Book 9 Chapter 4 - Spiritual Sacrifice Priest?

The giant lizard’s head moved past the reed clusters and then its excessively massive and strong body made its way through, crushing large amounts of weeds beneath his feet.

When two Yunqin soldiers whose helmets had bloody bird feathers on them saw this giant lizard, they immediately released a loud roar, “Enemy attack!”

Several dozen Yunqin soldiers who were resting in a dry area immediately rushed over. However, the ‘iron city’ shout that sounded from above the giant lizard immediately made these two sentries and the rest of Yunqin soldiers freeze up. Immediately afterwards, they saw that the one who sat on the vine saddle on the giant lizard’s back wasn’t a cave barbarian cultivator, but a youngster. These Yunqin soldiers’ first reaction was to suck in a breath of cold air.

In that instanta, no one replied to that order.

Seated on that giant lizard’s back, Lin Xi understood this type of shock well. As such, he produced a gentle smile and said, “I am Sheep Point Field Mountain’s Patrol Officer Lin Xi, may I ask which group under Dragon Snake you all belong to?”

These Yunqin soldiers whose helmets were decorated with bloody bird feathers finally managed to struggle free from a bit of their extreme shock. A tall and sturdy thick browed soldier stepped out, gave Lin Xi a bow of respect and then said with a trembling voice, “I pay my respects to Sir Lin. This one is Fang Chiwei, South Fish Mountain’s Reconnaissance Officer.”

“Turns out it was the Reconnaissance Army.”

Lin Xi reacted. No wonder all of these soldiers were dressed in metal plated armor with blades at the edge of their arms, on their feet special military boots with elastic steel mechanisms just like the Black Dragon Army. Yunqin’s Reconnaissance Army’s mission was precisely the examination of the military situation and drafting of military plans, so they were all veterans who were extremely familiar with Great Desolate Swamp’s situation. They all underwent special training too, their feet strength extremely great, the standard equipment they wore also designed to allow them to quickly move through Great Desolate Swamp. To put it simply, these were people who were especially good at running.

“Even Dragon Snake’s southern Reconnaissance Army hurried over.” Lin Xi wasn’t that familiar with Dragon Snake Border Army’s various branches, but he at least knew that South Fish Mountain was to the southern extremity of Dragon Snake Mountain Range, really a bit far from Dragon Snake’s east where this great battle happened. When he thought about how even troops that were this far away were summoned, Lin Xi couldn’t help but sigh inwardly and say this.

“We are already returning, not carrying out any military orders. Moreover, this area already doesn’t have any signs of cave barbarian activity within a hundred li.” Fang Chiwei undid the black cloth covering his face. This was a middle-aged, square-faced, thick browed soldier, his figure full of an iron-blooded and courageous aura unique to Dragon Snake Border Army. 

Lin Xi was momentarily stunned. Immediately afterwards, he realized that the other party felt humiliated because they only discovered him when he got so. It was because the Reconnaissance Army had to always remain the most vigilant, should be the troops who discovered the enemy situation the earliest.

“I understand.” Lin Xi replied with a gentle voice. “After this battle… everyone should already be extremely tired.”

Lin Xi’s sudden words pulled the relationship between both sides closer. When these Reconnaissance Army soldiers heard the words ‘everyone’, they developed good feelings towards this young high ranking military officer riding on the back of this giant lizard. Meanwhile, the extremely intense sight and feeling of pressure suddenly made Fang Chiwei unable to hold back his following words. “Sir Lin, this giant lizard… you captured it?”

Lin Xi knew that he naturally couldn’t say that this giant lizard was gifted to him by Chi Xiaoye and Fire King, so he revealed a smile and said with a nod, “It was.”

Sounds of cold air being sucked in immediately sounded one after another.

The eyes of Fang Chiwei and all of these Reconnaissance Army soldiers immediately became filled with admiration.

The main job of the Reconnaissance Army was precisely to scout out the military situation and discover the movements and intentions of enemy troops, not truly battle. However, it was also precisely because of this reason that the Reconnaissance Army was able to see more of the enemy army, able to get closer to some troops. That is why many troops who were transferred over by Dragon Snake Border Army might not have seen giant lizard mounts before, perhaps didn’t even know that the cave barbarians had this type of tremendous power, but the Reconnaissance Army had seen this type of terrifying and powerful species under the cave barbarians more than once, witnessed battles between giant lizard riders and Yunqin army, knowing just how terrifying the fighting strength of this type of giant lizard mount was  extremely clearly.

Capturing a giant lizard and using it as his mount, what kind of concept was this?

Fang Chiwei, this courageous Reconnaissance Army Official’s mind was in chaos for a long time, and only then did he clear up some of his emotions, recovering some ability to think. “Sir Lin… where do you wish to go right now? Where is your Patrol Army?”

“I am currently preparing to hurry back to Sheep Point Field Mountain’s camp.” Lin Xi explained. “I have some important intelligence to report… my Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army originally received the order to hurry to Traveler’s Root Forest,  but I encountered a cave barbarian cultivator along the way, becoming separated from them. We still haven’t gotten in touch yet.”

“Encountered the other side’s cultivator… but didn’t suffer a complete wipeout?”

