Book 9 Chapter 27 - Just Who Exactly Are You?

The yellow-robed daoist was such a powerful expert, unknown how many battles he experienced already. When this type of injury was hacked open, his eyes were full of extreme shock and disbelief, but he didn’t even release a bitter shout. The moment blood flew out from his injuries, his left hand already pressed down against this wound in disregard to the bone deep pain. Waves of soul force were continuously released from his palm and fingers, continuously pressing against this wound, not allowing more blood to flow out.

He didn’t release any noise. Instead, at this time, most of the people in these dozen or so carriages could all see the expanse of blood that scattered out from his body.

At this instant, everyone froze slightly from horror.

Qin Zhiyan saw this scene through the gap between the two guards outside his window. His mouth widened, his entire body starting to shake uncontrollably.

He was also a cultivator, the peace during these years making his cultivation advance slowly, far from that of vicious slaughter, making him almost forget how to fight as a cultivator. However, after dozens of years, water droplets could penetrate a stone. For better or for worse, he also reached Soul Master level cultivation. It was precisely because he was this type of cultivator that he had confidence in his body, knowing that after he left office, he still had several decades of high status and wealth to enjoy.

He could tell that Lin Xi was also only a cultivator of the same level as himself. In his eyes, cultivators like Lin Xi and himself would definitely be immediately killed by this yellow-robed daoist, without the slightest strength to retaliate.

However, both parties attacked at the same time, yet Lin Xi was safe and sound, while the one who was struck was instead the yellow-robed daoist.

Because of the battle that erupted between the first three carriages, right now, there were already several people from the rear carriages who already rushed up to Lin Xi and the yellow-robed daoist. However, when they saw the blood that sprinkled out from the yellow-robed daoist’s body, these people’s steps all couldn’t help but become rigid.

If not even this yellow-robed daoist could cut down this green-robed youngster, then what could they do?

Lin Xi rushed past the yellow-robed daoist’s side with a stance that was extremely uncomfortable even for him. He didn’t expect Lucky’s attack to be this perfect either, but he clearly understood that the yellow-robed daoist’s strength made it so that he had no time to be happy… it was precisely because he understood the yellow-robed daoist’s strength extremely well that this sword used An Keyi’s style, first ensuring his own safety, not setting the resolution to end his opponent with a single strike.

The instant he passed by this yellow-robed daoist, his body twisted, making a sliding step and shifting behind the yellow robed daoist to his right side. At the same time, his wrist twisted nimbly, as if there were no bones in his hands. While carrying surging soul force, he hacked at this yellow-robed daoist’s back.

The yellow-robed daoist’s reaction speed and physical speed were still above his. The instant his left hand pressed against his own injuries, his entire body also twisted around. The longsword in his right hand smashed towards Lin Xi.

If there were no exceptions, his sword would still stab through Lin Xi’s body before Lin Xi’s landed on his, stab through Lin Xi, and then send him flying out.

However, there were many exceptions in this world.

One of such exceptions just happened to be Lucky who was currently resting in Lin Xi’s sleeves.

Lucky was quite satisfied towards its own performance. As such, it released another light yi sound, carefully using a bit of its stored power.

The yellow-robed daoist’s pupils once again immediately shrunk, his soul force once again erupting without holding anything back. In this instant, he already completely reacted. Regardless of what was within this green-robed youngster’s sleeves, with its existence, he definitely wasn’t this green-robed youngster’s opponent.


Once again, many fragmented crystals appeared in front of his body. His speed slowed once more. Because he turned around, Lin Xi’s frost covered sword edge hacked across his chest, leaving behind a long wound.

Scorching hot blood spurted out from the yellow-robed daoist’s chest, scattering across the expanse of snowflakes in front of him.

These transparent snowflakes were dyed blood red, as if there was a layer of small red flowers that quickly spread between him and Lin Xi, and then disappeared with the melting of the snowflakes.

Only now did some of the people clearly see that there were these types of snowflakes that appeared between Lin Xi and this yellow-robed daoist.

The yellow-robed daoist’s soul force instantly surged even more powerfully. His cheeks that were originally already flat became even more sunken, the frost on his hair completely shaken into fine powder, shooting out from his body.

A fierce growl was released from his mouth. Without any regard for the blood that splashed out, his feet pressed against the ground, his left hand also leaving his injuries. His sleeves struck forward, his entire body frantically flying backwards, no longer wishing to fight Lin Xi at all, only wishing to increase the distance between them, to first kill the other assassins.

Even with Lin Xi’s cultivation, it still wasn’t enough to keep up with this yellow-robed daoist’s all out speed.

However, Lin Xi still had Bian Linghan.

Not even Lin Xi knew how many unique arrows Bian Linghan who had true Windstalker talent brought out from Green Luan Academy.

Right at this time, an entirely fine black steel arrow carried a spinning vortex flow, directly sent smashing into this yellow-robed daoist’s back. When it was still more than ten meters from the yellow-robed daoist, this fine black steel arrow suddenly split, a smaller blue arrow shooting out with even greater speed.

The longsword in this yellow-robed daoist’s hands hacked into this small arrow whose speed exceeded what an ordinary person’s naked eye could detect with great precision, forcibly sending this arrow flying. However, just by deflecting this arrow, Lin Xi already caught up, a sword cutting into his thigh, hacking part one of his thighs’ arteries.

Blood gushed out like a fountain. The yellow-robed daoist howled like a wounded beast.

The strength of cultivators was great. Normally, the strength brought by the blood flowing through his body and the soul force stored within the body could make cultivators possess power exceeding one’s imagination.

However, the bodies of cultivators were weak.

When there was too much blood loss, the body’s functions would rapidly decline, still similarly dying extremely quickly.

