Book 9 Chapter 9 - This is True Pride

Even the most formidable priests would still be Yunqin priests in the end, they would forever be loyal to Yuqin’s interests.

Only those who weren’t restricted by the interests of this world could truly hold fast to the radiance within their hearts.

Lin Xi knew that he had enough confidence to be prideful… At this time, he couldn’t help but recall the Dark Priest who appeared by Mu Chenyun’s manor, and then think about the black-robed lecturers from the academy who were practically separate from the rest of the world, respect involuntarily emerging from his heart.

The moment he pridefully looked at this Xu Family Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, telling him to burn him along with his companion, a tall and slender beautiful young lady was currently standing next to a wide Wu City riverside.

This tall and slender young lady was precisely the Gao Yanan Lin Xi always muttered, though the unconscious Chi Xiaoye couldn’t hear him.

The silver-clothed Yunqin Empire Grand Secretary who could stand as an equal with those senators behind the layers of curtains quickly appeared on the other shore. He walked on the waves, moving across this wide Wu City river.

Because of Gao Yanan’s previous persistence and this Grand Secretary’s choice to become a father, their relationship already underwent a complete change. This time, when the two met by the river side, their meeting was much more like that of a father and daughter. Only when both sides both asked about some things regarding their health and recent events, did the Yunqin Grand Secretary quietly speak about the main matters his sole beloved daughter wanted to hear. “I understand your way of thinking… but transferring you to Dragon Snake Border Army is already no longer realistic, you should already know that it is meaningless, instead bringing upon some suspicion from the emperor onto myself. It is because this time, Dragon Snake Border Army’s battle has already come to an end.”

“The battle already ended?” Gao Yanan was a bit shocked as she looked at him, never expecting that this type of large scale battle would end so quickly.

“I still haven’t received the newest information about him yet.” This Yunqin Grand Secretary who possessed great intelligence understood what his daughter was most worried about extremely well. He looked at Gao Yanan, quickly explaining, “However, there was a clear military report from Black Dragon Army that he was with that Green Field City’s female cultivator. Moreover, either that female cultivator was suppressed by him, or that female cultivator joined hands with him. Only the escape of that female cultivator could cause the end to this type of great battle, so Lin Xi should already be safe.”

“Approximately when can we return to Green Luan Academy?” Gao Yanan nodded. She thought for a bit, and then asked.

“The situation west is a bit more problematic than that of the Dragon Snake Border Army, also much more serious.”

This silver-clothed Yunqin Grand Secretary gently said, “That is why before the situation west is settled, Green Luan Academy likely won’t have you all return. Moreover, since Vice Principal Xia already made this type of change, perhaps many students might never be able to return to Green Luan Academy. After all these years, Green Luan Academy has always viewed the mundane world and the royal court as a test to select the ones they feel are prepared. Now, since you all are released from the academy the first year, for Vice Principal Xia and the others, this might be nothing more than starting three years early.”

After a slight pause, this Yunqin Grand Secretary who was full of great wisdom continued quietly, “These past few years, the emperor has been more and more lacking in patience, to the point where he is less and less willing to listen to advice, his way of thinking also starting to show errors. He might think that this is Green Luan Academy willing to compromise for his sake, but in my opinion, Vice Principal Xia and the others doing this is instead to decrease their reliance on the empire… It is because they don’t care about how much pill medicine and soul weapons Green Luan Academy has, they only care if there are the people they need. The more they can decrease their reliance on the empire, the more aloof they are from this world, the less the empire has any room to restrict them. That is why your victory on Ten Fingers Peak was negligible, but this step they took, was instead a decisive victory.”

Gao Yanan furrowed her brows slightly. “According to father’s intentions, in the future, Lin Xi might even have a chance of being transferred west?”

“Respected Wenren Cangyue is much more difficult to deal with than that Green Field City cultivator who commands the cave barbarians. Forget about the border armies and his own Sky Wolf Guards that have been tempered into steel boards, he himself is a powerful cultivator not many in this present world can deal with.” The silver-clothed Yunqin Grand Secretary nodded and said, “Green Luan Academy’s grasp over the situation of Tangcang behind Sanskrit Temple far surpasses Central Continent Imperial City, but through some of Green Luan Academy’s actions, we can assume that some great movements have already been made in the west. That is why this volcano in the west will erupt soon, already at the point where we will see who reigns victorious. Someone like Lin Xi who has already revealed outstanding talent will definitely become someone who stands at the very front of this storm. Even if the military cannot transfer him, the academy will still most likely send him over to participate in these matters.”[1]

“The emperor has already been left helpless with Wenren Cangyue for a long time, and he wishes to control more military authority, so he is now paying more attention to the west’s changes more so than ever before. He will even transfer over the crown prince, I believe his ultimate objective will be to have the crown prince sit on Wenren Cangyue’s position.”

Gao Yanan said quietly, “Because Wenren Cangyue has gone too far, those senators would normally stand together with the emperor and your side. However, if they found out about the emperor’s plans, things might not be that simple anymore.”

