Book 9 Chapter 26 - Body Covering Frost, Sword Covered in Frost

The third carriage’s doors were pushed open.

At the same time, the carriage doors of the fifth and seventh carriage were directly shattered by the people inside, wood splinters flying everywhere.

Simultaneously, Lin Xi, who was standing in the middle of the path, already frantically rushed up to only twenty something steps away from the carriages.

“Your stuff!”

Meng Bai frantically undid the wooden chest he kept on him, gritting his teeth as he chased after Lin Xi.

Two heads carried strings of blood as they rushed into the air.

The two warriors who were drenched under boiling water, under their body’s intense pain, already completely lost their fighting instincts.

Black Tiger Slayer’s bronze broadsword released dazzling radiance, carrying blood with it as it continued to hack towards a middle-aged silk clothed scholar who just appeared by the carriage’s door.

The middle-aged silk clothed scholar bent down at the waist, his body still not completely straightened yet, but a broadsword already emerged from the boiling water’s steam, hacking towards his chest. His movements seemed slower than Black Tiger Slayer’s, but they were extremely precise and strong. His right arm produced a golden short staff from behind him. When the broadsword was less than two feet from his chest, it smashed heavily into the broadsword.

Black Tiger Slayer released a muffled groan, the space between his thumb and index finger splitting apart. The broadsword in his hands lost control, sliding along the middle-aged silk clothed scholar’s chest, and then directly smashed down on the roof of the carriage, crushing it into chunks of wood.

The middle-aged silk clothed scholar’s waist was still bent, but his left leg kicked out in an extremely strange manner, striking towards Black Tiger Slayer’s chest.

Black Tiger Slayer couldn’t evade in time, using his left arm to protect himself.

A muffled explosive pa sounded. His body flew backwards like a rock.

The middle-aged silk clothed scholar’s movements were like flowing water. With just a tap of a single foot, he already offset the recoil force with a strange stance, flying outwards.

When he was just about to brandish his staff again to strike Black Tiger Slayer, the intense pain from beneath his feet instead completely interrupted the soul force quickly surging along his hand.

He widened his eyes and lowered his head, only seeing that a black spear that thrusted out from beneath him already penetrated his sole.

Before he had the time to make another movement, the ground beneath him already completely caved in.

A somewhat excessively pale young cultivator held a sword, leaping out from behind him. The instant he displayed a moment of sluggishness, the longsword in his hands thrusted fiercely into his back. Then, this individual directly gave up on the sword, tumbling backwards.


This middle-aged silk clothed scholar whose sole was penetrated by a spear, a longsword stabbed from his back through his lower abdomen howled miserably, his entire figure powerless to leap out, falling into the pitfall below.


A black arrow shot towards the seventh carriage.

The ones who emerged from the carriage doors that directly exploded were two middle-aged, slightly chubby cultivators who looked almost the exact same.

With just a wave of his sleeve, the left member of the twin brother cultivators easily sent this black arrow that shot over like lightning flying.

However, this cultivator’s expression instead suddenly became extremely grave.

It was because right at this time, a silver arrow already shot through the air, the speed fast to the point where he didn’t even have any time to make evasive movements.


“Not good…”

“This is bad…”

This second cultivator who helped his brother deflect the silver arrow already saw the archers who stood up from the distant brush. One of them was only an ordinary archer, the other a cultivator archer. However, he still suddenly produced this bitter smile, this thought appearing in his head.


A transparent arrow stabbed fiercely into his forehead, penetrating half his skull, leaving him with no time to wonder why this archer’s arrow was so powerful at all, why it could reach this unimaginable speed. He flew backwards, smashing into the carriage he just rushed out of.

The one who stepped out of the fifth carriage was a yellow-robed, mole whiskered daoist.

This daoist’s cheeks didn’t have much meat on them, looking around forty something years of age. Following the step he took which shattered the carriage’s doors, his two wide sleeves enlarged, becoming like two huge water bubbles, smashing into the carriage behind him.


The steel board lined, exceptionally heavy carriage shook fiercely. The four steeds that pulled this carriage all released a cry of grief, backing up, almost sitting down. This yellow-robed daoist whose cheeks were flat leapt out like a great bird, instantly arriving above Jiang Xiaoyi who was closest to himself.

Jiang Xiaoyi who had just leapt out from that underground pitfall, using the spear and sword to seriously injure that middle-aged silk dressed scholar had nothing in his hands. Only, as soon as he stood up from the ground, he felt as if there was a giant mountain crushing down on him from above. He could sense the fear of death, his entire being also pushed past its limit. With a chi sound, the leather shoes beneath his feet actually immediately split open because of the force coming from his feet, his entire body also tumbling out again with a speed he normally definitely didn’t have.

The yellow-robed daoist’s foot smashed into the ground.

Jiang Xiaoyi who normally practiced Green Luan’s Twenty Four Forms, as well as trained in the training valley, under the situation where he exceeded his limit, barely avoided this stomp.

As soon as his figure tumbled outwards, this foot stamped down on his original location.

