Book 9 Chapter 22 - Have to Let Them Become Stronger As Well

“Should we ride horses or follow in carriages?”

“We are using carriages.”

“I like carriages.”

Before Lucky erupted with anger, Lin Xi and Black Tiger Slayer’s conversation continued. When they heard that they planned to use carriages, Lin Xi smiled. At the very least, it was easier to cultivate in carriages.

Black Tiger Slayer’s brows furrowed even more tightly. He didn’t know if this youngster who was designated as the commander by the higher ups was this relaxed because he truly viewed life and death as nothing, or if he was just too young and frivolous. He clearly knew about the terror of Wenren Cangyue’s subordinates, yet he still treated things lightly.

It was because of Lin Xi’s age, as well as Black Tiger Slayer not sensing much of a stern or imposing aura, so between these two possibilities, his judgment leaned towards the latter.

Lin Xi could see the worry and faint unhappiness between this tall bald man’s brows. He put away his smile and seriously said, “This arrangement can be said to be extremely good, to completely replace these ten wolves’ identities… one wolf is still hiding in that troop. Even the appearances of the people transferred over are more or less the same as the original ten wolves. However, have you considered that if there are people who know about our identity and whereabouts right from the start, regardless of how well we put on a play, it will still be completely useless?”

“This type of chance is extremely small.”

Black Tiger Slayer shook his head.

The instant he turned his head around, everyone heard a muffled wood shattering explosion sound from Lin Xi’s room.

Everyone’s expressions immediately changed.

The young waiter who was sitting outside the courtyard immediately stood up. The moment he stood up, Lin Xi, Black Tiger Slayer and the others who were closest to the entrance immediately jumped in.

“Do not enter the room, surround the left and right side of this room.”

After only jumping into the courtyard, Lin Xi immediately gave these orders to Black Tiger Slayer and the others.

Just a few breaths of time ago, Black Tiger Slayer still felt that Lin Xi was too immature, lacking the slightest bit of courageous and austere aura, not like an experienced leader at all, but instead more like a civil officer. However, after Lin Xi’s low shout, it instead made Black Tiger Slayer suddenly freeze up, only feeling an unquestionable iron-blooded aura surging out.

He understood clearly that only those who served as military officers in the army, moreover those who truly commanded troops through life and death could have a chance of issuing orders this naturally, carrying this type of mountainous military authority.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but turn around to look at Lin Xi who already pressed close to the entrance. The instant he approached the entrance, his body curled up, his entire figure almost sticking to the ground, pushing open the door and rushing in.

“You all guard the front courtyard, we will hold up the rear!”

Without any hesitation, Black Tiger Slayer gave extremely light shouts to ‘Short Footed Wolf Hu Guipu’ and ‘Earth Wolf Deng Shoucheng’. He quickly broke out into a run, leaping over the roof and rushing towards the back of Lin Xi’s side room.

As he rushed in, Lin Xi stuck to the ground, a single hand supporting him on the ground. The instant he rushed in, he saw that Lucky was fine, also seeing the slim masked man’s frozen statue.

He was inwardly shocked, yet he still quickly took a step back, immediately closing the door.

“Lucky… this fella was even turned into a frantically braking race car driver by you…”

When he closed the door and saw that slim masked figure’s frozen sculpture whose frozen arms looked like they were trying to push the door, Lin Xi immediately muttered this while between laughter and tears.

However, when he saw Lucky’s large black eyes looking at him innocently , not knowing if it did good or bad, Lin Xi immediately took a few steps forward, moving around the slim masked sculpture and rubbing Lucky’s head, using a voice only the two of them could hear, “You did well. If someone else tries to secretly enter and steal our things, then you should also turn them into ice sculptures just like this…”

Right now, he already saw the large hole under the bed. Even though he didn’t know who this slim masked man was or why he would directly target him, he believed that there was no way it was someone from the academy or someone who was trying to protect him. In that case, it could only be an enemy. Since it was an enemy, then being killed by Lucky could only mean that he was unlucky, so Lin Xi naturally wouldn’t feel any sympathy.

Lucky obviously didn’t know what this race car driver Lin Xi was talking about meant, but it could feel Lin Xi’s satisfaction and praise. As such, it rubbed its belly in satisfaction, also releasing a breath of contentment, releasing a light yi cry.

“How is the situation?”

At this time, Black Tiger Slayer’s voice already sounded.

“The enemy has already died… he came from a hole underground. Go and examine your own rooms, see if anything happened.”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed slightly, looking at the slim masked snow-white sculpture that was just starting to melt. He reached out his hand, fiercely striking the chest and back of this masked man. With a pu sound, a large chunk of the slim masked man’s ice slid off, revealing the ordinary black cloth underneath.

When they heard the voice Lin Xi released from within, apart from Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan, the others felt an inward chill, thinking that this seemingly gentle and weak youngster was actually completely different from his outer appearance, his tone incredibly heavy and fierce. He actually instantly killed the intruder inside, moreover, his voice was still this calm.

When Black Tiger Slayer behind the room heard Lin Xi’s calm voice not carrying the slightest trembling, he knew that this type of calmness wasn’t faked, knowing that his judgment of this young commander was entirely mistaken. Even while he felt an inward chill, at the same time, a feeling of rejoicing rose. He used the fastest speed to return to his own room and then this bald man immediately saw that his own bags had also been undone, also seeing that beneath his own bed, there was also a hole only one person could enter and leave from.

Lin Xi removed this slim masked individual’s black mask.

This person’s appearance was extremely ordinary, his eyebrows sparse, eyes a bit sunken. Even though his skin was frozen ash white from the cold, especially his blood vessels that even appeared a bit dark purple on his face, he could tell that his age wasn’t that great.

