Book 9 Chapter 21 - Sightseeing Ice Sculptures in Summer

Apart from the fifty something year old meager accountant-like man and the especially aloof and cold short-haired man, the auras of the gloomy faced old woman, the middle-aged man who was a head shorter than normal men, head a bit bigger, as well as that peasant-like robust man were clearly a bit greater than ordinary people, as if their bodies’ pores were all releasing hot air.

These three, even if they weren’t cultivators, they were warriors who tempered their bodies far greater than ordinary people. While just walking like this, the cultivators not releasing their soul force, even with Lin Xi’s perception, he couldn’t determine what level these three’s cultivation reached.

Together with the tall bald man, the ‘Black Tiger Slayer’ who was clearly a cultivator as well, seven out of their nine-membered party were cultivators.

If the enemy weren’t the troops of Wenren Cangyue, the one who understood war better than anyone else in Yunqin Empire, this type of small group would already be extremely powerful in Yunqin.

“You all can see that our plan is to head to East Forest Province border’s Singe City, attack there. Before arriving there, our identities will always be the Ten Feral City Wolves. We won’t come into contact with any royal court powers, only using the strength of these ten wolves. That is why you must keep the information recorded on the notes you received in mind, because we are not only putting on a simple play, we also need to deceive some people who recognize the people among our ten wolves.”

‘Black Tiger Slayer’ reached out a finger and pointed at Lin Xi. “We won’t receive any new military orders along the way. I am the second in command of this trip, I will be presiding over the path we take to Singe City. He is the Black Wolf Night Black, this mission’s leader. When facing the enemy in battle, he will be the one in charge.”


The people in the room were all those who didn’t easily reveal joy or anger, their expressions not changing too much. However, Lin Xi himself instead released a cry of alarm.

“These are orders from above.”

‘Black Tiger Slayer’ gave Lin Xi a look, saying this with a heavy voice.

This tall bald man whose face was scary enough to make little children cry felt a bit inwardly annoyed. He didn’t know the identities of anyone here either, but he knew that if a leader couldn’t convince those under him, making those under him develop any suspicions towards him, then there might be a terrifying scene that would appear when they encountered a dangerous situation. He hoped that by speaking these obvious words, he could remind this youngster who, unknown because of what abilities, was designated to be the leader by the higher ups, to watch his words.

Lin Xi didn’t think as far as he did. While feeling shocked, he naturally looked at the mask in his hands and the densely packed small words.

The human face mask was just as young as him, just that he wasn’t as gentle looking as Lin Xi, naturally giving him a bit of an overcast fierceness.

“Black Wolf Night Black, from River Field City, age twenty-one, leader of the ten wolves. Gloomy, cold, and cunning, habitually silent, aggressive, doesn’t like female charms…”

When he saw these ‘parameters’, Lin Xi revealed a bitter expression, inwardly thinking that this murderer-like nature really was too far from his true nature.

“Bald Wolf Black Tiger Slayer, from River Field City, age forty-three, calm and cautious, aggressive…”

“Short Footed Wolf Hu Guipu, from River Field City, age forty-seven. Wordy and loves wine and women, aggressive…”

“Earth Wolf Deng Shoucheng, from River Field City, age thirty-nine, slow-witted, prefers beef, aggressive…”

When he read through all of these individuals’ materials, Lin Xi couldn’t help but release a sigh, quietly saying, “Is there anyone here who isn’t aggressive?”


Black Tiger Slayer’s brows furrowed slightly, only feeling like speaking too much nonsense during this time when they should be carefully reading the contents of the notes was a sign of frivolousness. As such, his voice became a bit heavier and colder. “These people, or perhaps from here on out, it can be said to be us… there are at least a dozen or so homicide cases of people dying by their hands, so there are no pacifists.”

“Red Wolf Leek Flower… this is Bian Linghan… thank goodness she isn’t called great red wolf…”[1]

When he saw that Bian Linghan’s nickname was Red Wolf, the corners of Lin Xi’s lips couldn’t help but curl upwards.

“These are all strong criminals who specialize in killing and looting in East Forest Province… all of these people have already died?” After enduring his self amused smile and giving Bian Linghan a look, Lin Xi continued to look at the note, randomly asking.

‘Black Tiger Slayer’ nodded. “They were executed three days ago.”

“According to this plan, we are to follow the fleet of a retiring fifth rank Justice Sector official… after reaching Singe City, don’t tell me we really have to take action, rob and kill them?”

“Correct. That fifth rank Justice Sector official has privately engaged in black market business, many cases involving him as well, the proof conclusive. In addition, his wife and children have already preceded him. There are only this official and some trusted aides who are escorting his gold, silver and other wealth. We can be at ease and attack, this is equivalent to law enforcement.”

While Lin Xi and ‘Black Tiger Slayer’ were chatting, the young waiter who guided Lin Xi in was currently by the doorstep outside this courtyard, chewing on melon seeds, keeping watch.

This courtyard and the alley outside were extremely clear, one could see the end with a single look, extremely peaceful.

