Book 9 Chapter 16 - All Those Years Ago

“It is precisely because there is a limit to the bodies of cultivators that even if it is a Sacred Expert level cultivator, compared to steel, crystals and stones, they are still especially weak. Moreover, the more powerful the cultivator becomes, the more their bodies are extremely weak compared to soul force, so the surging of soul force is also restricted because of the body’s limitations. The reason why Purgatory Mountain’s cultivators are especially powerful in this world is because they have the Demonic Transformation methods, able to make their bodies far exceed the limits of normal cultivators. During the Demonic Transformation time, their bodies could endure even greater soul force surging.”

“The strength of fiend beast youth and mature beasts is at least a great level apart. If your Three-Tailed Black Foxcat already has this level of strength right now, once it matures, it will have at least State Master level soul force power. The growth of Black Foxcats isn’t slow at all… before your cultivation increases greatly, it is also a source of power you can rely on.”

Because both Lin Xi and Bian Linghan appeared too weak in Tong Wei’s eyes, still children, during their normal lessons, he didn’t talk to Lin Xi about any cultivation matters above State Knight level. However, now that Lin Xi grew up somewhat, possessing a bit of power the academy could rely on, changing from the academy only being able to do things for him to him now starting to be able to shoulder some things for the academy, Tong Wei began to tell Lin Xi some things that he didn’t need to tell him before.

“According to what the academy knows, that Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert was from the Shentu Clan bloodline… how did you notice that he was in the sky before, moreover able to accurately pinpoint his location?”

“Intuition…” When facing Tong Wei’s question, Lin Xi couldn’t explain, only able to helplessly reply with the excuse of intuition.


Tong Wei remained silent for a long time. He began to think to himself, could it be that Lin Xi’s body still contained this type of incomprehensible unique talent?

Lin Xi already thought things through, realizing that if Tong Wei wanted to ask more questions, he could only say that Vice Principal Xia knew the answer to this question, that your respected self should just ask him, but when he saw how Tong Wei didn’t seem to want to continue asking questions, he thus asked, “What is the significance behind the Shentu Clan?”

“It is just like Bian Linghan, cultivators with some unique constitutions.”

Tong Wei said, “They are descendants of a cultivator from a previous Purgatory Mountain, a cultivator surnamed Shentu. Right now, Purgatory Mountain’s most powerful expert is still a posterity of Shentu Clan. Their unique constitution allows them to cultivate some special cultivation methods, for example, using soul force to arrange runes and congeal formidable flames just like powerful soul weapons.”

Lin Xi’s brows jumped. “Just like that cave barbarian cultivator?”

“That is precisely Purgatory Mountain’s cultivation method.” Tong Wei nodded. “A few years ago, our Green Luan Academy’s people and the Dragon Snake Border Army killed a powerful expert from Purgatory Mountain, what he used was precisely this type of powerful cultivation method. That cave barbarian cultivator most likely obtained the inheritance from his body, using his constitution that far exceeds normal cultivators to forcefully succeed in this cultivation.”

“Did you kill that green-pupiled young lady?” After replying to Lin Xi’s question, Tong Wei looked at Lin Xi, directly asking.

“I did not.” Lin Xi shook his head. “The giant lizard mount was something she gave me… She is also a special cultivator. The plants that can be used to raise the giant lizards are something only a cultivator like her can quickly cultivate, so there is no way the military can have large amounts of giant lizard mounts.”

Tong Wei remained silent for a moment, nodding his head slightly in rare praise. “The way you handled matters after returning this time wasn’t bad, Huang Pushu is one of the future crimson-robed High Priests. She obtained Priest Hall’s Radiant Eye inheritance, able to detect even the slightest lies, which will cause great issues. As for that Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s armor… because we killed him and since in all of Yunqin, only our Green Luan Academy carries out the most advanced research, it will definitely be delivered to Green Luan Academy.”

“Radiant Eye?”  Lin Xi frowned. “Does Priest Hall have many special cultivation methods? Just what kind of powerful cultivation methods are they exactly?”

Tong Wei said, “They have quite a few… the ones that are a bit special can make soul force become a great release of light, shine extremely far in darkness, making the opponent unable to escape. There are cultivation methods that can instantly blind the opponent, preventing them from seeing anything. Above these, it is rumored that there are cultivation methods that are even more formidable, just that not even we know of them. My word of advice for you is to never look down on cultivators from any cultivation lands.”

Lin Xi smiled bitterly, inwardly thinking that after seeing so many academy lectures and even encountering a Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert level existence, how could I possibly have any intention of underestimating cultivators in this world?

“Actually, I have concealed another important fact.” Lin Xi produced the transparent bath bomb-like soul weapon, handing it to Tong Wei. “I know why that Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert could control a sword so far… this is precisely his secret.”

Tong Wei stared at this transparent sphere shaped soul weapon. His cultivation level was much higher than Lin Xi’s, so he immediately understood what kind of thing this was. Countless transparent strands were released from his hand and then a powerful expression of shock appeared on his face.

“Green Luan Academy has no way of creating this type of soul weapon, Purgatory Mountain definitely cannot make this type of soul weapon either.”

“Then where did it come from?” Lin Xi asked while looking at Tong Wei.