Lin Xi then began to search every corner of his body.

However, this thin and tall uninvited guest was unexpectedly clean, lacking all items, to the extent where he didn’t even carry any silver currency or weapons.

The only different part was that his fingernails were especially long, like small blades, the inside full of dirt, giving one the feeling that the large hole beneath the bed should have been dug out by his ten fingernails.

Under Lin Xi’s curious eyes, Lucky immediately crawled up to the hole. He saw that the hole reached several meters underground and then extended outwards like a sewer. The color of the earth there and the color of the earth two feet from the surface were entirely different. There were even some small scale iron shovel-like digging traces, only the edges of the opening extremely smooth.

It wasn’t hard to tell what was going on. The hole underground had been dug out a while ago, only leaving a light shell that hadn’t been completely dug through. However, despite this being the case, with the sturdiness of the underground earth, if he wanted to use his fingernails to silently cut through it, this slim male who infiltrated his room was at least a Soul Master level cultivator whose soul force could seep into his fingernails and hair.

Since it was a cultivator of this level, that meant that even if he used the ten halt rewind ability, he might not be able to capture him alive. Lin Xi didn’t wish to let so many people notice something strange about him either.

Footsteps quickly arrived by the entrance.

“There were four individuals’ possessions that were searched, all of them coming from underground. Should we investigate the underground holes?”

Black Tiger Slayer’s voice quickly sounded.

“Of course.” Lin Xi first gave the slim and tall man whose body still hadn’t completely defrosted a look, and then he also gave Lucky a look. “Of course we have to see where these ‘groundhogs’ came from. Have Red Wolf head down and investigate… also, have someone prepare a set of luo sleeved clothes, have Jade Faced Wolf bring them over.”

Luo sleeved clothes were precisely those with long sleeves, wide sleeved robes that could store many things inside. Many scholars felt like this type of appearance was extremely dignified, so it was quite popular among civil officers.

Yunqin’s priest gown was also in this type of style, just that the collars were higher, the tall collars reaching their chins.

‘Red Wolf’ was precisely Bian Linghan, ‘Jade Faced Wolf’ was Jiang Xiaoyi.

With Bian Linghan’s petite figure, entering this cave wasn’t difficult, on top of that, Lin Xi didn’t use his ten minute rewind ability yet, so he could ensure her safety. Moreover, entering this type of narrow hole to investigate, he felt like this type of pressure should be beneficial to Bian Linghan’s cultivation.

Right now, Lin Xi’s cultivation already far exceeded Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan. In Tong Wei’s eyes, he already had some abilities that could help the academy do some things, so he naturally wanted to do everything he could to help these two good friends’ cultivation speeds become a bit faster.

Jiang Xiaoyi quickly knocked and entered.

“This is precisely your Three-Tailed Black Foxcat? So formidable…” Jiang Xiaoyi who stayed in Dragon Snake Border Army for quite some time was clearly a bit more familiar with what happened, his body also giving off a bit of a soldier feeling. However, because he wasn’t exposed to much sunlight, his skin instead became a bit more pale. After not meeting Lin Xi for a long time, he immediately made a fist and gave Lin Xi a tap. When he saw the corpse that was still dripping ice water and Lucky, even if Lin Xi was a good friend, he still shivered inwardly, momentarily not daring to get close to Lucky.

Lin Xi received the green cloth gown from Jiang Xiaoyi, first quickly changing into them, and then immediately gave Jiang Xiaoyi a bear hug. “Relax, Lucky is really smart, it won’t turn you into an ice sculpture.” When he said this with a voice only the two of them could hear, Lin Xi directly pulled Jiang Xiaoyi over to Lucky and then quietly said to Lucky. “He is my good friend… from today on, he is also your good friend.”

Lin Xi said this, stroking Lucky’s head and then indicated for Jiang Xiaoyi to do the same thing as him.

“This is but an existence that instantly killed a Metal Splitting Black Vulture!”

Jiang Xiaoyi knew just what kind of terrifying power rested behind this harmless and naive appearance. With a bitter smile on his face, he  reached out a hand and then rubbed Lucky’s head just like Lin Xi.

Lucky understood Lin Xi’s intentions, releasing a friendly light yi sound towards Jiang Xiaoyi.

Jiang Xiaoyi was drenched in cold sweat.

“I’ve arrived.”

Right at this time, Bian Linghan’s voice sounded from the cave underneath Lin Xi’s bed.

A dust-covered Bian Linghan made her way out. When she saw the frozen corpse behind Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi, her pupils also immediately froze.

“The cave only has a single exit, leading to a wooden shed abandoned by a duck farmer. There aren’t many clues.” After remaining frozen for a second, Bian Linghan quickly said with a low voice.

“This is also my friend.” Lin Xi patted Bian Linghan’s shoulder, and then indicated for Bian Linghan to also rub Lucky’s head like himself.

When she was in the Dragon Snake Border Army, Bian Linghan had also heard that Lin Xi became a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest. However, she never expected this Three-Tailed Black Foxcat who possessed the terrifying strength able to instantly kill a Metal Splitting Black Vulture was actually this cute.

Even though it was hard for her to control her fear before an existence many times stronger than herself, young ladies still had a natural soft spot for this type of cute little beast, so Bian Linghan placed her hand on Lucky’s head. As she looked at Lucky, she became more and more fond of it, her eyes also became filled with more and more affection.

Lucky felt like Bian Linghan’s hand was even softer than Lin Xi’s and it could also sense Bian Linghan’s doting on itself, so it also enjoyed this, moving its head in happiness.

It was just that it was confused. Since they were all friends, why did Lin Xi hug Jiang Xiaoyi so firmly, but didn’t hug Bian Linghan, only patting her shoulder?

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