Book 9 Chapter 15 - All of You Were Little Kids to Begin With

Green Luan Academy’s true experts rarely roamed the world. This was especially the case before ordinary soldiers, they appeared even more rarely than Priest Hall’s crimson-robed High Priests.

However, because generations of Green Luan Academy experts left behind too many inspiring and tragic tales over Yunqin’s continent and because of Principal Zhang’s glory, the unique black robes of all lecturers and professors from Green Luan Academy left a deep impact on the people’s hearts. Together with the unique aloof and untamed temperaments of Green Luan Academy’s experts, the moment they saw this single-eyed archer’s black robes, the guards holding the Bronze Hawkeyes immediately felt deep veneration. Then, when they saw the massive bow on this single-eyed archer’s back that was as tall as a person, they felt even deeper shock and respect.

When the military officer who saw the burning arrow signal released by the sentry found out that the one who was coming was a black-robed single-eyed lecturer with a giant bow on his back, his face continuously flickered between the pale white of shock and flushed red of excitement. With the fastest speed possible, he reported to the higher level high ranking military officers. Then, all of Sheep Point Field Mountain’s high ranking military officers were shaken, Tian Moshi and the others all leaving the camp and waiting.

When a Sacred Expert descended, how could ordinary people remain calm?

This was especially when the one who came wasn’t an ordinary Sacred Expert, but rather a Sacred Expert from Green Luan Academy, one of the world’s most powerful archers.

The military could remain arrogant before ordinary cultivators, but the one who arrived wasn’t an ordinary cultivator.

If it was in the Dragon Snake Central Army where experts gathered, if it was Valiant Great General Gu Yunjing, perhaps he could retain his arrogance before this type of cultivator, continue to persist with the notion that the military could suppress cultivators. However, Tian Moshi wasn’t Gu Yunjing, Sheep Point Field Mountain’s highest military officer was nothing more than a major third rank official. Even if they used all of their military force, Tian Moshi still didn’t have the confidence in leaving behind or killing this Sacred Expert.

That was why Tian Moshi could only leave the camp and wait, inwardly uneasy as he welcomed this Sacred Expert’s arrival.

The solitary falcon-like Tong Wei arrived at the camp.

“I came to see Lin Xi.”

Towards this Sheep Point Field Army’s high level official, Tong Wei only said this sentence.

Then, without any excessive words, Tian Moshi and a group of people personally escorted Tong Wei to Lin Xi’s tent.

Tong Wei undid the curtains, entering Lin Xi’s tent. No one dared enter afterwards, even the few guards who were in charge of watching over this tent all left under Tian Moshi’s indication.


The instant Tong Wei entered, the originally shut-eyed Lin Xi opened his eyes. Then, he cried out in pleasant surprise.

Tong Wei nodded, indicating that Lin Xi didn’t need to show him the usual etiquette.

His eyes landed on Lucky who was at Lin Xi’s side.

Lucky also looked at Tong Wei. For an unknown reason, it felt that Tong Wei was terrifying, that Tong Wei’s black robes were going to fill up this space, making even its breathing become difficult.

Tong Wei suddenly reached out a finger.

Lin Xi opened his mouth, but couldn’t release any sound. In that instant, the boundless aura released from Tong Wei’s finger seemed to crush even the air before him into tangible substance.

A visible murky yellow stream left Tong Wei’s fingertip, surging towards Lucky.

Yi… ya!

The black fur on Lucky’s entire body exploded. It stuck out its round belly, jumping from the ground. A blast of white energy was released from its mouth, clashing with this murky yellow stream.


The white energy was scattered by the murky yellow stream. However, Tong Wei’s finger instead retracted, this wave of yellow stream also immediately disappearing.

The flame in front of Lin Xi was extinguished, the military pot above the flame immediately went from boiling hot to freezing. Following light ka ka ka sounds, blasts of white frost erupted from the center, extending outwards. The entire tent’s floor, all the way to the ceiling, was quickly covered in a thick layer of frost, even Lin Xi’ body was covered in white color.

Lucky withdrew into Lin Xi’s embrace in fear.

It could sense that the individual on the other side couldn’t be contended against. No matter how much it struggled, this person could still easily kill it.

“It is quite strong, indeed a bit stronger than normal Black Foxcats.” Appearing on Tong Wei’s face that was currently just as grim and serious as usual, was an expression of true praise and admiration.

“There is no need to be scared, teacher is only testing you.” The instant Tong Wei retracted his hand, Lin Xi already knew what Tong Wei was doing. As such, he immediately reached out his hand to rub Lucky’s head, quickly saying this.

Lucky seemed to immediately understand it as well. Its fear and enmity also instantly disappeared. However, it still released an extremely discontent yi cry, but after this cry, it immediately thought about how the other party really was too strong, so it immediately became a bit lacking in confidence. It released another yi sound, but this voice was much quieter.

Tong Wei sat down. He looked at Lin Xi. “In its entire history, Yunqin has never produced a Three-Tailed Black Foxcat before, neither has a cultivator who could have a Black Foxcat appeared. Who would have thought that a Self Defense Department student like you could actually accomplish this… you truly are bringing back great honor to Self Defense Department.”

