Book 9 Chapter 7 - This is Also a Bird

The giant lizard was extremely massive. Right now, there were a hundred plate armored light cavalry surrounding it, as well as three priests who appeared. This already long drew the attention of most soldiers in Autumn Pond. However, because of their strict military discipline, these soldiers didn’t gather over to see what was going on.

Meanwhile, at this time, these soldiers also noticed that some of the highest ranking military officers in Sheep Point Field Mountain’s military division already came out of their tents.

As for that priest dressed in light golden priest robes, most of the soldiers didn’t know his identity at all.

It was because normally, they never saw priests in this type of attire. They only knew that the gray-colored priest robes represented Soul Calming Priests, while the priests dressed in red-purple robes were ordinary War Priests.

Because he never met priests from the military before, Lin Xi didn’t know what the different priest robes represented. However, judging from these three priests’ attitudes, he could tell that this light golden-robed priest’s status seemed to be above theirs. However, when he heard the question this priest asked, he instead didn’t respond, instead calmly saying, “I do not understand what you are trying to say.”

“What you do not understand, is precisely the crux of where this matter lies.”

The gentle faced priest surnamed Xu looked at Lin Xi and said, “It is unknown how many people across Yunqin there are who harbor sincere faith, but not many can truly become priests.”

“To become a priest, not only does one need to be proficient in the priest’s teachings, not violating any of the priest doctrines, one must also study how to draw revelations from heaven according to the sun, moon and stars, from the movements of wind and clouds to foresee future changes in climate. One must grasp rescue and medical treatment techniques, not only providing treatment to some of the body’s illnesses, what’s most important is to remove the scars and darkness in the soul. One must know how to console the spirit of a living being, learn how to communicate with fiend beasts, know their likes and dislikes, use the purest spirit to guide them.”

This priest surnamed Xu looked at Lin Xi with a smile, as if he was propagating faith, he said, “Normally, to become acquainted with the faith and teachings of priests, moreover scrupulously abiding by the doctrines, it will take six or seven years of time. Fiend beasts are harder to communicate with and influence than humans, so only by serving as a War Priest for many years, becoming skilled in the various methods of consoling the soul, could they have a chance of becoming Spiritual Sacrifice Priests. You have to understand that only a select few priests in the military can become Spiritual Sacrifice Priests. Meanwhile, as for you, you merely came into contact with some superficial level courses in Spiritual Sacrifice Department, to the extent where you have no idea what priests should do, have no idea what the conditions to become a priest are… you can’t even be considered a priest, so how can you suddenly sense the obedience of a fiend beast, become a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest?”

“If you already became a War Priest acknowledged by the Priest Hall and you brought back a Black Foxcat, perhaps your reasoning could convince us. However, you aren’t even a priest. By bringing this Black Foxcat back, it can only be that misfortune and inauspiciousness have tangled around you, arriving here through you. That is why it must immediately be dealt with.”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed even tighter, because he suddenly felt that regardless of what reasons there were, when talking about the issue of life and death of Lucky, this outwardly cute and harmless creature, no matter how kind and amiable the smile hanging from this priest’s face was, it couldn’t conceal the true aggressiveness and cruelty.

“What are the standards for judging a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest?” Lin Xi looked at this light golden-robed priest and asked.

His tone seemed to have become even more calm and indifferent than before, but if someone who was familiar with Lin Xi like Jiang Xiaoyi or Bian Linghan was here, they would know that Lin Xi’s calmness was already treating the other party as an enemy, already retracting the respect within his heart.

Priest Xu’s brows furrowed slightly, not immediately speaking.

“I indeed do not understand many matters regarding priests, but I know that as long as one can truly have a fiend beast as a companion… then they are a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.” Lin Xi also began to smile. He looked at this priest and said, “When I was in the academy, the Spiritual Sacrifice Department teacher already said that only the most radiant individuals could influence fiend beasts. The strength of fiend beasts cannot be forcefully subdued. To have a true fiend beast by their side, is the sole standard for judging a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest. Even if it is a priest apprentice, as long as they can have a true fiend beast, then they would immediately become a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest. Since this is the sole standard, I can already accomplish this, then even if I haven’t attended a day of priest classes, it means that I naturally have this type of ability and quality, meaning that I am already a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.”