“Wenren Cangyue is already a terrifying opponent, this will make the originally complicated situation become even more complicated.” The silver-clothed Yunqin Grand Secretary nodded. He gave Gao Yanan a deep look and said, “That is why the problems in the west will be extremely serious… Originally, I wasn’t too willing to let you show your face to the public, but since you already made that kind of choice, I will try to make some arrangements, have you meet him in the west. I believe Vice Principal Xia and the others will also be happy to see you and me make this kind of choice. As for the emperor… I can also let him believe that it is because of the relationship with the crown prince that I am transferring you west.”

“Thank you, father.” The corners of Gao Yanan’s lips couldn’t help but tilt upwards. She looked at this silver-clothed Yunqin Grand Secretary, pouting playfully, “I originally thought you would be reluctant to send me to those types of places.”

“Since you decided to be with him, then in the future, your fate will naturally be intertwined with his.”

The silver-robed Yunqin Grand Secretary released a long sigh. “I admit that his performance has always greatly exceeded my expectations, compared to before… I am actually a bit more worried that this man you have chosen will be taken by other outstanding women.”

Gao Yanan’s face became a bit red, indescribably embarrassed as she said, “No way.”

“You all are still too young after all, this world has many things that cannot be predicted. Moreover, the feelings of facing enemies together in the greatest life and death situations can easily overpower everything else.” The silver-clothed Yunqin Grand Secretary looked at his shy daughter, seriously saying, “That is why after my opinion of him has changed a bit, when you told me you wish to fight through life and death with him in Dragon Snake Border Pass, I naturally feel like this way of thinking is good.”

Gao Yanan lowered her head to look at her own toes, momentarily not saying anything, only thinking that the things her father experienced will naturally be who knows how much greater than her own, so the words he spoke were naturally reasonable as well. However, will you change? She thought about Lin Xi inside, quietly asking. Then, she responded decisively inside: I definitely won’t change.

“You have already been tangled in misfortune, your eyes already completely blinded by darkness!”

In front of Autumn Pond, the light golden gowned priest stamped his feet, crying out, “You are insisting on protecting this beast of misfortune… misfortune will quickly descend, descend upon all of us here! In that case, we can only burn you to death together with it!”

Lin Xi stared at this Xu Family priest who was screaming at him like he was executing a heretic, frantically calling over soldiers. Meanwhile, Lin Xi himself began to laugh with true happiness. “Alright, then just burn the two of us together to death.”

The brows of Tian Moshi who had already walked over from the side were already tightly furrowed. As early as when Lin Xi was transferred into Sheep Point Field Military, he already knew that some great figure he couldn’t afford to provoke showed some signs of wishing to deal with this Green Luan Academy student, so he naturally didn’t harbor any kind intentions of sheltering Lin Xi, didn’t wish to provoke that great figure. That was why when this Spiritual Sacrifice Priest from Xu Family started a dispute with Lin Xi, he always watched from the side, not wishing to interfere to help Lin Xi out at all. However, he never expected this Spiritual Sacrifice Priest to be this unsightly when facing Lin Xi, forced to use this type of divine rod-like methods to deal with Lin Xi, his intellect in such shambles that he couldn’t even read the unspoken implications behind Lin Xi’s words.

Right now, Lin Xi’s laughter and words, for him, were incredibly despicable… However, he knew that if he let that priest continue screaming, this Green Luan Academy first year student might pull out some even more lowly tricks, make this scene become even more humiliating, even more difficult to sort out.


As such, he couldn’t hold back a fierce shout. “Go back and make your report first!”

The crazy shouting of the light golden gowned priest suddenly came to a screeching halt. He turned his head around in disbelief, looking at this ugly expressioned Tian Moshi, “General Tian, you…”

While looking at this priest who still didn’t get a clear grasp of the situation, Tian Moshi’s expression became even darker, coldly berating, “Even if it truly brings misfortune, could it be more important than the current military situation? ... if there is something that is enough to affect the entire military situation, even if everyone here suffers misfortune, so what?!”

The light golden-robed Xu Shucheng didn’t expect Tian Moshi to stop him in such a fierce manner, moreover speak such ferocious words. In that instant, his expression became extremely pale, and only then did he start to realize the words Lin Xi just spoke, sensing the implications behind Lin Xi’s words, also realizing that he really was done for this time. When he looked at the frozen corpse of the Metal Splitting Black Vulture in front of him again, everything before his eyes went dark. With a wa sound, he actually directly vomited a mouthful of blood.

Lin Xi looked at this priest who brought about all of this upon himself, inwardly feeling happiness, not feeling the slightest bit of sympathy.

Lucky looked at the blood vomiting priest… inwardly thinking in great confusion :Why am I still not given food to eat… why am I still not given food to eat… why did a pool of blood suddenly get spat out for some reason, this person looking like he is about to faint?

“You are Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army Officer Lin Xi? Where did this giant lizard mount of yours come from?”

The ugly expressioned Tian Moshi’s gloomy eyes shifted onto Lin Xi’s body. “Just now, you said that you know the secrets to the cave barbarians’ giant lizard mounts?”

“Correct, sir… Only, we really are a bit too hungry and thirsty, we’ve even been bothered for so long by this Priest Xu, so my brain is a bit dizzy and empty, unable to think too clearly, unable to speak too clearly.” Lin Xi nodded, looking at him while saying, “Perhaps after we rest well for a bit, we will be able to think and speak clearly again.”

1. Wenren was previously translated as respected. This is a family name, so I will start leaving it as Wenren.

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