Book 9 Chapter 5 - Startling the Military Tents

Lin Xi immediately became speechless as all of these Reconnaissance Army’s soldiers’ eyes became modest and reserved.

In the eyes of all of Yunqin’s people, ice and lightning, these things, were things only the heavens could bestow. Even if there were soul weapons that could bring about these things, they were still materials bestowed upon them by the heavens.

All cultivators and fiend beasts who could naturally bring about these types of changes, control this type of power, were believed to have been born into this world carrying a special type of decree and mission from the heavens.

Spiritual Sacrifice Priests who could obtain the trust of fiend beasts were already extremely rare. Meanwhile, Spiritual Sacrifice Priests who could control the vital energy of heaven and earth, in the eyes of Yunqin’s people, were even more so individuals who received some type of special mission from the heavens.

“Sir, we have drinking water, meat jerky and dried vegetables. Will these do?”

When he thought about how Lin Xi’s previous question, asking if they had any food they could share with him still hadn’t been answered yet, he himself even asking all those additional things, Fang Chiwei, this Reconnaissance Army military officer who was just like most border army commanders, possessing utmost loyalty and faith, became extremely apologetic, once again bowing respectfully in reverence, asking this.

“Of course, but will you all still have enough?” Lin Xi immediately returned the greeting with a bow.

“There is no problem.” When they thought about how they could be of help to a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, all of these Reconnaissance Army soldiers were deeply moved. The Reconnaissance Army soldiers behind Fang Chiwei brought over large bags of meat jerky and dried vegetables, as well as several leather bags of drinking water. “The assembly point of our Dragon Snake Southern Army is already not far. Right, Sir Lin, Dragon Snake Central Army’s gathering point is right at Turtle Tail Islet, not far from this place. I recall that you said you had important intelligence to report, so you can directly head there.”

Lin Xi knew that ever since those blue-tailed butterflies flew out, this great battle already came to an end. That was why when he heard that there were already some large scale gathering points in Great Desolate Swamp, he didn’t feel much shock. He jumped off the giant lizard’s back, received the items in Fang Chiwei’s hands, and then quietly asked, “Do you know where our Sheep Point Field Mountain’s gathering point is?”

Fang Chiwei looked at Lucky on Lin Xi’s body with an expression of reverence, replying, “Near Autumn Pond.”

“The military map I have on me has already been damaged. Could you give me another military map?” Lin Xi said a bit apologetically.

“Of course.” Fang Chiwei immediately fetched a military map from behind him, handing it to Lin Xi.

“Thank you all for your generosity.” Lin Xi gave them a respectful bow, saying goodbye to the first military group he encountered after this great Yunqin battle came to an end. “I wish you all a pleasant journey.”

“Everything is for Yunqin, for glory.”

All of these Reconnaissance Army soldiers respectfully saluted him, seeing him off. Because the frozen bird was still releasing cold air from beneath their feet and because they personally witnessed the power Lucky displayed before their eyes, all of them believed Lin Xi was a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest. That was why the blessing Lin Xi spoke in farewell made all of them feel as if they bathed in warm sunlight, even though they were in a place true warm sunlight could never reach.

Lucky looked at this Reconnaissance Army reluctantly… in reality, it was reluctant to part with the unknowing flying bird it shot down.

Knocking down that bird also exhausted quite a bit of its strength, making its stomach a bit hungrier. Its two claws that were resting on its soft belly also felt like its stomach became even more empty, so it really couldn’t figure out why Lin Xi didn’t bring away that bird. This lasted until Lin Xi brought a piece of dried meat and dried vegetables up to its face.

The unique smell of food immediately made its mouth produce large amounts of saliva.


It released a light squeal, its two claws on its belly immediately grabbed one piece with each hand, grabbing this meat jerky and vegetable jerky, shoving it into its mouth.

A great feeling of happiness immediately filled its entire body.

“Turns out it was like this…”

It immediately understood.

Border army meat jerky was mostly made from beef and horse meat, while vegetable jerkies were normally made using a special type of lettuce-like vegetable and baked beans. These two items only ensured that soldiers could preserve some stamina within two weeks, suppressing their hunger. It naturally couldn’t be considered some delicacy, but because of the edible salt and other seasonings, it was who knew how many times more delicious than most of the things Lin Xi and it ate these past few days in Great Desolate Swamp.

That was why it thought that Lin Xi exchanged that frozen bird for this food… it naively thought that this really was a good deal, that it was awesome.

Lin Xi began to slowly chew on a piece of meat jerky as well.

While looking at Lucky’s shining eyes and its quickly moving cheeks, he could sense Lucky’s current bliss and satisfaction.

