Book 9 Chapter 8 - There is a Type of Energy called Confidence

The mature Metal Splitting Black Vulture’s claws could easily tear through normal Yunqin light armor, but normal arrows and bladed weapons couldn’t penetrate its sturdy and thick feathers.

Even though its claws couldn’t tear through Yunqin heavy armor, its shrill cry could make ordinary soldiers lose their fighting strength, even creating a certain degree of damage to cultivators.

Together with its ability to fly… moreover the flying speed so fast, its use in military formations was definitely above a giant lizard’s.

For a priest to have this type of fiend beast, it was already something worthy of being proud of.

However now, this Metal Splitting Black Vulture became a chunk of frozen flesh.

Lin Xi lowered his head in a bit of disbelief as he looked at Lucky and then he understood the confused expression in Lucky’s eyes, this making Lin Xi finding this matter’s course to be extremely comical.

This priest surnamed Xu was a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.

He wanted to use facts to lecture Lin Xi, allow Lin Xi to learn the power of his Metal Splitting Black Vulture.

For Lin Xi, Spiritual Sacrifice Priests and their fiend beasts didn’t have an ordinary taming relationship. Priest Xu didn’t need words and movements to have his Metal Splitting Black Vulture listen to his commands.

Meanwhile, just now, Lin Xi was thinking about how to deal with this Metal Splitting Black Vulture, so he didn’t speak or do anything either… yet Lucky already turned this Metal Splitting Black Vulture into a chunk of frozen flesh.

Moreover, judging from Lucky’s expression, Lin Xi could tell that Lucky only wanted to exchange this Metal Splitting Black Vulture for more food.

The more innocent and confused Lucky’s expression was, the more Lin Xi found this funny. Then, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

The light golden gowned priest’s body was already shaking uncontrollably. He had exhausted who knew how much time and care on this Metal Splitting Black Vulture, this was also the symbol of his identity, yet now, everyone could tell that even if all of the ice and snow defrosted, there was no way this Metal Splitting Black Vulture ice sculpture could ever come back alive.

Blood was dripping out of every area of his heart, yet the other party was actually laughing at this moment.

“You actually dare kill the fiend beast companion of a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest! You are a murderer! You are publicly blaspheming radiance!”

He couldn’t control his emotions anymore, releasing a scream that was completely different from his normal voice. His usual gentle appearance could no longer remain gentle anymore. “Arrest him! have to pay the price for your crimes!”

Yunqin’s priests, especially the Spiritual Sacrifice Priests who were associated with the most respected radiance, possessed great prestige in the military. Sometimes, their orders were even more effective than those of the greatest high-ranking military officers.

Normally, when a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest ordered for the arrest of a military officer whose rank wasn’t that high, the soldiers in the surroundings might immediately swarm over.

However, the giant lizard at Lin Xi’s side possessed great intimidation force, while Lin Xi’s dispute with this priest wasn’t bright… Lin Xi also carried a fiend beast companion, and his fiend beast companion could easily turn a powerful vicious beast like this into a chunk of flesh. That was why the air around Lin Xi immediately seemed to freeze, no one walking forward.

Lin Xi put away his smile, looking at this priest who lost himself and said indifferently, “Me and Lucky only wished to give you a warning when facing your unreasonable criticism and provocation, telling you that humility is something that should be in the very blood of priests. However, it is a pity, you and your fiend beast don’t understand humbleness, its strength was also far weaker than our imagination. This warning we wanted to give it, it couldn’t even handle it at all.”

Lin Xi’s nature was always rather moderate. However, if someone became his enemy, then he definitely wouldn’t hold back. This was especially the case in this type of situation where he had enough confidence, he definitely wouldn’t feel any misgivings because of the other party’s identity or background, instead retaliating without restraint.

However, this light golden gowned priest didn’t understand Lin Xi’s terror, nor did he ever think of the possibility that he couldn’t deal with Lin Xi. When he heard Lin Xi’s words, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood from anger. He reached out a shaking finger, pointing at Lucky and said, “When it released the first blast of air, my Metal Splitting Black Vulture already couldn’t hold on anymore, but it still released that second blast, this was definitely deliberately getting revenge, purposely killing it!”

Lin Xi laughed again. When he heard this, he knew that this Spiritual Sacrifice Priest who normally received respect and adoration, because of his fiend beast’s death, already completely lost control, becoming even easier to deal with.

“It was still too weak in the end.” He smiled while looking at this extremely fierce expressioned priest, shaking his head and quietly saying, “Couldn’t even block two breaths of air.”

These words weren’t that loud, but many people could hear them clearly. Moreover, these words made this light golden gowned priest feel as if a breath was stuck in his chest, momentarily unable to find any words to retaliate.

Lin Xi looked at this Spiritual Sacrifice Priest whose face was becoming purple-red, momentarily speechless. He thought for a bit and asked, “You are surnamed Xu, I wonder what I should call you? Do you have any relationship with Xu Zhenyan? Any relationship with Xu Family?”

“You…” This priest became stunned. Immediately afterwards, he roared out, “You are doubting the moral conduct of a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest!”