Lin Xi didn’t know too much about the manufacturing of soul weapons, but judging from Tong Wei’s words, he understood that this item already far exceeded the limits of what the best craftsmen of this world could make, just like how people of his past who knew how to make bicycles had no way of making cars.

“An unknown place.” Tong Wei gave Lin Xi a look.

His reply wasn’t a reply at all, but Lin Xi understood.

This place had too many unknown lands, places not even powerful cultivators could reach, for example, the frozen tundra behind Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.

“I need to bring this item back to Green Luan Academy and hand it over to Vice Principal Xia. He will arrange for people to research it.” Tong Wei put away this sphere that released countless transparent threads, looking at Lin Xi as he said, “I will personally deliver this Shentu Clan Sacred Expert’s corpse back to Green Luan Academy. His corpse has some value and we cannot allow news of the academy researching a medication that can deal with Demonic Transformation to spread. If we directly burn his corpse, it might instead draw Purgatory Mountain’s suspicion… you won’t remain in Dragon Snake for too long either.”

Lin Xi knew that decreasing the reliance on external goods would instead be favorable for his own cultivation, so he didn’t feel much reluctance when Tong Wei said he was going to bring this soul weapon back to Green Luan Academy. He only calmly nodded and said, “Where does the academy plan to send me next?”

Tong Wei looked at him and said, “West.”

Lin Xi nodded. He thought for a bit and then seriously asked, “Exactly how formidable is Wenren Cangyue?”

“Stronger than me.” Tong Wei said coldly. “According to what I know, in all of Yunqin… in the Sacred Expert level, apart from one person being able to kill him, all others who face him alone should die under his hands.”

Lin Xi sighed. “Then that means he is already unrivaled in Sacred Expert level… Who is the other Sacred Expert level cultivator who has greater individual prowess than him?”

Tong Wei gave Lin Xi a look. “You have shown great brilliance in the training valley, but there is one who had been even more outstanding than you.”

Lin Xi was immediately stunned. The records from the stone palace that left him with a deep impression immediately flooded his mind. “Teacher, your respected self’s intention is that it is that Internal Study Department student?”

“Correct.” Tong Wei took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. “He is named Gu Xinyin, he can be considered your Martial Uncle… your trip west is precisely to welcome him home.”

“Gu Xinyin? Welcome him home… what kind of story does he have?” Lin Xi saw some expressions he normally didn’t see from Tong Wei’s face, unable to help but quietly ask.

“He is precisely the type of person whose cultivation talent is so great many people can’t help but want to beat him up.”

Lin Xi’s words made Tong Wei recall many events of the past, about when many people were still as young as Lin Xi. “However, he is also the type of person who, whenever there is danger, will always wish to block at the very front… so the amount of people who wanted to beat him became fewer and fewer.”

“Back then, all those years ago, we were just like you and Bian Linghan, having more than a single Windstalker. Moreover, unlike you who only has a Windstalker’s archery, but don’t truly have the special soul force constitution of a Windstalker, myself and a senior brother both truly had the unique Windstalker constitution. In addition, my senior brother was even more outstanding than me, so Vice Principal Xia handed the ‘Big Black’ Principal Zhang left behind in his hands.”

“Back then, it hadn’t been long since Tangcang’s Empress Dowager grasped authority, Yunqin and Tangcang’s borders clashing even greater than how Great Mang is clashing with Yunqin right now. That senior brother of mine died in that battle, ‘Big Black’ falling into the hands of a Tangcang general.”

“What is Big Black?” Lin Xi couldn’t help but ask.

“Our academy’s most powerful soul weapon longbow, one of the weapons Principal Zhang used in the battle of Meteor Lake.” Tong Wei looked at Lin Xi and said, “It was something Principal Zhang obtained while roaming the world, coming from an unknown land, a powerful soul weapon that was similarly something none of the greatest craftsmen of this world could make. Principal Zhang was used to calling that black longbow Big Black.”

Lin Xi couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath, quietly saying, “That is why Martial Uncle Gu Xinyin went to Tangcang, to bring back that longbow?”

Tong Wei shook his head and said, “It wasn’t only this longbow. Back then, we received some news that the place where a past Sanskrit Temple guru passed away in meditation was discovered within Tangcang’s borders, the scriptures caves dug up by some ordinary Tangcang civilians who didn’t understand the situation, some scriptures already scattered among the common populace, among them was a powerful cultivation method related to Sanskrit Temple.”

Lin Xi quietly said, “Martial Uncle Gu didn’t succeed… and was trapped in Tangcang, only able to return now?”

“He couldn’t obtain ‘Big Black’, but he successfully obtained that cultivation method from Sanskrit Temple.” Tong Wei’s face sunk and he said, “Then, for a Tangcang girl, he unleashed a great slaughter in Tangcang, killing many people. In the end, he wanted to kill Tangcang’s Imperial Uncle, but even after failing to do so, because of that cultivation method, Tangcang was reluctant to kill him, always keeping him locked up in a secret water prison not even we could find.”

Because he was someone in Green Luan Academy who interacted with Lin Xi the most, Tong Wei understood Lin Xi’s curious nature well. As such, before Lin Xi opened his mouth and asked more questions, he said with a light sigh, “That Tangcang woman was Tangcang Imperial Uncle’s daughter. She wanted to leave Tangcang with Gu Xinyin, but was discovered by Xiao Xiang in the end, personally killed by her very father.”

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