivators who were a level higher than themselves would find it hard to evade their attacks.

Under Lin Xi’s targeted instructions, Bian Linghan immediately shot at these two brothers, succeeding in killing one and basically half crippling the remaining brother. However, he didn’t want to just give up and run before he fired all of the crossbolts. He wanted to get revenge for his brother.

He was like a viper waiting for an opportunity.

The moment Lin Xi knocked the two warriors flying, he already arrived under the eighth carriage. He already managed to wait until the opportunity to assassinate the other party’s leader.

He didn’t release any noise, raising his hands and aiming at Lin Xi’s figure.

He felt like no one would notice him at this moment.

However, the moment he raised his hand, he suddenly discovered that there was also a pair of eyes looking at him from underneath this carriage.

“Be careful! Underneath the carriage!”

A voice that was trembling slightly sounded, quite loud, even overwhelming all other noises.


At the same time, several dozen specks of black radiance shot out from the sleeves of that cultivator who was rather startled by those eyes staring at him from underneath the carriage.

 Meng Bai was always in a constant state of alarm, vigilantly looking at the cultivator moving underneath the carriages.

It was because even his best friend at the academy, Lin Xi, slaughtered his way over, so he obviously couldn’t just directly run. That was why he also rushed out after Lin Xi’s back.

However, he really had never experienced this type of scene before, he was also a bit too cowardly… that was why he wanted to follow behind Lin Xi, but he didn’t even know why he ended up underneath the carriages, following Lin Xi from beneath the carriages.

What left him even more alarmed was that he saw one of the twin brother cultivators secretly approach from below the carriages.

The moment the other cultivator took action, he was a bit alarmed when he saw Meng Bai. As such, he also directly screamed at the top of his lungs.

The moment Lin Xi heard Meng Bai’s shout, his body already instinctively sensed danger. His entire body’s power was gathered towards his legs, his figure first leaping to the side, disregarding everything else.

Only at the moment he instinctively made this decision, his body rising into the air, did he see several dozen specks of black radiance rushing at him.

When he saw the speed of these dozens of black specks, Lin Xi’s expression didn’t change, but he inwardly released a light sigh, thinking that this time, he still might have to use his unique ability.

It was because he could tell that with these dozens of specks of black radiance, unless Lucky attacked with full power, there was still no way for him to completely evade. There would be at least a dozen or so that would land on half his body. However, he didn’t want Lucky to be completely exposed yet, so while in the air, he only moved his hands behind his back.

The black radiance arrived before Lin Xi instantly, Lin Xi looking like there was no way he could evade them all.

However, right at this time, a pair of white meat bun-like hands grabbed Lin Xi’s clothes, fiercely pulling.


The area these white steamed bun-like hands grabbed ripped a bit, but because of the astonishing power of the pull, Lin Xi’s speed suddenly increased, the several dozen specks of black radiance missing by a hair, not landing on Lin Xi’s body at all, completely missing. They brushed past Lin Xi’s body, releasing chi chi sounds as they flew past, instantly rushing to who knew where.

Lin Xi and the one who grabbed him both fell together.

Lin Xi was a bit shocked. At the crucial time, the one who pulled him was actually Meng Bai.

Meng Bai was completely alarmed, his entire head covered in cold sweat. His hands that grabbed Lin Xi’s clothes still weren’t willing to let go, his entire body shaking uncontrollably.


The cultivator under the carriage who missed his attack couldn’t control his emotions. When Lin Xi and Meng Bai fell, he charged with a crazy roar.

Bian Linghan already didn’t have any special arrows left, but she knew that this was already the very last arrow she needed to fire in this battle… perhaps whether or not she fired this arrow, it would be the same.

She released a light sigh that carried a bit of fatigue. She held the arrow, controlled the bowstring and then fired. Almost by instinct, an arrow was released, and then she put away her bow.

The cultivator who charged out from beneath the carriage, roaring crazily, reached out a hand, directly smacking this arrow flying.

His hands both had two foot long claws.

However, as he looked at this incoming enemy, Lin Xi didn’t move, only helplessly slapping Meng Bai, making this cowardly good friend loosen his grip a bit.

An iron cooking pot appeared between Lin Xi and this cultivator.

