Book 9 Chapter 23 - A Fatty, a Chest

Since there was enough time to chat along the way, Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan didn’t talk about their matters in Dragon Snake Border Army, instead discussing their current situation.

“Did Teacher Tong seek you all out?”

“He didn’t.”

“Teacher Tong sought me out by Autumn Pond, telling me some matters… that is why I know that this gathering spot was originally chosen by the academy, a secret channel the Ministry of Revenue uses to arrest some officials and conduct some private businesses.” Lin Xi looked at Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan, using an extremely low voice to quickly say, “Wenren Cangyue is an enemy not even the academy dares look down on. Since the arrangement came out of the academy from the start, then according to reasoning, there is a chance that we were already spotted right from the start.”

“I fear it isn’t as you think.”

Bian Linghan didn’t care that her fine white face was covered in dirt, her fine brows furrowed as she thought to herself, shaking her head and saying, “This person tried to search our things precisely to learn of our identities, meaning that he and the power behind him still haven’t determined what kind of people we are and what we plan to do… the underground cave should have been dug out for many days already, so the greatest possibility is that the power behind these people has already discovered that this is Yunqin royal court’s secret channel, already paying close attention to it, waiting for opportunities.”

Lin Xi thought for a bit and then nodded. “You should be right, but this Ministry of Revenue’s hidden channel, among the various sectors’ secret channels, is only a rather insignificant small channel.”

“No matter how powerful Wenren Cangyue is, there is no way he can discover and examine every single hidden channel, right?” Jiang Xiaoyi revealed a bitter smile, his back becoming slightly cold as he said this.

“The greatest chance is still that this is someone from Wenren Cangyue.” Lin Xi took a deep breath. He looked at Jiang Xiaoyi and said, “Teacher Tong told me about the situation west, I will tell you things in more detail along the way. However, to put it simply, the current Wenren Cangyue is someone the emperor, those elders behind the curtains, Green Luan Academy and even Tangcang’s new emperor’s joint enemy… to the extent where even Wenren Family’s old Grand Secretary, who, under this type of situation, for the sake of not affecting his status as one of the figures behind the layers of curtains, will completely sever his relationship with Wenren Cangyue, moreover put in additional effort. Unless they went mad, all newly risen families in Yunqin would take the risk and go against this individual who has taken the world as his enemy, taking action at this time. That is why it is either Wenren Cangyue really being this strong, strong to the point where he can even pay close attention to so many hidden channels in the royal court, or that the advisors beneath him are also extremely formidable, figuring out that the powerful cultivators on the surface won’t be used, not using some higher level secret channels, instead paying attention to these lower grade channels that normally aren’t used that much.”

Bian Linghan looked at Lin Xi, “Regardless of whether it was watching closely or being plotted against… it still proves Wenren Cangyue’s strength.”

Lin Xi released a sigh. “It seems like I really am not that type of weirdo.”

Jiang Xiaoyi was confused. “What kind of weirdo?”

“The type who gets more excited the more powerful the opponent.” Lin Xi rubbed his nose and said, “The more powerful the opponent, the more I only feel nervous and worried.”

Bian Linghan glared at Lin Xi. “You speaking this type of nonsense right now already makes you extremely weird.”

When they heard Bian Linghan say this, Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi immediately couldn’t help but silently laugh, all of them having a type of feeling as if they were bickering pointlessly back at the academy.

“Since you feel like there is a high chance that this is someone under Wenren Cangyue, then what do you plan on doing next?” Bian Linghan gave Lin Xi a look, asking this.

Lin Xi put away his smile. He thought for a bit and said, “Continue as planned.”

Bian Linghan frowned. “Why? I thought that with your nature, you wouldn’t do things like normal, instead directly abandon the arrangements.”

“If it was just me alone, I would do like what you said. However, since I am the commander, everyone here listening to my orders, I have to take responsibility over them. Before we receive new orders, they will definitely choose to continue carrying out our current orders.” Lin Xi looked at Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan, seriously saying, “This time, the personnel Yunqin chose to carry out these western resistance missions are definitely extremely loyal people who wouldn’t hesitate to throw their lives away for glory… Even though I cannot guarantee that they are all this type of people whose external appearance and inner thoughts match, I believe at the very least, Black Tiger Slayer and most of the others are like this. These types of soldiers and cultivators, I have already seen many of them in Great Desolate Swamp… These people are worthy of respect, I am also honored to get to know these people, to travel west with them.”

“That is why I will respect their choice.” After a slight pause, Lin Xi looked at Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi, his voice a bit heavy as he said, “In the following path, I will only consider how to ensure their safety… as well as your cultivation.”

Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi were both shocked as they looked at Lin Xi. “Our cultivation?”

Lin Xi chuckled, reaching out a hand.

Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi both saw the light that reached out from his hand, saw a streak of faint yellow light pour out from his fingertip like a stream.

This damp room filled with wooden splinters completely entered silence again.

“Wenren Cangyue is extremely strong, but you are also extremely strong.” After Bian Linghan remained silent for a moment, she said with a sigh, “Really.”

