Book 9 Chapter 12 - Decide By Vote

Xu Family prospered because of Xu Zhenyan’s father Xu Tianwang, because of his cultivation and callousness. Meanwhile, the reasonLiu Family began to rise up recently in Yunqin was because of some internal affairs and its wealth.

On this day, Liu Ziyu officially began to take control over a portion of Liu Family's wealth. He now knew that he had finally truly stepped on the empire's great stage, so he appeared especially proud of himself as he walked towards a certain trade association. He seemed to have seen a new incomparably massive merchant ship undo its sails, heading into the distance. Moreover, he saw that this merchant ship seemed to become larger and larger.

Because he was feeling more and more proud of himself, even the extreme unhappiness of his imagined great opponent Lin Xi possibly becoming a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest was washed away by his current emotions.

That day, inside of Central Continent Imperial City’s  Boundless Imperial Residence on True Dragon Mountain, Yunqin Emperor Changsun Jinse was currently seated on a soft golden couch. In his hands was a secret letter he had just received from Yunqin’s enemy to the south, Great Mang.

In this completely open, ground surface’s various colored jade extending out limitlessly into the spacious hall, Yunqin Emperor Changsun Jinse read through this secret letter, and then his originally calm and slightly cold expression became filled with fury.


A large sphere of lightning flickered in his hands, completely blasting this secret letter in his hands  into black dust.

“A student was bestowed the name Zhantai Qiantang… taken as a disciple… intending to let him take over the title of emperor… become a monarch blessed by heavens, set by heaven’s mandate… they actually randomly designated someone to succeed the throne… viewing the emperor’s bloodline as nothing! They actually dare look down on the dignity of the emperor like this, actually abandoning the heavenly laws!”

Yunqin’s emperor was furious, unable to suppress his vicious roars from echoing through the air. The entire open and spacious great hall became a golden color, the countless strands of dazzling thunder radiance coming from True Dragon Peak rushing in all directions. They were like countless giant golden whips that thrashed the earth. In that instant, the servants around True Dragon Mountain and all of the officials bowed down, their entire bodies trembling, not daring to raise their normally noble heads.

They didn’t know that the source of Yunqin Emperor’s wrath came from Great Mang, a place Yunqin couldn’t get involved in, a place it had no jurisdiction over.

For Yunqin, this was still something that was someone else’s business. According to normal reasoning, even if the Roadside Shrimp Watching Li Ku slaughtered until rivers of blood flowed, it still didn’t have anything to do with Yunqin… However, the emperor couldn’t tolerate anyone looking down on the emperor’s authority and it was precisely because he couldn’t interfere that he felt more and more anger, this fury thus making him temporarily forget about some other smaller things.

In Yunqin, the priests who spread radiance through this world were separated respectively into court priests and ascetic priests.

The court priests even held offices in Religion Sector, in charge of presiding over various priests, ceremonies and the movements of ascetic priests through civilians and military. They spread their doctrine, spread events regarding individuals of radiance deserving of praise, spread news of some people who were evil or obtained retribution, allowing people to establish the faith of radiance, let them understand to revere the heavens.

Among ascetic priests, there were a few who held posts in Religion Sector, in charge of some more concrete affairs, but most of these priests only used their status as priests to enjoy a certain amount of respect, spreading radiance and not holding any concrete ranks. Their good actions and deeds, the respect they obtained, was precisely the power they relied on.

If priests wanted a role to play in the royal court and in Religion Sector, they had to receive the appointment and nomination of the royal court. However, whether or not they could become a priest had nothing to do with the royal court, they only needed the approval of Priest Hall.

This was easy for Lin Xi to understand. Just like in the world he was familiar with, if a buddhist monk wanted to become a government employee, of course he had to be approved of by the imperial household. However, if he wanted to become a buddhist monk, he naturally only needed the approval of the temple and the one who presided over this organization.

Priest Ming Qin who was dressed in white priest robes quickly made his way around different camps.

The gowns of Yunqin’s priests represented different meanings. The red-purple gown represented War Priests. If there were only swords and weapon decorations, it meant that they were only army following priests. Meanwhile, if apart from these weapons, there were other patterns, then that meant that they had official ranks in Religion Sector. Moreover, all of these individuals were cultivators who possessed great strength exceeding that of ordinary soldiers.

Gray priest robes represented Soul Calming Priests, while a light golden gown represented Spiritual Sacrifice Priests.

Meanwhile, the white-colored priest robes Lin Xi envisioned priests to wear only had the identity of a priest apprentice.

Ming Qin was precisely a priest apprentice who had passed the priest doctrines’ assessment not too long ago. From here on out, he needed time to use his own words and actions, to use his soul to prove his radiance, prove that he was a true priest.

Today, he only received information that all priests in Dragon Snake were to gather in the official business tent. He didn’t know what was happening, but when he saw the two rows of Green Wolf Heavy Armor soldiers guarding outside the large tent, grave and dignified, he immediately began to shiver inwardly. This was especially when he saw a crimson-gowned elder enter the tent before him, walking inside after two heavy armored soldiers moved aside the curtains, he couldn’t help but hold his breath.