The sounds of cold air being sucked in became a bit louder.

While looking at Lin Xi’s single figure, quite a few Reconnaissance Army soldiers couldn’t help but wonder if all of the Patrol Army’s troops were wiped out, using this type of price to allow Lin Xi to capture this type of giant lizard mount. However, when they heard that Lin Xi encountered a cave barbarian cultivator alone, moreover captured a giant lizard mount like this, this type of achievement filled their hearts with even more indescribable respect.

“Sir Lin, your respected self is the pride of our Yunqin soldiers.”

The eyes with which Fang Chiwei looked at Lin Xi now were completely different. He once again gave Lin Xi a deep bow of respect.

Right at this time, he heard a rumbling noise.

“Sir, has it been a long time since you ate?” Since most soldiers who needed to enter deeply into Great Desolate Swamp were familiar with this sound, he immediately asked this.

Lin Xi chuckled in embarrassment, rubbing Lucky’s head.

It actually wasn’t him who released this rumbling noise of hunger, but rather Lucky. Lucky’s food requirements were shockingly great. Even though he gave most of the food they gathered along the way these past few days to Lucky, Lucky never seemed to have eaten its fill.

“Could you all share some of your food with me?”

If it was himself, Lin Xi definitely wouldn’t openly ask this. However, while thinking about how Lucky likely never ate its fill ever since descending upon this world, he couldn’t help but ask this.

Yi~ Lucky’s two claws were pressed against its own belly, as if a bit embarrassed. However, it enjoyed Lin Xi’s petting greatly, thus releasing this light cry.

Following this light cry, a streak of white energy shot out from its mouth.

Not even Lin Xi noticed that there was a heron bird of unknown species that flew overhead in the sky.

This white energy was like Lin Xi’s arrow, perfectly landing on the body of this bird flying above.

This entirely gray feathered bird became white-colored, unable to even release a noise, rigidly falling from the sky just like that.

With a thunk sound, it landed perfectly in front of several Reconnaissance Army soldiers’ bodies.

Lucky happily released another light yi cry. It knew that Lin Xi didn’t notice this bird this time, but last night, it had seen Lin Xi fire an arrow, shooting down a bird like this. Moreover, after roasting it over a flame, the taste was extremely great, so it copied Lin Xi, knocking down this bird.

All of the Reconnaissance Army soldiers stared at this bird covered in thick white frost in disbelief.

This place became completely quiet once more, only heavy breathing sounds could be heard.

Lin Xi was also stunned.

Ever since he met Lucky, this was the first time he saw Lucky display its power. While looking at that frozen bird covered in white frost, Lin Xi couldn’t help but wonder whether, if this white energy landed on his body, if he would be able to block it.

For this Reconnaissance Army, Lin Xi’s method of appearance was already shocking enough. It was because the giant lizard was too massive, too oppressive, so they didn’t even notice the little thing in Lin Xi’s embrace. Meanwhile, at this time, in their eyes, this little thing made Lin Xi become even more shocking.

Fang Chiwei’s expression completely changed, turning from extreme admiration to extreme reverence.

“Sir Lin… you are actually a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest?”

“I…” Lin Xi opened his mouth, even he himself a bit stunned.

Yunqin’s War Priests had the most noble and pure souls, the brightest existences. They wandered about the borders of various battlefields, consoled the wounded and brought soldiers faith through the power of their hearts. Only the most lofty and unsullied War Priests with the most steady wills could obtain the recognition of fiend beasts, able to make powerful fiend beasts become their companions, become their most loyal battle companions. These priests were called Spiritual Sacrifice Priests.

In Yunqin, Spiritual Sacrifice Priests represented glory and majesticness.

Green Luan Academy’s Spiritual Sacrifice Department nurtured precisely these types of priests, their ultimate objective precisely was to nurture War Priests and Spiritual Sacrifice Priests.

Lin Xi had attended Spiritual Sacrifice Department’s courses, he knew that having a fiend beast become the most loyal comrade was precisely the sole standard of Spiritual Sacrifice Priests… he now had Lucky… according to this standard, couldn’t he also be considered a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest?

It was because he didn’t even have the qualifications to be a normal priest, didn’t learn any of the priests’ doctrines, never even learned how to communicate with fiend beasts, he never thought about this before.

However, at this moment, Fang Chiwei’s words instantly made him react… this world, all of their fiend beasts didn’t have good tempers. They weren’t docile housepets, easily forming relationships with people. That was why spiritual sacrifice priests like Mu Qing were extremely, extremely few.

He was a bit stunned, wondering if his relationship with Lucky was already like that of Spiritual Sacrifice Priests and their fiend beasts. He was momentarily speechless, but Fang Chiwei instead immediately seemed to realize something and as such said with a slight change in expression, “I truly am stupid… actually asking this type of question. If Sir Lin isn’t a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, how could you tame this type of giant lizard?”

The relationship between Spiritual Sacrifice Priests and their companions, was it the same as his and Lucky’s relationship?

If it was the same, then couldn’t he really be considered a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest?

Lin Xi looked at that bird that was completely frozen, in a daze as he thought to himself.

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