Book 9 Chapter 19 - This Side of the River, That Side of the River

The middle-aged cultivator who fell into the clear river struck the river water with a single palm. When his palm landed on the table-sized river surface, there wasn’t the slightest splash produced, only caving downwards in an orderly manner like a mirror surface.

Borrowing the recoil force of this strike, the middle-aged cultivator’s body powerfully made his way out of the water surface. The golden longsword in his hands didn’t even erupt with any dazzling lightning radiance, easily cutting apart the dozen or so hooks flickering with cold radiance.

A terrifying giant blade that was powerful enough to hack through five or six people at the same time, together with that strike that made the river surface seem to become solid, cutting apart the dozen or so hooks aimed at him, all of this made the middle-aged cultivator seem like a deity. There was no trace of the frail scholar-like appearance from before in sight.

However, right at this moment, this middle-aged cultivator whose face was cold like water lowered his head in horror, staring towards his own chest.

There was nothing on his chest right now, it was just that just now, when he fell into the waters, his clothes had been drenched by the river water. When he emerged again, the ice-cold river water on his clothes was all shaken off by his body’s powerful aura. Right now, his clothes looked completely dry, the clothes on his chest only having a bit of faint water marks left.

However, there was an extremely cold and itchy feeling that was continuously reaching from his chest into his body, as if a greedy locust was sucking blood, trying to drill its way into his body.

“The river water has poison!”

The moment he lowered his head, this middle-aged cultivator already reacted, releasing a furious sudden warning. Powerful soul force surged from the bottom of his feet, his entire figure rushing into the air like a butterfly, instantly passing over the trees of the other shore.

When his feet made contact with the ground, a layer of overcast and miserable expression already appeared on his face.

A wave of endless coldness continuously surged from this middle-aged cultivator’s dantian. To actually spread poison in the river water… Moreover, upon being discovered by him, the enemy could still instantly launch an attack with Moon Slicing Crossbows and Revolving Blade Vehicles, sending him into the water… this type of vicious adaptable assassination was not something any army or scattered cultivator organizations could accomplish. This only further proved the rumor that those under Wenren Cangyue were all masters of fighting.

This middle-aged cultivator understood extremely clearly that the battle situation on the other side of the river needed his help badly, but he also knew well that there was already no way he could enter that battle for some time. It was because unless he quickly killed the people on this side, moreover bought some time for himself to let him expel the poison in his body with his soul force, there was no way he could survive under the onslaught of this type of powerful toxin.

Right now, Xu Zhenyan whose shoulder bone suffered a blow, collapsed on the ground, was still screaming crazily like a wild beast, the blades in his hands still continuously stabbing the assassin corpse on his body.

His miserable screaming suddenly stopped, his body also went rigid. A cold and ruthless black spear filled with killing intent stabbed through the corpse crushing down on his body. Under his subconscious evasion, it stabbed into his chest. In his chest’s leather armor was a heart protecting lens.

This black spear stabbed through the leather armor, but couldn’t pierce through his heart protecting lens, nailing him down together with the assassin corpse above him. However, the fear and pain from the heart protecting lens caving down and the pressure on his chest made him start to scream wretchedly again.

The instant this miserable screaming was released from his throat, this Xu Family’s third young master finally thought through some things.

His father was the most powerful figure, the one with the most authority in Judicial Sector, he even had a North Mountain Provincial Supervisor brother-in-law, Xu Family having Jiang Family supporting it as well. That was why after entering Green Luan Academy, he always believed himself to be a pure golden spoon, moreover extremely content with his status as an extremely great golden spoon. When looking at those border barbarians and bumpkins, his eyes always carried natural disdain. Even someone like Liu Ziyu whose father was going to become a Provincial Supervisor within a year, compared to him, could only be a small golden spoon.

Yet at this time, he finally understood that this cold and callous father of his truly wouldn’t care about him. Even if he was facing the true threat of death, there was completely no difference between himself and those bumpkins he looked down on, only able to rely on himself.


Now that this final hint of delusion disappeared, completely understanding that his father definitely wouldn’t save him, this golden spoon Xu Zhenyan who normally looked down on Lin Xi and felt extreme hostility towards Lin Xi because of Qin Xiyue began to scream even louder. His entire figure sprung up from the ground, madly charging into the assassin who had just pulled out his black spear.

The blade of the previous assassin was still embedded in Xu Zhenyan’s shoulder, but he didn’t care about this blade at all, instead howling as he charged into the chest of the assassin in front of him.

This assassin whose will was like iron immediately abandoned the spear, drawing a black dagger from who knew where, sending it smashing down towards Xu Zhenyan’s forehead.

