Book 9 Chapter 13 - He is True Glory

“We are letting him become a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest? Let this type of person who isn’t even a normal priest become a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest? The Black Foxcat is a beast of disaster, it will bring us misfortune and inauspiciousness, everyone has already heard what I said… Now that he is allowed to have the status of a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, it is equivalent to completely denying a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest!”

“No one is denying a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.”

A middle-aged gray-robed priest with a long and narrow face, her stature as tall as a man’s coldly said with her head lowered, as if she detested these words.

Xu Shucheng’s body suddenly froze up. He stared directly at this gray-robed female priest and coldly said, “What are you trying to say?!”

The gray-robed priest said, “Only those with fiend beast companions can be called Spiritual Sacrifice Priests. Before you find another fiend beast companion, denying you… isn’t considered denying a true Spiritual Sacrifice Priest!”

“You actually dare speak these types of words to me?!” Xu Shucheng’s eyes narrowed and then he said with a sneer, “Do not forget that you are nothing more than a Soul Calming Priest.”

“This correspondence in Priest Hall is nothing more than an announcement, for all of you to know that Priest Hall acknowledges Lin Xi’s identity as a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, that from today on, Priest Hall obtained another Spiritual Sacrifice Priest. However, there are some things in Priest Hall that not all of you need to know about.” The gray-robed priest’s head was still lowered, coldly saying, “I have already been nominated to become a crimson-robed High Priest. If I do not do anything that slanders radiance in the next three years, I will be formally promoted to crimson-robed High Priest.”


Xu Shucheng’s face suddenly became snow-white, the other seven priests in this great tent also horrified, their eyes full of shock.

However, the shock this gray-robed female priest gave them didn’t end here.

She raised her usually always lowered head. Xu Shucheng saw the faint white light within her eyes.

This grave faced, long and narrow faced tall female priest’s pupils were black just like normal Yunqin people’s, but deep within her black pupils was faint white light.

Xu Shucheng was indescribably alarmed. In that instant, he couldn’t help but take a few steps back in a panic.

“You seem to be completely ignorant of the situation… moreover, there is no harm in once more reminding you that Lin Xi’s Spiritual Sacrifice Priest identity has been jointly approved of by Priest Hall’s High Priest Du, High Priest Zhong, High Priest Jiang, and High Priest Rong, these four great figures, as well as Eternal High Priest Yuhua Lingyu, so his status as a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest is no longer something anyone can doubt. All those who question his status are questioning these great ones, committing blatant heresy of questioning Priest Hall. As a past Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, I hope you can regain your identity as a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest and not to fall to this type of blatant heresy.”

The gray-robed female priest said while looking expressionlessly at Xu Shucheng.

Because of the faint white radiance that looked indescribably dignified like a sea, Xu Shucheng took several steps back again. His entire body was covered in cold sweat, not daring to release another sound.

The gray-robed female priest didn’t say anything else, instead turning around and walking out of this tent. She made her way around this tent as if no one else was here and then walked into the tent Lin Xi was at.

“I am named Huang Pushu, I came representing Priest Hall. Priest Hall has already acknowledged your status as a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.”

While looking at Lin Xi who was sitting in the tent, his eyes just opening, this-gray robed female priest didn’t exchange any conventional greetings, getting right to the point.

She saw Lin Xi immediately release a light sigh and then give the Three-Tailed Black Foxcat at his side a pat.

Lin Xi who managed to wait for the result he wanted sized up this unexpected guest.