Lin Xi looked at this teacher from Green Luan Academy he was most familiar with. When he thought about how powerful he was, yet how his own words normally weren’t all that respectful, about how sometimes, he even asked some questions that left this teacher helpless, Lin Xi’s expression also became a bit bitter. “Student understands teacher is extremely strong, but I didn’t know teacher was actually that strong.”

Tong Wei gave Lin Xi a look of not expressing an opinion on this matter. “You’ve already broken through into Soul Master level cultivation, your speed much faster than I expected. If Xu Shengmo found out about this, he’d definitely be in disbelief.”

Lin Xi laughed, but at the same time, he felt like his head was a bit sluggish. However, soon afterwards, he reacted. It wasn’t because of the natural pressure he felt after directly viewing the battle between Sacred Experts and their power, but rather because he hadn’t seen this academy teacher for too long. Moreover, he experienced too many things, had too many questions he wanted to ask.

As such, he calmed himself down, deciding that he was not going to consider the things he was in a hurry to ask, instead thinking about what he had to talk about first. “Teacher… what level of cultivator can Lucky’s current strength defeat?”


Tong Wei frowned, immediately realizing that Lucky was precisely the name of Lin Xi’s Three-Tailed Black Foxcat. He didn’t waste any words, coldly looking at Lin Xi just like before, saying, “This question is a bit foolish, just like how high level cultivators who don’t know how to fight can be killed by lower level cultivators. As for what level of cultivator you and it can kill, it will completely depend on how you fight. However, I understand your intention. Right now, the soul force and frost power it can gather has already exceeded mid stage State Knight, but it is still a bit off from late stage State Knight level.”

“Teacher, you are always too strict.” Lin Xi heard the ‘this question is a bit stupid’ he was familiar with and then couldn’t help but laugh again. “I understand teacher’s intentions… but it is always a bit limited. A cultivator of Sacred Expert level like teacher, just using a single finger can kill us. No matter how we fight, there is no way we can kill a cultivator like teacher.”

Tong Wei’s eyelids sunk, “In theory, it is possible… with your current cultivation, together with a suitable soul weapon bow, if the Sacred Expert doesn’t use soul force, you can already penetrate through their flesh.”

Lin Xi was shocked. “Your respected self’s intent is that when a Sacred Expert’s soul force is completely exhausted, unable to cover their entire body with soul force, with a suitable bow and arrow, I already have a chance of killing them?”

Tong Wei raised his head, giving Lin Xi a look. “Once one exceeds State Knight level, the modification of soul force towards the body isn’t as apparent. This is especially the case between State Master and Sacred Experts’ bodies, there is already not much of a difference, the difference is only in the power of soul force. Purgatory Mountain and Thousand Devil Nest are cultivation lands that pay great attention to the body itself. However, even if it is them who use secret methods other places don’t have, their bodies sturdier than those of ordinary cultivators, regardless of what secret method it is, the strength of their bodies will still have a certain limit. The bodies of cultivators, when compared to many of this world’s soul weapons’ steels, crystals and stones, are still extremely weak. It is precisely because the bodies of cultivators are weak, unable to fight tirelessly, that this world doesn’t have cultivators that cannot be defeated, which is why the military always maintains the confidence that they can suppress cultivators.”

“Only, this is also only theory.” After a slight pause, Tong Wei continued, “Normally speaking, without strict circumstances, Sacred Expert level cultivators wouldn’t wait until their soul force is completely depleted. When their soul force shows signs of possibly depleting, they will either choose to run or to take down their enemies with themselves.”

Lin Xi frowned, pondering over Tong Wei’s words. “Turns out once one exceeds State Master level, the bodies of cultivators already reach a limit…”

“That is why Soul Masters who can display the power of soul weapons have already crossed a clear dividing line among cultivators.” Tong Wei took a deep breath, the usual coldness on his face also considerably lessening. The expression in his single eye instead became more complicated. “You even have this type of fiend beast, you became a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, from today on… you finally have some strength the academy can rely on.”

Lin Xi immediately became filled with respect and awe.

He thought about the words he discussed with Vice Principal Xia, about the girl covered in black robes who followed him, about the Dark Priest who appeared outside Mu Chenyun’s manor, about Tong Wei who followed him this time.

He knew that apart from the things he could see, Vice Principal Xia and Green Luan Academy had poured who knew how much meticulous care and attention… moreover, it might far exceed what Tong Wei knew. Before coming to Dragon Snake Mountain Range, he already realized that Vice Principal Xia seemed to have completely separated him from all of Green Luan Academy, having him consider what he needed to do alone, all of this just for him to understand how to become a true cultivator, as well as how to increase his own cultivation even faster.

Vice Principal Xia and some of the academy’s individuals were wise and farsighted, they might have always been paying attention to every step of his growth. Moreover, they have continuously faced powers of all sides, continuously making plans favorable to his development.

“The Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert this time was an exception… but fortunately, you made it through.” Tong Wei quietly looked at Lin Xi, adding this.

His tone was still as ice-cold as usual, but Lin Xi sensed a deep feeling of guilt and apologeticness from the eyes of this black-robed lecturer who was always full of dissatisfaction and strictness towards him.

Lin Xi was originally already extremely moved, but when he saw this expression in Tong Wei’s eyes, he couldn’t help but feel his nose become sore, his chest full of warmth.

It was just like a family, towards their children, they would always invest endlessly in the beginning without any hesitation… meanwhile, this family was also hoping to be able to depend on these children in the future.

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