However, he underestimated the force of Xu Zhenyan’s charge, or to be more precise, he never expected this youngster who he inwardly despised, clearly gripped by fear, to erupt with this type of power. With a peng noise, his upper body was sent flying backwards. The blades in Xu Zhenyan’s hands, under screaming sounds, continuously stabbed into his chest and were then pulled back out.

His dagger still reached towards Xu Zhenyan, but he lost the power to continue, falling in ruin.

Xu Zhenyan screamed as he pushed aside the corpse of this assassin. Then, with another howl, he charged at the assassin closest to himself.

Unknown if it was because he had never seen this type of person who was so incompetent at fighting, or if it was because Xu Zhenyan was still a cultivator in the end, his speed and power far exceeding normal elite soldiers, when the assassin in front of him froze up for a second, his throat was already hacked through by Xu Zhenyan.

The screaming Xu Zhenyan directly sat on this assassin’s shoulders, continuously stabbing, this lasting until this assassin fell backwards, his throat covered in holes, almost about to snap.

In that instant, in this chaotic battle, Xu Zhenyan seemed especially eye-catching. There were immediately several cold assassins whose attention was drawn over, now starting to gather towards Xu Zhenyan.

Right at this time, in Xu Zhenyan’s group, a dark and lean middle-aged horsekeeper who not even Xu Zhenyan normally paid attention to joined in, his face producing faint yellow light.

When dozens of torrential rain-like crossbow bolts were released from a crossbow hidden in the arms of an assassin to the side, striking his body, they actually only managed to pierce through his clothes, unable to truly penetrate his skin.

When that assassin’s pupils contracted, a dark purple flexible sword already appeared in this dark and skinny middle-aged man’s hands.

The flexible sword rushed into the air like a snake. The head of that assassin with crossbows hidden on both of his arms flew up.

The blades in Xu Zhenyan’s hands stabbed into the throat of another assassin, the powerful force making that assassin’s brain unable to control his body, starting to twitch strangely, unable to make any effective movements. Right at this moment, a lock blade hacked down on Xu Zhenyan’s back, tearing through his armor, digging into his flesh, blood splashing in all directions.

Xu Zhenyan howled miserably. He turned around, but saw the figure of a dark purple flexible sword, saw that the one who stood behind him was a headless assassin.


He heard someone say this to him.

The headless assassin fell forward, blood shooting out of his body from his neck like a fountain.

Only then did he notice that his surroundings already became quiet, only some suppressed groaning and heavy breathing sounds left.

He saw that the one who couldn’t completely stop that blade from leaving a deep bloody gash on his back was the most unremarkable dark and skinny horsekeeper.

“Brother Chu!”

Right at this time, this dark and skinny horsekeeper was already releasing a wave of iron-blooded aura, shouting towards the other side.

“I’m fine.” A voice replied.

Because of large amount of blood loss and strength consumption, Xu Zhenyan who was still standing in a stupor began to feel dizziness and coldness.

There were only a dozen or so individuals left standing around him, the five or six who weren’t injured still standing vigilantly with weapons in hand. That large and tall man who was in charge of their group’s advance and everyday life had an extremely unpleasant expression on his face, in his hands a military first aid package as he walked to his side, immediately preparing to close his injuries. However, Xu Zhenyan finally seemed to have returned to being a person, falling down on his bottom, sitting in a pool of blood, continuously vomiting with a wa sound.

Xu Zhenyan who had never experienced this type of bloodiness, began to vomit until his entire body was shaking, almost vomiting his guts out, vomiting until he couldn’t even see anything through his eyes.

Between the white mountains and black rivers, next to Autumn Pond.

Groups of soldiers were already lined up, preparing to set off.

Even at this time, from time to time, many soldiers who were normally wild and untamed still sent looks full of respect and adoration towards a tent between the red fir trees.

A white-robed female priest was currently quickly moving towards this tent that many soldiers were looking at.

This female priest apprentice’s face was also full of the radiance of admiration and glory.

In her hands were two sets of light golden priest robes. Embroidered on the light golden Spiritual Sacrifice Priest robes was a Three-Tailed Black Foxcat.

Moreover, before this, all of the soldiers who belonged to Sheep Point Field Mountain Military already knew that a ‘Fearless’ medal had been delivered into that tent.

On top of all of this, through the announcement that before this, all of these soldiers knew Patrol Officer Lin Xi already had two medals.

This ‘Fearless’ medal was already Lin Xi’s third medal!

All hypocritical flattery might be fake, but the Yunqin medals that represented glory were definitely not fake.

That was why right now, in the eyes of these soldiers, in these white mountains and black rivers where Yunqin’s sunlight didn’t reach, in that black tent, radiance that truly moved hearts was shining brilliantly.

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