While smiling, Lin Xi patted the dark green man-eating giant lizard behind him.

This giant lizard that was even larger than normal giant lizards immediately moved even lower, at the same time releasing a low growl.

The air that was released from its mouth formed a visible gust of air, blowing the robes of the three priests in front of him until they fluttered about, making the eyes of many soldiers in the distance narrow.

Foul smelling air blew into Priest Xu’s body, the gentle appearance on his face becoming icy frost.

“What you said isn’t wrong, whether or not you could make a powerful fiend beast your companion, if you could make this fiend beast fight by your side, this is indeed the sole standard in judging my Yunqin’s Spiritual Sacrifice Priests.” This light yellow gowned priest looked coldly at Lin Xi, saying with an ice-cold voice, “However, someone like you… to say you are a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, it is nothing more than lunatic ravings. If some simple beast managing methods to control fiend beasts can make you a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, then the cave barbarians who ride these giant lizards can all be considered Spiritual Sacrifice Priests as well?”

“There is no harm in telling you. True Spiritual Sacrifice Priests tacitly understand their vicious beast companions. Even without hand signals or even words, their fiend beast companions can already understand their intentions.”

When he spoke up to here, his voice suddenly became more fierce and cold.

Following his rise in voice, coming from the distant red fir forest, a shadow suddenly flew over with astonishing speed.

At the same time, a metal splitting rock shattering eagle cry sounded in the air. The voice was extremely sharp, as if there were countless boiling teapots that were screaming. In that instant, all soldiers here felt an ear-splitting pain, all of their expressions changing as they looked towards the sky.

Lin Xi couldn’t help but raise his head slightly.

What a large giant black eagle.

This giant black eagle was three to four times the size of a northern goshawk, giving one the feeling as if its claws could directly grab a water buffalo into the air. Moreover, apart from its massive body, this giant black eagle’s feathers and claws all released a metallic radiance, giving one the feeling as if its feathers and claws were as hard as black steel.

“Metal Splitting Black Vulture!”

Some people shouted out this giant eagle’s true identity.

The Metal Splitting Black Vulture was a fiend beast unique to some of Dragon Snake Mountain Range’s highest peaks. Not only was their strength astonishing, their hooks could even smash through steel. In addition, when they dove down to the ground, the intense screaming sounds would even make some soldiers’ heads feel like they were splitting, thus making them lose their strength.

This type of fiend beast suddenly appeared, flying towards this light golden-robed priest. This priest’s identity was also completely revealed, he was a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.

Lin Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly.

The aura of the Metal Splitting Black Vulture that descended from above his head like a huge black table made him immediately sense that it was powerful.

He could tell that with his cultivation level, he might not be able to defeat this Metal Splitting Black Vulture.

“I am a true Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.”

This priest dressed in light golden priest robes read and understood the vigilance in Lin Xi’s heart, his eyes releasing two streaks of ice-cold radiance, saying with mockery, “True Spiritual Sacrifice Priests don’t need any words or gestures to make their fiend beast companions coordinate with them… right now, as long as I am willing, if I want to attack you, this Metal Splitting Black Vulture will attack you without any hesitation.”

Lucky was always listening to Lin Xi and these people’s conversations.

Of course, it couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Its claw rubbed its belly, reminiscing about the meat and vegetable jerky’s taste… its stomach still wasn’t completely full.

Meat jerky… vegetable jerky… that was why he was always immersed in the feeling of these two things.

This was, until a Metal Splitting Black Vulture suddenly appeared.

It immediately thought of that flying heron that fell like a chunk of ice, thinking about the large bag of meat jerky and vegetable jerky. Its dark eyes immediately became brighter.