When he thought about how even this type of tough meat jerky could make Lucky this happy, he immediately felt the suffering Lucky experienced in this life, thinking that he definitely had to lessen the amount of suffering this pitiful little fella felt in the future.

The military map of the Reconnaissance Army was much more detailed than normal military maps. Through this map, Lin Xi quickly located Autumn Pond. It was about a six hour journey from where he was currently at. There was an eye-grabbing marking on this military diagram in regards to this Autumn Pond, Black Amber Stone.

Black Amber Stone was a type of gem similar to amber, but Lin Xi understood the differences clearly. Normal amber was formed after who knew how many tens of thousands of years from pine resin being buried underground, while this type of Black Amber Stone was buried and formed from the juices of an unknown plant.

This type of Black Amber Stone was a unique produce of Great Desolate Swamp, the powder produced after being grinded had extremely great soothing uses, used to treat people whose minds became unstable from shock. However, the most important use of this type of thing wasn’t in its medicinal effects, but rather that it could be used to fill in some special carved patterns and then these patterns could conduct soul force… become true runes.

Black Amber Stone was a material many soul weapons Yunqin manufactured needed, a strategic resource that was of utmost importance.

When he reached a place that was six or seven li from where Autumn Pond was, on the top of a mound, Lin Xi already saw this pond that looked like a crescent was cut into it. There were more than ten soccer field sized areas that were surrounded by straw sacks filled with earth. There were many soldiers who were currently continuously removing water, using this chance to dig a well, sending large amounts of earth towards dry areas of comparatively higher terrain.

Surrounding this pond were large amounts of red fir trees. Lin Xi could see that crude treehouses were already built on some of the highest red fir trees.

Lin Xi didn’t survey this scene for too long. When he descended this mound less than ten minutes later, he was already surrounded from all sides by light armored cavalry.

“Report your identity!”

Because these light armored cavalry had already seen Lin Xi through their Brass Hawkeyes, when they saw this giant lizard riding Lin Xi, they at least preserved a bit of cool-headedness under their extreme shock, able to ask this question.

“Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army Officer Lin Xi.” Lin Xi said.

Several hundred soldiers were currently carefully examining the earth that was dug up from the water. Black Amber Stones of varying sizes were being removed from the black mud.

Between the red fir trees next to this spacious area were over a hundred large scale black tents.

In the vacant area around these tents were some crossbow carriages, catapults, mountain piercing crossbows, heavy armor and other large scale military equipment neatly piled up together, these things all rarely seen normally. Many soldiers who were cold and heavy like steel stood guard on the side.

Among these tents, the one at the very center opened up.

A middle-aged high ranking military officer dressed in black chain armor, longsword at his waist, walked into this large tent that could hold a hundred people, quickly reporting to Sheep Point Field Mountain’s Defense Commander Tian Moshi, “Sir, Sheep Point Field Mountain’s Patrol Officer Lin Xi has returned.”

Sheep Point Field Mountain’s highest official, major third rank Defense Commander Tian Moshi was a lean faced middle-aged man. His facial features were extremely ordinary, but his brows were black like chinese ink, his lips red like vermilion paint. Only, comparing these two colors, there was a formless mountainous pressure, an aura like that of incoming foul winds and bloody rain.

“Lin Xi?”

When he heard this middle-aged officer’s report, Tian Moshi’s brows furrowed slightly, calmly saying, “Even though he is a Green Luan student, he is still only a trifling Patrol Officer… I previously received an accusation of misconduct from Military Prison stating that he watched friendly forces die without providing aid. Even though it still hasn’t been investigated and proven true, later on, he left his men and moved alone, not arriving at Traveler’s Root Forest, there is definitely no mistake here. Detain him first and wait until everything has been properly investigated. As long as matters are carried out according to the law, not even a Green Luan Academy student will stubbornly start things. Why is there a need for you to come here in such a flustered manner and report directly to me?”

“Sir Tian.” This grave faced middle-aged military officer revealed a hint of a bitter smile, not speaking half a word of nonsense, “He came while riding on a giant lizard… moreover, the three priests in the camp might start a conflict with him.”


Tian Moshi suddenly stood up. “You are saying that he came while riding on a giant lizard?”

The middle-aged military officer took a deep breath and said, “Yes. This is a giant lizard with a cave barbarian vine saddle. Moreover, this giant lizard doesn’t have the slightest bit of injury… completely obedient to him.”

True shock appeared between Tian Moshi’s brows. “Why are the priests in the camp starting conflict with him?”

The middle-aged officer said, “The three priests said that he brought back a fiend beast of misfortune, of great inauspiciousness.”

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