The yellow-robed daoist couldn’t run anymore. He could only stop and control the blood loss. His left hand held a medicine bottle, carrying soul force as he sprayed it on his thigh’s injury.

His vicious and blood red eyes stared rigidly at Lin Xi. However, what left him in despair was that this young opponent possessed a coldness and combat experience that completely didn’t match his age… he understood that this young cultivator’s cultivation wasn’t achieved through the forced feeding of a great figure, but was rather obtained through true life and death experiences, truly polished out.

Even at this moment, this young opponent still maintained extreme patience, his every movement still holding back some strength, doing his best to ensure his own safety, yet still inflict damage onto him.

“Just who exactly are you?!”

Qin Zhiyan didn’t know, but this yellow robed daoist who followed him also had his own secrets. When he left Singe City to welcome his new life, this yellow robed daoist’s mood was the same, only feeling like a new curtain was currently being pulled open before him. At this time, when he understood that there was no way he could escape from this youngster, this sunken cheeked yellow-robed daoist couldn’t accept this at all, frantically roaring this out.

Lin Xi didn’t respond.

Even though he had Lucky’s assistance, for him, this level skipping battle was still too dangerous.

The pressure every single blade this yellow-robed daoist released was something the bystanders couldn’t imagine, the true suffocating threat of death. That was why his mind was always extremely taut, in a state he couldn’t reach while practicing.

Every single evasion and every single thrust also exceeded the limits he could reach normally.

In this type of situation, his mind even directly cut off this yellow-robed daoist’s roar, the only things left in his mind were the yellow-robed daoist’s sword and his body’s movements.

His sword thrusted towards the yellow-robed daoist’s left rib. Right now, according to his deductions, this was the spot where he could deliver the most damage.

Lucky also promptly released a bit of its own restrained power.

The yellow-robed daoist’s body became slightly rigid.

Everyone saw the robes on him swell, the dark green longsword passing over Lin Xi’s head, cutting through a few strands of his hair. Meanwhile, Lin Xi’s flowing silver longsword stabbed through his left rib and then quickly retracted. Then, with a stance that was almost falling, he stooped over and rushed past his side.

The yellow-robed daoist released a miserable great roar, turning around and brandishing his sword.

His sword still couldn’t hit Lin Xi, but there was suddenly a gash that appeared in his neck. Then, an arrow of blood gushed out.

He toppled over like a mountain.

The yellow robed daoist’s body kneeled forward, his left hand gripping his own neck.

Lin Xi didn’t pay this yellow-robed daoist any more attention, starting to rush towards several warriors who were crazily thrusting out the spears in their hands, already forcing Jiang Xiaoyi to roll around on the ground.

He knew that with so many wounds and the blood gushing out like this, even if this yellow-robed daoist didn’t die, there was already no way he could stand back up.


One warrior saw the crazily charging Lin Xi from the corner of his eyes. Before he even had time to feel fear, he saw a faint yellow sword tip emerge from his chest.

Then, his body felt as if it was rammed into by a galloping chariot, smashed until countless bone splitting sounds ran out, flying outwards. He smashed into another warrior who didn’t have time to evade, making that warrior release a muffled groan, falling to the ground and sliding out.

Jiang Xiaoyi’s pressure lessened. Together with his absolute trust in Lin Xi, he took the opportunity to clasp an incoming spear with a single arm. His entire figure rushed out while borrowing this force, his feet stamping on the body of this spear wielding warrior.

This warrior’s chest caved in from his stamp, his mouth crazily spurting blood, tumbling outwards, his spear ended up being seized by Jiang Xiaoyi.

There was still a warrior to the side. At this time, he almost subconsciously erupted with all of his strength. He held a spear, thrusting towards Jiang Xiaoyi in the air who had no way of dodging.

However, right at this time, Lin Xi already smashed into his body.

The warrior who was knocked flying by Lin Xi couldn’t stop his momentum in the slightest. Lin Xi’s figure wasn’t that large, but right now, it was as if a giant lizard rammed into him.

In just a single breath of time, the two warriors in front of him were both easily knocked flying like tree leaves.

Bian Linghan expressionlessly controlled her bowstring and then fired arrows.

Under the rapid full force firing, her right arm that controlled the bowstring was already swelling greatly. She understood extremely clearly that if this continued, her arm’s muscles would be injured. However, right now, the battle situation was already extremely clear in her eyes. Originally, Qin Zhiyan’s warriors and cultivators held an absolute advantage, yet because of Lin Xi and the yellow-robed daoist’s battle’s shock, together with hers and the short-haired youngster’s arrows’ suppression, the five or six carriages in the back were formlessly separated from the front, making the battle in the front already become an overwhelming advantage. She knew that if she held on for a few dozen more breaths of time, this battle would end without any suspense.

The complexion of the ‘Cold Wolf’ at Bian Linghan’s side was incredibly deathly white, his arm already completely shaking. As such, he couldn’t continuously fire and he didn’t dare fire arrows towards his own side, because he couldn’t ensure the accuracy of his arrows anymore.

His real name was Xie Xijian. Even though he wasn’t a cultivator, he was an iron-blooded soldier who was absolutely loyal to the empire. He had witnessed cultivators fire arrows as well, knowing that even if cultivators had soul force to ease and adjust their bodies, under continuous firing, their muscles still had no way of quickly recovering, also aching to the point where it was difficult to release more arrows.

He understood clearly that Bian Linghan’s arrow firing speed already far exceeded the archers he knew of before, but even after firing this many arrows… even though an expression of pain had long appeared between her brows, she still continued to fire. This type of willpower, while leaving him alarmed, also made him feel deep shock and respect.

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