Above white, red-purple, gray, and light golden priest gowns, there were two more colors, crimson and golden.

Crimson represented those who were in charge of all of the other priests, the High Priests who had the power to appoint and dismiss priests.

Golden represented a lifelong devotion to radiance, these individuals possessing the same level of authority as High Priests, but they could not be doubted their entire lives. Their official positions could be removed, but their status as priests could never be stripped; these were Eternal High Priests.

Ming Qin walked past the two rows of heavy armored soldiers while shivering in fear. When he passed through a corner of the heavy curtains and entered the official business tent, after only using a single breath of time, he already roughly understood just what kind of great figures were gathered here. For him, even meeting some of the people seated here were normally unattainable extravagant hopes.

Apart from the few other white-robed priest apprentices and several War Priests dressed in red-purple, within this large tent covered in red carpet, there were already four gray-gowned priests and two light golden-gowned Spiritual Sacrifice Priests. However, none of these individuals could get close to the centermost circle.

The centermost circle already had four High Priests dressed in crimson priest gowns.

One was a spotlessly clean but extremely old elder whose teeth had already pretty much all fallen off, one was a scattered haired man with a ruby staff, his complexion a bit abnormally pale, but even so, time instead couldn’t leave any traces on his body, his age as if a riddle in itself.

One was an ordinary older woman who didn’t wear any ornaments, another a middle-aged tall and sturdy man whose body seemed to continuously release white light.

The four crimson-robed High Priests who Ming Qin didn’t even dare look straight at all remained quiet.

Ming Qin felt a bit of dizziness. There were four High Priests like this here, yet there was still no sign of starting the ceremony, everyone still quietly waiting… could it be that there were even more important figures who still hadn’t arrived?

Suddenly, the large tent’s curtains were opened.

A trace of light shone, the radiance exceptionally blinding.

Ming Qin couldn’t help but reach out his hand to block in front of his head.

A great figure whose status exceeded the crimson-robed High Priests entered, his golden priest gown more dazzling than the midday sunlight of Dragon Snake Mountain Range and Great Desolate Swamp.

The one dressed in the golden gown that represented Eternal High Priests was a tall and slim dignified elder. At this moment, Ming Qin and all of the other priest apprentices and War Priests didn’t even look at this golden-robed High Priest’s facial features yet, because what was in their line of sight, apart from this High Priest’s gown, there was also this High Priest’s golden long hair.

This was someone from Yuhua family… someone from Yuhua Family who restricted himself with the strictest doctrines his entire life.

All of the priests in the two outer rings lowered their heads, filled with incomparable respect as they faced this great figure whose entire body released golden brilliance.

“Glory be with every single person here.”

The golden-robed priest spoke. The entire tent became filled with golden brilliance. “Let’s begin.”

“Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Officer Lin Xi, Green Luan Academy’s first year Self Defense Department Student, obtained a Three-Tailed Black Foxcat.”

“I cannot agree with him becoming a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.” The aged crimson-robed High Priest whose teeth had already all fallen off said, his voice indescribably vast, as if a diving being was speaking above the clouds.

“I agree with him becoming a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.” The only woman of the four crimson-robed high priests calmly spoke. The rumbling within the great tent suddenly stopped, as if scattered by a light breeze.

Only two great figures spoke, yet Ming Qin and the other priests’ entire bodies already broke out into cold sweat. They knew that the ceremony today was a decision between Priest Hall’s great figures, only shocked that a Green Luan Academy first year student actually obtained a beast of misfortune… moreover, because of this matter, a vote involving so many great figures was carried out.

“I don’t agree with him becoming a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.” The middle-aged tall and sturdy male who continuously released white light shook his head.

The final scattered haired male holding a ruby staff said, “I agree with him becoming a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.”

All of these great figures were only voicing their standpoint, not making any explanations regarding their choices.

Two agreed, two disagreed. The aged crimson-robed High Priest and the middle-aged tall and sturdy male whose entire body released white light turned around, in disbelief towards the ruby staffed scattered haired man’s words.

In their opinion, that Rong Family woman would definitely express her approval, because there was news that behind the thick layers of curtains, the senator from Rong Family already had interest in Lin Xi, they would invest in his growth. However, in their opinion, this crimson-robed high priest from Immortal Academy would definitely stand at their side, yet the result was completely different from what they anticipated.

It was two to two. Everyone’s eyes landed on the body of the shining gold golden-robed High Priest.

“I agree with him becoming a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.”

In this tent, this voice that wasn’t all that resounding seemed especially grand.

This stating of opinions immediately produced a result.

All of the other priests bowed forward. “We agree with him becoming a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.”

“He can obtain a priest robe, moreover embroider a Three-Tailed Black Foxcat insignia on its surface.”

The grand voice faded. The golden-robed High Priest dressed in shining golden robes left.

The four crimson-robed High Priests didn’t say anything. They exchanged a look and then silently turned around to leave. The light in this large tent immediately seemed to become dimmer.

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