The yellow-robed daoist’s foot was half a breath of time from crushing him. However, everyone could see that there was bright yellow light released from the yellow-robed daoist’s entire figure. Under his stomp, it was as if a bomb exploded under his feet, a blast of muddy energy blasted into Jiang Xiaoyi’s body.

Just the blast wave of this stomp alone already made Jiang Xiaoyi release a muffled groan, his body sent flying outwards.

The yellow-robed daoist didn’t continue pursuing Jiang Xiaoyi. His face darkened, raising his head.

In his line of sight, Lin Xi was currently charging at him.

Lin Xi didn’t take action against anyone else. The moment he rushed up to the first carriage, he leapt to the roof. Then, this first carriage released a kacha noise, the wheel axis snapped, his entire figure rushing over, directly reaching the fourth carriage.

This flat cheeked yellow-robed daoist didn’t know Lin Xi’s identity either, but from the moment he took that step, he could tell that Lin Xi, Black Tiger Slayer and that apricot selling old woman were the most powerful members of these assassins, also recognizing that Lin Xi was these individuals’ leader.

When capturing thieves, the king should be taken down first.

That was why this yellow-robed daoist waited for Lin Xi to come save Jiang Xiaoyi, waited for Lin Xi to arrive.

The twin brother from the seventh carriage who saw his own brother killed screamed crazily. There was a pair of powerful cylindrical crossbows hidden in his sleeves, but Bian Linghan and that cold short-haired ‘Cold Wolf’ carried out Lin Xi’s orders with absolute loyalty, not giving this crazy cultivator the chance to join the battle.

Screaming arrows tore through the sky, directly forcing this cultivator behind the carriage. He couldn’t even appear on the main battlefield.

Lin Xi could tell that this yellow-robed daoist was a State Knight level or higher cultivator, someone who was at least a cultivation level higher than himself. When he saw that Jiang Xiaoyi encountered danger, he instead extremely calmly and firmly charged forward.

After seeing a Sacred Expert level cultivator, unless it was an enemy who could blast him into pieces purely with the powerful soul force released from a fingertip, all others who he could at least face, had a chance of killing, no longer produced much disturbances in his heart.

When he leapt past the fourth carriage, he held the longsword he brought out of Great Desolate Swamp with a reverse grip.

The fourth carriage’s wheel axis was also fiercely split open by the force weighing down from the roof, the soul force that erupted from his hand also making the cloth wrapped around his longsword flutter about like butterflies.

Under the irrigation of his soul force, all of the transparent white runes on this exquisite longsword released faint brilliance, the originally faint green sword body was instead surrounded by a layer of silver radiance. In addition, this layer of silver light continuously flowed along this sword hilt, as if a silver stream was born from the very tip, continuously cleansing the blade.

This yellow-robed daoist had never seen this type of soul weapon longsword either. He narrowed his eyes slightly, sizing up this exceptional longsword that gave off a flowing and graceful feeling.

He stared at the longsword in Lin Xi’s hands.

In Lin Xi’s sleeves, Lucky was also sizing him up.

As long as it was close to Lin Xi, Lucky would feel warmth. Laying in Lin Xi’s sleeves, moving back and forth was extremely comfortable and fun.

It was also a bit smarter than what Lin Xi thought.

When Lin Xi continuously told it to hide in the chest and cultivate, it already understood that Lin Xi didn’t want it to easily expose itself.

Because it understood this, moreover knowing that Lin Xi definitely treated this yellow-robed daoist as his enemy, moreover feeling like this yellow-robed daoist was much stronger than Lin Xi, its claws were always pressed against its belly, its brain rapidly thinking about what it needed to do.

Then, it released a light yi sound only it could hear, carefully releasing a blast of air.

Lin Xi descended from the carriage roof, falling like mercury, using his sword like a blade, bringing it diagonally towards this yellow-robed daoist’s left ribs.

The yellow-robed daoist released a faint sneer, a dark green longsword appeared in his hands. He didn’t use any tricks, directly taking a step out and stabbing towards Lin Xi’s chest.

This sword thrusted out later, yet arrived first, faster than Lin Xi’s sword, directly thrusting towards Lin Xi’s center. His longsword was going to directly stab into Lin Xi’s body, while Lin Xi’s sword was going to completely miss.

However, right at this time, a wave of faint, crystal-like energy rushed before him.


The yellow-robed daoist’s calm expression immediately disappeared. He suddenly released an explosive shout, his daoist robes completely swelling, as if there was endless wind blowing against his body.

Ka… ka… ka…

Many transparent snowflakes suddenly appeared around his body. His body’s skin flickered with yellow light, not changing, but his body’s clothing, hair, brows and beard were all covered in a layer of white frost, as if he had spent a night outside in winter.

His movements slowed slightly. Lin Xi’s body forcibly turned to the side, passing right by his body. The silver stream-like longsword also carried a layer of white frost, cutting through his left rib, leaving behind a wound that exposed the bones in his ribs.

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