“There’s no reason to react this strongly.” Lin Xi calmly said, “Before you unreasonably bring up new criticisms with me, could you first answer my questions? Also, I don’t mind reminding you one thing, humility is a trait priests should have, while suspicion, jealousy and violent anger are poisons that corrode a priest’s heart. From the very start until now, looking at it from the displays of our temperaments, you can compare it yourself. Which one of us seems more like a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest?”

All the soldiers who heard Lin Xi’s words were stunned. When they compared the always moderate tempered Lin Xi and Priest Xu who lost his bearing from rage… Lin Xi indeed seemed more like a priest who represented radiance.

“You…” Priest Xu was so angry his entire body began to tremble intensely once more. If it wasn’t for the prolonged training that filtered out all profanity from his brain, he would have immediately erupted in a string of curses. Your fiend beast is fine and dandy, but my fiend beast died, of course you can remain calm!

His anger made his brain become increasingly empty, momentarily even more so unable to think of any words in response. As such, he clenched his teeth and looked towards the other three priests, thinking that at this kind of time, why aren’t you three saying anything to help me out of this situation, give me some room to breathe?

However, the three priests instead couldn’t accurately read his intentions. As if thinking that explaining for oneself would be even more embarrassing, the old gray-robed priest released a cough, looked at Lin Xi and said, “Priest Xu’s name is Xu Shucheng. The Xu Zhenyan you speak of is his nephew… However, since Priest Xu could become a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, you shouldn’t doubt his moral conduct.”

“So you are actually Xu Zhenyan’s uncle?”

Lin Xi shook his head, inwardly thinking that in this Great Desolate Swamp, he actually ended up coincidentally running into someone from Xu Family, actually just like his unreasonable accusation.

“I don’t want to doubt his moral conduct.”

Lin Xi’s tone was still calm. “It is just that Principal Zhang told all of us that towards all things, we need to maintain a doubtful attitude… I believe what Principal Zhang said shouldn’t be wrong.”

“Do you know how many tails a Black Foxcat has? Do you see the number of tails mine has?”

“You couldn’t even figure out that it is different from other Black Foxcats, unable to judge its strength, yet you still blame us unscrupulously, randomly associating it with some ominous star.”

“Have you attended my Green Luan Academy’s Spiritual Sacrifice course? You haven’t… but you still became a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest. In that case, why are you so sure that I only took some superficial Spiritual Sacrifice courses, and that’s why I cannot become a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest?”

“You didn’t even listen to my points of defense, instead casting judgment, saying that our relationship isn’t that of the companionship between Spiritual Sacrifice Priests and fiend beast, how are you so sure that I need words and movements to make it do things?”

“Do you want to give it a try? I don’t need to use any words or movements. If I want it to take action against you, it will do so.”

Lin Xi only looked at Xu Shucheng, looking at this light golden-robed Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, calmly speaking the words he carefully thought out line after line.

Xu Shucheng’s expression paled uncontrollably.

Lin Xi’s words, even though they were calm, the criticisms were actually extremely fierce. However, he couldn’t find any words to retaliate.

The Spiritual Sacrifice Priests who received the respect of the people, how could they compare to Principal Zhang?

Lucky could instantly kill the Metal Splitting Black Vulture, so killing a cultivator should be similarly easy… his strength was below the Metal Splitting Black Vulture’s, so how could he test out the tacit agreement between Lin Xi and this Three-Tailed Black Foxcat?

Under glaring eyes, he couldn’t retort, this finally angered him to the point where his rationality was no longer clear. He screamed out, “I am a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest who truly obtained Priest Hall’s recognition… could it be that you all don’t believe my words? It definitely can’t be allowed to exist in this world, it has to be burned to death, or else the heavens will definitely bring down calamity! Everyone here will suffer misfortune! I plea all of you to believe me… I can see that a disaster is currently approaching!”

In the military, the blood weeping pleas of a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest will definitely be shockingly powerful. This type of retaliation using his own status and admiration felt towards him couldn’t be more formidable.

However, the reason why Lin Xi didn’t immediately head to the central army gathering point, instead hurrying here, wishing to see the situation with his Patrol Army soldiers first, was because he knew Chi Xiaoye already gave him enough confidence.

When facing Xu Shucheng’s retaliation, his face instead revealed a faint smile, full of mockery as he said, “Sure, if you want to burn it, then burn it together with me… I charged straight into enemy lines, facing endless untold hardships, finally managing to uncover the secrets of this giant lizard mount, yet in the end, I was instead claimed to have brought about misfortune by a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, stating that I need to be burned to death with my fiend beast companion. If everyone’s hearts are this cold, then just burn me down together with it.”

Lin Xi’s words weren’t that loud and clear, but Tian Moshi and the other military officers who were watching near them all heard them clearly. The moment they heard these words, all of these military officers' bodies shook greatly, their eyes releasing blazing radiance.

Lin Xi already saw the changes in expression of these high ranking military officers’ eyes. He smiled silently, lowering his head to look at Lucky, reaching out his hand to stroke Lucky’s head, inwardly saying quietly, “Lucky… I know you are formidable, but I never expected you to be formidable to this degree… Since we have this type of strength, this type of confidence, then in this world, there already aren’t many people who can bully us anymore.”

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