Book 9 Chapter 17 - A Powerful Individual Who Viewed All Under Heaven as Enemies

Lin Xi sunk into a state of silence.

Since the cultivation within the training valley’s stone temples was too difficult, those records piled above his own seemingly especially mysterious and powerful, he felt an indescribable feeling of admiration and good impression towards this Internal Study Department student.

He was normally an extremely calm person, to the extent where even someone like Jiang Xiaoyi unconsciously wondered... if someone like Lin Xi went crazy, just what kind of scene would be produced?

Lin Xi didn’t know what he would be like if he went crazy either, but what Lin Xi knew for sure was that if someone killed the girl he loved, he would definitely go crazy.

He could imagine the despair and madness Gu Xinyin felt at that time.

“Is that Tangcang Imperial Uncle still alive?”

After remaining silent for a moment, Lin Xi raised his head to ask Tong Wei.

“I do not know.” Tong Wei looked at Lin Xi and said, “Wenren Cangyue completely locked up the path between Sanskrit Passage and Jadefall City. All information between Tangcang and ourselves has thus become completely cut off.”

Lin Xi released a light sigh and said, “He is actually powerful to this type of level.”

Tong Wei naturally knew that Lin Xi’s sigh of admiration towards Wenren Cangyue wasn’t because of Wenren Cangyue’s cultivation. He nodded and said, “Wenren Cangyue was the most outstanding commander in the past few decades. He separated reward and punishment extremely clearly, and he managed everything in great detail. Even the lowest level soldiers, when they woke up, might suddenly find Wenren Cangyue standing in front of them, and then Wenren Cangyue would speak of some matters that are worthy of praise, as well as some of his own opinions and expectations. The tens of thousands of soldiers he governs in Jadefall City all believe that Great General Wenren would watch over every single one of them. Moreover, under his command, these armies would triumph in every battle and there would be countless low level soldiers who would become dazzling leaders. That is why all of the troops he manages have absolute loyalty in him, willing to die for the one they believe in.”

“Because of his power and fairness, together with him always paying close attention to selecting talents, he has gathered many cultivator attendants, as well as possesses an army of cultivators, the Sky Wolf Guards.”

Because he understood Wenren Cangyue’s power well and because of the enmity he naturally produced inside, Tong Wei’s aura trembled slightly, the entire tent even releasing slight pa pa sounds.

“Unless large amounts of cultivators and a great army launch a head-on war against him, for anyone not under him to try and do anything in the west which now completely belongs to him, it is extremely difficult.”

“What Wenren Cangyue wanted was also extremely simple, to replace a senator and sit behind the heavy layers of curtains. However, because he killed those in the frontier and prisoners of war for the sake of some battle accomplishments, as well as because of his excessively cruel and ruthless nature, all of the senators, even their very own Wenren Family’s senator, the grand secretary of the late emperor, all stood on the same side, trying to remove his military authority and have him spend his last years guarding the west as a great general.”

“Turns out there was an old grand secretary from Wenren Family among the nine elders.” When he heard everything up to here, Lin Xi couldn’t help but shake his head. “However, Wenren Cangyue wasn’t willing to accept this type of arrangement… Those elders wish for him to back down, the emperor also wants him to back down, but he just refuses to do so.”

Tong Wei gave Lin Xi a calm look. “There is also our Green Luan Academy...either because he wishes to obtain the cultivation method Gu Xinyin has, or perhaps kill the only existence who might be able to kill him among the ranks of Sacred Experts, he doesn’t wish for Gu Xinyin to return to Green Luan Academy alive either.”

Lin Xi released a sincere exclaim of admiration. “Taking on all of Yunqin as the enemy… this truly is bold and crazy.”

“The west, in reality, has already become his country.” Tong Wei said with a sunken voice. “Officials from any sector who arrive carrying the emperor’s decree cannot enter Jadefall City’s territory at all, to the extent where even a thousand membered army who escorted the emperor’s emissary was completely massacred outside Jadefall City.”

“That is why the west, in reality, is already no longer under the emperor’s control, already defecting. Only, Wenren Cangyue’s prestige and military force makes it so that the emperor has no way of directly declaring him a traitor and sending out troops to suppress him.” Lin Xi said with a quiet voice, “Then what are we preparing to do from now on?”

Tong Wei looked at Lin Xi, speaking with incredible patience, “Wenren Cangyue has a trusted aide who knows all of his secrets that has been captured, he is in the hands of Grand Secretary Zhou’s people. The emperor and the nine elders simultaneously sent out many individuals. Regardless of whether it is the orders to replace some of Jadefall Border Army’s generals or to issue some promotion news and transfer away some of the commanders and cultivators under Wenren Cangyue, the ultimate result is precisely to make Wenren Cangyue unable to deal with everything. Regardless of whether it is some important high ranking military officers who have their military authority replaced, or if that trusted aide is delivered to a safe place, thus exposing all of Wenren Cangyue’s outside arrangements and secret investigation method secrets, Wenren Cangyue would have lost.”

“No side is willing to use large numbers of cultivators or soldiers’ deaths to exchange for victory, so all of these things will be deliberately pushed to the same time, scattering Wenren Cangyue’s authority in this way, making it impossible for him to attend to everything simultaneously. That is why regardless of whether it is Vice Principal Xia or Central Continent Imperial City’s great figures, they’ve already exerted themselves and prepared for a long time… As such, Gu Xinyin’s return is close to Jadefall City, the delivery of that Jadefall City trusted advisor who has already been captured and hidden within Jadefall City, as well as many people sent over carrying the empire’s orders to replace some military authority, will all happen at roughly the same time.”