This iron pot that could cook an entire pig was thrown easily by that rather short, but head a bit too large ‘Short Footed Wolf’.

With an explosive dang noise, the large black pot was directly smashed apart by the hooked claws.

However, that cultivator was suddenly stunned.

Short Footed Wolf’s entire body turned into a sphere, rolling right by his feet.

When this cultivator finally reacted, he instinctively raised his leg, but then screamed out in fear.

His leg was raised into the air, but the sole of his feet was still on the ground.

His leg was directly cut at the ankle.

Jiang Xiaoyi already passed by. The moment this cultivator couldn’t make any more movements, the spear in his hands already stabbed fiercely into his body, sending this cultivator sliding out. With a thunk sound, he was nailed to a carriage’s cabin.

Lin Xi stood up, walking towards the carriage ahead.

Several other deathsworn soldiers loyal to Qin Zhiyan shouted as they rushed at him.

Because those with the greatest strength and speed who had approached Lin Xi and the others had already been killed, these warriors who were only equivalent to elite soldiers in strength didn’t pose any threat to Lin Xi. Before he even took action, Jiang Xiaoyi who pulled out his spear already faced them.

The martial skills of Green Luan Academy were true killing skills. The movements weren’t all that elegant, but they were extremely direct and effective.

After taking just two steps towards Lin Xi, these deathsworn soldiers already all fell before Jiang Xiaoyi.

After making sure that apart from Qin Zhiyan’s carriage, there were no other cultivators and warriors who could pose them any threat, Jiang Xiaoyi wiped off the blood on his face, turning around and nodding toward Lin Xi.

Lin Xi also nodded towards Jiang Xiaoyi and then turned around to look at all the people who came over, asking, “Are all of you okay?”

In that instant, ‘Black Tiger Slayer’ and the others all froze up momentarily, this scene entering a short and mysterious deathly stillness.

Everyone was fine. Apart from some minor injuries from facing their opponents, no one had any great injuries. Comparatively speaking, Black Tiger Slayer who was bleeding between his fingers was instead the one with the most serious injuries. However, it was because everyone realized that they were all fine after looking at each other that when these people looked at Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan, their expressions all showed huge changes.

That was why these people inwardly couldn’t help but produce feelings of respect and admiration towards Lin Xi.

The moment the middle-aged silk clothed scholar and yellow-robed daoist appeared, moreover displayed great power, these people already made mental preparations for casualties. However, under Lin Xi’s fierce interception and commands, they didn’t pay any price, instead winning this battle rather easily. These people clearly understood that this youngster who issued orders extremely normally right from the start definitely had experience in commanding troops in the border army, moreover, he may be a high ranking military officer who had already experienced many true instances of life and death, an extremely outstanding leader.

“No problem.”

During this short awkward silence, all of them replied to Lin Xi in a bit of a strange manner.

Lin Xi couldn’t help but chuckle.

He was also quite satisfied towards the results of this planned attack.

Because he came from a different world, he read many books that the people of this world had no chance of reading, many among them obviously having martial stories and heroic stories. That was why back when Uncle Liu brought him to Green Luan Academy, he immediately asked if this world had flying swords. [1]

Sometimes, he would also picture those great scenes, the ordinary people in an area suddenly all becoming assassins.

This time, he personally arranged this scene, moreover succeeding, so he obviously felt an excitement and happiness that was hard for these people to understand.

The scene around the carriage once again became quiet.

Lin Xi was just about to walk towards Qin Zhiyan’s carriage. Yet right at this time, he heard an exceptionally difficult breathing noise.

He turned around slightly, seeing that this voice originated from that yellow-robed daoist who was kneeling on the ground.

This yellow-robed daoist already couldn’t stop the bleeding from his body’s numerous injuries. Under this situation where no one could help him, even if he possessed powerful soul force cultivation, he was already at his deathbed. His left hand that was pressing against his neck already didn’t have any blood rushing out, only layers of bloody suds that piled up.

However, what left Lin Xi a bit stunned was that this yellow-robed daoist was already in this type of unconscious dying state, his right hand already letting go of his longsword, yet he still didn’t apply force to his wounds, instead reaching into his bosom, firmly gripping something.

1. Martial: Wu, Heroic: Xia. Together, it makes Wuxia

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