Lin Xi was a bit infatuated with the praise, but he immediately became serious and said, “For example, just now, when I had you enter the ground, I also thought of some things that could make your cultivation speeds a bit faster… perhaps you all will also be able to experience some of the principles related to cultivation I have experienced.”

Bian Linghan’s brows furrowed slightly, inwardly unable to help but think… could it be that when a fella like you taught cultivation, it would be better than the academy’s teachers?

“I told you two before that no matter what… when I tell you all to trust me, you have to trust me.”

However, Lin Xi’s following words left her completely stunned. She would never forget what kind of situation they were in when Lin Xi told her these words and she had promised Lin Xi.

“Even if we don’t run into Wenren Cangyue’s troops along the way, allowing us to head west… there will definitely be killing, battles with Wenren Cangyue’s subordinates are unavoidable. The only thing that is unknown is how many battles there will be, what kind of opponents we’ll encounter… so that is why as long as there is a chance, I will force myself to cultivate a bit more fiercely, force you all to cultivate a bit more fiercely as well.”

The small troop Lin Xi commanded had ten members.

Apart from the nine individuals that they had already met, there was also one named ‘Fat Wolf’. According to the information, this was a fat twenty-one year old youngster named Cao Yang, someone from River Province’s Jade Foundation City. He was the only out-of-towner among the ten wolves.

Right now, ‘Fat Wolf’ already successfully obtained the trust of that Justice Sector retiring officer Qin Zhiyan, sneaking into Qin Zhiyan’s fleet.

According to the information, Qin Zhiyan’s group had twelve vehicles in total, within five of them were the most valuable goods Qin Zhiyan had accumulated during these years.

Currently, all of Qin Zhiyan’s men were resting in Great Calm City West’s Smooth Peace Tavern. Once the long night passed, they would continue west through the city’s west gate, their final destination Xiang Water Province’s Hedge City. However, as long as Lin Xi and the others were still alive, they wouldn’t let this fleet travel further. Three days later, after setting off from Singe City located between East Forest Province and River Province, Lin Xi and the others would make their move and then await their next orders.

However, Lin Xi and the others definitely didn’t expect that after arriving in Singe City, the next orders were precisely on this ‘Fat Wolf’.

Right now, ‘Fat Wolf’ was currently inside an ordinary guest room inside Smooth Peace Tavern, next to a large pot of minced meat soup, chewing on a thick flour pancake baked in a large wok.

Fat Wolf was obviously extremely fat. This ordinary height, slightly freckled faced youngster wore large sized white silk clothes, but they still looked extremely tight, to the point where the blotches of sweat on his white clothes looked especially clear.

The mincemeat soup that was only simmered with ground meat, some chopped onions scattered in, it was definitely no delicacy, the baked flour pancakes River Province’s people loved to eat the most weren’t fermented either, hard and dry, but this fat freckled youngster instead ate everything deliciously.

Only after this flour pancake that was enough to feed at least a dozen people and a large pot of mincemeat soup completely entered his stomach, did he release a belch, using a handkerchief to wipe away the sweat and oil on his face. Then he rather inelegantly reached into his shirt to wipe his sweat and only then did he randomly throw the handkerchief to a bowl of water not far from the entrance.

The sky outside was already completely dark.

This fat freckled youngster lowered his head, looking at the wooden chest he sat on. The instant he saw this wooden chest, his face that was originally satisfied from eating and drinking his fill became a bit anxious, as if he was about to break out into tears.

He directly moved this chest over to his bed, his eyes never leaving this wooden chest even while he was washing up before bed.

Even when he got onto his bed, he still leaned against this wooden chest.

“Could it be that there is sin in being a bit chubbier… has Green Luan Academy never produced any fat students? Just because I’m a bit fatter, I have to come and pretend to be this Fat Wolf…”

“Lin Xi, Lin Xi… just when will you come and meet me, what am I doing waiting over here…”

“They even want me to bring this chest over to you… saying those scary words of chest exists people exist, chest gone people gone, using words to frighten me… don’t you know I hate being scared the most… Green Luan Academy has so many formidable fellas, why do I have to be sent here… why do you guys have to go this far? Not telling me when Lin Xi is coming to meet me is one thing, but you still want me to carry this chest, moreover not even letting me take a look at what is inside first…”

“Lin Xi, Lin Xi, hurry and come already, for better or for worse, with you here, there’ll be two of us… what am I supposed to do all alone like this…”

While leaning against the wooden chest, this fat freckled youngster closed his eyes, as if he wanted to enter meditation cultivation, but his mouth was still muttering gloomily with a voice only he could hear.

This mumbling didn’t have any trace of self amusement, one could see that this chubby freckle faced youngster was truly scared.

Only, his speed of entering meditation cultivation wasn’t slow at all, mumbling like this, his voice becoming more and more quiet, his aura becoming more and more peaceful. His hair, skin and hair also began to move with his breathing, his cultivation actually also crossing mid stage Soul Expert level, currently heading towards late stage Soul Expert level.

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