He looked at this woman who was tall and well developed, yet her face was long and narrow like that of a heroic man, completely different from the concept of beauty. Huang Pushu, this name didn’t carry the gracefulness of a delicate woman either. He couldn’t help but release a sigh, nodding and saying, “To demonstrate brilliance, one doesn’t need to use their entire body to release light…”

Huang Pushu heard the bit of ridicule and even deeper meanings behind Lin Xi’s words, but she didn’t become upset, instead calmly sitting down across from Lin Xi. “Even in places light shines upon, there are still covered shadows. However, not every priest is sure to be radiant. However, in Priest Hall, those who are not radiant, are destined to disappear in time. You have to understand that if it wasn’t for your past radiating true glory, no matter how great the secrets you carry for our empire, there is still no way you could have become a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest. The reason you can become a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest isn’t because of other things, but rather because of your own radiance, so why is there a need to question or taunt radiance? Moreover, even though you are already a true Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, there are still many areas you need to study. It is because you don’t even understand this type of brilliance in my eyes. It is a special cultivation method in Priest Hall, you do not have any type of understanding towards Priest Hall itself.”

Lin Xi stroked Lucky’s head. According to the knowledge of his past world, all organizations of divine righteousness who represented radiance like Priest Hall, in the end either became a large group of scammers, or completely became puppets under imperial power. He didn’t even feel any reverence for this world’s highest imperial power, just like how that Great Mang emperor did something no one dared imagine, something most people in this world believed to be disgraceful and unfilial, yet it was completely normal in his eyes. At most, he would just feel a bit of shock that this world could still produce individuals like Yao and Shun. Towards those who viewed the emperor as the sky from birth, the concept of there being a person who could make these people bow down willingly and unquestionably, yet these individuals still berated others for being disgraceful and unfilial, this was the true joke. He didn’t feel much fear towards existences like Priest Hall, but he naturally wouldn’t look for more trouble by saying some nonsense that she definitely couldn’t accept to Huang Pushu. Towards matters of cultivation, he was far more interested in this than anything else. As such, he assumed a humble stance of receiving instruction, looking at Huang Pushu’s pupils that released faint white light and asking, “According to what you have said, Priest Hall has some unique cultivation methods?” [1]

Huang Pushu looked at Lin Xi, nodding. “Before there was Yunqin Empire, there was Green Luan Academy. Similarly, even before Yunqin Empire, this world already had the existence of priests, already had priests who were spreading radiance. Even though it cannot compare to a cultivation holy land like Green Luan Academy that focuses on the study of cultivation, Priest Hall still has some unique cultivation methods. Priests who have been nominated to become crimson-robed high priests will naturally begin to obtain some of these unique cultivation method teachings.”

“This means that only the highest level figures within Priest Hall can have a chance of obtaining these cultivation method teachings. It seems like these cultivation methods are also extremely powerful.” Lin Xi said this in praise. This time, his admiration was sincere, because after he had seen Chi Xiaoye and Purgatory Mountain’s Sacred Expert, he gained an even deeper realization regarding this world’s countless unknown places, powerful beings and powerful cultivation methods.

“You are already a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest. As long as you no longer doubt yourself and our radiance, you will definitely have a chance of studying Priest Hall’s secret methods in the future.” Huang Pushu looked at Lin Xi, saying in a similarly sincere manner.

“That cave barbarian female cultivator has already died, she died under the pursuit of Black Dragon Army’s commander. Black Dragon Army’s commander was a Great Mang spy.” Lin Xi nodded, using a voice similar to An Keyi’s bookish reading voice. “I wanted to bring that female cultivator back, but failed. However, from her body, I learned how the cave barbarians could make giant lizards move underground, as well as the secrets in turning the giant lizards into mounts.”

“You are facing accusations of colluding with the enemy.” Huang Pushu wasn’t in a hurry to listen to matters regarding the giant lizard mounts, instead looking at Lin Xi and saying in a strict and serious manner. “Do you dare use your name as a priest to guarantee you didn’t collude with the enemy?”

“Of course, from start to finish, we were enemies. I dare use anything to vow this.” Lin Xi replied decisively without even taking a moment to think, the reply extremely broad and level… it was because neither him nor Chi Xiaoye ever claimed to be friends. Even when leaving, what he said seriously to Chi Xiaoye and Fire King, was that they were still enemies once they met again.

If the relationship between Yunqin and the cave barbarians didn’t change, then the relationship between him, Chi Xiaoye and Fire King had no chance of changing either.