“The return of Martial Uncle Gu is the result of a certain agreement between the academy and Tangcang?” Lin Xi asked while muttering to himself, “Then, the ones escorting Martial Uncle Gu, is there also a bit of Tangcang’s strength?”

“There will be.” Tong Wei nodded. “Previously, there was an army that defected from Jadefall City, fleeing into Sanskrit Passage. Now, because information has already been completely locked down, it is unknown if that defected army has been slaughtered by Wenren Cangyue yet. If they haven’t been, then they will also become a source of variables.”

“There will also be Tangcang’s forces… as long as that trusted advisor can be escorted out, then Wenren Cangyue will have lost… as long as some high ranking military officers carrying the emperor’s decree can be brought in, there will definitely be some soldiers who choose to remain loyal to the empire, thus triggering a bit of internal chaos in Jadefall City and the border army. Thus, many openings will appear in this iron board.” Lin Xi thought to himself and said, “When facing so much power and experts in this world, Wenren Cangyue can be said to be in an extremely unfavorable position. To win in this type of situation, it really is a bit too difficult.”

Tong Wei’s eyes narrowed. “However, no one dares look down on him, no one daring to say they will definitely win.”

Lin Xi nodded. “Of course.”

“You will follow the escort of a certain military officer or imperial emissary to Jadefall City.” Tong Wei calmly looked at Lin Xi and said, “Because you have already reached Soul Master level cultivation and you already have this type of fiend beast, when the time comes, there will be a new soul weapon bow and arrows delivered to you.”

“New soul weapon bow and arrows?” Lin Xi was a bit stunned. It was because it hadn’t been long since he broke through into Soul Master level, only barely able to display the true power of the Divine Pear Wood Bow.

Tong Wei said, “At the time, you will naturally understand.”

Lin Xi revealed a bitter smile. “Teacher, what kind of bow and arrows are they? Why can’t you tell me clearly, instead talking in riddles like this?”

“Thinking less about some issues you don’t have to ponder at the moment will allow your cultivation to improve even faster.” Tong Wei gave Lin Xi a look and said this.

Lin Xi’s face sunk. “Then in that case, there is no need for me to think about these west side matters either, I just have to carefully deal with the enemies before me along the way.”

“What you say isn’t entirely without reason either.” Tong Wei’s brows sunk slightly. “However, the opponent is Wenren Cangyue, no one can be sure where he will appear… our academy has faith in the previous Gu Xinin, but he has already been locked up in the water prison for so long. Even if his soul force cultivation is still rising, his body’s condition is definitely terrible to the extreme. In the academy, aside from Vice Principal Xia and the others, no one else can confidently state that they can defeat Wenren Cangyue. However, there is no way Vice Principal Xia and those individuals could leave the academy, so this time, even if nothing unexpected happens, no one can ensure your safety. There will be true danger to your lives… that is why the academy feels you have the right to know about these things.”

“Then can I choose to not go?” Lin Xi asked extremely shamelessly.

“If you truly don’t want to go, the academy won’t stop you.” Tong Wei said coldly with a bit of disdain. “However, based on my understanding of you, you will definitely choose to go. It is because many of your friends in the academy will go.”

Lin Xi’s eyes lit up. “Who is going?”

Tong Wei gave Lin Xi a look of even greater disdain. “The one you hope to see the most will go.”

Lin Xi broke out in a bit of sweat, a bit embarrassed as he said, “Teacher… your respected self even knows who I want to see the most… does the academy need to know this much?”

Tong Wei finally became a bit angry. “You started that kind of fire under her freshman dormitory, letting all of Green Luan Academy know, do you take me for a fool? To not even know the one you wish to see the most?”

Lin Xi broke out in even greater sweat. He scratched his head, but he still mumbled, “Don’t tell me the academy purposely sent her over… does this count as a disguised form of kidnapping me…”

“Would the academy do this type of thing?! When has Yunqin ever had a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest like you who doesn’t have any sense of shame?!”

Even though he knew Lin Xi was just joking around, Tong Wei still finally couldn’t hold himself back anymore, flicking Lin Xi’s forehead.

Lin Xi released an ah sound, grabbing his forehead, crying out a few times in pain. Then, a figure immediately appeared in his mind. He immediately couldn’t help but ask, “Will Li Kaiyun go?”

Tong Wei gave Lin Xi a look. When he thought about those fellow students who Lin Xi became good friends with in the past, his anger dissolved. He nodded. “He will go.”

“This fella… as expected.” Lin Xi continuously sighed and muttered, “I just knew that he would take the initiative to head wherever it is most dangerous… I know he definitely didn’t go because of the academy’s arrangements, definitely because he asked to go to this type of place himself.”

When Tong Wei heard Lin Xi mumble like this, he almost hurt himself from suppressing his rage. He immediately felt the urge to beat Lin Xi until his head was full of bumps.

“Will Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan go? I already asked about them before, this time, because they were guarding granaries, there was instead nothing bad that happened… however, they can’t always continue to defend granaries, right?” However, Lin Xi didn’t seem to realize anything, continuing to ask.

Tong Wei shouted angrily, “You will naturally know when the time comes.”

Lin Xi looked at Tong Wei who already became incredibly angry because of him. Just like when they were back in the academy, he said innocently, “Come on, don’t be like that… teacher.”

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