However, in the room where Lin Xi placed his luggage, the ground beneath the bed suddenly caved in. Moreover, the entire chunk of extremely sturdy floor made of lime, sand, stones and glutinous rice water was supported by someone. This individual slowly slid out from the side, actually not releasing the slightest nose. That young waiter, as well as Lin Xi and the others who were several dozen steps out didn’t notice anything at all.

An entirely black-clothed, only two eyes exposed outside, his entire body drenched in sweat, slim masked individual silently crawled out from underneath the bed like a centipede.

Even his breathing seemed to have been adjusted to an extremely natural rhythm, within a halt of time, the number of times he breathed was at least half that of a normal person. Moreover, his voice was also extremely gentle, extremely low.

It was clear that he had already done something similar many times. This slim masked man who moved like a black centipede didn’t show the slightest hesitation, directly reaching out an extremely stable hand and undoing the large bag on Lin Xi’s bed in an extremely proficient manner.

The slim black-clothed man’s slightly gray pupils contracted slightly.

It was because he saw that after undoing this layer of thin cloth, what was inside of it was actually a large pinewood chest, below the large pinewood chest was a slender cloth bag.

The slim black-clothed masked man shivered inwardly, but his movements instead became even more nimble, even faster.

The fine black cloth covering the large black chest was also quickly opened by him.

He immediately saw a light green delicate longsword that he had never seen before.

The light green sword body’s transparent white runes looked like a layer of transparent crystal was applied over it, emanating from the sword end to the sword hilt that was created from a special gorgeous green shell material, was a type of wondrous flowing feeling.

Because he had never seen this type of soul weapon longsword before, moreover, because of that type of strange flowing feeling that ran from the sword tip to the sword hilt naturally, leaving one feeling stunned, feeling a mysterious type of attraction, even this masked individual who understood that he had to move quickly extremely well couldn’t help but be distracted by this longsword for a few breaths of time.

Then, he quickly opened up a small deerskin pouch next to this sheathless longsword.

What appeared in his line of sight immediately after he opened this pouch were three flickering metal items.

This slim black clad masked man’s hands that were originally extremely steady suddenly trembled slightly, his heart starting to immediately twitch, pulsing quickly.

Three Yunqin medals!

Just what kind of status did this person have, to actually have three Yunqin medals?!

This slim black clad masked individual already did this more than once, long seeing that within the black cloth, apart from the light green sheathless longsword and this small deerskin pouch, there were only some sets of folded clothes. He also saw that two of them were light golden, but he previously didn’t realize what this light gold signified.

Meanwhile, when he saw the three gold medals, his eyes making contact with that light gold again, his body and fingers suddenly went rigid again.

Only then did he clearly see that this large pinewood chest and the similar large pinewood chests he had seen before were still a bit different.

On this large pinewood chest, there were many fine small holes all around, fully ventilated.

“It’s him?!”

A name suddenly appeared in this slim black clad individual’s brain, suddenly remembering what might be in this large pinewood chest. His heart immediately began to jump to the point where it began to cramp again. His body turned extremely cold, soybean-sized beads of sweat appearing on his forehead. His body was a bit rigid, using his life’s lightest and quietest movements to take a step back and lower his body.

Lying extremely peacefully in this wooden chest that was extremely spacious for it was Lucky.

Ever since it learned how to cultivate from Lin Xi, after each instance of cultivation, Lucky would always feel extremely comfortable, incredibly satisfied, so it liked to cultivate.

If this slim black clad individual was a State Master or higher level cultivator, he would have noticed strands of heaven and earth vital energy gathering towards Lin Xi’s bag even before entering this room.

However, he wasn’t a State Master level or higher cultivator, so he didn’t notice Lucky’s existence. However, his aura that was different from Lin Xi’s woke Lucky up.

Lucky who followed Lin Xi out of Great Desolate Swamp still didn’t know what kind of world it was outside, didn’t understand good and evil, so even after waking up, it was still confused, it didn’t know what this person wanted to do, if it was a friend or foe.

However, this slim black-clothed masked man who already roughly guessed Lin Xi’s identity, as well as guessed at what was inside the chest made a fatal mistake.

He was scared of releasing any sound or causing a disturbance, so he didn’t lower the small deerskin pouch holding the three medals, not returning it to the wooden chest. Instead, he retracted his hand, preparing to leave.

This way, in Lucky’s eyes, he immediately became a thief who came to steal Lin Xi’s things.

This person dared steal Lin Xi’s things!

In front of its face!

Lucky immediately became angry.


As such, it released a furious light cry and then used all of its strength.


The wooden chest instantly shattered, turning into countless frozen wood shaving crystals. Following a blast of crystalline white light, it rushed at the black clad masked individual who had just lowered his body.

The black clad individual’s eyes immediately widened. He opened his mouth wide, the black mask covering his face caving in. His forehead released yellow radiance, but it was completely useless. His skin released a pa sound, as if given a huge slap. Then, his black clothes became snow-white, the sweat on his forehead becoming beads of eyes, his eyes also becoming deathly pale frozen beads.

His hands were still reaching outwards, trying to block in front of him as he turned into a white ice sculpture.

1. Great Red Wolf is Wolnie, a fictional character from a popular chinese cartoon.

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