The moment Lin Xi said this, Huang Pushu’s eyes that released faint yellow light stared directly into Lin Xi’s pupils. This tall gray-robed female priest who obtained the special teachings of Priest Hall didn’t see any darkness she didn’t wish to see within Lin Xi’s eyes, and as such, she released a breath of relief, her always serious and cold expression finally softening a bit.

She clapped her hands.

This tent’s curtains were opened again. A priest apprentice who carried a sheet of paper and a pen quickly walked in, gave Huang Pushu and Lin Xi a bow of respect and then sat down next to her.

“You can tell us everything slowly.” Huang Pushu looked at Lin Xi and quietly said.

“Okay.” Lin Xi nodded, slowly starting to tell his story… but of course, it was a slightly modified story that he had already carefully thought over in his mind over these past few days.

He didn’t know that Immortal Academy, out of fear of Green Luan Academy’s revenge, completely chose to remain silent even on their battle accomplishments, fully supporting his status as a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, moreover sending Di Choufei who was like a radiant sun to guard Blackwater Pool’s ore caves, accompany countless filthy prisoners within the deep underground mines. He thought about how this story had to have Di Choufei and Huang Huoxiao, and the other party should definitely know about Purgatory Mountain’s Sacred Expert and Fire King, as well as that giant axe wielding Yunqin general. Even though that Yunqin general was his senior brother in Green Luan Academy, he didn’t know if he already spoke about anything, so his story only modified the matters of his and Chi Xiaoye’s relationship into one of him seizing Chi Xiaoye and escaping pursuit. As for the red-clothed female zither master and the black-robed Watchman, he only stated that he didn’t know anything about them. As for the rest, he didn’t speak about everything in absolute detail, but didn’t add any alterations either.

He didn’t know that regarding some matters involving great contributions, the military would send people to investigate. So imperceptibly, by not making any alterations, he instead helped himself greatly.

“You discovered that there were strange traces, so you went into a Lightning Python cave alone to investigate, as a result discovering this cave barbarian female cultivator, from this, you learned how she controlled the giant bugs?”

“Purgatory Mountain’s Sacred Expert… you all actually killed a Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert!”

“When facing Huang Huoxiao’s encirclement and pursuit, you jumped into the mud lakes’ dam burst flood to escape… and then used the magnetic earth to seriously injure Huang Huoxiao!”

Lin Xi made some slight revisions. In Lin Xi’s eyes, the true experience wasn’t that shocking, but in this gray-robed female priest and this priest apprentice’s ears, these events were undoubtedly like crashes of thunder.

For the sake of pursuing the enemy, he actually dared to enter a Lightning Python’s cave alone. Just what kind of bravery did this entail?

He killed a Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert, what level of achievement was this?!

Discovering Huang Huoxiao was a Great Mang cultivator and then ultimately escaping… then learning of the secrets of the giant lizard mounts from that unconscious female cave barbarian cultivator. Afterwards, he seized one of the giant lizards from the incoming lizard riders that were coming to provide support, just what kind of courage and outstanding service was this?!

The two priests were both shocked.

Sheep Point Field Mountain Military was shocked.

Several troops containing the most elite soldiers as well as priests who served as supervisors left the camp, heading out to verify the places Lin Xi spoke of.

Soon afterwards, reports of these events being accurate were transmitted back.

The inside of that Lightning Python cave was indeed the place where cave barbarians nurtured giant bugs.

There were indeed traces of giant bugs moving through the tunnels… it was indeed a place where powerful cultivators fought… then, that Purgatory Mountain Sacred Expert’s corpse was also pulled out according to the exact location Lin Xi indicated… afterwards, it was the mud lakes, Great Magnetic Swamp… information that was verified without mistake came back one after another. All of Sheep Point Field Mountain Military erupted into an uproar, all of Dragon Snake Military also in commotion.

These matters began to spread uncontrollably between these border army soldiers who revered courage and true glory.

1. Yao is one of the five legendary emperors from 2200 BC, Shun is a mythical sage and leader from 22nd century BC

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