Book 9 Chapter 6 - Are You a Priest?

Lin Xi sized up the three priests in front of him.

This was the first time he met priests from the military. These three priests’ attires were completely different from what he previously imagined.

The three priests weren’t dressed in white robes like he thought. The priest with the oldest facial features was dressed in gray priest robes, on it embroidered the flowery patterns of the sun, moon and stars, as well as thistles and thorns, in his hands a pure white bone material priest short staff. The end of the staff had a night jewel the size of an infant’s fist embedded, releasing a gentle radiance.

The other two priests were both dressed in red-purple priest gowns, on them embroidered the patterns of daylilies.

While sizing up the clothing of the three priests in front of him, Lin Xi was also silently examining the expression in the depths of these three priests’ eyes.

“You definitely cannot bring this beast of misfortune with you into the camp.”

The eldest gray-robed priest looked at Lin Xi, reiterating.

The wrinkles on this old priest’s face could store a bowl of water, his wise and farsighted eyes filled with shock, confusion and even a bit of fear.

“If you want me to do as you say, some reasons are needed at least, right?”

Lin Xi had long heard the inauspicious legends related to the Black Foxcats  from Chi Xiaoye, but he never expected the priests of his own Yunqin would be even more intense, to the extent where even before he truly entered the camp, he already startled these three priests. Priests had an extremely special position in the military. They didn’t hold any special posts, but had authority on many matters. Most importantly, priests were upheld with respect and prestige in the military.

Because he couldn’t detect any killing intent or hatred specially directed at him from these three priests, Lin Xi’s reaction was also extremely calm, preserving his respect for these three priests.

“Trust me, youngster.”

The aged gray-robed priest looked at Lin Xi and said, “This fiend beast of yours is called a Black Foxcat, whenever it appears, natural disaster and death will follow. Its natural disposition is savage, all those who keep it as a companion do not meet good endings. In our Yunqin priest’s scrolls, they are treated as beasts that cannot be touched, creatures of misfortune that cannot be rallied. One must either remain a distance from it, or directly try to kill it.”

“Even the most vicious fiend beasts have a chance of being tamed. While attending my Spiritual Sacrifice course, I heard my teacher say that the true meaning of priests is precisely to dispel darkness, to bring about light.” Lin Xi knew that ever since he killed Mu Chenyun, his own identity might no longer be a secret. While facing the three priests, he also felt like he had to let the other party clearly understand his identity, and only then would he obtain the same level of respect in discussion. That was why he didn’t hide anything, saying this and then continued, “Even in true darkness, light can still be found. Even if this Black Foxcat is originally vicious and dark, it can be moved and changed, what natural disposition is there to speak of? Moreover, this Black Foxcat of mine is extremely docile, without its help, I might not have been able to return here. If you don’t dare touch darkness, how can you dispel darkness?”

Spiritual Sacrifice course… the very first sentence Lin Xi spoke already left these three priests in shock.

Only one place had a Spiritual Sacrifice Department. The three priests’ minds immediately became bright. Lin Xi’s first sentence was already equivalent to declaring his origins.

Meanwhile, when they heard ‘if you don’t dare touch darkness, how can you dispel darkness’, this line, the three priests were immediately greatly shaken, the eyes with which they looked at Lin Xi becoming completely different.

In reality, this line was just something Lin Xi felt was reasonable, randomly changing the quote ‘If I don’t enter hell, who will enter hell’. The meaning is that you all fear misfortune, but I instead do not, just let me face this beast of misfortune you all speak of. However, these words contained a greater meaning of self sacrifice. Right now, he truly kept a legendary vicious and fierce Black Foxcat in his embrace, this making these three priests unable to help but produce a thought in their heads… could it be that it is because his heart is so noble and bright that he could obtain this type of fiend beast?

Could it be that at his young age, he could already truly possess the brilliance and purity of a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest?

In that instant, these three priests became shocked and speechless, Lin Xi’s surroundings temporarily entering a state of silence.

Sheep Point Field Mountain’s Defense Commander Tian Moshi and six or seven other high ranking military officials stepped out of the tent precisely at this time. They saw Lin Xi and the dark green giant lizard lying on the ground behind him.

When they saw this completely uninjured giant lizard that was laying on the ground, moreover not nervous at all while surrounded by many armored light cavalry at all sides, looking like it was ready to listen to Lin Xi’s orders at any time, the shock between Tian Moshi’s brows became even thicker. He thought of a certain possibility, his vermilion-colored lips unable to help but tremble slightly.

He was about to take a step forward, but right at this time, his footsteps stopped slightly again. He even slightly raised his hand, ordering the other officers behind him to not make any rash moves for now.

It was because right at this time, a priest dressed in light golden priest robes walked over from the Autumn Pond excavation site not too far away, walking towards Lin Xi and the three priests.

“Not only can it not be brought into the camp, it must immediately be killed, burned to death under the midday sun.”

Lin Xi could sense the footsteps behind him and the unique aura of cultivators. The moment he turned around, seeing a trace of light golden color, he heard this type of voice.

Only then did he see that this was a middle-aged priest dressed in light golden priest robes. His facial features were gentle, this normally easily giving one a feeling of intimacy, but because of his words, Lin Xi instead frowned, not feeling any sense of closeness.

Embroidered on his light golden gown was the diagram of a heroic eagle who spread its wings.

“Priest Xu.”

The three priests all gave this priest whose appearance easily made one feel like he was kind and intimate a respectful bow.

“I will tell you the reason.”

After this priest bowed, returning their greetings, he then bowed towards Lin Xi, saying with an amiable voice, “Tales of the Black Foxcats’ misfortune aren’t only seen in legends, but also in precise records. Thirteen years ago, Dragon Snake Border Army, under the lead of a commander, entered Great Desolate Swamp, meeting a Black Foxcat. Then, a violent rain poured down, in the end, the five thousand individuals were trapped in the swamp, only three hundred or so men returning alive. Seven years ago, there was a Black Foxcat who appeared in a granary to Dragon Snake’s east. Then, all of the guards around these seven granaries were completely slaughtered by that Black Foxcat.”

“Three days ago, Yunqin priests saw a blood red vicious star in the skies over Great Desolate Swamp, a sign of great inauspiciousness. Then, you appeared with this Black Foxcat, the response to the great inauspiciousness. If we do not burn it to death under a midday fire, I fear that there will immediately be a great disaster that descends.”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed even tighter. He looked at this priest and said, “These are merely unrelated connections… even if you can see that there is an irregular scene in the sky, how can you link it up with my Black Foxcat?”

“There are other reasons why you must act according to what I said.”

This gentle faced priest surnamed Xu gave Lin Xi an indifferent look, an expression of slight mockery instead appearing on the corners of his lips. “You are a Green Luan Academy student? ... are you a priest?”

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