It originally thought that the large bags of meat jerky and vegetable jerky were things Lin XI exchanged for with those reconnaissance soldiers.

Right now, these soldiers, in his eyes, looked extremely similar to those Reconnaissance Army soldiers.

As such, this naive foodie immediately felt like it understood… it thought that Lin Xi was asking these people for meat and vegetable jerky… in that case… with such a large black bird…

Lin Xi was still thinking a bit to himself, wondering how to word what he wanted to say, because he naturally knew that he didn’t use Spiritual Sacrifice Priest methods to inspire Lucky. As for the giant lizard, it was tamed completely through using food to bribe it, even more so different from Spiritual Sacrifice Priests. However, Lucky who ‘understood’ what he was thinking immediately became excited.

Its large black eyes already stared at the Metal Splitting Black Vulture that tried to coordinate with its owner to give Lin Xi even greater pressure. It sensed that this black bird seemed extremely formidable, much stronger than that flying heron.

That was why it began to seriously think for a bit. Then, its four claws immediately left Lin Xi’s clothes, forcefully reaching towards the sky.


It released the loudest cry since it first descended upon this world.

Its chest and stomach visibly caved in, a wave of powerful aura instantly erupting from its body. Around Lin Xi and its body, there were immediately mysterious wind streams that converged with it at the center.


A streak of white light rushed out from its mouth, carrying intense sky shattering noises. Before anyone could react in time, it fired this white light towards the Metal Splitting Black Vulture who was strutting around, wanting to spiral above a few times.

Lin Xi was stunned.

The priest dressed in a light golden priest gown was also stunned, as were the three priests, Tian Moshi and the others who were watching from nearby,as well as all of the soldiers who were looking in this direction.

No one expected to see this type of sudden change.

Only the Metal Splitting Black Vulture in the air immediately sensed life threatening danger, sensing the terrifying aura fluctuations of that streak of white light.

It immediately released a scream, doing its best to fly forward, not daring to face it head-on, wishing to avoid this strike first.

With its speed, it could clearly avoid this white light. However, when this white light was just a few meters from itself, its white feathers suddenly became covered in white frost, becoming white-colored, its body clearly becoming a bit rigid.

The white light rushed at its body. It couldn’t escape, only able to use its cold metallic iron claws to grab fiercely towards this white streak of light.

An explosive pu sound rang out.

A biting cold frigid air exploded in the air, instantly becoming a blast of cold clouds.

The water vapor in the air suddenly condensed, becoming countless beads of ice as they fell down.

The Metal Splitting Black Vulture’s entire body became rigid, everything from its claws to abdomen completely covered in sparkling and translucent chunks of ice. Its entire body immediately rocked about in the air.

“How formidable…”

Lucky felt that it was a bit weak and powerless. It looked at that large black bird, feeling like its opponent was so strong. Even when it used all its strength, the other party was actually still in the air… as such, it brandished its four claws again with full force in admiration, its three shaggy tails also moving about.


The light golden gowned priest’s face immediately became deathly white, only now did he react to what was about to happen. A miserable scream was released from his mouth, making many people’s ears ring.

However, right at this time, with a chi noise, a second streak of white light shot out from Lucky’s mouth, striking the body of that Metal Splitting Black Vulture who was rocking back and forth, already frozen to the point where it lost the ability to think.

The white light erupted, turning into a pretty crystal-like cold cloud, completely covering that Metal Splitting Black Vulture’s figure, wrapping it within.

All of this took place in a single breath of time. The Metal Splitting Black Vulture who became a chunk of ice fell from the sky, smashing into the ground with a thunk sound.


As if it released a breath of satisfaction, its two claws pressed against its belly again, thinking that now, it was finally good.

The light golden priest’s screaming came to a sharp halt, his body starting to shake uncontrollably.

The other three priests’ bodies went rigid, as if they became sculptures. Tian Moshi and the countless other individuals who were watching this scene also seemed to have become sculptures.

Lucky was a bit confused. Why were these people all stunned?

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